1. Teri Havlik

    Teri Havlik7 meses atrás

    I love the Kardashians too! But if a product doesn’t work for you it just doesn’t

  2. Familia Rosa

    Familia Rosa9 meses atrás

    Can you review the KYLIE PALETTE WITH 28 EYESHADOWS ! Love ya!!!!!!

  3. Lola Lol

    Lola Lol11 meses atrás

    Do a review of the sorta sweet plis!!!!

  4. Alice Sormani

    Alice SormaniAnos atrás

    I personally really, really love this palette. I use it almost every day and I don't mind if it's overpriced, it has all the shades I use the most.

  5. liz moore

    liz mooreAnos atrás

    I have a dupe of this pallet from hush. It's by okalan and it's called the fancy pallets a bronze one and a burgundy one. So for $16 I got two and there amazing and blend beautifully! Tons of pigment.

  6. liz moore

    liz mooreAnos atrás

    Oh and it comes with a mirror in the compact.

  7. Chelsea Mercer

    Chelsea MercerAnos atrás

    U made me laugh when u said "ew" in the mirror u r so pretty i am sort of plain and when i look in the mirror i thought i was the only one that felt that way lol

  8. Lil Shadow

    Lil ShadowAnos atrás

    "less than 5 dollars a pan, so thats kinda drugstore" Nononononono You can get a whole pallete for 6$ in the drugstore

  9. dalila sebti

    dalila sebtiAnos atrás

    I dont really like the light here so sad cause i wanted to see her opinion on this palette

  10. Angie hayes

    Angie hayesAnos atrás

    off subject of the video but your playlists help me go to sleep at night and also when I'm about to have panic attacks I put on your videos and it helps so much. I want to thank you for that. your voice is calming and I love everything about them. last night my anxiety was so bad I thought I would cry myself to sleep again but I put on your videos and I was able to fall asleep. I'm so greatful for your channel. Thank you and please continue to make them 💕💕

  11. domonique reynolds

    domonique reynoldsAnos atrás

    Thank you for working so hard on all your videos. I understand that it take hours of preparation just for a 15 to 30 minute video. Since watching your videos, I have gotten back into my skincare routine and wearing makeup. I'm starting to feel better about myself and just wanted to say thank you so much!

  12. melaniepich

    melaniepichAnos atrás

    i feel like shes being a bit biased. these shadows have a "cheap" look but cost more than they should. its like shes trying to like it more than she really does. she is harsher on other products.. come on these shadows suck. they are powdery and splotchy. i just saw the ending. she said she just wanted to be cool with the kardashians. i thought she cared about honest reviews and didnt care if companies didnt like her. watch her alot but idk now

  13. Holly K

    Holly KAnos atrás

    Love most of your videos, however this one was super boring for some reason. I legit fell alseep half way through :/

  14. C W

    C WAnos atrás

    I love how honest this was. For similar pricing I feel like a lot of pallets did better and I wanted to buy the pallet for a long time but not without a review first. Especially for the uncommonly long wait I feel like I asked a friend and my friends are just as honest about what's in thier make up drawer. Can I please ask what eyeshadow brushes you use for blending and what you recommend for a budget conscious mom? Cause I think brushes are sometimes more important than your product to get the effect you need. Also I'm slightly obsessed with that glow powder so please mention the brand Keep doing what you do cause your channel is fun and I feel like I got the frankness as if I asked a friend and the friend I asked was the super honest pull no punches friend. Definitely subscribing and can't wait for the next one!

  15. joyce bivins

    joyce bivinsAnos atrás

    I love you hair. Jeez us..... its always beautiful

  16. Lindsey Knepfel

    Lindsey KnepfelAnos atrás

    her: it's not that good don't get it me: still wants it really bad

  17. lordsushistar

    lordsushistarAnos atrás

    This entire palette is a more expensive and shittier version of Shaaanxo's palette. Shan's was out for months before this thing hit. This is not the first time Kylie has unapologetically stolen an artistic fashion property though. Not shocked.

  18. Lydia Wang

    Lydia WangAnos atrás

    Your nails are fabulous!

  19. Lizzie Kulesza

    Lizzie KuleszaAnos atrás

    i have this palette and it comes out so good on swatches but she's barely touching the palette smh

  20. Uma Shekhawat

    Uma ShekhawatAnos atrás

    I love how she does not sugarcoat stuff! like I can literally depend on her tips and stuff when I go make-up shopping.

