1. Katy

    KatyAnos atrás

    YOU👏🏼DID👏🏼THAT!!! So proud of you she looks beautiful!

  2. BeautyRoomConfessions

    BeautyRoomConfessions3 meses atrás

    LustreLux <3 how true your friendship seems, I only recently started watching you and @desiperkins but I love the 2 of you and how real you guys seem vs. someone like Jaclyn who seems like she's very high maintenance and not 100% the same on and off camera

  3. Fioremi Sarabia saenz

    Fioremi Sarabia saenz45 minutos atrás

    las cejas sta ovalada

  4. •guerita Paz•

    •guerita Paz•4 dias atrás

    Her and Kim are so fucking pretty I’m jealous

  5. Lewis Carter

    Lewis Carter8 dias atrás

    Can she clear her THROAT ????? Daamn so corny

  6. vanda soldo

    vanda soldo13 dias atrás

    This girl looks like Jennifer Lopez 😍

  7. Ekene Patience

    Ekene Patience13 dias atrás

    wow, kim looks fabulous xo

  8. Fiorella Marks

    Fiorella Marks14 dias atrás

    Which Charlotte power tone did you use ?

  9. astacy62

    astacy6218 dias atrás

    So awesome...Go Girls

  10. Talenas sy

    Talenas sy20 dias atrás

    برافووووو ديزي حبيت هالتعاون مع كيم و حبيت الميك آب كان رائع متلك😘😘😘💓

  11. Mitch

    Mitch20 dias atrás

    it’s like crazy how you think a youtube is so pretty… but then Kim sits next to them, ad it’s like. WOAH.

  12. Sayani Dutta

    Sayani Dutta25 dias atrás


  13. David Rubio

    David Rubio26 dias atrás

    On my way my love!

  14. Serena Williams

    Serena WilliamsMês atrás

    Kim seems so real and down to earth

  15. Angel Lilly Whitebean

    Angel Lilly WhitebeanMês atrás

    Wow very beautiful. Love this tutorial 💖💖💖💖💖👍😀

  16. Angela Harmon

    Angela HarmonMês atrás

    Yes mother's influence makeup I have three boys and they all Drew their eyebrows as toddlers 😂😂😂😂

  17. Guadalupe Sanchez

    Guadalupe SanchezMês atrás

    🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 great colab, great video ! Both look comfortable!!!

  18. Esther Majek

    Esther MajekMês atrás

    Love that look, beautiful job!!!!!

  19. Sylvie Laluna

    Sylvie LalunaMês atrás

    What lipstick Desi Perkins used herself in this video ? I want it sooo bad.

  20. Libbiew A

    Libbiew AMês atrás

    Kim’s voice is so soothing😍😍

  21. Sarku Roll

    Sarku RollMês atrás

    Kim is so gorgeous

  22. Lynn Eccles

    Lynn EcclesMês atrás

    Yes the best so far !!

  23. Xiomara Rodriguez Reyes

    Xiomara Rodriguez ReyesMês atrás

    I saw this look on the show and was floored at how beautiful her makeup looked and she said you did it so I had to come watch!

  24. ksoo

    ksooMês atrás

    I added this to my asmr playlist lmao

  25. 1717flower

    1717flowerMês atrás

    Great job. And you weren’t kissing her ass or being obnoxious like J.H.

  26. Atarah Mary

    Atarah MaryMês atrás

    They're so comfortable with each other. Like compare this with other Kim collabs

  27. Rosa Clisante

    Rosa ClisanteMês atrás

    In my opinion they are talking to much !!!!!!! I did not like 😩😩👎👎👎

  28. Rosa Clisante

    Rosa ClisanteMês atrás

    I think this .????? You talk to much????? any moment you explain what are you doing !!!!!!! 😬👎😩😩😩

  29. Sheyloves Makeup

    Sheyloves MakeupMês atrás


  30. Miss Femme Fifi Glamour Beauty Jetsie Colón

    Miss Femme Fifi Glamour Beauty Jetsie ColónMês atrás

    I enjoyed this video, I love how humble Kim is, and how excited she was for her make-up, and as well as for yours. She knows her products, and loves them. You did a beautiful job, and your eyeshadow looks beautiful.

  31. shara elahi

    shara elahiMês atrás

    The eye 😍😍

  32. Megan Johnson

    Megan JohnsonMês atrás

    How is this a tutorial? I just wish this was more of a step by step and not just a conversation. I feel like I didn't learn anything.

