KINGDOM HEARTS III - Opening Movie Trailer


  1. $kaT3rIsaak

    $kaT3rIsaakHora atrás

    I need it:.

  2. Anime And Chill

    Anime And ChillHora atrás

    The lack of Axel hurts so.

  3. Jenffry Colón

    Jenffry ColónHora atrás

    Sora for Ultimate!

  4. Jaihden Uchiha

    Jaihden UchihaHora atrás

    This game been with me since my childhood, through the good times and bad times of my life...coming from a HUGE fan of the KH series this game always made me feel complete regardless. I’m an adventurous person so this is why I love JRPGS so much felt this way about Final Fantasy too same made by the same creator Tetsuya Nomura. If I can thank him in person, for bringing such light life into my life I would. So, this game is more than just a video game to me. People who aren’t gamers, will never understand the connection (s) us gamers have. NEVER will understand our passion for this game lol

  5. Doctor Disney

    Doctor DisneyHora atrás


  6. Allyssa Early-McCullom

    Allyssa Early-McCullomHora atrás

    That drop was dope AF!!!

  7. Ra Phearom OFFICIAL

    Ra Phearom OFFICIALHora atrás


  8. Marcus  Stevens

    Marcus StevensHora atrás

    At first wasn't sure about the dubstep but I'm loving it each time i here it

  9. Doctor Disney

    Doctor DisneyHora atrás

    *I was in middle school when the last game came out...* IM NOW IN MEDICAL SCHOOL!!! Gonna have to skip some classes (:

  10. Lazy Clip

    Lazy ClipHora atrás

    *SO FREAKING HYPED REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* plus this is an amazing song like many other people and commenters I'm ready to play and cry let's do this

  11. Chris Eilertson

    Chris EilertsonHora atrás

    Kingdom hearts one was the first videogame I ever played and now the last game of the xehanort saga is here and I can't wait. If kingdom hearts 3 isn't the game of the year then I'm gonna be pissed

  12. _Paws_

    _Paws_Hora atrás

    I wish that chess set was real...

  13. Snowblade

    SnowbladeHora atrás

    I want the old trailer I saw back then all those years ago.... Way better than this one

  14. Cam Armstrong

    Cam ArmstrongHora atrás

    God that was such a bad song choice. What is with game trailers using edm recently???

  15. RobberRockin

    RobberRockinHora atrás

    Ah what a lovely series like if u agree Xd

  16. CryStal _NoVa

    CryStal _NoVaHora atrás

    Too bad X didn’t get to see this... :(

  17. ChronixxzMC

    ChronixxzMCHora atrás

    God I waited 10 years this game better be the shit like kh2 PREORDERED 👌😤😤😤😤😤

  18. J-SUN New-win

    J-SUN New-winHora atrás

    I'm crying 😭

  19. ジェシカ

    ジェシカHora atrás

    wtf the music is fucking horrible

  20. Andres Miranda

    Andres MirandaHora atrás

    Mother of God.

  21. The Boob Tube

    The Boob TubeHora atrás

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  23. Loone Wolf

    Loone WolfHora atrás

    Oh I want too believe that this will be worth the wait. It looks good, and glad it is for Xbox 1!

  24. Fake

    FakeHora atrás

    This Beat Saber DLC looks amazing

  25. don rob777

    don rob777Hora atrás

    I was under the impression don’t think twice would be the opening song

  26. Papi Rizzkid

    Papi RizzkidHora atrás

    Been waiting for this game since the 8th grade in 2006...

  27. Vincent Berger

    Vincent BergerHora atrás


  28. Air Ball

    Air BallHora atrás

    This is the only game that is gonna make me cry just by putting the disc in. I cannot wait!

  29. Светлана о жизни и о еде

    Светлана о жизни и о едеHora atrás

    Темп песни идёт врозь с видео, в конце уже совпало, потом оборвалось невпопад, наверно, я не понимаю...видео красивое очень, да и песня красиво звучит, только не вместе с этим видео.😂

  30. MiST3R. AND3RSON

    MiST3R. AND3RSONHora atrás

    This should get game of the year for 2019 I don't care what nobody says

  31. sticky boi

    sticky boiHora atrás

    I never felt so energetic and happy about a game that's been a part of me for such a long time

  32. Karionite

    KarioniteHora atrás


  33. WorstCriticEver

    WorstCriticEverHora atrás

    Im not going to cry but damn I cant believe this is finally here wow.... Resident evil 2 and kingdom hearts all on the same month ..