  21. Dalal H

    Dalal HAnos atrás

    This is the on of the best pallet I've ever used

  22. Shanny Boo

    Shanny Boo2 anos atrás


  23. princessviolet2103

    princessviolet21032 anos atrás

    not a fan of the Kardashians, so i'll pass, but thank you Tati for taking the time to review it and post your opinion on it.

  24. The Real Lady K.Hatake

    The Real Lady K.Hatake2 anos atrás

    I really don't like the palette that much in my opinion. It something I really don't wanna spend the money on. I rather go to BH cosmetics and get one thats simaller to that one and in my honest opinion its not worth it and the money. I'm not hating, I'm giving my honest opinion about it that's it.

  25. Erica Jiang

    Erica Jiang2 anos atrás

    She miss the shadow that was next to Tigers Eyes

  26. Tamu Shaikh

    Tamu Shaikh2 anos atrás

    where are your sponsear

  27. JustAnotherLevel

    JustAnotherLevel2 anos atrás

    The way you hold a brush is kind of reminding me of school. When working on a painting my instructors say the same thing as far as how to hold the brush before applying on canvas.

  28. CC Copy Cat

    CC Copy Cat2 anos atrás

    That wasn't a lot of points/pros and cons.

  29. Sue Holland

    Sue Holland2 anos atrás

    Omg !!! just get on with the review. So bored. I give up.

  30. K'Ehleyr KIKI

    K'Ehleyr KIKI2 anos atrás

    It reminds me of the Shannon XO eyeshadow she came out with then this came out Can you do a comparison of Shannons an kylies please

  31. Ivy McNeil

    Ivy McNeil2 anos atrás

    love your top

  32. Katie Lee

    Katie Lee2 anos atrás

    Lord, have mercy I haven't even watched it but I am afraid what Kylie's army may say about it if you don't rave... lol We will see. Tati is always honest, that's why I love her :)

  33. PinkyChiChi

    PinkyChiChi2 anos atrás

    There was only one color with no issues. For $42.00.

  34. Truth Teller

    Truth Teller2 anos atrás

    Nice ass kissing of Kylie. Just give us an honest review ffs. Unsubbed, you aren't trustworthy.

  35. Duda Martins

    Duda Martins2 anos atrás

    You are amazing Tati and I LOVE your style!

  36. Sunny Dayz

    Sunny Dayz2 anos atrás

    You are right!

  37. Eva Czerwonka

    Eva Czerwonka2 anos atrás

    Tati I love you! Just wanted to send some love ❤️ You're an inspiration! My absolutely fav BRreporter channel :) love from Toronto! 😘

  38. Kadi

    Kadi2 anos atrás

    this is not how tati would normally review makeup :( maybe kylie blackmailed her or something...

  39. Charlotte Jordan

    Charlotte Jordan2 anos atrás

    is the white shadow matte?

  40. Mi'el Blanquea Esquivo

    Mi'el Blanquea Esquivo2 anos atrás

    Brush swatches are so helpful! Thank you

  41. Inessa Brausova

    Inessa Brausova2 anos atrás

    Tati, I love you, you are amazing 😊❤

  42. Brooke Young

    Brooke Young2 anos atrás

    just found your videos last night and you are so beautiful. i love your reviews because there are so many products i want to try but i dont have the budget. so your honesty really helps me see what i might really love

  43. urMYangel777

    urMYangel7772 anos atrás

    love your style and honesty and love how you're just yourself. Thanks for your videos I consider them of value X

  44. Lacey Noel

    Lacey Noel2 anos atrás

    I just ordered this, now I'm worried. I'm a huge Kat Von D Beauty fan and review her products the most I wanted to change it up a bit. :(( Totally trust your opinion

  45. missylianne

    missylianne2 anos atrás

    I love your voice. It's really relaxing 😘

  46. Jesseca Seidel

    Jesseca Seidel2 anos atrás

    It's just makeup. I only care about the makeup so thank you for a lovely review.

  47. Xavier G

    Xavier G2 anos atrás

    Where is her shirt? If she's gonna film, she should at least wear a shirt.

  48. Beth

    Beth2 anos atrás

    I love how honest your reviews are!!!

