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Kehlani - Keep On (Official Audio)


  1. Fernando aponte

    Fernando aponteDia atrás

    I like this song

  2. Niaa Wiaa

    Niaa Wiaa6 dias atrás

    Who’s here after the curology ad? 🤣

  3. Jo Jo

    Jo Jo8 dias atrás

    2019 & still bumpin the whole album

  4. MrRodQ

    MrRodQ8 dias atrás

    This girl is a fuckin beast! 🔥


    MISS FLORINA MONROE9 dias atrás

    Legendary album cover💖👑💖👑💖🔥👌🔥💯👌👍💪

  6. Torian McNeill

    Torian McNeill11 dias atrás

    She has a baby I saw it

  7. Jazminx17

    Jazminx1714 dias atrás


  8. Mario Marcel

    Mario Marcel15 dias atrás

    Every motnh I go back to this freaking album and bop to it. uhg

  9. DT4L Gang

    DT4L Gang17 dias atrás

    No lie but do tkehlani sound just like star 🌟 in this song 🥰🥰🥰

  10. Laterrial Nickelson

    Laterrial Nickelson19 dias atrás

    2019 Anyone?

  11. Speedzzz Riediezzz

    Speedzzz Riediezzz22 dias atrás

    I’m gay

  12. Askie Fernandez

    Askie FernandezMês atrás

    May 2019? Who is here?

  13. Uli Reinhart

    Uli ReinhartMês atrás

    This is a boooooppppppp

  14. I Love Sakura Haruno

    I Love Sakura HarunoMês atrás

    I loved this album😍

  15. Leticia Lopes

    Leticia LopesMês atrás

    Perfeita ela

  16. 12 34

    12 34Mês atrás


  17. Berry Yousry

    Berry Yousry2 meses atrás

    kehlani is the female version of the weekend😍

  18. sajedha 💋

    sajedha 💋2 meses atrás


  19. Ding Carlvin

    Ding Carlvin2 meses atrás

    Came here from edits, thought 2011 Justin Bieber sang it.

  20. Justine Lane

    Justine LaneMês atrás

    Wtf 💀💀💀

  21. The Lolipop Girl

    The Lolipop Girl2 meses atrás

    Her songs give me life Ps I’m back listening to her songs again

  22. Delilah Roses

    Delilah Roses2 meses atrás

    Forever a bop😭😭

  23. Linnea Hernandez

    Linnea Hernandez2 meses atrás

    Anyone here in 2019? ❤️

  24. Samani Jarrett

    Samani Jarrett2 meses atrás

    Is it me or does Kehlani kind look like Donna from Black Ink Crew …………...btw imma big fan Love u Kehlani they need to play yhu on the radio more often fr fr

  25. marc klien

    marc klien3 meses atrás

    love you kehlani

  26. betty sanchez

    betty sanchez3 meses atrás killing it💕

  27. spooked ¿

    spooked ¿3 meses atrás

    Why did i just find this now?!? Ugh its such a good ass bop. Been playin this all day long.

  28. Julie Carucci

    Julie Carucci3 meses atrás

    all in ma feelins

  29. Roblox Beauty queen

    Roblox Beauty queen3 meses atrás

    IM BACK AFTER 2 years and she looks like friggin kalani from dance moms!!!!! But more beautiful lol

  30. Kasey’s Hairline

    Kasey’s Hairline3 meses atrás

    Catchy af

  31. J0nDstr0y3r

    J0nDstr0y3r3 meses atrás

    He takes you back because you’re sexy. AS HELL.

