Korean Girls React To 'Normani'


  1. 옥수수콘 - OSSC

    옥수수콘 - OSSCMês atrás

    Sorry guys, there was a mistranslation in 07:24 part • go to bed >> *get on the bed


    MELANIE-GRACE.JAMES 10105827 dias atrás


  3. jennifer chabolla

    jennifer chabolla29 dias atrás

    Do Post Malone next!!!!!!❤️❤️

  4. Yikes

    YikesMês atrás

    We hope to get a reaction to Ms. Nadine Lustre Singer/Actress here in the Philippines. Thank you.

  5. Linda thien

    Linda thienMês atrás

    옥수수콘 - OSSC thx

  6. Kaevaeve.g. Ndjavera

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  7. 비둘기는뀨뀨하고 울어

    비둘기는뀨뀨하고 울어Hora atrás

    Many ppl are saying about forever 21 stuff was rude but... forever 21's chothes doesn't mean 'cheap' in korea. (I'm Korean btw) They sell cheap clothes. Yes I know that but in korea, forever 21's clothes has image of 'American' and 'unique style' rather than 'cheap clothes'. Cuz we don't have many forever 21 store here and they sell clothes that koreans don't wear in daily life. (Like short skirts and colorful...showy? clothes idk how to explain but what I want to say is ppl here perfer formal clothes) in her mv, she's wearing splendid, short, and colorful clothes. (That koreans usually don't wear) and we think it is "American style". And we see such styles in forever 21's store. Also many foreign fashion companies sell clothes that korean perfer so we rarely see american style clothes but forever 21 just put same clothes in korea as america. I know her clothes are way more expensive and fancy. But I didn't feel any kind of disgrading in the video just saying 'american style'.

  8. 청켓

    청켓8 horas atrás

    얼굴이쁘다 섹시하다 이런말 이악물고 안하는느낌이누 ㅋㅋ?

  9. Karlie칼리

    Karlie칼리18 horas atrás

    Sigh... when i check comments about kpop music videos there are also a lot of foreigners who is rude,offensive and or ignorant because we all have different cultures and backgrounds This video was not even made to show random people our rudeness.. I hope people don’t get us wrong..

  10. Cara Storme

    Cara Storme19 horas atrás

    Thisw as almost stressful to watch because they didn't have the background to get the references. the earrings, the early 2000s aesthetic, the 106 and Park of it all

  11. Minnisa Moods

    Minnisa Moods19 horas atrás

    ‘I want to dance like her’ girls you need her body too.

  12. veronicajade20

    veronicajade2021 hora atrás

    I love how they’re giving props to Normani’s insane talent and beauty in a what seems to be a sincere way. I appreciate it. She’s fantastic and should be WAY bigger than she is right now.

  13. Respiir

    RespiirDia atrás

    It’s always so hard not to start moving when any kind of Hip-Hop or R&B comes on

  14. JolandH조이

    JolandH조이Dia atrás

    How could anyone literally dislike this video

  15. Michelle p

    Michelle pDia atrás

    The dance battles LMAOOOOO true that 😂

  16. keatsuki

    keatsukiDia atrás

    "shes like a female version of jay park" Now I want a collab between the two.

  17. keatsuki

    keatsuki17 horas atrás

    @Jennie From State Farm lol I'm not a J park fan but I've heard some not so great things about him. He's got a nice voice though.

  18. Jennie From State Farm

    Jennie From State Farm18 horas atrás

    keatsuki normani would spit on him, jay park is no where near her level

  19. Elisa Idir

    Elisa IdirDia atrás

    what's the point of criticizing the girls in the video for not knowing some things about america/black people if your ignorant ass is going to do the same to them cause you don't know shit about korean culture?

  20. aria

    ariaDia atrás

    Now i know these girls did not just call normani the female version of jay park 😭

  21. MN13

    MN13Dia atrás

    다 좋은데 9:38 즈음 자신감이 넘친다고 했을 때 pride 보다 confidence 였으면 어땠을까 하네요. 뭔가 pride는 부정적으로 더 많이 쓰여서

  22. MN13

    MN13Dia atrás

    Though they went bankrupt, forever 21 (h&m, zara, and etc) is considered as brands where you can buy all types of clothes. That's what she meant.