  49. AHS Ghost

    AHS Ghost2 anos atrás

    Your such a nice person☺️

  50. Nikki Moua

    Nikki Moua2 anos atrás

    I love you Tati, I'm really thankful for your honest and sincere review! I'm glad you told us how you felt about why you wanted to like the palette and still remained true to your channel! I feel better living without every on trend palette haha

  51. Hey Itsame

    Hey Itsame2 anos atrás

    Looks chalky/patchy af... pigment was poor and you really dug into the pan for swatches. For a fraction of the price people can get bhcosmetics. That's too much for some mediocre 9 shadows. love ya, tati

  52. Tricia's Loft

    Tricia's Loft2 anos atrás


  53. Janine Hollimon

    Janine Hollimon2 anos atrás

    Thank you so muchhhh for all of your hard work! Btw, you are YOUNG still, and you know it! You are so beautiful, don't listen to the subs that are always hassling you on your age. Little do they know, (literally).. the 30's are the best! You look fab in whatever you wear, clothing wise or makeup wise. Keep on doing you Tati, that's why we love you!

  54. Amber H

    Amber H2 anos atrás

    I have the Kylie burgundy palette and I absolutely hate the formulas! Pretty colors, poorly done. They are very patchy, and the metallics will NOT pick up on a brush...

  55. Liz C

    Liz C2 anos atrás

    Am I the only one who had to forward so much of the video to actually hear the reviews. If we only focused on the review the vid would be 5 min long lol. Talking about dinner and nails and kardashians and something about gluten?

  56. Aiko Mendoza

    Aiko Mendoza2 anos atrás

    Kyshadow is my go to palette 😍❤️

  57. Melissa Moonchild

    Melissa Moonchild2 anos atrás

    at least this packaging is an improvement from the lip kits. That packaging is so gross... so rachet. Like...what's all over your mouth...girl? yikes.

  58. MarleyMo187

    MarleyMo1872 anos atrás

    Ur natural shine comes through at the end of the day and I must say you look amazing I wish I was that beautiful LOL I think you look great stop it😌

  59. A Curious Person

    A Curious Person2 anos atrás

    "cut the girl a break" girl we're spending /so/ much of our money to buy her stuff. Not all of us have a ton of money to throw around, so we're going to be rough on expensive products.

  60. Pamela

    Pamela2 anos atrás

    If anyone wants to buy an awesome palette for less money: get yourself a Morphe one!! They're 23 USD for 35 eyeshadows and the quality is amazing.

  61. Balance Yourself

    Balance Yourself2 anos atrás

    i guess when some shadows are dusty it is better to not do your face makeup first ^_^ as tempting as it may be lol

  62. Angelique

    Angelique2 anos atrás

    I love that you put what makeup you are wearing. I love it soooo much

  63. Faiqah Fikray

    Faiqah Fikray2 anos atrás

    You're always the one I'd look up to fr advice and recommendations. Thanks fr your honest review! You may not see this, but you are well-loved by yr subscribers especially me! Do not stop inspiring people and stay the you are, guuurl you rock!! I love you so much Tati!!! xoxo

  64. Sanzida Akter Moure

    Sanzida Akter Moure2 anos atrás

    she talks tooooo much...😧

  65. zaramalik947

    zaramalik9472 anos atrás

    the effort you made to make this palette 'workable' is a joke, like yeah let's use all the tricks of makeup and go over and over a shadow to get one fricking eye look, smh, and by the way they are exactly the cost of any decent palette like urban decay or two faced so 'not expecting Chanel' makes no sense whatsoever, I wish you would have the guts to say things like they are, like you do when bashing drugstore or relatively lesser known brands

  66. Thomasine Leverock

    Thomasine Leverock2 anos atrás

    Are you watching Tati to watch her try new products, and give her opinions or to cut her down. If you are watching to see what shirt she is wearing or how dark her hair is or not. Then you are watching for all the wrong reasons. What a bunch of bitches, you are not forced to watch her so go away or keep your comments to the product. Every time she reviews a product she makes it clear this is her opinions. You go Tati, wear what you want, keep you hair the color you want.

  67. Mariah

    Mariah2 anos atrás

    Is she celiac?

  68. anusha rashed

    anusha rashed2 anos atrás

    Tati has been suspiciously forgiving about this palette compared to any other pallete of similar price range that she has reviewed.

