KYLIE COSMETICS Birthday Collection - Review & Swatches


  1. NikkieTutorials

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    Haha I am LOVING all the "how are you so tan!?" comments! 😅 Rick and I changed up the set up a little bit, but we feel like it made me look to tan, and muddy. SO WE'RE GOING BACK TO PALE OLD GHOST NIKKIE IN THE NEXT VIDEO! 😂😇🙈♥️✨

  2. Crystal Michener

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    NikkieTutorials lots of love to you Nikki!! ❤❤❤

  3. Someone you don’t Know

    Someone you don’t KnowAnos atrás

    NikkieTutorials ii

  4. Emily Phillips

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    NikkieTutorials Try Sephora spray on foundation

  5. shawnmendesarmy mendes

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    Kylie is a queens fan SAMMEEEEE❤️😂😅

  6. shawnmendesarmy mendes

    shawnmendesarmy mendes6 meses atrás

    If you don't get it than look at the products name like I want it all 😂 it's a song from queen just wanted to Clearfield that

  7. Riri Mimi

    Riri Mimi8 meses atrás

    how you're talented to mix and match colours together fabulous

  8. Amazing Autumn

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    I is a doggo 🐶 I like makeup 1 like = 1 makeup

  9. ArtismFun

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    Nothing will be the new black...

  10. latinia leonardi

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    Your the most honest make up reviewist thing around. You dont try to please everyone you gove them honest critism amd thats what i love about you. Also ur absolutely beautiful

  11. Brandy B

    Brandy B10 meses atrás

    “Like a dried up butthole”😂😂😭

  12. Isabella Jellins

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    How did you get it already doesn’t it come out on August 6?

  13. Zainab Arif

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    Hahaha nikki u look like my tuition teacher

  14. Anamika Ranjan

    Anamika Ranjan10 meses atrás

    I wanted to see the packaging Nikkie should I go for it on indian skin

  15. Jessica Harris

    Jessica Harris10 meses atrás

    That is sooo beautiful amazing

  16. Elliexoxo564

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    The name of the pallet reminds me of sharpays song in hsm 3 ("I want it all know it want it the fame and fortune and all .... ) 🤷✨😍

  17. Jessica Schilter

    Jessica Schilter11 meses atrás

    blush is supposed to be sheer

  18. annalise phillips

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    then you are blind that blush is poppin

  19. Raquel Cruz

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    She makes it look soooo easy 😭😭

  20. مہٰہۣۗلاہٰكہۣۗ مہٰہۣۗلاہٰكہۣۗ

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    فدوة جننين😍اموت عليج😘

  21. shreya ridhesh

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    All of Kylie's makeup are to match her not other

  22. rkbeauty113

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    Nikkie never fails to impress me as an artist. She truly cares about her craft and never ails to create beautiful looks like the one today. She is experienced in her craft and I feel can give accurate reviews. Her creativity and innovation in using products and how to get the right look she is going for proves how brilliant of an artist she is. Nikkie I love you and your art. Thank you for not being afraid to express yourself.

  23. Ava Baladi

    Ava BaladiAnos atrás

    You are so beautiful Nikkie never herd of her before x

  24. Bea Manuel

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    ur amazing 😊😁💙💚💛💜💞✌👌

  25. Mona Mona

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    Is it just me or Nikkie looks a bit sad here? Outstanding makeup as always.

  26. Jeanny Sv

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    Wheater collection pls

  27. Chris Maddy

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    Oh, this is what mom gave me.

  28. ام احمد

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    I love you

  29. Chloe Dixon

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    You can clearly see the blush🤔

  30. bianca mika

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    You know so much about make up ilyyyy ! And your so in control and you always know what your doing HAHAH I cant do that

  31. unitato :3

    unitato :3Anos atrás

    That is so pigmented, it's satisfying

  32. JulianaPepple

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    I j did this look and I want to thank you so much bc I could not master the pop of color look!!

  33. Grace Trotter

    Grace TrotterAnos atrás

    Does any one have a list of the brushes she used for this video

  34. Jaheem Williams

    Jaheem WilliamsAnos atrás

    Hello Beyonce fan moment

  35. Zofia Gregorek

    Zofia GregorekAnos atrás

    Nikkie, woon je in Nederland of Amerika???

  36. Annie M

    Annie MAnos atrás

    "Pink is the new black" - Synyster Gates

  37. Natasha Yudin

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    Nikkie the shape of ur lips is so so pretty! Any lipstick u wear u rock it! 😍

  38. Lea Cabangbang

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    You so beautiful 😘😘😘

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    It baffles me that she is not a native of America. Her English is amazing and her pronunciation is incredible!!

  42. waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw

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    love when she does the cross eyes - just lovin that glow

  43. Gamer Girl06

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    Doesn’t she look like natty or Natalya from WWE if u agree like

  44. Chloe Heron

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    “Don’t make your lips look like a dried up but hole” I cracked myself laughing 😹😹😹😹

  45. BTS Lover

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    I love u Nikki

  46. becca lynne

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    This look is beautiful!