  33. Khadijah Kelly

    Khadijah KellyMês atrás

    Why they not saying what they using how am I supposed to know what too buy

  34. aya

    ayaMês atrás

    dang i really wish i was north

  35. 100arbel

    100arbelMês atrás

    Kim without makeup = kourtney

  36. Baby Rayla

    Baby RaylaMês atrás

    That’s desi girl crush and that eye doeeee👀👀

  37. السهم الناري

    السهم الناريMês atrás

    Kim without anything is beatiful

  38. Samuel115s

    Samuel115sMês atrás

    Kim sounds so sexy.

  39. Tella Gomez

    Tella GomezMês atrás

    Beautiful Congratulations Lol!😘

  40. Janneth Cordero

    Janneth CorderoMês atrás

    My favorit is kaily kardasha🤗🤗

  41. Bitter Sweet

    Bitter SweetMês atrás

    Wow desi you did a great job, will you be inviting K back on the show?

  42. Sindell Gonzalez

    Sindell GonzalezMês atrás

    Lol jaclyn thinks this is what happened. . . LOL i seriously think kims hairs soo freakishly pretty!! My ultimate favorite part was The curtain part 😁😂. I really enjoyed this! I hope jacklyn takes notes cuz im glad that she did that video so that younger teen girls know & realize how not to act with society. Seriously. Ahaa! Well shes done it again! Kim looks amazing! 👏 💗 KKW is really good makeup!

  43. yazzie

    yazzieMês atrás

    Kim sounds sooo soothing!!! Love the look!

  44. xHannah

    xHannahMês atrás

    Okay WOW...Just wow.

  45. Maryalice

    MaryaliceMês atrás

    Kim and you are so comfortable with each other. Usually kim never callabs with people who are so normal with her and not like "OMG YOUR KIM KARDASHIAN!".And like "EVERYTHING YOU DO IS PERFECT".

  46. StxpidBxsicGirl

    StxpidBxsicGirlMês atrás

    this was so chill :) you're doing great :)

  47. Angelica Villanueva

    Angelica VillanuevaMês atrás

    i dont understand why people bash kim. she seems kind. great make up by the way.

  48. nurel4

    nurel4Mês atrás

    The beauty of this eye makeup really resonated on the KUWTK episode.

  49. katia Cristina

    katia Cristina2 meses atrás

    Xo from Brazil! Perfect make, I loved it!!!

  50. Rose Merk

    Rose Merk2 meses atrás

    When Kim says no way so commly literally this is me when my husband is telling me a story I don’t find interesting😂love it

  51. Renni Pal

    Renni Pal2 meses atrás

    Was that a shit ton of dandruff I seen on her braids when she lifted her wig? Yikes....

  52. Mariya xx

    Mariya xx2 meses atrás

    What eyelash glue did she put on the lashes?

  53. Genise Davis

    Genise Davis2 meses atrás

    Love me some Kim ❤️

  54. Abhirami Viswakumar

    Abhirami Viswakumar2 meses atrás

    Amazing video !!!!

  55. Roger Lima2019

    Roger Lima20192 meses atrás

    Realmente ela é linda. Mas mulheres não se frustrem e nem busca essa nível de beleza pois é um padrão. Se você estiver bem por dentro tudo se torna belo por fora. Se cuidem sim mas se ama muito mais!

  56. Natacha Suanne

    Natacha Suanne2 meses atrás

    Ate sem maquiagem a mulher é uma deusa

  57. radwa hassan

    radwa hassan2 meses atrás

    Am i the only one that can hear that Kim sounds literally like a robot in some parts of the video?!

  58. Renee DeLaTorre

    Renee DeLaTorre2 meses atrás

    Love it Darling 😘

  59. c

    c2 meses atrás

    This is my favorite look on Kim ever!

  60. Libbiew A

    Libbiew A2 meses atrás

    Kim’s voice is so relaxing

  61. Ilina Hristovska

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  62. Teagan Foley

    Teagan Foley2 meses atrás

    11:47 Asmr triggers😍

  63. Aniza prado

    Aniza prado2 meses atrás

    I love this so much. I was like I hope this video isn’t like Jaclyn hill lol

  64. Emily Jelonek

    Emily Jelonek2 meses atrás

    Idk why but i think kims voice is super relaxing

  65. Amanda Skinner

    Amanda Skinner2 meses atrás

    Like these two can be best friends

  66. Sparkle Bubble

    Sparkle Bubble2 meses atrás

    Kim talks way more unprompted in this. I don’t actually watch Desi’s videos but wow, good job! Kim seems more friendly and less monotoned here. Much better vibe!

  67. Lunar Skies

    Lunar Skies2 meses atrás

    The shadow seriously made her eyes looks absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Lunar Skies

    Lunar Skies2 meses atrás

    Very pretty! That Shadow is gorgeous

  69. Jeanette Sanchez

    Jeanette Sanchez2 meses atrás

    Anyone else bothered by how bright white the background and their shirts are?? Like damn, my eyes are burning LOL

  70. Rama Al-koubaytari

    Rama Al-koubaytari2 meses atrás

    OMGGG! That looks so good!

