Kylie Jenner Freaks Over Stars at 2017 Met Gala Table | Life of Kylie | E!


  1. Candace Anderson

    Candace Anderson2 meses atrás

    All the legends. *All the legends* 😁😀😀😀😁"

  2. Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly4 meses atrás

    Now she is worth more than the rest of her table combined. Amazing what her year entailed. Baby and billionaire status

  3. Brandon Schneider

    Brandon Schneider5 meses atrás

    pod people

  4. spooky poo

    spooky poo7 meses atrás

    kylie is so pretty with and without make up YOU CANT TELL ME OTHER WISE

  5. beautiful mess

    beautiful mess8 meses atrás

    Homeless Jordan..... hahaha

  6. Hayley Resdy

    Hayley Resdy9 meses atrás

    Kylie was pregnant then !!!!!!!

  7. Xander X

    Xander X10 meses atrás

    Those ppl at that table.. she don’t belong at all wtf

  8. Salty

    Salty10 meses atrás

    People bashed Kylie for years and called her the ugly one for years and told her to change herself and now when she does she gets hate about it are you kidding me

  9. Sonia Siddiqui

    Sonia Siddiqui11 meses atrás

    She stayed in the house for so long because of the massive amounts of plastic surgery she had that needed to heal. Plus she had an illegal relationship with tyga while she was 16 and he was 24 at the time. Now she is about to be 21 with a child, she already looks used up and washed up like a hag in her mid 40s. And Kylie ain’t even 25! Smh

  10. Luv2316

    Luv2316Anos atrás

    “You betta watch ya tone” 😭😭

  11. Frey Xoxo

    Frey XoxoAnos atrás

    Lol the sad life of Kylie J

  12. Valerie Heart

    Valerie HeartAnos atrás

    This show is boring!=/

  13. Mia Renee

    Mia ReneeAnos atrás

    I feel bad for Jordan :( idk

  14. Jordy xo

    Jordy xoAnos atrás

    Money Attractive Success Dream life

  15. Skif The Pirate

    Skif The PirateAnos atrás

    I miss Kylie’s old face 😭 she was so adorable

  16. Ananda Stephanie

    Ananda StephanieAnos atrás

    In 40 years later............... Kylie is afraid of fiji water bottle

  17. Juliano

    JulianoAnos atrás

    Jordyn looks so sad omg

  18. Mcdicks

    McdicksAnos atrás

    her dad passed away

  19. Tiffany Liao

    Tiffany LiaoAnos atrás

    I feel sorry for the people sitting next to her

  20. kemaline

    kemalineAnos atrás

    ım CRYIN she s my everything love her so so so so so so much ım really dying 😭😭😭💞 kylie love you soooo so so much bae,she s mine😭😭😭😭😭💞💞💞💞💞

  21. M K

    M KAnos atrás

    Se looks bomb WITHOUT makeup

  22. Keesha Leard

    Keesha LeardAnos atrás

    😱"she wears wigs" Me:yeah cause she's a Kardashian...

  23. Deron Reed

    Deron ReedAnos atrás

    famous for doing nothing.

  24. هستـرهه

    هستـرههAnos atrás


  25. Lyn Quiroga

    Lyn QuirogaAnos atrás

    Lips way to big for your face

  26. Rebekah Harvey

    Rebekah HarveyAnos atrás

    I would kill to sit next to Donatella 😍😍😍

  27. Carlos Vazquez

    Carlos VazquezAnos atrás

    Travis Scott had been trying for the longest to get kylie even tho he knew she was with tyga.. he knew he had to have her cuz this is what will feed him for the rest of his life.. he knew getting her pregnant would mean having kylie for life

  28. Blingaling48103

    Blingaling481033 meses atrás

    He does have his own career. He performed at Coachella. The performers at Coachella are famous. Beyonce,Rita Oro, etc He was performing at Coachella before he met her.

  29. Carlos Vazquez

    Carlos VazquezAnos atrás

    Of course she feels free now cuz tyga wouldn't let her go out by herself cuz she would let other dudes hit on her and she wouldn't do anything to stop it..

  30. Symphonia doll

    Symphonia dollAnos atrás

    Kylie looks beautiful when she is without makeup.

  31. xoxo Tou's

    xoxo Tou'sAnos atrás

    She looks so much better and younger without makeup.

  32. Gisty I M

    Gisty I MAnos atrás

    From close up,her face is weird i think.. I dunno, did she do lip filling or a surgery?

  33. Epic Gang

    Epic GangAnos atrás

    In my opinion Kylie Jenner is a little drama queen. She lied about her lips. She is rude to her fans. She doesn't know how to lose . I mean, now Rihanna is on top with her new make-up collection and it seems like Kylie is shooked about it. So she un-followed Rihanna on that is clearly vissible to us that she is so angry. And all the Kardashians are rude.