    SHARIN GANHora atrás

    Fucken Gay

  35. Kate Luther

    Kate LutherHora atrás

    The movements in video doesn't really match the song.

  36. Vrizi

    VriziHora atrás

    It's really growing on me. Doesn't feel like the usual Kingdom Hearts opening songs, but I think it fits as the climax of Xehanort saga

  37. Vassilinia

    VassiliniaHora atrás

    Still no release on Nintendo consoles? The family friendly franchise is only on the least family friendly consoles... go figure.

  38. Kristina Mcclay

    Kristina McclayHora atrás

    Omg finally

  39. Melissa Marroquin

    Melissa MarroquinHora atrás

    Yes, its tending number 1 oh baby super hype for this game.

  40. Yuffie Kisaragi

    Yuffie KisaragiHora atrás

    2.1K people and counting have failed to Face their Fears.

  41. Incarnate Tyrant

    Incarnate TyrantHora atrás

    It’s been a long time my old friend, oh the amount of hours we’ll spend together!

  42. HowardSide95

    HowardSide95Hora atrás

    Lol bruh if this ain’t the hardest game trailer song I heard and the best game ever smh been a long time coming

  43. Gary Dlugoz

    Gary DlugozHora atrás

    My heart. Omg. ❤ This trailer matched with this Skrillex masterpiece. OMG. 😭😭

  44. Ronnie Bruce

    Ronnie BruceHora atrás

    This is been a journey through my adolescent years and now my adult years! I am entwined with Sora in his story. And I believe in darkness there's always light. I'm just so proud to have this game in my life and I'm so happy that it's ending now.. Love you #Kh 🙌👑😢

  45. Alexander Rodriguez

    Alexander RodriguezHora atrás

    #1 on trending??????

  46. ihavenoidea371

    ihavenoidea371Hora atrás

    I’m not crying you’re crying

  47. ihavenoidea371

    ihavenoidea371Hora atrás

    Okay we’re all crying

  48. Ace GC

    Ace GCHora atrás


  49. Tx09

    Tx09Hora atrás

    Been waiting forever for this! Just thought about X also while watching this. Damn 😔

  50. FLAPJACK09

    FLAPJACK09Hora atrás

    YO IT'S BEEN 14 YEARS 😭 Kingdom hearts was iconic....

  51. Nino Brown

    Nino BrownHora atrás

    Kingdom Hearts had been showing us the same imagery for 13 years...

  52. Goken

    GokenHora atrás

    wow old Sasuke is in this shit too lol

  53. EZRDEN

    EZRDENHora atrás

    Oh my gosh, please let Oswald The Lucky Rabbit be in this!

  54. Leah Long

    Leah LongHora atrás

    I can’t wait to buy a console just to play this!

  55. Maite Olavarría

    Maite OlavarríaHora atrás

    Very gay but i like it

  56. elimen

    elimenHora atrás

    I really didn't tho i was going to buy the game because the only kingdom heart that i have played was one on psp where the only character that i know of is ventus, but this trailer of the new kingdom heart is i think its better than freaking fortnite bro. Disney u have made it, u deserve to be clapped *claps*

  57. Frederick Johnson

    Frederick JohnsonHora atrás

    Utada forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Sunset1234

    Sunset1234Hora atrás


  59. Brandonard Gaming

    Brandonard GamingHora atrás


  60. quotestrange

    quotestrangeHora atrás

    Zedd wouldve been better for this song than Skrillex imo

  61. DRez 》

    DRez 》Hora atrás


  62. Monkey King

    Monkey KingHora atrás

    Wait these games are still a thing? Damn Too bad the plots are so confusing I don’t remember anything

  63. Sopheria소페리아

    Sopheria소페리아Hora atrás

    Y’all. Square Enix never fails to impress me😩❤️🙌🏻

  64. J TT

    J TTHora atrás

    This is my childhood summarized in one video. It’s really been SO MANY YEARS omg

  65. KH_ Obsessed

    KH_ ObsessedHora atrás

    What happened to don’t think twice I think this theme is awesome but I am wondering what happened to don’t think twice

  66. KH_ Obsessed

    KH_ ObsessedHora atrás

    Dominion ! Thx I was confused on that lol

  67. Dominion !

    Dominion !Hora atrás

    Dont think twice is the ending theme. This is the opening theme

  68. Davarian Taylor

    Davarian TaylorHora atrás

    I'm actually crying. I woke up this morning and I'm still watching this. Kingdom Hearts impacted my life in a huge way and I started with KH1 and I'm 20 years old now, played all the games. I'm so happy for the fanbase and the developers of this series may the light be our guiding key.

