Ken Jeong Answers More Medical Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED


  1. Cassidy Martin

    Cassidy MartinHora atrás

    I like how in the previous doc support he was very professional about it. But in this one he's more like his movie persona 😂 TBH I like the more professional version, but this version is funny

  2. Beaujona Jazzlyn

    Beaujona JazzlynHora atrás

    Telling the truth in life rarely does you any good Genius😂

  3. EDGAR

    EDGARHora atrás

    Why does this video looks yellow? Someone please explain

  4. Amanda Pans

    Amanda PansHora atrás

    Thank you so much for starting my day off right !! So funny 🤣

  5. Talon Thomas

    Talon ThomasHora atrás

    So...this is going to be made into a show, right?

  6. Mina Yildiz

    Mina YildizHora atrás

    How can someone be so relaxed? I am stress itself

  7. Your mom is hot

    Your mom is hotHora atrás


  8. Alex Nitz

    Alex NitzHora atrás

    Please check it out

  9. Slim Pickens

    Slim PickensHora atrás

    Hey srewtube, I find this idiot to be very offensive . Please remove his channel like you do so many others. Thanks

  10. MR. STONEY

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  11. Netflix4TW

    Netflix4TWHora atrás

    I WAS WAITING FOR THE PART II. Took you long enough!

  12. John Phillips

    John PhillipsHora atrás

    Ken Jeong's hands look smaller than Donlad Trumps.

  13. zap18ps3

    zap18ps3Hora atrás

    Lmao he callin his ho

  14. V E R S A C E

    V E R S A C EHora atrás

    Who’s watching at #3 trending 👇

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  16. 스페인하면 코미꼬

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  17. cheyenne trujillo

    cheyenne trujilloHora atrás

    With head phones/ earbuds you can also clean them with alcohol wipes to reduce bacteria build up.

  18. Rohan Dayaram

    Rohan DayaramHora atrás

    Did anyone notice theres 4 i's not 5

  19. Niki

    NikiHora atrás

    yes, i want to hear him commentates while he opperates on me

  20. nightvision324

    nightvision324Hora atrás

    This is the first video in my trending and this is absolute garbage!

  21. Liz vega

    Liz vegaHora atrás

    She is always worth getting bronchitis 😍😍😍 Ken Jeong

  22. Vineet Bugtani

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  23. Natanael Roman

    Natanael RomanHora atrás

    my doctor kind of looks like this guy

  24. Neveri

    NeveriHora atrás

    If there is Ken Jeong belfies on instagram I've missed a lot not having an account @_@

  25. Lancelot Ibea

    Lancelot IbeaHora atrás

    I love the way ken talk to luis its funny hahahaha

  26. MONSTERaider

    MONSTERaiderHora atrás

    DR.Chow is always savage! XD

  27. mxDUBdew

    mxDUBdewHora atrás

    3:31 ..shut up

  28. coldmanjay Entertainment

    coldmanjay EntertainmentHora atrás

    @Ken Jeong love what your doing. Can you stop by and give my channe you tube channel some love. Coldmanjay entertainment

  29. Joshua Snell

    Joshua SnellHora atrás

    He used his "I can be an instragram model" joke in a recent stand-up comedy show released on Netflix

  30. that random meme man

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  31. wassup we 2NE1XBIGBANG BTSXBP

    wassup we 2NE1XBIGBANG BTSXBPHora atrás

    Love his humor lol

  32. Pretty Chido Shanduka

    Pretty Chido ShandukaHora atrás

    The E.choli tweet tho 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  33. Celtic Wind

    Celtic WindHora atrás

    Bout to dislike for the excessive beeping. If you cuss whatever but I dont want the beeping to me twice as loud as you normally talking.

  34. Tonio Miklo

    Tonio MikloHora atrás

    Look! An Apple computer!

  35. Harkaranvir

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  36. SInFuL mATRIX

    SInFuL mATRIXHora atrás

    Tell me why on Kim Jeong tweet about alcoholic. it is the exact same time as my watch right now

  37. RyNz _

    RyNz _Hora atrás

    This doctor does not act how he looks lol. He's like a doctor that decided to be normal

  38. Edna Masa

    Edna MasaHora atrás

    😊💖 love this .... love the attitude

  39. Darul Khair

    Darul KhairHora atrás

    5:36 totally savage LMAO

  40. Boh Choy

    Boh ChoyHora atrás

    What about taking a cold-hot shower? Taking out children into cold air in Scandinavia is common and in Russia bathing in ice cold water then going to banya. It does not make them sick, on contrary in fact!

  41. Yostina Ishak Yoseff

    Yostina Ishak YoseffHora atrás

    "shut up "

  42. Zahra Abbas

    Zahra AbbasHora atrás

    Can this be a full time thing cus im here for it.

  43. FGV Cosmic

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    Ken Jeong Un

  44. TheAnorexicGoblin

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  45. Donny 8oi

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    Where’s my Fresh off the 🚣

  46. Sophia Neilsson

    Sophia NeilssonHora atrás

    Flu shot question: better answer is that they change the vaccine every year to protec against the anticipated biggest strains. You can still get another strain, but your overall chances of getting flu still go way down. GET VACCINATED YO

  47. FBI Surveillance

    FBI SurveillanceHora atrás

    I didn’t know Leslie Chow went to college and became a doctor

  48. Heichou

    HeichouHora atrás

    Ken Jeong seems like a chill person imma bang

  49. Yatharth Agarwal

    Yatharth AgarwalHora atrás

    Anyone else confused what a placebo is?

  50. SethV.

    SethV.Hora atrás

    hes my doctor

  51. GUNTAS

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  52. John Marston

    John MarstonHora atrás

    Are you Kim Jong Un's brother?

