Kendall Is Pissed At Kourtney But Whose Side Does Khloé Take? | KUWTK | E!


  1. Lil Bexn

    Lil Bexn3 dias atrás

    Kourtney go focus on your kids and leave your YOUNGER sister alone with her friends, she’s in her 20’s your in your 40’s

  2. Binty CZZ

    Binty CZZ5 dias atrás

    Definition of a bully

  3. Rich Queen

    Rich Queen5 dias atrás

    She's obviously gonna take Kendall's side or no one's side

  4. Life Creator

    Life Creator6 dias atrás

    Kourtneyyyy dry hamster

  5. Yeehaw McYee

    Yeehaw McYee8 dias atrás


  6. Shar Bear926

    Shar Bear92613 dias atrás

    Khloe’s nails are ridiculous!

  7. Swan Kelly

    Swan Kelly14 dias atrás

    That second story with the keys sounded like Khloe.

  8. Idgaf9902

    Idgaf990215 dias atrás

    Kourt is having a mid life crisis

  9. Cirrea Garcia

    Cirrea Garcia18 dias atrás

    And friends this why khloe is my favorite and Scott cause he’s hilarious

  10. PikaPika

    PikaPika20 dias atrás

    She's NEVER had a Hershey's kisses candy wtf?! Wtf kinda childhood they had! Damn kylie said once she Never had milk and cereal and she was like 21,19 who the hell never got served a bowl of cereal

  11. Nancy Loyal

    Nancy Loyal21 dia atrás

    Khloe has always been a more of a parental figure in Kendall's and Kylie's lives. She will defend everyone in her family against anyone that comes for them but she goes into mamma bear mode when it comes to Kendall and Kylie.

  12. Blenda Board

    Blenda Board22 dias atrás

    Kourtney is jealous and she picks on Kendall and Kylie because they're younger and she's after those young guy friends of theirs , she hop scothes back and forth between those girls male friends !! Attention seeking , stealing it from the girl's . Kendall told the truth Kourtney is a sneaky little rat. Don't forget those girls are Jenner's too . Kendall and Kylie watch your back's !!!

  13. Stephanie Ibarra

    Stephanie Ibarra24 dias atrás

    Kourtney is suffering a midlife crisis!! Lmao she’s not with Scott so she needs to take that out on her family 😂

  14. Nancy M. Hawthorne

    Nancy M. Hawthorne25 dias atrás

    Honestly. This isn’t right but it’s normal behavior for siblings to act like that around friends.

  15. Sally

    Sally25 dias atrás

    Who thinks of this stuff 🤣

  16. Rhonda Franco

    Rhonda Franco26 dias atrás

    I want to know if you guys can help me I want to know if I can get in with getting some kind of a post fee

  17. Southern Bird

    Southern Bird27 dias atrás

    Kendall is just being oversensitive.

  18. Haley Gilbert

    Haley Gilbert28 dias atrás

    ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Kendall has never had a hershey's kiss before? WHY??? LOL

  19. Ana lopes

    Ana lopes28 dias atrás

    I hate all of them except for Khloe🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. makayla waters

    makayla waters29 dias atrás

    Omg what is up with Kendall’s toes????

  21. Princess Julia

    Princess Julia29 dias atrás

    I'm 63 and very cool !

  22. Sally

    Sally25 dias atrás


  23. Audrey Abdo

    Audrey AbdoMês atrás

    Klhoe can understand the psychology of Kourtney making fun of her but she can understand the overdo of accusing Jordyn of having an affair with Tristan when Tristan is the one who only kissed Jordyn. I’d never want to be their friend, if something goes wrong they will try to destroy you for the least little thing that happens.

  24. Romeo Pira

    Romeo PiraMês atrás

    It's sad that nobody knows behind closed doors these Kardashian are drowning in money and they love having servants and being treated like queens. Kourtney probably doesn't care.. She's stinking rich!

  25. Fake Name

    Fake NameMês atrás

    And then they blame khloè for stirring the pot when they came to her

  26. It'sMeAlliLee VlogsAndThings

    It'sMeAlliLee VlogsAndThingsMês atrás

    Am I the only one who is shook about Kendall never having a Hershey's kiss?

