Kylie Jenner Smokey Cat Makeup Tutorial \\ ChloeMorello


  1. Isabel Figgy

    Isabel Figgy21 dia atrás

    This is so perfect! I only wear the smoked liner and its simple, quick, and stunning with a light touch of lash oil or vaseline

  2. Maram Hatem

    Maram Hatem6 meses atrás

    Totally worth the try

  3. Wendy Vasquez

    Wendy Vasquez6 meses atrás

    She look way better with just Foundation and brows she’s so gorgeous

  4. Lynell Da Queen

    Lynell Da Queen6 meses atrás

    You actually look like Angelina jolie

  5. Rama Daghestani

    Rama Daghestani6 meses atrás

    Pleaz can you do arab makeup ??

  6. Daylan El Naamani

    Daylan El Naamani8 meses atrás

    Please say "WANKER" in all your videos😂 you're adorable

  7. Jenn Lecher

    Jenn Lecher8 meses atrás

    You are soooo much prettier than Kylie....

  8. Amal Chahin

    Amal Chahin9 meses atrás

    Thank you for this tutorial I love how your make up is wearable and doable for everyday and ordinary women ❤️

  9. Sarah Movassaghi

    Sarah Movassaghi9 meses atrás

    that foundation looks amazing :O

  10. Lepa Jelena

    Lepa Jelena10 meses atrás

    Girl you do not need false lashes!

  11. Paopu Princess

    Paopu Princess11 meses atrás

    I need a friend like you 😭

  12. Dilara xo

    Dilara xoAnos atrás

    I can’t believe those are your own lashes you look like an angel

  13. Cassidy Moodley

    Cassidy MoodleyAnos atrás

    Ur so beautiful

  14. 1994moni

    1994moniAnos atrás

    I absolutely love 💕 your video’s CHLOE wow thank you 🙏😊 more video’s please.

  15. Fairuz N

    Fairuz NAnos atrás

    You look a lot better than her :) And also your makeup look is better

  16. Malak Hankeer

    Malak HankeerAnos atrás

    So nice

  17. ZenTee

    ZenTeeAnos atrás

    love to watch but the music is so sad, like so sentimental

  18. mc-dullingerne prut

    mc-dullingerne prutAnos atrás

    is it just me or she relly look like candice swanerpole

  19. Jordan Fincher

    Jordan FincherAnos atrás

    What is the music in this vid?

  20. Exci Gold

    Exci GoldAnos atrás

    beautiful chloe

  21. Émilie Somerville

    Émilie SomervilleAnos atrás

    Having a Chloe Morello marathon today, idkw but you know... 😍 her shinny hair and nice makeup looks are glam Hollywood life omg

  22. Christie C

    Christie CAnos atrás

    that foundation is so gorgeous on you!!! such a pretty foundation for fair skin, might have to get some now!

  23. lil458835693 k

    lil458835693 kAnos atrás

    you are a stunning classic beauty. i wouldnt hate looking like you thats for sure!

  24. Dun Ya

    Dun YaAnos atrás

    Ur beautiful then her

  25. adriana beacham

    adriana beachamAnos atrás

    Love it!!!

  26. Fikir Ukalası

    Fikir UkalasıAnos atrás

    Sen daha güzelsin, o da kim ? Bööğğğhhhh

  27. Sandra Kasandra

    Sandra KasandraAnos atrás

    please do tutorial only benefit products

  28. Olivia Reyes

    Olivia ReyesAnos atrás

    Off topic, It's not rude to have a loud motorcycle, he's going to where he needs to be on what he loves, and i would assume makeup is something you love so idk, because he interrupted, you, he's rude 😐 it's a noise it goes away... it's alright

  29. Emma Swierc

    Emma SwiercAnos atrás

    This twilight soundtrack lol

  30. Lauren O

    Lauren OAnos atrás

    Ugh this look it's so beautiful I want it on my face

  31. Vturrs R

    Vturrs R2 anos atrás


  32. nari miss

    nari miss2 anos atrás

    wher can i find this music.i went the name of this music

  33. Jill Valentine

    Jill Valentine2 anos atrás

    I guess your channel is being hacked.

  34. kawtar

    kawtar2 anos atrás

    i missed watching this video bc the makeup looked really good and i wanted to recreate it (again) then i looked at the date this video was posted and it was exactly 1 year ago lol

  35. Eladnyl Sy

    Eladnyl Sy2 anos atrás

    you look like anjelina jolie :3

  36. Gabriela 111

    Gabriela 1112 anos atrás

    Chloe, I see why sometimes young women would compare themselves with celebrities, but trust me, you are prettier than KJ. She pumped fillers in her lips. Yours look fully natural. I imagine because they are natural. You go girl. Also, your personality is perfect for what you're doing. Sense of humor, relaxed, self confident (who wouldn't be with that face :-)?) . Delightful.

