KYLIE COSMETICS KyShadow Palette First Impression Review + Easy Brown Smoky Eye Tutorial


  1. Kuwaiti Gurl

    Kuwaiti Gurl4 meses atrás

    2019 ? Anyone ??

  2. Andrada

    Andrada6 meses atrás

    What eyelashes are you using????????

  3. Millicen Espinas

    Millicen Espinas8 meses atrás

    If some of my kylie eyeshadow shades broke, what can I do to fix it?

  4. That Girl Jill

    That Girl JillAnos atrás

    "The powder fallout on the palette doesn't really bother me as long as I get good pigment." *Clears throat* @subculture

  5. Cassidy Monkman

    Cassidy MonkmanAnos atrás

    These shades look lighter than my palette

  6. Barbie Haze

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    just like any other palette lol

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    Your teeth is annoying ... and your bitchy

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    What lashes did you put on ?

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    I want kyshadow but im broke

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    what lashes :O

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    Ok.. definitely not trying to be mean or anything. But you take FOREVER to get to the point. I have a headache now

  13. Rowan Coronel

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    what lashes are those?!

  14. Arniel Cruz

    Arniel Cruz2 anos atrás

    Love the tutorial but you like talked tooooooo much 😅

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    Arniel Cruz thank you

  16. Nazarena Hansen

    Nazarena Hansen2 anos atrás

    This tutorial was amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us love

  17. ok bye

    ok bye2 anos atrás

    umm...I can tell its fake..... its dang patchy...

  18. Carla Villarreal

    Carla Villarreal2 anos atrás

    I was about to see this, but I just couldn't take that annnoying voice and tons of lame things you coment

  19. lizzie S

    lizzie S2 anos atrás

    what kind of lashes are you wearing?

  20. lizzie S

    lizzie S2 anos atrás

    hello beautiful...what lipstick are you wearing

  21. Mickee Grace

    Mickee Grace2 anos atrás

    Obsidian is black so that might help

  22. Karz Ams

    Karz Ams2 anos atrás

    You talk long time of the shape of backage !!! 🤔👎🏻

  23. Shannon Dee

    Shannon Dee2 anos atrás

    Hi!!! Love the look...can you tell me if there is Tocopherol in the ingredients??? I can't find the information anywhere and I'm allergic so I need to know 😘

  24. Megan Michelle

    Megan Michelle2 anos atrás

    Love it! but there were two brushes you didn't name what were they?

  25. Annika Block

    Annika Block2 anos atrás

    You are so beautiful

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    You blend so fast

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    可愛い。大好き。 日本語字幕嬉しい♡

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    First vid I see from you & I like you already. New sub :)

  29. Barbara Janella

    Barbara Janella2 anos atrás

    Perfect eyeshadow will make our eyes speak louder, so I always aplying it with my brush-set listed below ♠> The brush set is super soft!! Blend my makeup and make it look flawless. It really worth to try

  30. Tasha A.

    Tasha A.2 anos atrás

    I purchase my brushes from that shop too. Did you buy their bathbomb items?

  31. Barbara Janella

    Barbara Janella2 anos atrás

    And this video also help me to correct my comprise requirements ❤

  32. ashley melendrez

    ashley melendrez2 anos atrás

    i got the same brushes too! but mine is color gold but its brand is sigma i got the whole pouch of the brushes and its complete

  33. Vanessa Nguyen

    Vanessa Nguyen2 anos atrás

    Could you do a daytime look with this palette? Something less dramatic than this one (still gorgeous)

  34. laura gabriella

    laura gabriellaAnos atrás

    Vanessa Nguyen I feel like the ones at the top are better

  35. Fernanda Muñoz

    Fernanda Muñoz2 anos atrás

    weird girl.

  36. jj girl

    jj girl2 anos atrás

    check out Ryan xoxo she is amazing

  37. Krystal Welk

    Krystal Welk2 anos atrás

    Omg these lashes are bomb. What are they?!

  38. The Samsung Girl

    The Samsung Girl2 anos atrás

    Krystal Welk kokok queen bee lashes

  39. Ann. S

    Ann. S2 anos atrás

    Hey ! What's brand of lashes ? Looks really nice !

  40. The Samsung Girl

    The Samsung Girl2 anos atrás

    Анастасия Биньковская kokok queen b lashes

  41. kcmiranda

    kcmiranda2 anos atrás

    What lashes are you using in this video?

  42. The Samsung Girl

    The Samsung Girl2 anos atrás

    kcmiranda kokok queen b lashes

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    Renezmi Boster2 anos atrás

    Your voice is so annoying !! I couldn't continue the video .. u talk so loudly .