  32. Aliyah J. Al-Haddad

    Aliyah J. Al-Haddad3 meses atrás


  33. Justyn Major

    Justyn Major3 meses atrás


  34. sakarrah amour

    sakarrah amour3 meses atrás


  35. Andre'a Kirkpatrick

    Andre'a Kirkpatrick3 meses atrás

    An you just keep on takin me back......0:46

  36. XxSamiyaxX :/

    XxSamiyaxX :/3 meses atrás

    This song is a bop

  37. danguhrous on ig

    danguhrous on ig3 meses atrás

    anybody *STILL* here in 2019? love u kehlani

  38. jaleela hall

    jaleela hall3 meses atrás

    2019?? Anybody

  39. Candy Loser

    Candy Loser3 meses atrás

    2019. Still a song in repeat😂😍😍❤️

  40. strawberry kiwi

    strawberry kiwi3 meses atrás

    Anyone in 2019

  41. Arianna Caballero

    Arianna Caballero3 meses atrás

    who's here from an insta edit?😂♥️

  42. Savagekids At school

    Savagekids At school3 meses atrás

    Arianna Caballero me

  43. lennysha

    lennysha3 meses atrás

    Bro how tf did I just find out about this bomb ass song

  44. Karina Patel

    Karina Patel3 meses atrás

    0:00 0:45 1:05 2:34

  45. Kamora Trevino

    Kamora Trevino3 meses atrás

    Love it

  46. ayo. aisha

    ayo. aisha4 meses atrás


  47. Sara Gorla

    Sara Gorla4 meses atrás

    2019 ???

  48. Holly Nunnery

    Holly Nunnery4 meses atrás


  49. l u n a

    l u n a4 meses atrás

    I can relate

  50. Kayla W

    Kayla W4 meses atrás

    Music that soothes the soul😌

  51. Sara Gorla

    Sara Gorla4 meses atrás

    love this song

  52. Faux _Gaming

    Faux _Gaming4 meses atrás

    Kehlani is a whole wife

  53. Maria Grande

    Maria Grande4 meses atrás

    i came here from instagram edits lol

  54. Jenny MotherfuckingRose

    Jenny MotherfuckingRose4 meses atrás


  55. Diamond Lewis

    Diamond Lewis4 meses atrás

    But she have her own voice..💕😭

  56. Diamond Lewis

    Diamond Lewis4 meses atrás

    And Michael Jackson's rhythm..

  57. Diamond Lewis

    Diamond Lewis4 meses atrás

    Feeling amy Winehouse vibes with these lyrics.💕💞

  58. Harry._.potterfan Potter

    Harry._.potterfan Potter4 meses atrás


  59. Janee Lewis

    Janee Lewis4 meses atrás

    2019 and still here

  60. Grey Duckett

    Grey Duckett4 meses atrás

    She is so underrated! She deserves so much more attention. She has literal talent. It’s 2019 and I’m still listening to this song!

  61. Natalie Rich

    Natalie Rich5 meses atrás

    This girl voice is so amazin stop comparing beyonce beyonce is great but kelahin has her own unique voice.

  62. Yo Momma hoe.

    Yo Momma hoe.5 meses atrás

    Who else came from an edit?

  63. Peter He

    Peter He5 meses atrás

    She is the business

  64. Lorraine Bilardi

    Lorraine Bilardi5 meses atrás


  65. Emma Ortez

    Emma Ortez5 meses atrás

    Yah fam, follow me in insta @mohiuddin101

  66. audrey

    audrey5 meses atrás

    someone plsplspls make a karoake of this!!

  67. Mikyah Perry

    Mikyah Perry5 meses atrás

    This whole album is honestly AMAZING like she is so creative with like the 90s vibe

  68. stxrry

    stxrry5 meses atrás

    Love this

  69. leticia nogueira

    leticia nogueira5 meses atrás

    I just waste all my day looking for a bad kehlani’s song . Didn’t find it

  70. Kerri Anderson

    Kerri Anderson5 meses atrás

    Who is listening to this in 2019?

  71. Alyssa & Melissa

    Alyssa & Melissa6 meses atrás

    Subscribe To The Gacha Life Twins Now!

  72. Fabulousrose6 AJ

    Fabulousrose6 AJ6 meses atrás

    Cardi b, saweetie, and now kehlani

  73. Lee Asia Knowles

    Lee Asia Knowles6 meses atrás

    F*ck all the people who dislike Kehlani F*CKIN Parrish

  74. Rubí ahre

    Rubí ahre6 meses atrás


  75. en cee

    en cee6 meses atrás

    this sounds similar too ariana grande thank you next

  76. en cee

    en cee5 meses atrás

    @Justine Lane it does though sounds similar

  77. Justine Lane

    Justine Lane5 meses atrás


  78. we stan

    we stan6 meses atrás


  79. jessica impert

    jessica impert6 meses atrás


  80. Lilies Sy

    Lilies Sy6 meses atrás

  81. NanJacks 913

    NanJacks 9136 meses atrás

    Hot track!!