  69. Amy

    Amy2 anos atrás

    I ain't paying 50 bucks for this palette. I'd rather save that money and get me the modern renaissance 👍🏻

  70. carolina jimenez

    carolina jimenez2 anos atrás

    love your vlogs! regards from Colombia!

  71. Nathalie Flores

    Nathalie Flores2 anos atrás

    so... when she reviewed nikkitutorials power of makeup palette she didn't say anything bad and that palette was HORRIBLE. It was patchy and nasty, but she had nothing to say. But this palette which is obviously better, she's coming up with negative things? You're showing your true colors Tati.

  72. Alicia Garcia

    Alicia Garcia2 anos atrás

    Thanks for giving a true review always. I feel as if so many people are just disliking the palette for the name. Give Kylie a break. I do really love the look you created in this video and I am probably going to buy this and try to recreate it. Thanks again you are definitely my favorite beauty guru.

  73. Alicia Garcia

    Alicia Garcia2 anos atrás

    Also give Tati a break why is everyone complaining about the review she gave. If you do not like it then click out and continue to watch other "beauty gurus" give shitty reviews.

  74. Callutts

    Callutts2 anos atrás

    This is really random, but I think Tati would make a great mom. :)

  75. Sophie Caroline

    Sophie Caroline2 anos atrás

    I think it's navy not black

  76. Tayyiba Munir

    Tayyiba Munir2 anos atrás

    plzzzz huda beauty liquid matte?????????????????????????????//

  77. Nikki Yang

    Nikki Yang2 anos atrás

    Thank you for your review, I am going to gift my palette away because I have seen many mixed reviews about this palette on BRreporter after my purchase. So I have come to the conclusion to give it away. I am hoping her lip kits turn out good, because I have bought some for gifts. A lot of BRreporterrs loved them, so I am hoping the live up to my expectation.

  78. Sam Sam

    Sam Sam2 anos atrás

    I honestly think this review is suspicious. You call out what's wrong with the palette but then say you could "'make it work". The palette is either worth it or it's not. It doesn't matter who Kylie is and what her story is bc we aren't using her we are using her palette. And if she's going to put a high end price tag on a palette it should be high end. Minus the rest of the video I think the swatch portion was a good indicator of if you should buy it or not. The swatches speak for themselves.

  79. DG

    DG2 anos atrás

    I love your rings

  80. AnimeDevil009

    AnimeDevil0092 anos atrás

    why do people justify palletes like "its $52 for a pallete but theres 12 shadows so its less than $5.00 a shawdow. its drugstore price"? a drugstore price for a pallete doesnt near that price. for example, the morphe palletes give you 35 shadows for $20, thats less than a dollar a shadow. its not fair to breakdown a palletes price into individual shadows and compare it to individual prices of drugstores. if you go by that logic then kat von d, too faced, makeup forever, UD, all have "drugstore" palletes.

  81. Lisa Locke

    Lisa Locke2 anos atrás

    Awful pallet. This girl can't think that it was good. I wouldn't put my name on it. Did she not try the product? How did they get her to sign off on it.. and $40... need a mirror! Not her name... how narcissistic do you have to be?

  82. Pastel Kitten

    Pastel Kitten2 anos atrás

    I got this yesterday and I used it for the first time today. And for some reason my eyes were so itchy, it was horrible. Im not entirely sure if it was the eyeshadow but it was really the only thing I did differently. Im just wondering if anyone else has had this happen using this palette.

  83. nekorin

    nekorin2 anos atrás

    girl. your face in the thumbnail said it al. love you tati!! xx

  84. JimXian

    JimXian2 anos atrás

    Did you know Shanaxxo, has the same palette at a lower cost plus a mirror...other reviews say that the quality is better, but I wanted your opinion

  85. daisy8008

    daisy80082 anos atrás

    I feel that the review was good and honest, but I do agree with people saying that you should not have to "make it work" like you mentioned in the review

  86. Nancy Cruz

    Nancy Cruz2 anos atrás

    Love the review. To be honest I'm not buying it I'm going to stick with my Kat Von D. I do love KYLIE but I'm not buying something that has mixed reviews.

  87. thrashmami

    thrashmami2 anos atrás

    so many ignorant, unnecessary comments on this video. stop complaining about price Tati has nothing to do with it, if you want to buy it, then buy it, if you don't, then don't. don't make it so fckn complicated.

