KYLIE JENNER KYSHADOW PALETTE & Birthday Collection: First Impressions


  1. Thequeen Hasspoken

    Thequeen HasspokenDia atrás

    You look so much better with your brown eyes 😍

  2. Jane Ramos

    Jane Ramos2 dias atrás

    You are sooo beautiful... 😍😍😍

  3. Nicole Wood

    Nicole Wood2 dias atrás

    You are so beautiful. I love you!

  4. Tank Girl

    Tank Girl5 dias atrás

    Oh Lordie! This look is killing me! 😍

  5. Micheline Kairouz

    Micheline Kairouz5 dias atrás

    U better work 😂

  6. Gacha Life

    Gacha Life5 dias atrás

    I love Kylie Jenner

  7. lara alfatlawe

    lara alfatlawe7 dias atrás

    He really really look SO SO GOOD in this whole look 😔🖤🖤🖤

  8. Nida Ali

    Nida Ali8 dias atrás

    Here your eyebrows don't look alike

  9. chris andrus

    chris andrus13 dias atrás

    Who else noticed that his eyes look different in this video? Or maybe it’s the shape of his brows or something but this is one of my favorite beginning looks of his!

  10. Anna Solo

    Anna Solo14 dias atrás


  11. Domanikka Selena

    Domanikka Selena15 dias atrás

    👏👏👏living for this dark hair yes!!! Queen 👑

  12. Tiana Lopez

    Tiana Lopez16 dias atrás

    1:58 when I wanna smoke a blunt and my boyfriend does the same thing😂😂😂🙄 I feel you girl!!!!

  13. Bruce Perez

    Bruce Perez18 dias atrás

    Kat von d!!!

  14. jessie mae

    jessie mae18 dias atrás

    who watching 2019

  15. Sarah-Leigh

    Sarah-Leigh19 dias atrás

    i love binge watching all his old videos

  16. Samantha Nichole Beltran

    Samantha Nichole Beltran22 dias atrás

    You are fucking gorgeous!😚🖤

  17. Rocio Maria

    Rocio Maria23 dias atrás

    Moreeeee kylieeeeee

  18. Tanisha Shukla

    Tanisha Shukla23 dias atrás

    Doll ❤️

  19. Cham Vega

    Cham Vega26 dias atrás

    Let me see the gold pussy hahaha

  20. Melissa Sandoval

    Melissa Sandoval27 dias atrás

    Omg love the colors especially the liquid lipstick💄and yea I'm a leo too August baby!!! 🦁

  21. Bettys Eyeson

    Bettys Eyeson28 dias atrás

    At the beginning of the video, Jeffree's eyes have a sad, warm, sweet, kind look to it, compared to recently. It could be the eyebrows, or that he was just actually sad during the filming of the video. Anyway, he looks GORGEOUS.

  22. Annie K

    Annie K29 dias atrás


  23. Crystal Auralynn

    Crystal Auralynn29 dias atrás


  24. Deltari

    DeltariMês atrás

    those contacts tho

  25. Christine H

    Christine HMês atrás

    Good for you for being a big boy and an adult. I can tell you're battling a cold and I hope you feel better. Really enjoy your videos and you are the best!

  26. Akalon

    AkalonMês atrás

    When will Jeffree release those pink vests ;-;

  27. Hey Roni

    Hey RoniMês atrás

    2019 anyone?

  28. Who Am I? I'll Never Tell

    Who Am I? I'll Never TellMês atrás

    There's NOT a single moment in any of your videos (except the Racist one and Shane's videos where you told about your past), where I'm not smiling or laughing like an idiot. Love From Pakistan.

  29. Erica Rose Bistoyong

    Erica Rose BistoyongMês atrás

    You are so authentic girl! You better work 😂 💋 Love ya!

  30. Novella Abrams

    Novella AbramsMês atrás

    okay can someone please verify this for me but does this palette look like the juvia's place warrior 1&2 palette combined. like its all matte like the warrior 2 palette (the last 6 kylie colors are the same in the warrior 2 palette and the 1st kylie color is the same light shade from the warrior 1 palette). I'm just wondering because I have heard a lot about brands stealing ideas, n kylie being one of them.

  31. hanzhang cui

    hanzhang cuiMês atrás

    I think Jeffrey should make a movie, like to be a angle or a elf

  32. teetaetee

    teetaeteeMês atrás

    You look like Cleopetra.💙💛

  33. Angelica Amora

    Angelica Amora2 meses atrás

    I thought I was trippin' when the card winked.

  34. erin_elizabeth7712

    erin_elizabeth77122 meses atrás

    Unicarton? I just call it a box😂

  35. Saif Saif

    Saif Saif2 meses atrás

    Please being human and remove all tattoos from your body and and accept aslam

  36. Breianna Cochran

    Breianna Cochran2 meses atrás

    I’m like damn girl- damn- damn- damn girl.

