KYLIE COSMETICS Valentine's Day Collection - Review & Tutorial


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    Love your makeup 💄 LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤️

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    WTF is that her product? Is it??????

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    Love your tutorials, make up, all u! Love u 💓 hi from Paraguay 🇵🇾

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    What is the title of music?

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    Omg girl! Love that background.

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    Where do you get that wig!!!???? I'm IN LOVE!!!

  7. Jillian Mcmonigle

    Jillian Mcmonigle6 meses atrás

    when she held up the highlighter i thought she was just holding an empty square since it matched the back

  8. Diana Espinosa

    Diana Espinosa8 meses atrás

    What mascara do you use

  9. Bunnieshine1 Twilight

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    How are u

  10. Bunnieshine1 Twilight

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    I look like an albino bunny omgggg😂😂

  12. Fizzah Kashif

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    I was hoping she would swatch all of the liquid lipsticks 😞

  13. April Parks

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    Amazing colors I need this palate

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    Very nice 😙

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    NIKKI I was LIVING for your hair being up. So gorgeous

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    You look like a ghost puhhh

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    I ADORE this look

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    haha "I was shook to my split ends" ... just discovering this Chanel ... and I'm in love with your personality


    DRAW2NIGHT11 meses atrás

    You are beautiful:) !

  21. as lo un poco más divertido aburre pocito madrgpo

    as lo un poco más divertido aburre pocito madrgpo11 meses atrás

    No way to your eyebraws

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    Nicckyyy you have 9.9 million subs!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love the way she puts the rating of the products just to let us know if its good

  24. Chiara Snt

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    In love with your hair color😍

  25. holly scott

    holly scottAnos atrás

    when i bought this my fave was love potion xx

  26. Evie P-B

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    I would name this look ‘Madam Poudifoots tea shop’

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    She is just so perfect!

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    Like you Nikkie👍🏾👄💄

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    Yes head over heals really works.

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    I was shook to the core

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    I've also got Kylie but I think it was different

  32. Chris Maddy

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    Oh it was the birthday collection

  33. Angelina Correia

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    Nikki you slay in make up and I hope to be as good as you one day (in reality’ I be like 10 levels below but oh well

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    I love

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    I love how she puts the little box with the specifics on each shadow

  37. Temi Kadine

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    Love u nikkie ❤️

  38. Temi Kadine

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    Sexy look

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    ❤️ Amazing

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    Me encanta como te maquillas 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤💕

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    Que hermoso

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    If you find true love GET IT GIRL GET IT - NIKKIE

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    I didn't realize goddesses existed among us meer morals!?

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    love this look

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    Still watching this

  46. Junko Yoshimura

    Junko YoshimuraAnos atrás

    what kind of spray when you use for finishing? I'm Japanese, so if you have any recommend spray which I can buy in Japan, please tell me.

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    Looove this look !! 😍

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    loved the makeup

  49. Rajshri Sukhani

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    bc of this look, PinkieTutorials

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    Beautiful look beautiful makeup

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    ik ben dol op je en ik ben nederlands

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    I adore you and your awesome personality. subscribed dear

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    Hate when products a holiday themed bc would have actually bought this pallet had I not just NOW seen it

  54. Merra Gohar

    Merra GoharAnos atrás

    So guys my parents told me I could choose a Kylie collection so they could get it to me on my birthday and I am so lost I don’t know what to get I am into nudes and pinks and I am 16

  55. c a t

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    Does she eher did plastic surgery- or why are her lips so thick?

  56. mary Quinoñes

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    Do a make up collection

  57. Sexy eyeshadow Sexy eyeshadow pink cheetah

    Sexy eyeshadow Sexy eyeshadow pink cheetahAnos atrás

    very pretty pretty

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    Hey pretty girl. I just want to tell you because you are such a professional in your work. The word liven is pronounced lie-vin. Not live-in. As in let's liven up this party. Don't get mad please. I'm a mama and I'm always teaching my chickies. I'm 61. Do my makeup every day. So ill share this too. I kept my skin protected and I have very few wrinkles. It's true. Take care of your skin. Love you!

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    Shrek looking ass bitch

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    nikkie if you replied to this, i would literally die! I love you and your videos so much!

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    Remember Perri Edwards in 'No more sad songs'? Finally fount out the secret behind her dreamy eye makeup.😍 Tnx nikki

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    One of your prettiest looks.

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    The eye look was amazing!!👏👏

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    I have to try to recreate this !!!

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    i wish i had all of your makup

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    3 feb 2018?

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    Nikkiiie I love your hair colour!

  70. cl

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    ok it’s been a year but I lowkey need this palette I hope she brings it back

  71. Yman Mutwali

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    How do u make it look like u have a bigger eyelid even though u have a double? Can you make a very detailed video about that

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    Head over heels amazing

  74. Gabrysia Helbin

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    test Royal Peach palette by Kylie Cosmetics

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    I love love love red eye look seriously i wanna try this but will keep it little simple as i m not expert with eyeshadows 😊

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    I loooove this look

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    love this look so much i'm going to go eat my makeup until I od on beauty

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    Magical, Fierce and Beautiful💖

  79. Cari Hallberg

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    Which eye shadow would you prefer that is rose gold ish nude ish and that has a lot of pigment?????? Cause none of my eyeshadows have pigment and they are "Color WorkShop" brand so they are well known

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    You are so pretty😭😭😭

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    Holy crap!!! I had a keeping up with the kardashians ad before this vid😂😂

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    My queen

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    You mean scare that guy just that guy :)

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    The format of this video was so calming to my pedantic self.

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    Amazinnng 😍😍

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    She predicted the Kylighters😂

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    I love Kylie cosmetics....she's got a butternut yellow one

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    You were shooketh

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    when you said "Kylighters" she actually used it!

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    you super cool

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    I like someone in my class. I never now what to say to him. 😂😂

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    This look is gorgous 😍💄💋

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    The lip!!!!! I would love to see this same look with a slight pinky nose contour just between the eyes (like where glasses would rest) I feel like it would balance the face

  95. Iridium Everlasting

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    When she predicted Kylighters...

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    sounded like she said papa peach lol

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    like i have the Kylie valentine eyeshadow why am i even watching a tutorial

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    Her makeup always looks good.

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    No one did this inspired look better than nikkie😭😍😍

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    i thought she was gonna say "kylie's diahrrea"

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    This make-up is so CUTE! 😊💞💕💞