Kylie Jenner | From 0 To 20 Years Old


  1. toptenfamous

    toptenfamous9 meses atrás

    Kim Kardashian | From 0 To 37 Years Old Kendall Jenner | From 1 To 22 Years Old

  2. Sara Fatima

    Sara FatimaMês atrás

    Can you please do a video on Jeon Jungkook from BTS? ARMYs will love it!

  3. Alecia Sabetian

    Alecia Sabetian2 meses atrás

    Kylie Jenner is 21 now.shes not 20 anymors

  4. Infamous Avakin

    Infamous Avakin3 meses atrás

    toptenfamous Kylie removed her lip fillers just saying

  5. Sarai Muñoz

    Sarai Muñoz3 meses atrás

    My lil sis birthday is August 10 to omg

  6. Eneka Sanchez

    Eneka Sanchez5 meses atrás


  7. Roniere Lima

    Roniere Lima17 horas atrás

    Amo demais

  8. Court_Destroyer

    Court_Destroyer17 horas atrás

    She's only a year older then me

  9. Court_Destroyer

    Court_Destroyer17 horas atrás

    Someone get Faze Rug here now!

  10. Smoxie Simmer

    Smoxie SimmerDia atrás

    Guys it’s called friggin happens!!!

  11. Smoxie Simmer

    Smoxie SimmerDia atrás

    Guys all she did was get lip injections, what’s the big deal!?

  12. Angela Murphy

    Angela Murphy2 dias atrás

    She was about 20 something when she was dating Tyga

  13. Angela Murphy

    Angela Murphy2 dias atrás

    How does she look like that at 17

  14. Jasmine Tait

    Jasmine Tait2 dias atrás

    i dont know why everyone gets mad at her for having lip fillers and stuff. It was something she was insecure about, so she fixed it. Isnt that kind of the point of plastic surgery and other stuff?

  15. nemmo latty

    nemmo latty4 dias atrás

    Love reading all the comments from sad jealous cunts 😂😂😂shes filthy rich attractive and you wish you had what she had and looked how she looked but you dont so offcourse you have to bash the girl 😂😂😂

  16. zm 95

    zm 956 dias atrás

    Kendal natural ,kylie plastic maybe😂

  17. Sanskriti Dutta

    Sanskriti Dutta6 dias atrás

    The tan and fillers are so unnecessary

  18. Rosie Bhogal

    Rosie Bhogal6 dias atrás

    It's called plastic surgery duhhhhhhhh

  19. Dante Cole

    Dante Cole6 dias atrás

    Look up the REAL HISTORY . she gave it away at a young age.

  20. Kelvin Burton

    Kelvin Burton8 dias atrás

    They ridiculed us for our features only to later steal them (by buying them) and get praised for them. Cultural appropriation at its finest!!!!!

  21. avakin queen

    avakin queen8 dias atrás

    Her lips went from - to 0


    MUNNA MOBILE11 dias atrás

    ma chudaove kibHen ki biwi

  23. Michaela Mckinney

    Michaela Mckinney13 dias atrás

    How the hell does she have some skinny ass lips and a smaller jaw, the next year she completely changed her look and she still says she ain’t ever had any plastic surgery 😂

  24. salil gupta

    salil gupta14 dias atrás

    i will still not going to follow her stupid girl

  25. Mariami Zivzivadze

    Mariami Zivzivadze15 dias atrás

    soooo ugly omg :DDDDD

  26. Asha Asha

    Asha Asha16 dias atrás

    She lost her innocence over the years...she completely morphed herself to be the next kim kardashian. How sad !

  27. OFFICIALLY 4 kiki

    OFFICIALLY 4 kiki17 dias atrás

    She nearly look like Megan Trainor Version

  28. DDAnimations ii

    DDAnimations ii17 dias atrás

    She was SO CUTEE

  29. Anti Dutch

    Anti Dutch18 dias atrás

    Khole looks good asf 2:23

  30. Detonater Callan

    Detonater Callan19 dias atrás

    Love it! Very interesting video! I'm definitely going to watch it multiple times to actually remember the names and types of a lot of the different armors!!

  31. Corina Kurz

    Corina Kurz19 dias atrás

    Omg what happend between 16 and 17

  32. Andrew Parsons

    Andrew Parsons19 dias atrás

    She always says she has never had Botox or lip injections she has to be Lieing

  33. Angie Pérez

    Angie Pérez20 dias atrás

    Esas imágenes que tienen 11 y 12 no parece, parece de 20 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Jay-Em Lee

    Jay-Em Lee20 dias atrás

    She looks older than kendall

  35. Do- Nathan

    Do- Nathan20 dias atrás

    At 11 she looked like a stalker

  36. I Have No Name

    I Have No Name21 dia atrás

    20? pregnant??