  53. Charles Wesley

    Charles WesleyHora atrás

    He's professional while being funny..

  54. Scott C

    Scott CHora atrás

    Wow. I won’t look at him the same way again lol. Never would have guessed he was a doctor. Good vid

  55. Ziyue Lu

    Ziyue LuHora atrás

    It turns out letters sound different when they’re in UpPeR case.

  56. NeoTheStylist

    NeoTheStylistHora atrás

    If u have more than 3 questions in a tweet... You're an alcoholic 💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  57. rolls frost

    rolls frostHora atrás

    *The perfect Doctor doesn't exi-*

  58. Husayn Alsaraf

    Husayn AlsarafHora atrás

    There is only 4 I s

  59. Women are PROPERTY

    Women are PROPERTYHora atrás

    Ken please be my soulja doc. 🙏💖 (and my dad)

  60. Zardoz Xerxes

    Zardoz XerxesHora atrás

    It's actually a great idea to take a probiotic whilst taking anti bionics & keep on taking it for a few months afterward. However in my opinion you should never drink kombucha its disgusting, it's like mushroom puss. I also hate yogurt, never google search the enzymes in yogurt or you might never eat it again.

  61. KitZunekaze

    KitZunekazeHora atrás

    I've had scurvy twice! :D Eat your veggies kids. It's NOT fun.

  62. yungshadowbeats

    yungshadowbeatsHora atrás

    Here before Adele-Like views 💯

  63. Edith Noriega

    Edith NoriegaHora atrás

    His white coat 😂 "You don't forget to breath or you die." 😂😂😂

  64. soli4bts Soli4bts

    soli4bts Soli4btsHora atrás

    There isn’t any medical questions in this , this is a jokes talk ,,,,, you deserve a report for the deceiving title , what a waste of time

  65. Reg Ronny

    Reg RonnyHora atrás

    Proof enough asians are the most skilled ones

  66. Vizo Kh

    Vizo KhHora atrás

    I'm sick???!!?? 1?1 😂

  67. Olivia Marie

    Olivia MarieHora atrás

    its johnSSSS hopkins!

  68. Facetious Times

    Facetious TimesHora atrás

    These are great

  69. Dan Helmer

    Dan HelmerHora atrás

    Ecoli iCarly still don't see the difference they both want you to die just different methods

  70. mediumTOC

    mediumTOCHora atrás

    This well deserves to be #1 trending

  71. Indraj 88

    Indraj 88Hora atrás

    *Tech Support*

  72. Luis Wiley

    Luis WileyHora atrás

    I wish Ken was my doctor lol

  73. Yayak Toko

    Yayak TokoHora atrás

    Ken: are you French kissing someone’s lung???? Hahahah🤣

  74. Vincensia Ruth

    Vincensia RuthHora atrás

    Hahh!! This guy really made my day 🤣😅👍🏼 Thanks Doc

  75. Ellen Ford

    Ellen FordHora atrás

    lol love that Alissa Ashley call out



    Petition to make him the doctor to every human on this earth.

  77. Piccolo

    PiccoloHora atrás

    told the doctor I'm a healthy kid, I smoke broccoli ~Kodak

  78. hammed saadi

    hammed saadiHora atrás

    E-Coli is also a parasite 🦠.

  79. Esteban Valdez

    Esteban ValdezHora atrás

    He’s gotta do an entire show of this lol

  80. Ispa Lin

    Ispa LinHora atrás

    Leslie Chow

  81. Sara Marhon

    Sara MarhonHora atrás

    He referenced it’s always sunny. I love him.

  82. MrChet407

    MrChet407Hora atrás

    No wonder people need universal healthcare. They're all stupid

  83. In Shock

    In ShockHora atrás

    wow Direct tv now on firestick tv with out crash no bllshit

  84. Ben Dover

    Ben DoverHora atrás

    What a Legend!!

  85. Joe Bedford

    Joe BedfordHora atrás

    He's a crackhead

  86. simehong2000

    simehong2000Hora atrás

    Its true if too much drink water can cause your stomatch fat ?

  87. g

    gHora atrás

    Didn’t think the actual Alissa Ashley would ever be in a video with Ken Jeong 😂

  88. Francesca Farrugia

    Francesca FarrugiaHora atrás

    This guy reminds me of Liza Koshy when she read hate comments 😂

  89. CoBiE_B

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  90. Saurav Gautam

    Saurav GautamHora atrás

    Deep Wang really turned his life around.

  91. Jonathan

    JonathanHora atrás

    Electric Boogaloo 🙌🏿

  92. Alexstraza Blokena

    Alexstraza BlokenaHora atrás

    He looks stoned with those red eyes

  93. adeel safi

    adeel safiHora atrás

    I'll be a doctor like him someday 😀



    But 0MG they’d@ bеtterr fix thаtt

  95. TrueSake

    TrueSakeHora atrás

    Why is Louis missing half his face?

  96. Top Secret

    Top SecretHora atrás

    The question on 5:05 appears to be hard to answer but is rather easy. Kombucha is fermented tea with yeast and bacteria claimed to remedy cancer, AIDS, and more ridiculous stuff. It’s supposed to provide probiotics, so the obvious answer to the question provided would be yes, although if the person really wanted to fight off that ear infection, why would they take a product known for a low acidity (2.5 ph!) as well as being known to compromise ear infection?

  97. waterartists 2

    waterartists 2Hora atrás

    He's is secretly Elon musk I swear!

  98. Venkatesh G

    Venkatesh GHora atrás

    Why do good videos have so many dislikes

  99. Eric Champlin

    Eric ChamplinHora atrás

    Ken Jeong is literally the coolest person ever.