  23. On Wednesdays we wear pink.

    On Wednesdays we wear pink.2 dias atrás

    *It’s better to react to her and Khalid perform this at the BBMAs 2018 it was truly amazing*

  24. 점떡

    점떡2 dias atrás

    노래도 목소리도 너무 좋다.... 유튜브 알고리즘 고마워 정말.... 지금 그녀의 노래를 들으러 갑니다....💗

  25. Jihun Yoon

    Jihun Yoon2 dias atrás

    god dang,, that body tho

  26. Moni Babee

    Moni Babee2 dias atrás

    They’re so cute 😂

  27. Malettor Parham

    Malettor Parham2 dias atrás

    Ladies her dancing is natural!

  28. katy

    katy2 dias atrás

    do they seriously think we go to bed with shoes on......

  29. IJ WD

    IJ WDDia atrás

    Tbh as someone from Europe I used to think Americans went to sleep with their shoes on 😭😭 (as a kid).

  30. CorinneGames

    CorinneGames2 dias atrás

    lmao "she's wearing such big earrings" "Isn't it a bus handle?" lmao

  31. 김지원

    김지원2 dias atrás

    its just an expression we use for hoop earrings

  32. Lya Job

    Lya Job3 dias atrás

    Jay Park wishes he was the girl version of Normani not that other way around sis 😂

  33. Paula Contreras

    Paula Contreras3 dias atrás


  34. D Fountain

    D Fountain3 dias atrás

    I need more Korean friends I gotta teach them about the culture! 😆🤗

  35. ·Zarina Galaxy·

    ·Zarina Galaxy·3 dias atrás

    Drink water drink lots of water girls😂😂😂 i have clear skin because i only drink water i don't drink sodas juices etc. i promise you girls if you drink water alot you will have clear skin

  36. codebrker24

    codebrker243 dias atrás

    It is a Kpop /pop song in reverse

  37. quinton_ queerton

    quinton_ queerton3 dias atrás

    this is so wholesome

  38. bobby fisher

    bobby fisher3 dias atrás

    Do come for me by nick nittoli

  39. Irridessa Amore

    Irridessa Amore4 dias atrás

    not y’all saying those girls shading Normani... bitch where??

  40. Adriana Collazo

    Adriana Collazo4 dias atrás

    “She’s like girl jay park” 😂😂 I like that lol

  41. Luis Perez

    Luis Perez5 dias atrás

    Por favor pueden reaccionar a 'Expectations" de Lauren Jauregui

  42. Thea Chambers

    Thea Chambers5 dias atrás

    They’re so polite lol I love it

  43. D Doka

    D Doka6 dias atrás

    I don't know if you are trying to say her clothes look cheap ,but just seems rude and uncalled for.

  44. Wiwi

    Wiwi2 dias atrás

    It's not offensive stop trying to be a victim

  45. Irridessa Amore

    Irridessa Amore4 dias atrás

    D Doka sensitive forever 21 is prob the only western shop they know dumbass

  46. Hans Lim

    Hans Lim6 dias atrás

    what do they mean when normani has good skin THEY THEMSELVES HAVE GOOD SKIN

  47. won hee

    won hee7 dias atrás

    난 한국댓글 보고십다고 씨빨 !!!ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  48. Yaoiste Dumonde

    Yaoiste Dumonde7 dias atrás

    pretty good video except i should tell you that sam smith prefers the pronouns they/them ( so for example you shouldn't use his or he when talking about them but theirs/they)

  49. wosherwyn

    wosherwyn7 dias atrás

  50. elizabete Senna

    elizabete Senna8 dias atrás

    Reaction sunday Morning now united

  51. Mushu

    Mushu8 dias atrás

    Never heard of her, yet I have heard most of her songs..... and liked them....

  52. Lali

    Lali9 dias atrás

    You guys should react to Jillian Banks!

  53. Rahma Abdulrahman

    Rahma Abdulrahman9 dias atrás

    i love that normani doesnt copy anyone, she has her own art

  54. Ddolti Kim

    Ddolti Kim10 dias atrás

    하모나이저 있나요ㅠㅠㅠ 노마니 하고픈거 다 해💛💛💛

  55. Angel Gabriel Masias.

    Angel Gabriel Masias.10 dias atrás

    Reacting Iggy Azalea Kream

  56. BB

    BB11 dias atrás

    전 정말로 딱 듣자마자 너무 좋았던 곡 멜로디 진짜 개좋음 목소리도 넘 완벽

  57. MissGeorgiex1

    MissGeorgiex112 dias atrás

    they’re so cute and polite wahhh

  58. Mara Stevie

    Mara Stevie12 dias atrás

    lol they literally didn’t say anything offensive or negative about normani (except the forever 21 clothes lmaoooo) idk why y’all pressed

  59. AWildKarasunoNumber10Appears

    AWildKarasunoNumber10AppearsDia atrás

    And tbh, I think that they meant that as in, more western bc there aren't really any shops in Korea that are, idk, western😂 cause Korea is a very expensive country and I'm guessing their f21 is also expensive. Idk, I could be wrong but that's how I interpreted it.