  34. dizzie88

    dizzie88Anos atrás

    She's pretty without make up!

  35. Val Gracias

    Val GraciasAnos atrás

    Why does she get seats of honor?

  36. Lizzie Heart

    Lizzie HeartAnos atrás

    She's a natural beauty she is so lucky

  37. GreekTheKiller

    GreekTheKillerAnos atrás

    Yo people stop bitching just stop it, she was raised to be a spoiled brat you can't blame her for this, you would've grown like that as well if you were in her seat

  38. B G

    B GAnos atrás

    Jordyn looks pissed off and uncomfortable. I mean she is mostly known as her best friend in the media so idk why she feels like that, plus kylie is super famous so for Jordyn to just up and leave out of Kylies life I don't think kylie would care after a while cause she's well known now. Jordyn you know kylie is always first. You're just her friend.

  39. Mcdicks

    McdicksAnos atrás

    i watched the episode and it was because her dad died

  40. Akay Mo

    Akay MoAnos atrás

    'for three years I stayed in the house all day' Pff yeah right!

  41. Natalia

    NataliaAnos atrás

    she looks so disguisting with all the surgeries.. in 2-3 years everyone will notice it and she won't be able to smile

  42. Lindy Hamel Toe

    Lindy Hamel ToeAnos atrás

    Elexus Nunez not without her make up and photoshop she isn’t. She looks like a duck and when she smiles she looks like a monster which is sad because when a girl smiles its the most attractive thing they can do

  43. Elexus Nunez

    Elexus NunezAnos atrás

    Natalia to you, but she is beautiful to me and a lot of people

  44. Natalia

    NataliaAnos atrás

    Elexus Nunez but she doesn't look the best

  45. Elexus Nunez

    Elexus NunezAnos atrás

    Natalia it doesn't matter as long as she's happy because people look their best when they feel their best and your comment has 0 effect on her as long as she's happy the way she is

  46. Triki Triki

    Triki TrikiAnos atrás

    A little piece of nothing sitting next to legends.why america just why

  47. FixEasy Xx

    FixEasy XxAnos atrás

    she's pretty when far away

  48. Care Bear

    Care BearAnos atrás

    sometimes she looks terrible but on Instagram she looks good i would get work done too if i had the $ duh

  49. kawther fahem

    kawther fahemAnos atrás

    jordyn doesn't have a house? she's always with kylie

  50. Rosse K

    Rosse KAnos atrás

    She gained weight thats why she kind of look unnatural....OH OH iam 26 yo and iwould say i think she looks older than me ..OOOPPSSS just sayin .

  51. Tianna Ketner

    Tianna KetnerAnos atrás

    She's not even 20 yet I don't think and her lips are already fucked 😕 That sucks

  52. Jayla Butler

    Jayla ButlerAnos atrás

    it seems like jordyn gets left out and gets no attention

  53. Desean Ross Jr.

    Desean Ross Jr.Anos atrás

    Kylie Jenner she is so cool

  54. Lara

    LaraAnos atrás

    She looks like a 40 yr old woman with all that botox...

  55. Mary Hearts You

    Mary Hearts You5 meses atrás

    +Elexus Nunez She looks at least like a hard 25.

  56. Elexus Nunez

    Elexus NunezAnos atrás

    Lara not really now your just exaggerating because you don't like her she looks like she's 20 to 28

  57. Timberly Faye

    Timberly FayeAnos atrás

    Omg poor girl her lips look fucked

  58. Majorzipho Majorzipho

    Majorzipho MajorziphoAnos atrás


  59. RDJ RDJ

    RDJ RDJAnos atrás

    she look old

  60. Desirée Rodríguez

    Desirée RodríguezAnos atrás

    her lips are disgusting...

  61. Anna Hendricks

    Anna HendricksAnos atrás

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  62. Xyrius D

    Xyrius DAnos atrás

    That table shouldn't have her lol

  63. xFellazz

    xFellazzAnos atrás

    LoL i'd be nervous too if i'm the only one at the table without talent

  64. Mary Hearts You

    Mary Hearts You5 meses atrás

    +Carrie Goodman True. She's like the Donald Trump of Makeup.

  65. Carrie Goodman

    Carrie Goodman9 meses atrás

    Mark Marte the point is that other celebrities would still look down on her because they will see her as having it all handed to her and for what? Her family.