  47. Kenna Sokochoff

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    This is my favourite loook Nikkie💕😍😍😍

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    je bent heel goed in make-up

  49. Lauren South

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    What setting spray is that

  50. Lolita Lavender's Japanese & K- beauty

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    This collection reminds me of barbie

  51. RowannJordan

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    This is my first time watching Nikkie Tutorials and her professional level in makeup is unreal...

  52. Jindora The Explorer

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    I truly thought that the birthday collection is really good and lot better than her brushes but the price though on the brushes isn't worth it...... Anyway the birthday collection was quite good with the price and everything! I mean the presentation was amazing! Really good reaction Nikkie as u were so truthful and ur reaction was so real ❤️💜💙💚💛

  53. Bruno Observardor Da lua

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    Vim da pausa para feminices

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    Love this palette so much 😍


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    A dried up wot!!! Hahahahaha

  56. Scorpion Queen

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    I would kill for this palette. It is so beautiful and stunning. Nikki, you are a genius!!

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    Please subscribe to my channel and I'll subscribe you back. I will be uploading my vlogs very soon😊

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    Sub to Sub plss....and By the Way...I love all your video...sub me ba k!

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    i love ur hair like that

  60. Mary Pautrat

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    Ur makeup was so far the most besitifull that i ve seen

  61. Josephine's Clark

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    Can u pls do a collab with James Charles and do each other's makeup

  62. Marcella Miyahira

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    OMG you’re so gorgeous 💕💕💕

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    When maratouchofglam tried it no pigmentsion

  64. Cristina Garita

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    This is sooooo cringe ósea que putas está haciendo esta doña con su vida

  65. Angela Gilchriest

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    What setting spray is that? it makes her makeup flawless😍 (not that it wasn't flawless before though😁)

  66. Tanvi Mehta

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    How are u so tan! 😘😘

  67. M cardoso

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    CARAMBA! Como tu faz isso!? Se eu fizer isso,vai sair uma merda colorida! Hahahah arrasa muito!❤ Girl Brazilian

  68. Rennie Yao

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    Do u go out after make up? I wonder

  69. ẞöphïä Gäçhä

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    No offense, but in all of your videos, you're really pale.

  70. ADANNÉ

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    Sooo good to be back watching your videos 💖

  71. ivy pla

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    OMG I love your lipsss 💖😍😍😍💖 And that Velvet lipstick that you put on your lips It Looked amaazing😍💖

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  73. Mikayla Tipping

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    You sound so much like Staceyplays 😮

  74. Marion Diamond

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    i love you

  75. Miss Moon and Life

    Miss Moon and LifeAnos atrás

    Every time she applies shadow under her eyes, I feel a little panic because I feel like it'll give that "pink eye", allergy itchy eye look, but somehow the color stays so controlled and it doesn't make her eyes look smaller. Every time I put shadow under my eyes, I feel like my eyes shrink? I don't know how to get the same precision and control that she gets as a result. Is there some secret trick I don't know yet? Some magical brush??

  76. wish i was a nerd

    wish i was a nerdAnos atrás

    Josie H. It might be the eyelashes she puts at the buttom.

  77. Sha[Na]Leaaa

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    What was that setting spray you used??

  78. Kay

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    dried up butt hole😂😂😂 omg now i cant help but think that that's how my lips look everytime i look into the mirror

  79. Nina Guerrini

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    I realllyyyy want to see her makeup collection!!!!!!!!!

  80. Lord_Monk

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    Amazing job nikkie!

  81. s h a d e

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    "they don't make you lips feel like a dried up butthole"

  82. s h a d e

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    i should be doing homework rn...

  83. marissa

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    I feel like this is an asmr video her voice is literally so relaxing. Anybody else?

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    As a person who doesn't wear makeup, I would love a makeover from you.

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    Birthdays! Yay! Full face of powders?

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    Dried up butthole 😂😂😂

  88. Lorali Dake

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    Plz do a full face using only drug store makeup I would love to see you try and make something so beautiful like you always do

  89. Mallerlyn

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    there was no pink

  90. gabbyl2403

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    Can someone tell me where is her jewelry from???

  91. Katy Crisler

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    Those glitters though omg

  92. KermitSuicide

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    I REALLY like your eye shadow on u in this video sometimes u do it a little to dark and it looks a little over exaggerated but ITS STILL PRETTY!

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    I love how u do your makeup. It is so beautiful.

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    You are rely funny and you are also good at makeup

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    lmao make your lips feel like dried up buttholes

  96. It's Regina, Regina George

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    "This has making my cheeks look fav" lol!!

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    I wish I had gone for the velvets now and not matte 😩😩😩 I'm still waiting for them to arrive (a month later) x

  98. Luis Camacho

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    How does she get her backdrop to fade from light (in the center) to dark (the outer part)??

  99. Megan Clarke

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    I'd love to see a more neutral eye cause not all of us are obsessed with eyeshadow

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    You should do a Marc jacobs review

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    You are so beautiful I JUST CAN'T!!!😍😍😍

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    oh lord a dry up butt whole lmaooo

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    "And this has been making my cheek look fab!" I'm laughing 😂

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    My brother doesn't like it he's crazy

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