  27. Good Girl

    Good GirlMês atrás

    You sisters have a knack of bullying people why are you surprised that Kourtney is bulling the little sister come on 😕 You sister don't worry about the outside competition you worry about each other and you compete with each other - thank God for that 🤗 if you could do this kind of crap to each other as blood I can imagine what you do to your friends.

  28. Aine Brennan Aine Brennan

    Aine Brennan Aine BrennanMês atrás

    Khloes like the one to talk to cause How's kendall was giving out about kourtney to KHLOE and Kylie was giving out about Kris and Kylie was talking about her to KHLOE

  29. Rima Kanaan

    Rima KanaanMês atrás

    I'm the oldest sibling between us and I can say, I understand you Kourtney.😂

  30. Lilly V Gutierrez

    Lilly V GutierrezMês atrás

    lol her feet lol

  31. Kiki Savage

    Kiki SavageMês atrás

    Kendall is so beautiful 💕 I love her 😍

  32. E Johnson

    E JohnsonMês atrás

    Doesn’t Kourtney have 3 kids to look after?...

  33. your dad

    your dadMês atrás

    Kourtney is so annoying-

  34. Slater B.

    Slater B.Mês atrás

    this is the exact reason why i loved this show the first moment i saw it on E! first season. i was flipping through my channels (when i still only had 31 channels and E! by the grace of God somehow come in on our towns massive satellites ) i saw tthese sisters who loved and cared for eachother that teased and played ... i didnt understand my older sister was NOTHING like that, she was mean and never wanted me around. i wanted to be their sister so bad

  35. Carolina Rainoldi

    Carolina RainoldiMês atrás

    Maybe Kourtney need to ask herself some questions, like why she hang out with 20 years old? she is 40 now maybe is the case to find people of her age. is annoying

  36. Neydi Castilleja

    Neydi CastillejaMês atrás

    No wonder kourtney is "the less interesting to look at"

  37. BadBigBody

    BadBigBodyMês atrás

    Kendall put your socks on

  38. Jazzy B

    Jazzy BMês atrás

    Maybe I'm crazy but none of the things kendall mentioned is worth fighting about

  39. Raeesah Ravat

    Raeesah RavatMês atrás

    Khloe and kylie are my two favourites

  40. K

    KMês atrás

    Wait? Kendall has never has a Hershey's kiss? I feel like that's a lie lol

  41. Miss WOG Daily

    Miss WOG DailyMês atrás

    Kourtney needs to find her own friends she's old enough to be Kendall and her friends mother

  42. Mary Wakera

    Mary WakeraMês atrás

    Khloe is the sweetest of all the sisters

  43. KVA

    KVAMês atrás

    Y’all . This is one side of the story 😂 y’all weren’t there

  44. Sana Dye

    Sana DyeMês atrás

    Anyone noticed that the word that Kendal uses the most literally all her life is "COOL"

  45. Zahraa Alq

    Zahraa AlqMês atrás

    Can we just take a moment and see how gorgeous khloe is

  46. Jasmine Brunet

    Jasmine BrunetMês atrás

    I truly believe that Kourt may feel a little jealous. I mean she is the oldest of her sisters, you would think she would be a little more careful with her words and her actions. She wants to enjoy herself and have fun while fitting in with a young crowd but she is not being considerate to poor Kendall.

  47. Melinda Feliciano

    Melinda FelicianoMês atrás

    It sucks to be bullied doesn't it

  48. Kristy Hawes

    Kristy HawesMês atrás

    They say you go through a mid life crisis when you turn your hormones go crazy and you don't know if your Arthur or Martha

  49. John Mamo

    John MamoMês atrás

    I wish I was black! So I can sleep with all the Kardashians!!!

  50. John Mamo

    John MamoMês atrás

    Kris Jenner makes beautiful babies ❤️😍

  51. Anuneha Baranwal

    Anuneha BaranwalMês atrás

    Someone should address the fact that Kendall has never tried Hershey's Kisses