  37. Zin H

    Zin H2 anos atrás

    you're much more prettier than her ♡♥♡♥ love you

  38. Dawn Delarosa

    Dawn Delarosa2 anos atrás


  39. Kuhu

    Kuhu2 anos atrás

    So so so pretty girl you r

  40. Jazzy Parntz

    Jazzy Parntz2 anos atrás

    Always look forward to your videos 😍

  41. Shamz A

    Shamz A2 anos atrás

    Heyyyyyy Dude that tip to make your blending look more controlled is AMAZING.

  42. Mousumi Das

    Mousumi Das2 anos atrás

    The eyemakeup 😍

  43. Samita Sharma

    Samita Sharma2 anos atrás

    awwwww chloe u r so b'ful.... 😘😘😘😘

  44. Julie Haugh

    Julie Haugh2 anos atrás

    So gorgeous! I think you look better than Kylie, and those lashes!

  45. Elena rammal

    Elena rammal2 anos atrás

    amazing Chloe 😍

  46. Meher Zaween

    Meher Zaween2 anos atrás

    she's looking beautiful!!!!!!

  47. Angel Scarlett

    Angel Scarlett2 anos atrás

    This is gonna be my everyday makeup look so stunning❤️

  48. Greenbow89

    Greenbow892 anos atrás

    2 minutes in and her grasshopper moment KILLED ME😂😂😂, she's fantastic

  49. lala

    lala2 anos atrás

    i LOVE your makeup you are the bestt💖💖

  50. arum ramadhani

    arum ramadhani2 anos atrás

    you look like candice swanepoel

  51. Unknown

    Unknown2 anos atrás

    arum ramadhani omg!!! Yes... I wanted to say Angelina Jolie but I was like not really.

  52. Varleen kaur

    Varleen kaur2 anos atrás

    Soo beautifull ! I can't describe how my i adore your make skills! Did you go to make up school or something?

  53. Zayn And Justin my sweethearts

    Zayn And Justin my sweethearts2 anos atrás

    I love Kylie soo much she is really very sweet

  54. charlotte krulis

    charlotte krulis2 anos atrás


  55. Taylor Brooke Layne

    Taylor Brooke Layne2 anos atrás

    At least a mascara can't get you pregnant 😂😂😂😂

  56. Ece Youtube

    Ece Youtube2 anos atrás

    Love this makeup tutorial

  57. Jennifer's video's

    Jennifer's video's2 anos atrás

    I love that foundation now too....... how much??? hahaha. Love the look by the way yes you do look a little like Kylie but u had the look first. lol

  58. Isabel Grace

    Isabel Grace2 anos atrás

    you look like a brunette perrie edwards! so gorgeous

  59. Tatiana Montero

    Tatiana Montero2 anos atrás

    Amo tus videos! Siempre los veo... saludos desde Ecuador

  60. jepi rosete

    jepi rosete2 anos atrás

    You look like Angelina Jolie and Leighton Meester had a baby 😆 kidding aside, i think you're very beautiful, and you make great vids! 😍

  61. Vivian Zhou

    Vivian Zhou2 anos atrás

    Chloe is one of the most fun make up tutorial ever! Efficient and inspiring plus a big sense of humor! Love ya xo

  62. κανέλα Γκουτιέρεζ

    κανέλα Γκουτιέρεζ2 anos atrás

    u look like Angelina Jodie very beautiful u........

  63. Camila Romero

    Camila Romero2 anos atrás

    Really random question, did you curled the falsies before applying them? I own the Siren lashes but they look so straight on mee

  64. Lacey Hooper

    Lacey Hooper2 anos atrás

    but wayyyy prettier

  65. Lacey Hooper

    Lacey Hooper2 anos atrás

    gorgeous!!! You look exactly like kylie it's CRAZY

  66. Nova Alyousef

    Nova Alyousef2 anos atrás

    I have bought from the house of lashes the same one ! but it doesn't look the same as yours and it's too smal for my eyes lol ! it only cover half of my eyes ! WTH xD

  67. AMANDA

    AMANDA2 anos atrás

    So beautiful!!

  68. Arianna Farley

    Arianna Farley2 anos atrás

    Are your lashes naturally curled?