  44. Amelia Drake

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    What lashes did you use in this?😍

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    that intro really caught me offguard!!! O_O *mini heart attack*

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    SO GETTING THIS PALETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Are you half Filipino?

  48. The Samsung Girl

    The Samsung Girl2 anos atrás

    Alessandra Katigbak she's half Japanese and half Caucasian

  49. tropical candyland

    tropical candyland2 anos atrás

    I love the bright orange shade from the palette I love all warm tones on my eyes♥

  50. Bonnie De Gale

    Bonnie De Gale2 anos atrás

    lovely video thank you so much xxx

  51. Chelsea White

    Chelsea White2 anos atrás

    1. LOVE the tutorial. This is one of the few that actually looks like her brown smokey eye. 2. No way am I paying $42 for that. And really, I don't care for Kylie personally, so I don't want to put money in her pockets. So if anyone knows of a couple of dupes (especially for that orange shade), lemme know.

  52. Chelsea White

    Chelsea White2 anos atrás

    Thank you!!!

  53. Aveneet Grewal

    Aveneet Grewal2 anos atrás

    Chelsea White search up morphe 35o and Kylie bronze palette and it's a dupe for it

  54. Estrella Gamez

    Estrella Gamez2 anos atrás

    Does anyone own the faux version

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    You look just like madison beer!

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    me encantarían subtítulos,saludos desde Tijuana Baja California ❤😍🐱

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    i just ordered this palette bc of you

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    Where did you order??

  59. Ameena Alalawi

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    same lol

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    Do you think this will go nicely with a red lip? (Aka Jeffree star's red rum?)?

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    Love your tutorials so much. And where is your necklace from? Love it!

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    So asking for Christmas 🎄

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    I had the kit and I sold it 😐😐 I don't know why I did that

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    What do you use to edit your videos??❤️🙏

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    Omg you helped soo much with the start off and I went off and used whatever but thanks for the basics ! You are very good

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    OMG why am I just now discovering your channel! I love youuuuuu

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    I can see your happiness because if this palette. Hahahaha Hi I love your channel

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    loved this tutorial way more than kylie's actual one for this palette. great job!!! :)

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    Traduction française à revoir 😂😂😂😂 sinon j'aime beaucoup

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    hi sweetie. what camera are you use

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    Loved the Selena add!!!❤️😍

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    I love u

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    Tutorial actually starts at 3:00

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    Sophia Nelder thank you !!!!

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    Sophia Nelder BLESS

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    The intro😂😂😂 I have the bronze palette and the burgundy palette and I love them 😍 you remind me of Miley Cyrus before she went blonde and crazy 😂

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    She looks more like madison beer i think

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    mujer maquillas muy bien pero hablas como un loro y no se puede disfrutar del video!

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    OMG You talked waaay too much 😩 Loved the look so just wanted to see how it was created it 😌 Also my kyshadow I don't have that much fall out I think maybe depends on the batch I got mine quite later on

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    I'm obsessed 😍

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    Totally subscribed just because of that intro!

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    Omg I love this look! Where did u get your lashes !?

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    Your so pretty and remind me of Logic's wife Jess

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    can you please tell me which eyelashes are you wearing? i love them!!!

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    Gabriela Zepeda kokok queen b lashes

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    what eye primer do you use?

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    What did you say in the beginning?

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    you're gorgeous! kisses from Brazil 😘

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    I love your energy and positivity!

  95. SassyTriniKARS

    SassyTriniKARS2 anos atrás

    My first impression on the look of the palette is.... BH Cosmetics... very very similar packaging... i mean it'a ridiculous for the $$$$ NOT WORTH THE HYPE AT ALL I AGREE TRY THE MORPHE PALETTE 350 S SHIMMER & MATTE =$22 ea

  96. Millenials are the Future

    Millenials are the Future2 anos atrás

    Can you please list out all the Sigma brushes you used on this? Thank you!!!!

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    like her makeup look but her personality is so cringey...

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    I need more looks using the kyshadow!!

  99. Violet Rain

    Violet Rain2 anos atrás

    Kylie did a vid on her eyeshadows. It's hilarious to me that hematite is a very dark grey almost black stone and she named a brown color hematite. Clearly she has no idea what hematite is when they were naming the palette. Why am I not surprised

  100. The Rose Reporter

    The Rose Reporter2 anos atrás

    i watched this again it was so pretty! what is the lipstick you paired it with??

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    I love this girl's eyebrows!!

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    I love this look

  103. Elmodeen's Guide

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    Try corrupt by makeup geek.. it's an awesome pitch black😊

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    What brushes do you use?

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    Just started experimenting with eyeshadow and hoping to look to you for more tutorials

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    i want this so badly. it seems to be really good quality and it looks like a palette i'd use every day.

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