1. abdel tai jitsu

    abdel tai jitsuHora atrás

    Suscribe and my chanel plis @abdel hamidi

  2. Beemon

    Beemon20 horas atrás

    The janitor after the golden buzzer be like 😐

  3. Nicholas Osczypko

    Nicholas Osczypko23 horas atrás

    Is this a kid rock band ... Or a "Kid Rock" band ...? Blatant false advertising ...

  4. makkoi moryu

    makkoi moryuDia atrás

    lol SHIBUYA skate T-shirt :p

  5. Peter Criss

    Peter Criss3 dias atrás

    Any of you wonder just how is it that they just happen to put the camera on a certain person RIGHT at the very moment that they scream?,.....its because this is all scripted

  6. まりもけんこちゃん

    まりもけんこちゃん3 dias atrás


  7. Leonardo Salas

    Leonardo Salas4 dias atrás

    The next Two Direction 😂

  8. richard Evangelista

    richard Evangelista4 dias atrás


  9. silva leão

    silva leão5 dias atrás

    Amo a jurada loira kkk

  10. David Coker

    David Coker10 dias atrás

    These little dudes are killer! They could be Rockers but that ain't quite Rock. Cover some Def Leppard guys

  11. RLB

    RLB10 dias atrás

    Nothing against stevie wonder But this just isnt rock

  12. Robin Cauwels

    Robin Cauwels11 dias atrás

    where is the original tape... really ?

  13. A.J. Soleil

    A.J. Soleil11 dias atrás


  14. Elizabeth Likes Truth

    Elizabeth Likes Truth12 dias atrás

    I thought they were great. That kid can sing.

  15. Trevor Martin

    Trevor Martin15 dias atrás

    Sick drummer is

  16. PC Rema

    PC Rema18 dias atrás

    Wow great

  17. YouTube Channel

    YouTube Channel19 dias atrás

    some black metal stuff

  18. candygirl 150

    candygirl 15021 dia atrás

    If young Metallica was to teleport from 1981 onto this stage.... all I’m saying is that they would’ve probably been sent back by bodyguards or somethin’

  19. gamers kingdom

    gamers kingdom21 dia atrás

    If this is rock country roads must be pop

  20. leah Wolverson

    leah Wolverson25 dias atrás

    Ok so are we all just gonna sit here and pretend the golden buzzer wasn't crooked in the thumbnail

  21. ShuWolfYT

    ShuWolfYT28 dias atrás

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they got really famous cause of this.

  22. AnandRohit

    AnandRohitMês atrás

    He looks like little Justin Bieber

  23. Paul Kruspe

    Paul KruspeMês atrás

    it isn’t rock, but still good.

  24. Christian Pence

    Christian PenceMês atrás

    Always got to leave out the bass player 😂

  25. Heroe /

    Heroe /Mês atrás

    I somehow understand why it sounds more like pop, guys a brainwashed like Simon is capable to tell to someone playing the Blues like SRV or Buddy Guy or rocking like the Eagles that it's boring. If it ain't pop you can't compete. What do u really expect from the leader of 1D ? The problem is he get a big influence on the other 3

  26. はるかさん

    はるかさんMês atrás

    Love!Chapter13! Japan🇯🇵🍣🗼

  27. Trev Matthews

    Trev MatthewsMês atrás


  28. some random guy on the internet

    some random guy on the internetMês atrás

    If this is rock then Malcom Young is alive.

  29. DJ CID

    DJ CIDMês atrás

    Am I the only one who shivers when the goldern button is pressed

  30. Raidyson

    RaidysonMês atrás

    Под роликом написано "на британском" воопще-то такого языка не существует есть английский

  31. R Dirks

    R DirksMês atrás

    WTF I’m also playing in a Band and I’m just 12

  32. Corey Hicks

    Corey HicksMês atrás

    This has more of a highschool musical vibe than a rock vibe lol


    BALI VLOGSMês atrás

    I like how everyone is talking trash when in reality if they were up there they wouldn't stand a chance. everyone acts like it's all easy being in front of thousands of people performing.

  34. CIEL

    CIELMês atrás


  35. xDAM0CLESx 556

    xDAM0CLESx 556Mês atrás

    Lmao this isn’t rock


    YEET YEETMês atrás

    "The drummer was amazing, the guitar was spot on" Bassist: 😐

  37. Unstable

    UnstableMês atrás

    damn i didn’t know it was possible for someone without a disability or sad backstory to get the golden buzzer.

  38. Sean Greenacre

    Sean GreenacreMês atrás

    If this is rock then ‘I’m a goofy goomer’ by Spongebob is full on druggo thrash metal

  39. Alpha Chicken

    Alpha ChickenMês atrás

    Is the lead singer playing one of those cheaply made $499 dollar Gibson’s that got discontinued bc of how awful they were💀💀

  40. Stevie The Drummer Girl

    Stevie The Drummer GirlMês atrás

    This is NOT rock. That is pop

  41. James The Youtuber

    James The YoutuberMês atrás

    I think the kid on the left is haveing too much fun lol

  42. Emilio Lencina

    Emilio LencinaMês atrás

    This is what Disney made to rock hahaha

  43. One Legend

    One LegendMês atrás

    Then what’s RATM

  44. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola TeslaMês atrás

    This is crap. I’ll be impressed when they can play Van Halen

  45. Ørangey

    ØrangeyMês atrás

    That's as genric as pop can get, Not rock.

  46. Kevin Montroy

    Kevin MontroyMês atrás

    This isn’t rock

  47. Máté Iványi

    Máté IványiMês atrás

    Jelous of their talent and gear at that age. So good

  48. Shep Spahn

    Shep SpahnMês atrás

    Quite generic POP. Not much special about it, they’re just kids. 👎😐

  49. うとゆ

    うとゆMês atrás


  50. Gabriel Cross

    Gabriel CrossMês atrás

    The drummer really went ham with death metal breakdown arm movements.

  51. Fancy Taco

    Fancy TacoMês atrás

    Two guitars for pop?

  52. Thomas Vitale

    Thomas VitaleMês atrás

    I thought they were covering a kid rock song. What a disappointment

  53. Daft Bot

    Daft BotMês atrás

    This is just strait up pop

  54. Channel G

    Channel GMês atrás

    This is pop!

  55. Channel G

    Channel GMês atrás


  56. White Ranger Tiger Power

    White Ranger Tiger PowerMês atrás

    Dam I did that one to that involved rotten tomatoes simultaniously lol

  57. DeadStrike HQ

    DeadStrike HQMês atrás

    Guys they were good just stop hating on them, they clearly have talent and it’s not only cos they are kids, they are confident asf and they have good attitudes and I’m a musician and I can say this is good. It doesn’t matter that it’s not rock, if they want it to be rock and if they think it’s rock then it’s rock.

  58. OO OO

    OO OOMês atrás


  59. SquidGaming

    SquidGamingMês atrás

    U dont deserve that gibson

  60. CF Channel

    CF ChannelMês atrás

    Press F for Bassist

  61. Hit The Brake

    Hit The BrakeMês atrás

    What a waste of a golden buzzer