  66. Melanie Maldonado

    Melanie Maldonado9 meses atrás

    Stella Bella that's not talent dumdass

  67. Noelikata

    NoelikataAnos atrás

    "I feel like I can be more myself" .... nah! You're just plastic, botox and injections...

  68. Madeleine R

    Madeleine RAnos atrás

    those lips are busted

  69. Eclair Lacroix

    Eclair LacroixAnos atrás

    Her face seems like it's bloated...especially the lips. Looks like fish lips to me.

  70. esther lydia

    esther lydiaAnos atrás

    Spoilt brat. Good for Nothing.

  71. Graziano Martinez

    Graziano MartinezAnos atrás

    It seems that when they sit her with real stars they always sit her alone, why not sit her with the b rated stars, she out of place. I wonder how much she paid for that table, doctors sit with doctors, layers sit with lawyers.

  72. Mo star

    Mo starAnos atrás

    she is an A-list celeb so...

  73. Yarney Liag

    Yarney LiagAnos atrás

    lol I really like her show. It is very entertaining and I think it was a good idea to do that :-) Sure, there are other problems in the world, but don't condemn her because you live your own lives too buddies... She is so young too... I hope Jordan will always stay by her side because the psychological pressure is real :-)

  74. Michelle P

    Michelle PAnos atrás

    She's so beautiful with or without makeup 😍

  75. Shanai Krizman

    Shanai KrizmanAnos atrás

    I hope she gets her top lip fixed

  76. Stella Bella

    Stella BellaAnos atrás

    daniel matters her body, up to her what she does with it

  77. tony p

    tony pAnos atrás

    That's Kool that she shows herself all nasty lol

  78. clevawoman

    clevawomanAnos atrás

    that botox.....geez

  79. Youtuber Edits

    Youtuber EditsAnos atrás

    Ily Kylie

  80. MoonStruck2017

    MoonStruck2017Anos atrás

    Spoiled Brat. You like the fame. But you don't like the intrusion. Hypocrite.

  81. Gina Saephanh

    Gina SaephanhAnos atrás

    Overdrawn lips are not cute..😬


    SANA YANOVICHAnos atrás

    I'm waiting for meaningful conversations. the show is slightly boring even though I like Kylie

  83. Deysi Arroyo

    Deysi ArroyoAnos atrás

    Kylie is like omg 😱 omg 😱 omg 😱 and all those legends will be like 😒 bruh wtf 😬

  84. ChaosAsItSwirls

    ChaosAsItSwirlsAnos atrás

    People watch this show? And like it??

  85. wonderlust1

    wonderlust1Anos atrás

    Lmao I doubt a lot of people watch it look at the view count

  86. Makeup Girl

    Makeup GirlAnos atrás

    Her lips looks horrible

  87. r c

    r cAnos atrás

    Wow she looks much better without all that cakey makeup. Her lips look terrible though

  88. Mate V

    Mate VAnos atrás

    Lol I'd be nervous sitting next to kylie!!

  89. Pixinerd

    PixinerdAnos atrás

    She was late and she wants to be on time aha...

  90. Cristel Pelaez

    Cristel PelaezAnos atrás

    Her glam squad tells her SHE'S 2 hours late and she turns the other way.

  91. Franklin Nguyen

    Franklin NguyenAnos atrás

    She gets a seat of honor? Why?? LMAO

  92. Mythili Rajendra

    Mythili RajendraAnos atrás


  93. Krissy Wright

    Krissy WrightAnos atrás

    franklin nguyen she got the money

  94. Arjen Zerko

    Arjen ZerkoAnos atrás

    Let this be an example for young girls out there this is what happens when you get surgery so young. Be happy with what god gave you.

  95. Bhatt jahanvi

    Bhatt jahanvi9 meses atrás

    Cmon guys she is still beautiful... why do people like criticizing the way she loves herself?

  96. S

    SAnos atrás

    she's beautiful though?

  97. Mythili Rajendra

    Mythili RajendraAnos atrás


  98. Elexus Nunez

    Elexus NunezAnos atrás

    Arjen Zerko out doesn't matter if you want to change yourself or enhance your beauty as long as you do it for your self because people look their best when they are confident and happy with themselves

  99. ohh daddy

    ohh daddyAnos atrás

    She looks nothing like on her snapchat and ig pictures 😂

  100. My Dreams

    My Dreams6 meses atrás

    I bet she looks better than you

  101. Aracelis Morales Garcia de Ramos

    Aracelis Morales Garcia de RamosAnos atrás

    ohh daddy Um no makeup...

  102. MsBeeBeex3

    MsBeeBeex3Anos atrás

    Snap chat and IG filters probably play role in every photo shes posted.