  60. Failedpuberty6x

    Failedpuberty6x12 dias atrás

    I love that they found everything about her fascinating. Lol, they were like, "oh her dancing! oh her skin! oh her voice! oh her hair! oh her skin💕💕!!!" But it can be tiring seeing people react to black excellence because we want people to finally appreciate all the talent and efforts of blacks but when they do, we start nitpicking about the dumbest ish and assuming the worse. It's like we can't really believe that people would truly compliment us without some hidden shade and while I sympathize with that feeling, it makes people not even want to comment on black talent anymore. And our hard work goes back to being ignored. Dang, our generation stay being annoying, sometimes.

  61. uner90

    uner9013 dias atrás

    In Korea, complimenting someone's skin is one of the best compliments because they are really into skincare and makeup. To the people in the comments, getting "triggered" for no good reason> Koreans compliment by using references to things they know and the people in this reaction video were genuinely so impressed with Normani. Even the reference about Jay Park - It means that he can sing and dance well so does Normani. The reference to Forever 21 is because it's a foreign brand to them and probably way more expensive in Korea for them rather than how it's cheaper in North America. They probably meant that it's so different from Korean style of clothing which it is. The style is probably something they don't see people wear ever or never come across it. (unless they watch a lot of Western music videos). So, these women all genuinely liked Normani and music videos. Don't get all catty for no reason. Also, don't just assume that everyone in the world will understand the references, clothing, and style that someone somewhere in the world is wearing or using.

  62. Janice Liu

    Janice Liu4 horas atrás

    @Lil 'E forever21 was founded by koreans they're not korean Americans. They weren't born in korea. They're immigrants that started the business in america. But yes, it's a company and brand based in the U.S.

  63. Lil 'E

    Lil 'E8 horas atrás

    Janice Liu a korean American so it’s still more towards the American demographic

  64. Janice Liu

    Janice Liu23 horas atrás

    Forever 21 is a company founded by koreans

  65. Nene Renae

    Nene RenaeDia atrás

    Period pooh!!!

  66. Midey Lyn

    Midey Lyn13 dias atrás

    The earrings are black culture

  67. stevie sayer

    stevie sayer14 dias atrás

    the reaction was very expressive and fun to watch.

  68. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez15 dias atrás

    Love seeing their view on her and her video, it’s cool to know cultures are SO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT. It’s amazing to see that u like the stuff she did.

  69. euphony93

    euphony9317 dias atrás

    I’m tired of TV, movies and music videos making it seem like people lay in bed with their shoes on lol! Don’t have these Korean girls thinking Americans do this, Normani, haha! I am being partially silly with this comment. However, I do think in the real world that’s not a music video it would be gross to have your shoes on the bed, stiletto or not. Legit though, if anybody who watched this video actually jumps up onto their bed with sneakers or boots like a kid in a coming of age movie, please let me know. I gotta find out if this is really a thing or not.

  70. Kemis Nomo

    Kemis Nomo19 dias atrás

    Girl on the left, her skin is so good, i want skin like that! Reads: She drinks lots of water and takes viamins for health Girl on the right: you said her skin was good. Girl on the left: I don't drink water or take vitamins I was crying at her reaction

  71. ItsMonkey

    ItsMonkey19 dias atrás

    “It seems foreign people get on the bed with their shoes on” “Culture shock” 😂 too cute!!

  72. needyforgrandeee

    needyforgrandeee19 dias atrás


  73. Tolu Ajala

    Tolu Ajala21 dia atrás

    I feel obliged to say that we don't wear shoes to bed , it was just for the mv LOL

  74. Janice Alvarez

    Janice Alvarez21 dia atrás

    React to Karol g or Becky g

  75. maia gabedava

    maia gabedava22 dias atrás

    Please react to this song by Dimash Kudaibergen brreporter.com/v/video-JEz1qGS0T1Q.html

  76. Kayla Garcia

    Kayla Garcia24 dias atrás

    i feel like they’re so prejudiced against poc mind you they never said how normani is beautiful (which she is) but once megan fox is mentioned they like omg she so pretty

  77. big brain

    big brain20 dias atrás

    Lol did you even watch the video. Complements were being thrown left and right😂

  78. A'Miracle Whatley

    A'Miracle Whatley22 dias atrás

    They were complimenting her the entire time