  37. Melissa Moreno

    Melissa Moreno2 meses atrás

    I got gold teeth, gold contact lenses, GOLD PUSSY I'm dead 😂😂lol

  38. Kristy Payne

    Kristy Payne2 meses atrás

    Best makeup look I’ve seen in forever! U nailed it babe!!!

  39. Sarah Donahue

    Sarah Donahue2 meses atrás

    Do I have a screw loose? Don’t answer that. 😆

  40. Bimbim Honorio

    Bimbim Honorio2 meses atrás

    OMG😱! you're so beautiful Jefrree Star🌟 . I so love you!!!❤❤❤

  41. Austen Chen

    Austen Chen2 meses atrás

    3:50 damn girl damn damn damn gurllllll

  42. sereinspirit

    sereinspirit2 meses atrás

    he looks so beautiful with that hair!

  43. Cinder

    Cinder2 meses atrás

    I love the eye color I know this has been around

  44. Roxxi C

    Roxxi C3 meses atrás

    Well if and when Kylie and Kim put you back on their mailing list maybe I'll forgive them for being so shady about recieving some truthful criticism the way they reacted was petty. Grow up Girls and just think maybe them products could used a little tweaking to make them better. I tried the products myself and sorry girls I agreed with Jeffree Star. Why lose money on the product fix the problems.

  45. Andrea Walsh

    Andrea Walsh3 meses atrás

    I just love your honesty Jeffree!

  46. Matraca Roose

    Matraca Roose3 meses atrás

    This wig! Yasss!! I love this!

  47. B B

    B B3 meses atrás

    Werk grl

  48. RAVEN Moon Tarot

    RAVEN Moon Tarot3 meses atrás

    I fucking love your hair like that! You look gorgeous. It's so weird I was thinking the other day and I was thinking how great you'd look with choppy bangs and a bright orange color like manic panics orange fire color I forgot the name. Anyway then saw the wig loved it.

  49. bruh_ you_trippin

    bruh_ you_trippin3 meses atrás

    when it blinked i shit myself a little

  50. Steven Yacuta

    Steven Yacuta3 meses atrás

    Can you leave a link to where you bought that crystal pipe? It’s gorgeous!

  51. Fat Manul

    Fat Manul3 meses atrás

    The good sister out here looking like Willy Wonka

  52. Justin Elias

    Justin Elias3 meses atrás

    My kit was like, not there. I would apply and it would like disappear. Tips?

  53. Məllãñy xxx

    Məllãñy xxx3 meses atrás

    Jefree I swear you look SO stunning in bangs and black hair.

  54. Becci Burns

    Becci Burns3 meses atrás

    Seriously. That lip colour needs to be in my life! 😍🔥 where can I get it? X

  55. happy insanity *millie*

    happy insanity *millie*3 meses atrás

    This look on jefree is so different, I love it

  56. Teresa M

    Teresa M3 meses atrás

    I can’t belief this was two years ago... omg

  57. Lady Caticorn

    Lady Caticorn3 meses atrás

    Jeffree is so stunning. When I look at him, I am transfixed. He's like a piece of art. He slayed the dark hair and bangs.

  58. Joshua Manalo

    Joshua Manalo3 meses atrás

    Am I the only one who noticed that his voice in this video was a little bit different compared to his videos now? I think the tone was a little bit different

  59. shvrrisss

    shvrrisssDia atrás

    Joshua Manalo OMG YES! I’ve been trying to figure out why his voice here is so much like his old days on hot topic/myspace etc

  60. la fea

    la fea3 meses atrás


  61. Krizzyyy U

    Krizzyyy U3 meses atrás

    Loveee youuuu😙

  62. Mona

    Mona3 meses atrás

    Jeffree looks friendlier with eyebrows

  63. Monique Victor

    Monique Victor3 meses atrás

    Before I go bed I have too watch jeffreestar

  64. Cassidy A

    Cassidy A4 meses atrás

    “I’m tryna smoke some fucking weed and Nate didnt leave me a LIGHTER!”

  65. Gray Anderson

    Gray Anderson4 meses atrás

    LOVE...JEFFREE! Your make up ROCKS!

  66. Evan Minton

    Evan Minton4 meses atrás

    So fetch... Yes Grechin 😂

  67. Skyla Jane1

    Skyla Jane14 meses atrás

    I love this look 💗💗💗🔥🔥

  68. Leticia W

    Leticia W4 meses atrás

    I absolutely love Jeffrey's honesty!!!

  69. Kristin Creelman

    Kristin Creelman4 meses atrás

    Awh that me........Kristin 🤣😂😁

  70. Isabella Johnson

    Isabella Johnson4 meses atrás

    Dude, I love that crystal pipe

  71. Tyler McCarson

    Tyler McCarson4 meses atrás

    Alright Ann Wilson, work! That's the lead singer of Heart if anyone didn't know.