  37. Shyla Stogner

    Shyla Stogner23 dias atrás

    they skipped when she was 1

  38. Tanissha Rameswaran

    Tanissha Rameswaran23 dias atrás

    All those surgeries.. smh..she has so much work done


    ANESSA KABUS25 dias atrás

    I one song

  40. rafael isurda

    rafael isurda26 dias atrás

    kylie's beautiful when she was 11,12


    BAJRANG KAMUDI27 dias atrás

    she subjected herself to all that surgeries to look like this.....see looked beaautiful before surgery

  42. sis tr

    sis tr29 dias atrás

    She looks 37 now

  43. Xxx Concussion

    Xxx ConcussionMês atrás

    We really gotta get the bread

  44. Caoimhe

    CaoimheMês atrás

    I mean I’m twelve and I wish I looked like her when she was twelve... how can someone really be that beautiful!!! 💗💗

  45. Lisha Xavier

    Lisha XavierMês atrás

    I never knew Kylie was 20 after watching this video, I thought she 23 or something like That When she was 19 she looked like a 21 or 20yr old

  46. Lisha Xavier

    Lisha XavierMês atrás

    There is NO Way that she was 11 at 3:01 😮😮

  47. Милана Ищенко

    Милана ИщенкоMês atrás

    В 12 выглядит как на 16

  48. Mariyanesan Reetaiah

    Mariyanesan ReetaiahMês atrás

    To be honest the only one that looked the best was kendall

  49. Etela Horvathova

    Etela HorvathovaMês atrás

    When she was 12 she looked 18

  50. 100 000 subscribers without a video challenge

    100 000 subscribers without a video challengeMês atrás

    3:10 THERE IS NOO way shes 12.

  51. CAn’t rElaTe

    CAn’t rElaTeMês atrás

    There’s so many people out there have bigger lips than Kylie Jenner... And I keep thinking to myself.. Why aren’t those other people are famous..? Why only Kylie???

  52. Berry Awe

    Berry AweMês atrás

    When the lip fillers kicked in...

  53. ImaginativeUnicorn0 Squishes & More!

    ImaginativeUnicorn0 Squishes & More!Mês atrás

    She was pretty tall for a 12 year old

  54. kaykay1996 _

    kaykay1996 _Mês atrás

    Kendall and Courtney are the only natural beauties.

  55. Sammy The Strawberry

    Sammy The StrawberryMês atrás

    Bet when she was 11-13 people would go right for her, deadass.

  56. LauraXD_Queen

    LauraXD_QueenMês atrás

    I hate fake people

  57. you wrong me right

    you wrong me rightMês atrás

    she is yhe definition of plastic women

  58. ChocoTato Gaming

    ChocoTato GamingMês atrás

    Kylie back then was so gorgeous and adorable

  59. name surname

    name surnameMês atrás

    капец американские дети скороспелы😑 в 15 выглядит как в 20

  60. Joory 99

    Joory 99Mês atrás

    Omg she looks too old

  61. Photoshopping BetterThanDaniCohn

    Photoshopping BetterThanDaniCohnMês atrás

    Before the lip injections

  62. Ifunanya Favour

    Ifunanya FavourMês atrás

    Fuck!!!she is sooooo fucking UGLY!!!😆😆😆

  63. Nhu Thanh Nguyen

    Nhu Thanh NguyenMês atrás

    kylie is used to be as tell as kendall

  64. Sarah Siddiquie

    Sarah SiddiquieMês atrás

    This has to be fake! I mean at age 12 she looks like she’s 18!!!

  65. French Toast Granger

    French Toast GrangerMês atrás

    She is not eleven!! Wtf she looked so mature

  66. French Toast Granger

    French Toast GrangerMês atrás

    A esto no le lamo púbertad le llamo buen cirujano y mucho dinero :v

  67. Directioner girl

    Directioner girlMês atrás

    Funny how kendall and kylie look so alike here yet you can easily differentiate

  68. Rose Lynn vlogs

    Rose Lynn vlogsMês atrás

    The last one was fake

  69. a cup of tae, then add sum suga with a kookie yas

    a cup of tae, then add sum suga with a kookie yasMês atrás

    her *cough* lips *cough*

  70. vivek kumar

    vivek kumarMês atrás

    Thats how white people age!!