  71. Athena Fairley

    Athena Fairley2 meses atrás

    I love her skin,it’s so shiny and barley has any marks on her face .

  72. Leslie Skye

    Leslie Skye2 meses atrás

    Kims face looks fuller here

  73. Leslie Skye

    Leslie Skye2 meses atrás

    they look like they could be sisters wow

  74. Athena Fairley

    Athena Fairley2 meses atrás

    I feel like when Kim did the colab with Jaclyn she barely even talked this time she was able to talk a explain things more

  75. Alice Vlogs

    Alice Vlogs2 meses atrás

    Como kim kardashians pode ser tao marabilhosa 😍

  76. H Nur

    H Nur2 meses atrás

    Heyhey i made my very first vid! Please check it out i made it with love and put a lot of time in everything although the vid is 2/3 mins❤️

  77. Adrianna Fraser

    Adrianna Fraser2 meses atrás

    Found you cause of the shoutout on their show

  78. Yun Wong

    Yun Wong2 meses atrás

    Wow you are so beautiful.

  79. XxmumuxX

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  80. XxmumuxX

    XxmumuxX2 meses atrás

    *Desi's KKW video* VS *Jaclyn's KKW video* hahahahahahahahah Desi for the winnnn!!!!!! Jaclyn's video was pure cringe and embarrassment

  81. Ania Galas

    Ania Galas2 meses atrás

    I love the chill kind of vibe you two give me

  82. Melley Marx

    Melley Marx2 meses atrás

    Ok so idk if anyone can relate but it super frustrates me when they don’t make it clear what exact product they’re using during application. Jaclyn does this a lot and or says it too fast. Despite the product list provided under the video, i don’t think it would hurt to casually mention what actual product they’re applying.

  83. Karla Lara

    Karla Lara2 meses atrás

    por que las mujeres gringas hablan como si estuvieran roncas?

  84. Kaitlynn's Real Life

    Kaitlynn's Real Life2 meses atrás

    Desi you’re so gentle ❤️

  85. Olivia Incoll

    Olivia Incoll2 meses atrás

    what lashes are you wearing in this video?? xx

  86. Sidra Aamer

    Sidra Aamer2 meses atrás

    I watched the whole 25 minutes. I had to rewind a bit as a lot of parts went by super fast like the foundation and concealer. Also I was surprised that no blush or lip color was used. I gave credit to the artist for keeping Kim really relaxed and calm though. But really I followed the look and I just looked normal.

  87. Sarah MacDonald

    Sarah MacDonald2 meses atrás

    ANyone, I have highlighter kit and its the pink, peach one and its just not showing or maybe its not putting enough on >? Am I suppose to be using it a certain way or do I have to put in a toner thing first to make it show up ? Any advisement would be great.

  88. Chichi Ada

    Chichi Ada2 meses atrás

    Why is her hair in her face during this session 🤦🏽‍♀️

  89. Tianna Campbell

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  90. Resplendence

    Resplendence2 meses atrás

    Kim looks perfect here

  91. Manourah Alomar

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  92. angie angel

    angie angel2 meses atrás

    Un video largo, largo que no dice nada en especial

  93. Angelica S.

    Angelica S.2 meses atrás

    This was awesome!!! Beautiful make up 😍❤️

  94. Alice Kiesov

    Alice Kiesov2 meses atrás

    Kim's hot

  95. Jessica C.

    Jessica C.2 meses atrás

    I really hope they make more videos together!

  96. Miss Argentina

    Miss Argentina3 meses atrás

    Wow ! You are a artist ! 💕💕💖💖💖😻😻😻😻😻😍😍😍😘😘

  97. Anastasia Kaivel

    Anastasia Kaivel3 meses atrás

    it was soo calming to watch this video. you both are so calm and make that cozy atmosphere 🙃

  98. Mary Risa

    Mary Risa3 meses atrás

    Lovely 😘😘

  99. Georgette Liquorie

    Georgette Liquorie3 meses atrás

    you girls are just so beautiful can you tell what moisturizer you use on Kim and by whom THANK YOU !

  100. ᎻᎪNᎬᎬN

    ᎻᎪNᎬᎬN3 meses atrás

    "when will you let north wear makeup?" "when she is twelve" oof like me

  101. Rachel Ngatia

    Rachel Ngatia3 meses atrás

    Desi did a good job makeup at 12that was young but anyway still okay Desi made her look good ,natural and still almost like the old her and Kim seems nice to talk to too they just talked genuinely liked the video