  82. rwer

    rwer6 meses atrás

    boca.aep.. 😳

  83. Kharisma Keyali

    Kharisma Keyali6 meses atrás

  84. krisqueen xoxo

    krisqueen xoxo7 meses atrás


  85. Nobody

    Nobody7 meses atrás

    This beat is amazing

  86. Rudie Ninty

    Rudie Ninty7 meses atrás

    Her voice is as sweet as honey lord Jesus it’s ok nice

  87. Beastmode _Emps

    Beastmode _Emps7 meses atrás

    Hey...I kinda just broke the replay button...

  88. Faiza Issack

    Faiza Issack7 meses atrás

    I'm curious but is this considered RnB?

  89. holiday girl

    holiday girl4 meses atrás

    I think so

  90. Charles Stevens

    Charles Stevens7 meses atrás

    Whose Listening in 2018 Bumped this song about 15 times cleaning my crib, Made my OCD kick it in real quick

  91. ayo. aisha

    ayo. aisha7 meses atrás


  92. Sunshine Love is a Gift

    Sunshine Love is a Gift7 meses atrás

    ♥Still, in 2018 anyone♥ Don't Leave me hanging.

  93. Kayley Hills

    Kayley Hills7 meses atrás

    2018 anyone

  94. Hey_It's Zipp

    Hey_It's Zipp8 meses atrás

    Sexy mama

  95. みつはち

    みつはち8 meses atrás

    Love it

  96. Darian Johnson

    Darian Johnson8 meses atrás

    Does any of all get a tlc crazy sexy cool feel from this album

  97. Yellow Jumper

    Yellow Jumper8 meses atrás

    Anything you're saying to me right now Probably have the right to say Any crazy things you're feeling for me tonight You can get it on out the way 'Cause I ain't been the best that I coulda been I ain't do the shit that I shoulda did But every time I come crawling on my knees You're there And you just keep on taking me back And I don't know why you do 'Cause I'm no good to you And you just keep on taking me back In your open arms, maybe I belong And you just keep on taking You can yell and you can curse and call me a bitch Probably have the right to do You can tell the world that I'm a narcissist I would think they'd listen to you 'Cause I ain't been the best that I coulda been I ain't do the shit that I shoulda did But every time I come crawling on my knees You're there And you just keep on taking me back And I don't know why you do 'Cause I'm no good to you And you just keep on taking me back In your open arms, baby I belong And you just keep on taking Me back, and I don't know why you do 'Cause I'm no good to you And you just keep on taking me back In your open arms, baby I belong And you just keep on taking I'm not taking you back Oh no I'm not No I'm Taking me, you're taking me really back No I'm, no I'm, no I'm, no I'm not

  98. Risa Jones-Riley

    Risa Jones-Riley8 meses atrás

    Her album is my shower playlist, night time playlist and my cleaning playlist!!!! Much love for Kehlani!! LIKE IF YOU AGREE!!

  99. ka bob

    ka bob8 meses atrás


  100. Valentina

    Valentina9 meses atrás

    this is so fucking good

  101. Marguerita Hunter

    Marguerita Hunter9 meses atrás

    Kehlani the new MVP...underrated icon. #ijs

  102. bruno lima

    bruno lima6 meses atrás

    Marguerita Hunter OK 👍

  103. Thayane Fernandes

    Thayane Fernandes9 meses atrás


  104. Gabie

    Gabie9 meses atrás

    Lindaaaa!!! Te amo tanto! Vem pro BRASIL por favor! Minha cantora favorita, inspiração e que admiro pra caralhoo pelo amor de Deus alguém do Brasil ajuda aqui ksks❤❤❤

  105. jessia madison

    jessia madison9 meses atrás

    this is a really gd album

  106. illumina Princess

    illumina Princess9 meses atrás

    I don’t know why I thought this was a Tove Lo song for so long, but oh my god this song is amazing!

  107. Julliana Moreno

    Julliana Moreno9 meses atrás


  108. Julliana Moreno

    Julliana Moreno9 meses atrás

    Kehlani is so iconic anyone else agree 👀