  88. Da Va

    Da Va2 anos atrás

    I Actually have the palette, got it just cuz free shipping lol and mine are very pigmented and blend good so I'm confused why they look like this on here.

  89. Jasmine Lacey

    Jasmine Lacey2 anos atrás

    I just uploaded a KYshadow and lipkit everyday turtorial, please jump over and watch! xx

  90. adriana ruiz

    adriana ruiz2 anos atrás

    Here's the real review that Tati seemed to shy to do for some reason o.O -Only one shade is good -The rest are patchy -Not really Pigmented -You have to try to make the product work and it's hard to blend Summary: The product ain't worth $42.00 + Shipping. It's just a basic not so good eyeshadow palette that only has one good color. So just buy something else like the Naked Urban Decay palette or the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I mean you can get drugstore eyeshadow palettes that are better.

  91. ciara r sanchez

    ciara r sanchez2 anos atrás

    Your hair looks good in like every video!!!!

  92. Anony Mous

    Anony Mous2 anos atrás

    if Kylie releases a brighter set of eye shadows for cooler skin tones I'd love to see your opinions.

  93. Mariah

    Mariah2 anos atrás

    Can you do a video comparing this palette to the shaaanxo palette?

  94. Lucy

    Lucy2 anos atrás

    I think for 50 bucks people shouldn't have to try so hard to "make it work". Most people save up to buy this crap and to receive a shitty palette like this, id be mad.

  95. lucy J.

    lucy J.2 anos atrás

    tati whats a budget lookalike kyshadow when u dont want to spend all that money

  96. lucy J.

    lucy J.2 anos atrás

    ok thank u

  97. Anna P

    Anna P2 anos atrás

    Just buy a morphe palette! They're like $20, they have a great neutral one and it has like 3x the amount of product.

  98. Sabrina Q.

    Sabrina Q.2 anos atrás

    I feel like this palette is really similar to the morphe 35o palette but with less shades

  99. Rabia Ezgi Kayalı

    Rabia Ezgi Kayalı2 anos atrás

    kylie did her own make up on snapchat. if u didn't watch it, come to my channel and watch it

  100. meowbrizzy meow

    meowbrizzy meow2 anos atrás

    Can you review the shaaanxo pallete from bh cosmetics ??!

  101. Chiara Verdini

    Chiara Verdini2 anos atrás

    This palette looks exactly identical to the Shaaanxo one. I don't wanna give my money to that person. I don't want my money being spent to grow Kylie's ass.

  102. mare1sm

    mare1sm2 anos atrás

    tati as much as I agree with your make it work policy what's the point in buying a 40 dollar eyeshadow pallete if it's not going to work perfectly ... I don't appreciate it when reviewers say well with fix plus this or that works amazing... I don't have fix plus and many other people do not have fix plus. They need an actually good eyeshadow pallete... I usually love your reviews but I don't appreciate this sudden holding back the comments personality... also this pallete is NOT just a 40 dollar pallete... another thing that I don't appreciate it for are the sick tax and shipping rates... In the end I end up with a 50 plus dollar pallete when in reality I could've just bought myself a great quality eyeshadow pallete with whom I do NOT HAVE to use fix plus for the same amount of money!

  103. Lady Vertical

    Lady Vertical2 anos atrás

    I have a little bit of a guilty pleasure with the Kardashian clan. I try to not like them but then I see like Kylies make up (on her face, not her line) or Kourtneys clothes and I really like it. I have said a few times that I know like Kim basically got famous for nothing but you can't deny that they in turn built a fricken empire in a very smart way. side note; the comments hating on you for "holding back" are so ridiculous ._. you said you didn't really like it and pointed out that it basically looks just like the KVD one.. just cause you didn't drag it through the mud doesn't mean it's a bad review jeez people

  104. Z Neah

    Z Neah2 anos atrás

    I personally loved the shadow kit. And I don't think it'll work on all skin colors as good as it did on Kylie's. The colors looked best on Kylie so far. Everyone else who did the review either didn't know how to put it on, or didn't bother to take the time to blend it properly. I'm too bright and I don't think these colors would go well on my skin either, but this palette sure makes me want to have Kylie's eyes. Its a lovely palette.