  69. GetLikeYeezy

    GetLikeYeezyHora atrás

    We numba one boys its been forever

  70. Frederick Johnson

    Frederick JohnsonHora atrás

    That ending... 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  71. Davis Pennell

    Davis PennellHora atrás

    This song is fuckin dope!!

  72. Ms. Teechar

    Ms. TeecharHora atrás

    But when I ask people if they know what Kingdom Hearts is, they have no clue. Eeeeeeven though this is #1 on trending.

  73. Moteki Raphael

    Moteki RaphaelHora atrás

    No emotion??Just Dubstep???

  74. Ucantseemeverywell

    UcantseemeverywellHora atrás

    skrillex still undefeated even when making commercial edm

  75. WorstCriticEver

    WorstCriticEverHora atrás

    Holy shit!!! YES!

  76. Kennis Smith

    Kennis SmithHora atrás

    Utada's voice is angelic.

  77. Audry Mendoza

    Audry MendozaHora atrás

    Did not think this would come out in my life time, I am but an old man now.

  78. Miracle the nerd

    Miracle the nerdHora atrás

    Why am I crying in the club right now.

  79. IronOakStudios

    IronOakStudiosHora atrás

    As a quote similar from Roxas, "Looking sharp!"

  80. Only Contact

    Only ContactHora atrás


  81. Wake Wind

    Wake WindHora atrás

    1:17 "Special Attack. Mega Destruction Dark Balls Of Darkness And Destruction.....and Knuckles"

  82. Justin Scientia

    Justin ScientiaHora atrás

    Then only reason this game has subtitles is because of Donald.

  83. Mason Kearney

    Mason KearneyHora atrás

    Wait, MOVIE?

  84. Justin Scientia

    Justin ScientiaHora atrás

    When Donald has skin pores but you still can't understand what he says without subtitles.

  85. Bryan

    BryanHora atrás

    When I tapped this I thought donald was holding a gun

  86. Jacksocksnoah Jacksocksnoah

    Jacksocksnoah JacksocksnoahHora atrás

  87. G33

    G33Hora atrás


  88. Miguel3334

    Miguel3334Hora atrás

    This is perfect I love skrillex ❤️

  89. Nicole Maj

    Nicole MajHora atrás

    I think I would like this more if the music didn't sound so almost sounds like the beat is being filtered through a tunnel or something.

  90. Justin Scientia

    Justin ScientiaHora atrás

    This is the entire game in a nutshell.

  91. JoJoIsHere-Minecraft,Animating, and more!

    JoJoIsHere-Minecraft,Animating, and more!Hora atrás

    Holy fuck let’s go

  92. Kevin M. Perez De Leon

    Kevin M. Perez De LeonHora atrás

    Lets go Skrillex is involved and is amazing💕😍💕😍💕😍💕😍💕😍💕😍

  93. Jo King

    Jo KingHora atrás

    Kingdom Hearts music always OP; does not need nerf.

  94. Chocola Chao

    Chocola ChaoHora atrás


  95. PineapplePrism

    PineapplePrismHora atrás

    I hate this song

  96. εïз αιкα мιzυкι εïз

    εïз αιкα мιzυкι εïзHora atrás

    Song? Check. Animation? Check. Nostalgia? check. Game? ... ... (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎ Where is the GAME?!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ (Can't wait for KH3! 💕)

  97. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf HitlerHora atrás

    Darn this made me die again.

  98. spiddyman007

    spiddyman007Hora atrás

    Never got why people liked this game

  99. Dustin Lawson

    Dustin LawsonHora atrás

    Yeah that’s epic plus the music of choice goes perfectly with it 100% better then don’t think twice just my opinion

  100. Fitri Dayanti

    Fitri DayantiHora atrás

    Thank god im still alive

  101. Kids Wragg

    Kids WraggHora atrás

    I never even played Kingdom Hearts, but this is so cool.

  102. zoerz

    zoerzHora atrás



    OMNI-POKE FUCKER!Hora atrás