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    THUMBS UP IF YOU ENJOY! As soon as today's video hits 25K thumbs up, I will announce yesterday's GIVE-A-SLAY winner on my snapchat as well as reveal the second prize package!!

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    Lol its at at 137K now

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    i was the last

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    James Charles 500 comment now

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    James Charles iiiiii

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    I am sofia Perez and I am 11 I would like a camera

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    you look so cute with freckles wtf

  8. jordy pickles

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    as a snow white sister i am happy that mother kylie is birthing us pearly white concealer

  9. Brooklyn Dayboll

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    Can u not talk as much plz and get to the point

  10. Life As Lex

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  11. Jennifer Mcfarlane

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    he does WAY to many freckles

  12. Ella Parker

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    You know I’m watching James when he sounds so slow lmao. I put his videos at 0.75 speed SJSJSJ

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    Loyal Stan 😂😂

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    James is so pretty I can't

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    Maybe, I, Could Finish Paying on My, Brush Set The Autumn of 2019 at One Dollar a Day ! 😂

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    I was at a band festival and someone looked at the band I’m in and screamed “ JAMES CHARLES FANS! YAS SISTERS” at us

  17. Amy Cooper

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    This released on my bday!

  18. Jocelyn McCormick

    Jocelyn McCormick2 dias atrás

    Greatest way to test lightest and darkest shades for anything you compare in future !!!

  19. Isidora Flores

    Isidora Flores2 dias atrás

    we love sister kylie

  20. Payton Anne

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    so I'm here working on nights watching all of your videos but what video editor does your team use 😍😍😍

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    my boyfriend an I started dating on december 13th!!! Irrelevant but woaaaahh

  22. Alexis Ferguson

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    ur highlighter is blinding me physically and mentally 😂 ly James

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    Hi James Charles I am New to Ur Chanel & Lovi g it😍❤️💖

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    Loving the contacts

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  26. Cassidy Dorinda

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    I don't see why people hate, bc we all have our different prefrences on make up, something james loves might not work for yyou as well and you might hate it. vise versa

  27. Tammy James

    Tammy James3 dias atrás

    Ok Kylie!!! Wonderful shade range.

  28. Maya Senn

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    Damnnnn I couldn’t keep my eyes off of your eyes 😳😳😍😍❤️❤️❤️

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    I didn’t relize how james had blue eyes

  30. Sophia Cadenas

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    The day he posted this video was my birthday..lmao😂

  31. 00qveen_des.tiny00

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    "in the shade uh.... *the gold one* " 😂

  32. Jack Kristensen

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    50 Light Shades 50 Dark Shades. New Night and Day smash box cosmetics foundation

  33. Hi There

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    That shade range is amazing though

  34. Okayyy Ivy

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    You should just make your own brand 😚

  35. yourbrownhoe

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    *Makes good shade range* OMG SHE IS COPYING RIHANNA *Beauty Blender had 8989 shades of white* OMG THE SHADE RANGE IS SO BAD

  36. Mya Garcia

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    U should test wish makeup

  37. Karelynn A

    Karelynn A3 dias atrás

    When your fav utuber and makeup idol says that your living under a rock .... 😂 love u james!

  38. Aireonna Kidd

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    Even tho there is a dark shade if I bought Kylie then I would have to bland a bunch of colors so I don’t think her line is good

  39. Saniix

    Saniix4 dias atrás

    06:15 wtf

  40. Em Dizzle

    Em Dizzle4 dias atrás

    Your eyes are so beautiful jmes

  41. Dance Moms Lover20

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    THE SHADE RANGE IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

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    Ohh my birthday was the day it’s published but u probably don’t care so... luv u❤️💜

  43. Annie Bluewolf

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    We love a sunkissed sister

  44. Catherine Kangoroti

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    The dark colors are really red but other than that its a good shade range

  45. Sofia Not relevant

    Sofia Not relevant5 dias atrás

    The vids says sponsored lol

  46. Violet Johnson

    Violet Johnson5 dias atrás

    Im glad the darker shades are not orange like some other brands. 😇 Cuz people aren't orange

  47. Emilie Hermansson

    Emilie Hermansson5 dias atrás

    omg your eyes is so nice i love them

  48. Kiara Wilson

    Kiara Wilson5 dias atrás

    James you should totally release a teen makeup range. I know your more into the creative side of makeup but I think you could absolutely slay the game with an interesting different line. A teen makeup line would be perfect. Light coverage makeup could for experimental teenagers 😊😊

  49. Madasyn Moyle

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    Omg he filmed this on my birthday 😱😂❤️

  50. KK's TV

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    5:14 is when the testing starts. Your welcome

  51. Michela AG

    Michela AG6 dias atrás

    Might cop

  52. Anastasia Kunitska

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    please teach me to do my makeup

  53. sophia bostrom

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    Take a shot every time James says “very”

  54. Ropafadzo Runyararo

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    Dude slow down😂😂

  55. Sejal Nizara

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    my god..u r just too fast the heck you talk that freekin fast 🤩🤩🤩🤩 n u r eyes r so captivating .

  56. Jovi Keith Agapito

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    Is it just me...I see resemblance between you and Gal Gadot 😂

  57. Kpop Trash

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    Am I the only one who hears him speaking normally

  58. Kikimae 23

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    Not lying me and James talk at the same pace 😂


    SARAH RASIMOWICZ8 dias atrás

    I just realized when he said “I’m going to film with a very very FUN friend” and he posted a video with Ricky a few days later!


    SARAH RASIMOWICZ8 dias atrás

    Love you the most sister!

  61. Anna

    Anna8 dias atrás

    Why are james' eyes so beautiful??