  72. Angelin Espejo

    Angelin Espejo4 meses atrás

    Please Jeffree try the Facemaster by GabyRosMakeup 💄👑❤✨

  73. María del Mar Quintero

    María del Mar Quintero4 meses atrás

    Hiii.!!! Pleaseee Jeffree try THE FACE MASTER by GABYROSMAKEUP..!!!!

  74. Angon Navarro

    Angon Navarro4 meses atrás

    You look amazing! ♡

  75. Alyson Reints

    Alyson Reints4 meses atrás

    It’s my birthday today!!!!!!! And I bet you won’t see this, but thank you Jeffree for always making me smile and making my day better!

  76. Cyndel Stanley

    Cyndel Stanley4 meses atrás

    Fabulous 💖

  77. Ivonne L

    Ivonne L4 meses atrás

    Spill the tea palette!!! just like thirsty palette thats orange. and names can be like the haters. or anything else 🤷🏼‍♀️ he already did a red and orange palette 😍😍

  78. Promise Daniell

    Promise Daniell4 meses atrás

    Your opinion is what matters love queen Jeffree!!!

  79. Maria Benazic

    Maria Benazic4 meses atrás

    Perfection as usual xx

  80. Anshul Kumari

    Anshul Kumari4 meses atrás

    Oh my God.. you look perfect Jeffree!!!! Slay queen💕💕

  81. Sonali Lalbiharie

    Sonali Lalbiharie4 meses atrás

    It's look like a winter kind of moment

  82. Abstra Abstra

    Abstra Abstra4 meses atrás

    In Shane's video he is 57. He says he started makeup when he was around 13. And here he says that he has been buying makeup for 15 years. Where's the MATH???? AM I MISSING SOMETHING

  83. Chezlin Polanco

    Chezlin Polanco4 meses atrás

    I Just love the way that you are so original❤since I have been watching your videos I have improve my makeup😍😍 I wish you could do a video of an unicorn type of make up 😍😍😍😍😍😍thank-you for being so original

  84. Annette Berlin

    Annette Berlin4 meses atrás

    That eye look is perfect for you!

  85. Multi-fandom Enthusiast

    Multi-fandom Enthusiast4 meses atrás

    I love how Jeffree is so honest and gives credit where it's due. This vid is 2 years ago but i still go back to it.

  86. Anne Lobitana

    Anne Lobitana4 meses atrás

    Can you review the new colourpop disney please.

  87. Cristina F

    Cristina F4 meses atrás

    I don’t know this review didn’t seem as honest. It def needs a mirror for that price. The colors weren’t that great and I’m sure he got a lot of flack after his last negative review sooo... but that eyeshadow was soooo clumpy. Yikes. Maybe he put on too much or it’s blending ability isn’t great, but that was lacking a bit - as well as the metallic pigment.

  88. Abigail Calderon

    Abigail Calderon4 meses atrás

    Black hair really suits you

  89. Vanessa Soriano

    Vanessa Soriano4 meses atrás

    i fcking love your look here!! sizzling!!

  90. Deepa Thapa

    Deepa Thapa4 meses atrás

    U were not u in this video

  91. TroublesAngel Isabella

    TroublesAngel Isabella4 meses atrás

    Your fabulous with dark hair and bangs.

  92. Nicole Ramunni

    Nicole Ramunni4 meses atrás

    I WISH U WOULD REVIEW YOUNIQUE & I don’t expect u to buy from me bc I’m still a beginner but I do love some of the wonderful things that Younique does for their foundation to help women but I’d lovvve to c a review from YOU!!! Totally think u rock!!! Let me kno my name is Nikki Christine Ramdeno on FB 😊😊😊

  93. Raven Vargas

    Raven Vargas4 meses atrás

    Black hair with those make up colors look amazing

  94. Mydra Hernandez

    Mydra Hernandez4 meses atrás

    I'm amazed at your talent!! ugh I'll keep watching all ur videos to practice. Wish me luck

  95. Emily Robinson

    Emily Robinson5 meses atrás

    Also using the beauty blender to do your waterline is a really good idea

  96. Emily Robinson

    Emily Robinson5 meses atrás

    Those bangs are stellar!!!

  97. Eternity

    Eternity5 meses atrás

    Your eyes had me *shook* Gurl, Contacts or more recent surgery, IDC, You look lovely with brown eyes!

  98. Dode Diaries

    Dode Diaries5 meses atrás

    You are so beautiful

  99. Arshdeep Singh

    Arshdeep Singh5 meses atrás

    Love you

  100. Carmelita Silva

    Carmelita Silva5 meses atrás

    preeeeeeesioso bendisiones

  101. Alice Ocasio

    Alice Ocasio5 meses atrás

    I love the way you do your makeup, it come out so fucking Awesome,God bless u both an your baby's