Kindergarten 2 All Stories + Secret Ending Full Playthrough / Longplay / Walkthrough (no commentary)


  1. Ludophiles

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    *Kindergarten 2 all storylines:* 0:00:01 A Tale of Two Janitors 0:16:35 Flowers for Diana 0:32:33 The Hitman's Potty Guard 0:46:11 Opposites Attract 1:01:05 If you can dodge a Nugget 1:15:09 Cain's not Able 1:29:19 Breaking Sad 1:43:26 Things that go Boom 1:57:24 Creature Feature 2:16:44 Secret Ending *Kindergarten 1 all storylines:* - All stories compilation: *Subscribe to the Ludophiles channel:* - *Become a Ludophiles channel member:* - .

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  3. Monica Taft

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    No it’s awesome

  4. Monica Taft

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    It’s cool

  5. Monica Taft

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  6. Peely

    Peely3 meses atrás

    you know if you tell ted about felixes plan then you get ending 2?

  7. Starlight1929 ss

    Starlight1929 ss10 dias atrás

    Did Nugget just break the 4th wall?!

  8. Dan Walsh

    Dan Walsh17 dias atrás

    Thanos is also dead now

  9. BrinyBoxer8763

    BrinyBoxer8763Mês atrás

    2:00:04 Billy: This is incredible! How did you-it dosen't matter. With this we can save those kids! We don't need this *digging stuff* anymore. *He pulls out a jackhammer out of nowhere like, is there a reason that he put it in his pocket?!*

  10. Shahwaiz K

    Shahwaiz KMês atrás

    Nugget literally snapped and a few people “didn’t feel so good”

  11. ᴡᴏʟғ

    ᴡᴏʟғMês atrás

    Thanos: snaps one time. Tony Stark: snaps one time. Nugget: *snaps two times* Thanos And Tony Stark: *surprised pikachu face*

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    This is such a fascinating gsme

  14. Ludophiles

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    I'm with you. Absolutely outstanding.

  15. Im_A_Spy 790

    Im_A_Spy 7902 meses atrás

    How did bob alive

  16. MusicaMan

    MusicaMan2 meses atrás

    The kid’s got a frikkin smash ultimate poster!

  17. MusicaMan

    MusicaMan2 meses atrás

    Also am I the only one confused on which timeline this is? The teacher’s not dead, but Monty still lost his legs. Hmmmm

  18. Anna Oppe

    Anna Oppe2 meses atrás

    Thank you :] I watched the whole thing. Very entertaining.

  19. terry cck

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    Yay now I can pretend I’m playing kindergarten YEET!!!!!!!!!

  20. anthony Stubbs

    anthony Stubbs2 meses atrás

    So nugget is thanos

  21. Joannie Bacus

    Joannie Bacus2 meses atrás

    1:41:02 STEVEN???!!?!!??!!!😱

  22. Neko Asunu

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    I have school tomorrow I finished this at 10:58 I’m supposed to wake up at 5:43 tomorrow Why am I here

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    snap ! me tf-

  24. Dugg

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    I like how this is a Easter egg of end game

  25. Selena Garcia-Gamache

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  26. Danny Cox

    Danny Cox2 meses atrás

    Nu-nug-nugget- -NUGGET FACTORY!?!?

  27. Gamerboygaming

    Gamerboygaming2 meses atrás

    Honestly, I feel "Creature Feature" was a better ending than the secret ending.

  28. Ludophiles

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    I came here from CoryxKenshin

  31. Eliothebeast

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    Rip Ted the precious bean

  32. NyanAnimates

    NyanAnimates3 meses atrás

    Nugget is awesome XD

  33. David Hopkins

    David Hopkins3 meses atrás

    Umm this don’t work i have tried to do it but I cant

  34. David Hopkins

    David Hopkins3 meses atrás

    Yes she’s out at nugget then she’s in the hall it’s confusing!

  35. Ludophiles

    Ludophiles3 meses atrás

    hm, you're talking about the beginning of flowers for Diana? when you talked to the principal to call the lunch lady to nugget?

  36. David Hopkins

    David Hopkins3 meses atrás

    When I take the lunch person to nugget she is still in the hall for some reason!

  37. Ludophiles

    Ludophiles3 meses atrás

    what exactly doesn't work?

  38. Alex Jimin

    Alex Jimin3 meses atrás

    Nugget sends his thanks. Nugget was going on a drive with no internet and he had to wait for it to load so Nugget could watch it. There was no ads so Nugget could watch the whole video.

  39. Anna Chan

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    Who else watched the whole thing?

  40. PUNsicle 4life

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    8:27 teacher: *walks out to see the janitor has killed the other janitor* nope nopty nopety nope 👎🏻

  41. эндер броток

    эндер броток3 meses atrás

    Billy not Die

  42. эндер броток

    эндер броток3 meses atrás

    Secret ending

  43. AngelxArts

    AngelxArts3 meses atrás

    My top 3 favorite characters: 1. Nugget 2. Lily 3. Carla Penny’s death was actually really sad tho :(

  44. Rockstar

    Rockstar3 meses atrás

    2:05:17 Yeah right *flashback to the multiple times he shot us with a ray gun*

  45. Ukiyoo0 Art

    Ukiyoo0 Art3 meses atrás

    Why did crazy-trash-can-lady called nugget young master? 0_0

  46. xXCheetahXx

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    You are the most nicest person iv'e ever met! You let me pass this! :D Thank-you!

  47. Alex Jimin

    Alex Jimin3 meses atrás

    Nugget approves. Nugget will go move on to the nugget factory.

  48. V1Chocolate

    V1Chocolate3 meses atrás

    NuGgEt Is ThAnOs

  49. Sprite Canberry

    Sprite Canberry3 meses atrás

    Nugget: *snaps* Thanos: HOW... *dies*

  50. CoolRubyGamer XB

    CoolRubyGamer XB3 meses atrás

    For anyone who is feeling sorry about any character in this game...... they litturaly are alive now beacuse each day you start they are in the same positions, saying the same things......... these guys are more immortal than Nugget

  51. Sebastian L.

    Sebastian L.3 meses atrás

    Billy rhe only ond left

  52. BaconPlayz RBLX

    BaconPlayz RBLX3 meses atrás

    In the secret ending, Thanos snapped his finger