  69. Roxxy Gotis

    Roxxy Gotis2 anos atrás

    for someone that fails at winged eyeliner because of my eye shape, this is a lifesaver.

  70. K Otaku

    K Otaku2 anos atrás


  71. millie 101010101

    millie 1010101012 anos atrás

    looks prettier than kylie

  72. Fereshteh Sheidi

    Fereshteh Sheidi2 anos atrás

    U are more beautiful...

  73. Sara Azizam

    Sara Azizam2 anos atrás

    Fereshteh Sheidi they are both gorgeous in their own way

  74. Mylene Millan

    Mylene Millan2 anos atrás


  75. Marine LaSeule

    Marine LaSeule2 anos atrás

    *2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway*

  76. Sonya Boneva

    Sonya Boneva2 anos atrás

    you are more beautiful than Kylie 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  77. Carrie

    Carrie2 anos atrás

    Chloe you are so much more gorgeous, and cool, than Kylie Jenner is. No offense to her, you're just the best💗

  78. Paupiah Varuna

    Paupiah Varuna2 anos atrás

    you are more beautiful than Kylie jenner

  79. Wendy Blue

    Wendy Blue2 anos atrás

    omg 6:12 you look so much like Angelina Jolie

  80. Clementine R

    Clementine R2 anos atrás

    Girl, you inspired Kylie Jenner.

  81. Wendy Blue

    Wendy Blue2 anos atrás


  82. Rachel Hooper

    Rachel Hooper2 anos atrás

    You look better the Kylie

  83. Artemis Toliopoulou

    Artemis Toliopoulou2 anos atrás

    The closest to kylie's makeup i ever seen! Good job 😊💪🏼

  84. Macarena Castaneda

    Macarena Castaneda2 anos atrás

    This is a beautiful look, im trying it tonight😍 you look gorgeous! Thanks for this🌹

  85. khadija Ezzahir

    khadija Ezzahir2 anos atrás

    your look like angelena jolly

  86. Jess Davis

    Jess Davis2 anos atrás

    reminds of Kylie's eye look on the front of the kyshadow palette

  87. Анна Крень

    Анна Крень2 anos atrás

    you are really cool!

  88. Chona Galura

    Chona Galura2 anos atrás

    U got beautiful eyes. U look like angelina jollie..

  89. Courtney Lauber

    Courtney Lauber2 anos atrás

    when she drops the hourglass eyebrow pencil and replayed that i LOST it hahaa

  90. pviige

    pviige2 anos atrás

    you look like young Katy Perry!

  91. Altagracia Checo

    Altagracia Checo2 anos atrás

    About to get this lashes, does she cuts them to fit her eye? Hope i can get an answer

  92. Maggie and Bella

    Maggie and Bella2 anos atrás

    i hate you

  93. gabriella riccio

    gabriella riccio2 anos atrás

    I would love to know what color her hair is OMG its gorgeous 😍😍😍

  94. Marlox Killer

    Marlox Killer2 anos atrás

    chloe whats you age? yoyr skin's amazing..

  95. kalifornia lovex

    kalifornia lovex2 anos atrás

    I can't believe that i just discovered you out..... OMG ! Anyway love you already! Xx

  96. Cherry Yangco

    Cherry Yangco2 anos atrás

    always love ur vids so funny .love u chloe.

  97. Sulagna Deb

    Sulagna Deb2 anos atrás

    What i loved most about this video is that you finally used a foundation that matched the skin tone of your face.. dont get me wrong, i love all your makeup tutorials.. i just liked this more because you used the right shade of foundation for your face. I know you usually use a darker shade to match with your fake tan and it turns out amazing in the end.. but right after the foundation application.. the clearly too dark product just irks me so much ! Anyhow.. you do what you do. Love all your make up tutorials. Love this one just a little extra..

  98. Fabienne Ware

    Fabienne Ware2 anos atrás

    this look is seriously just so gorgeous 😍

  99. ZoeJanet Coulter

    ZoeJanet Coulter2 anos atrás

    "It's gonna have to do a lot to be better than sex" omg hahahaha

  100. flor bella

    flor bella2 anos atrás

    super hermosa

  101. Bey Hive

    Bey Hive2 anos atrás

    You hair looks amazing

  102. BriarRose

    BriarRose2 anos atrás

    wtf, at the end of the video she looks so much like Meghan Fox, it's unbelievable!!! I only found your channel today, but I'm already hooked!!!!

  103. Honey Mary

    Honey Mary2 anos atrás

    You are prettier than her hereee 😍😍😍