  103. joykimberlyy

    joykimberlyyAnos atrás

    ohh daddy she looks the same

  104. ohh daddy

    ohh daddyAnos atrás

    Name less not really, her face and lips looks swollen/puffy especially in the interview room..

  105. I like Twinkies

    I like TwinkiesAnos atrás

    Kylie looks like the blob fish without makeup

  106. x yz

    x yzAnos atrás

    She's saying 'like' many times it's sooo annoying

  107. Desirée Rodríguez

    Desirée RodríguezAnos atrás

    all her sisters do it too

  108. Roman Mar

    Roman MarAnos atrás

    Cindy Rosett we say like a lot in California


    SANA YANOVICHAnos atrás

    Cindy Rosett she had learning from Kim

  110. Big Tuna

    Big TunaAnos atrás

    Jordyn is deadweight

  111. Butterfly MG

    Butterfly MGAnos atrás

    why is her face & lips so puffy ?

  112. Malcolm Bamba

    Malcolm BambaAnos atrás

    +Míss Royalty can someone say negative things without being jealous Lol. When I day Trump looks like a cheeto does that mean im jealous of him Haha no

  113. Míss Royalty

    Míss RoyaltyAnos atrás

    Jealous is what y'all is right now....

  114. Katy Baltzell

    Katy BaltzellAnos atrás

    Butterfly Manson FILLERS!

  115. covermusic

    covermusicAnos atrás

    0:23 that face tho lmao

  116. stephen D

    stephen DAnos atrás

    Me me me i ....i and myself ... She is cute but so I would never a friend like that..i need a real conversation

  117. stephen D

    stephen DAnos atrás

    Me me me i ....i and myself ... She is cute but so I would never a friend like that..i need a real conversation

  118. Moonlightbae

    MoonlightbaeAnos atrás

    Her naughty by nature shirt tho 😍

  119. itsandree

    itsandreeAnos atrás

    If she didnt have money she would be nothing💀

  120. Kaitlynrichest

    KaitlynrichestAnos atrás

    Super hypocritical to come down on her hair stylist for not being professional, and then she shows up 2 hours late? Cmon

  121. princess me

    princess meAnos atrás

    This bish is dumb

  122. ieasha edmond

    ieasha edmondAnos atrás

    of corse Kylie is having way more fun now. For 3 years, you had to date someone who was too old for you at the time & then you guys had to hide for a year & then finally for 2 years you guys just got hammered in the press.

  123. __

    __Anos atrás

    Didnt she talk about how depressed she was in one of the previous episodes? wtf

  124. gretchenvergepsyc

    gretchenvergepsycAnos atrás

    This girl looks all fake. It's not an example to follow.

  125. Regina Fela Adu

    Regina Fela AduAnos atrás

    Ok WITH ALL DUE RESPECT!... but her lips look ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!! JORDYN... tell ur best friend that her lips look insane!

  126. Ruby V

    Ruby VAnos atrás

    Kylie probably felt nervous because these are real talented celebs and she has no talent whatsoever. She was probably insecure af

  127. Annie Cham

    Annie ChamAnos atrás

    Ruby V you're right, she is very lucky. But how is it bad that she used her 'luck' to start a makeup company? Would you rather have her waste her 'luck' on nothing? She's a very successful business woman. You're the one who's probably projecting YOUR insecurities.

  128. Annie Cham

    Annie ChamAnos atrás

    Ruby V s

  129. Aixa Petrone

    Aixa PetroneAnos atrás


  130. Eszter Antal

    Eszter AntalAnos atrás

    Seriously how many times does she say like

  131. meanmeme

    meanmemeAnos atrás

    Hey Everyone! I made a video where Kylie Jenner says "like" for 1 minute straight and she *ACTUALLY* sings!!! It's HILARIOUS😂😂

  132. meanmeme

    meanmemeAnos atrás

    Guys!!! I made a video where Kylie Jenner says "like" for 1 minute straight and she *ACTUALLY* sings!!! It's HILARIOUS😂😂

  133. Sebastian

    SebastianAnos atrás

    The wig looks like it sit on a kebab roll

  134. Juice Box

    Juice BoxAnos atrás

    Show bob and vagene

  135. master25

    master25Anos atrás

    she should sit next to RAY J

  136. Mythili Rajendra

    Mythili RajendraAnos atrás


  137. 2015 Kylie

    2015 KylieAnos atrás

    Ray J wasn't even invited 😬

  138. CamilaCabelloBackers

    CamilaCabelloBackersAnos atrás

    master25 Ray j made them famous....but he isn't😂😂

  139. rueexxi

    rueexxiAnos atrás

    who? lmao

  140. Gugu Hlophe

    Gugu HlopheAnos atrás

    master25 why