  71. x eliska x

    x eliska xMês atrás

    She was so pretty to 16 years old. But now.... so fake

  72. Shievam Shreyas

    Shievam ShreyasMês atrás

    She's my love 😍

  73. justin x

    justin xMês atrás

    I want to see the 0 years old kylie

  74. Dua Ali

    Dua AliMês atrás

    How they grow up so early 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  75. You have no idea what your up against

    You have no idea what your up againstMês atrás

    Literally all she got in her face was lip injections, like she genuinely doesn’t look that different when she was 16 to 17

  76. Roller Girl

    Roller GirlMês atrás

    Seriously how is that even possible. Her skin tone, her nose, her eyebrows. She all the sudden morphed into a different person

  77. Hana Song

    Hana SongMês atrás

    Oh god, the plastic surgery 😂

  78. Kim Brown

    Kim BrownMês atrás

    Wow thank God for surgery and money because she was hit with those sick sunk in lips

  79. Araminta WILLIAMS [08Y1]

    Araminta WILLIAMS [08Y1]Mês atrás

    kendall is the most stunning

  80. Christian Rutherford

    Christian RutherfordMês atrás

    Sub 2 pewdiepie

  81. Moni Bevis

    Moni BevisMês atrás

    She looks good natural but now she looks amazing, I mean every bitch on Facebook or Instagram wants to look like her.

  82. Kiarajolie

    KiarajolieMês atrás

    Glow up

  83. C7F5C 97

    C7F5C 97Mês atrás

    Damn she always looked old for her age. At age 6 she could easily passed for an average 10 year old. At 9 she looked 13 and at 12 she literally looked 18.

  84. yusra edrissi

    yusra edrissi2 meses atrás

    Kendall always got the spotlight

  85. Nice Wolfe

    Nice Wolfe2 meses atrás

    Plus she in the Illuminati 👎👎👎

  86. Nice Wolfe

    Nice Wolfe2 meses atrás

    Ewww it’s the ugly diseased prostitute just like her ugly slut whore sisters👎

  87. anne gilb

    anne gilb2 meses atrás

    Money can make everyone look amazing ))

  88. Vanessa M

    Vanessa M2 meses atrás


  89. Marissa P.

    Marissa P.2 meses atrás

    2:52 nah no way she's 11! What!?

  90. lovelygirl 2005

    lovelygirl 20052 meses atrás

    Kylie growing so fast

  91. Mia Borovac

    Mia Borovac2 meses atrás

    That years not true

  92. Dana Lu

    Dana Lu2 meses atrás

    WTF, at 12 she looks older than me and I´m 21

  93. elblondie69 falconer

    elblondie69 falconer2 meses atrás

    Before when your lips are so thin your nose has to point them out

  94. Maleficent

    Maleficent2 meses atrás

    Okay so Kylie is just 3 years older than me and she has a baby... 😝

  95. Hansi Stinki

    Hansi Stinki2 meses atrás

    Why is Kendall so damn tall 🤮


    THE DAF FAMILY2 meses atrás


  97. Drocitysfineist083

    Drocitysfineist0832 meses atrás

    To me she still looks like a little Grimmlin

  98. Drocitysfineist083

    Drocitysfineist0832 meses atrás

    She looks like the awkward one out the bunch It’s a little plastic on her face now she’s the shit

  99. Yulianna Ramirez

    Yulianna Ramirez2 meses atrás

    From the thumbnail you can tell she got plastic surgery

  100. Hoe Depot

    Hoe Depot2 meses atrás

    WOW, she’s gradually become more plastic

  101. Derpy Person

    Derpy Person2 meses atrás

    For some reason I think Kendall is prettier than Kylie even if Kylie has surgery I'm not trying to be mean btw its just my opinion

  102. Ana Tsereteli

    Ana Tsereteli2 meses atrás

    A lil surgery and everything’s fine

  103. miaha grant vlogs

    miaha grant vlogs2 meses atrás

    I hate how people are hating on her because she developed faster then them that’s just disgusting. Do you know how hard it is looking older then your age and then have people hate on you for it like it’s your fault that your body grew like that is plan on jealousy disgusting ass

  104. Aidah JR Masadeh

    Aidah JR Masadeh2 meses atrás

    I'm in her age but I'm younger 2 months she looks bigger than me I still have skin and baby face and shorter than her most of people ask me which class are you they get shock when I tell them that I'm in 3rd year of college they laugh Shockley like aren't you 13 years old😁🤔

  105. Twen Twen

    Twen Twen2 meses atrás

    Even her real looks is not ugly. Y she has to go thru surgery.???