  62. baillie morrison

    baillie morrison8 dias atrás

    the beauty community: we need more darker shades! we to expand our shade range. kylie: drops 30 shades beauty community: YOU CANT DO THAT!

  63. Lana Fazaa

    Lana Fazaa8 dias atrás

    Kylie: puts 15 dark and 15 light shades Fans: you are copying rihanna Kylie: puts 28 light shades and 2 dark shades Fans: why don't you make better shades like rihanna

  64. Rachel Giles

    Rachel Giles9 dias atrás

    do u think he cares hes not on the pr list

  65. Heather Hemler

    Heather Hemler9 dias atrás

    Everyone: we want brands to follow Fenty beauty's example of what a shade range is and be inclusive Also everyone: omg she copied Fenty beauty how dare she! Why cant she just be original, I mean, like... gahhhh 🤤 SHUT UP AND BE HAPPY... SHIT.

  66. sunshine freak

    sunshine freak9 dias atrás

    I watched the vid in 0.75 speed :^)

  67. t hjgg

    t hjgg9 dias atrás

    Try a video ‘full face of the darkest shade’

  68. Annie Allen

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    *kylie enters chat*

  69. Shani Williams

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    I just love love love 💕 💕💕💕💕💕 you James 😚💕 omg I’m here for this look you look so cute! I like when you do the freckles ☺️

  70. Julka Krzyżak

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    Please, stop comparing Rihanna's Fenty Beauty to Kylie Cosmetics because it's two different cosmetics line!

  71. Lilley Hunt

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    you are so awesome and an amazing ROLE MODEL you are who you are no matter what anyone says and that to me is amazing! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

  72. Bee

    Bee10 dias atrás

    I just realised he’s wearing coloured contacts

  73. Wally

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  74. Amelia Gibson

    Amelia Gibson10 dias atrás

    Would he talk normal if you put it in slow motion

  75. Alexis Aguilo

    Alexis Aguilo10 dias atrás

    Started watching your videos just yesterday and you are amazing and entertaining and I find myself laughing out loud. Don't ever stop making videos! You and jeffree are the only make up gurus i watch💗

  76. Ayrees Ayra

    Ayrees Ayra11 dias atrás

    I've never heard james charles say "damn" my whole entire life & dat changed

  77. Nyaweu DOT

    Nyaweu DOT11 dias atrás

    Girl: Ah, finally. This is the moment! Boy: Will you leave me? Girl: Nah! Boy: Do you love me? Girl: Yes, a lot! Boy: Have you ever cheated on me? Girl: No why are you asking me this? Boy: Will you kiss me? Girl: Every time I get the chance! Boy: Will you ever hit me? Girl: Why are you asking me that?! Of course not! Boy: Can I trust you? Girl: Yes Boy: Darling Girl: *gasps* no.. Boy: Will you marry me? Now read it backwards.

  78. Veronica Moon

    Veronica Moon12 dias atrás

    Holy shit does this guy breath??? Never bought these products appreciate the honest review.. plus how cute is he 🙌🏼 glad I came across this channel.

  79. Abby Herche

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    Your videos get me out of drama in my life ilysfm

  80. Maddy Lee

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    So only Black / brown people are coloured? There’s people who are on the yellow side of Tones and red side of tones

  81. Savagequenn 11

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    Girl…you know she copied Rihanna when she put her hands on the makeup

  82. crazydazey _9

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    Is James wearing eye color changing contacts?

  83. Kenzie

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    I really wanna get it but 20 BUCKS A POP?!?!?!?!? IM BROKE!!!! I'll get the one for $6 from Colourpop because it's cheap and I heard it's really good so...

  84. Belinda 007

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    You are a intresting cat

  85. Jasmine Patanjali

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    James love your reviews and you and JACKIE AINA NEED TO COLLABORATE #QUEENS

  86. Makayla Beveridge

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  87. Daddeh c:

    Daddeh c:13 dias atrás

    Sorry but without fenty beauty there would be no shade range in kylie cosmetics

  88. Morgan Kormendy

    Morgan Kormendy13 dias atrás

    I feel u James I feel u. I absolutely hate them.

  89. Ginnie Johancen

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    You are so beautiful like wow

  90. Clover 951

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    James Charles is QUEEEEEN

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    Love your skin

  92. Chloe and Haylee

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    5:25😂😂did anyone else hear the burp in the voiceover love you sister james😅

  93. Itz _ Abi

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    What is clunky lol 💜😙😂

  94. Michael Ramirez

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    You should try the dupe of the shape tape concealer everyone says it’s great and I think it would be a great video

  95. Landrey Wyles

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    Rihanna and her fans *disliked*

  96. briki farah

    briki farah15 dias atrás

    "living legend" rbk?

  97. Payton Sings

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    If you put it on full playback speed for a little bit, and then turn it back to normal you can understand him more

  98. Mara Henao

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    kylie lighter concealer color is "white out"

  99. Crazy Cellist

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    what eye colour has he got!? blue brown or green?

  100. Sophia Christopoulos

    Sophia Christopoulos16 dias atrás

    I just don't get why someone would buy a whole set of concealers when you'll probably only use one or two out of the whole set.

  101. Aaliyah Bailey

    Aaliyah Bailey16 dias atrás

    How do u make it look like u have cheek bones

  102. Daisy Haughey

    Daisy Haughey16 dias atrás

    Kylie was inspired by gently beauty, she didn’t copy, so props to her

  103. Andrea Zuniga

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    In the thumb nail look at the very first one. Flash back mary

  104. tink Williams

    tink Williams16 dias atrás

    6:54 adidas sign on his fore head