Kylie Jenner Tries on Versace Dress for 2017 Met Gala | Life of Kylie | E!


  1. Nada Mussallam

    Nada Mussallam16 dias atrás

    0:23 she looks like dove Cameron

  2. M.M S2 Life

    M.M S2 Life27 dias atrás

    Tragedy fact I won’t wear Versace dress in my life till the day I die

  3. Ale Portillo

    Ale Portillo2 meses atrás

    I liked the other dress better

  4. Candace Anderson

    Candace Anderson2 meses atrás

    it's so good. I effing can't.

  5. Ri Mar

    Ri Mar2 meses atrás

    Kylie Nunca Estuvo Conforme Con Su cuerpo, Rostro Y Ahora Se Nota Que Ya Lo Está, Se Ve Más Tranquila Y Segura...

  6. Kasia Bell

    Kasia Bell2 meses atrás

    She was pregnant when this happened

  7. bichymin

    bichymin4 meses atrás

    She's stunningly gorgeous!

  8. Candace Anderson

    Candace Anderson4 meses atrás

    WOW. I've never seen it with the dark hair. LOOKS AMAZING

  9. Kamilly Sampaio

    Kamilly Sampaio4 meses atrás

    A Kylie tem clareamento na pele dela

  10. Marion Zendano

    Marion Zendano7 meses atrás

    She looked prettier in the sweats ...

  11. snooky apo

    snooky apo8 meses atrás

    Omg, she rocks any outfits...she can even wear a diaper... I just started watching kuwtk this morning, now my spelling is so wrong, supposed to type 'she' instead I was doing 'see'. Oh well, it is the Kardashian effect.

  12. Alexandra Estre

    Alexandra Estre9 meses atrás

    This dress is ridiculous

  13. Random Thoughts

    Random Thoughts9 meses atrás

    I like the song that started when Kylie was looking at clothes😎😘🤔😙😚

  14. Laura Borga

    Laura Borga10 meses atrás

    Colombia👋👋👋 I love kylie😊😊😚

  15. Racky Ba

    Racky Ba10 meses atrás

    This how her wedding dress would look like

  16. Zoe Piperidou

    Zoe Piperidou10 meses atrás

    The bag she carries at 0:05 , is a louis bag?

  17. MissZG ZZ

    MissZG ZZ11 meses atrás

    Im just gonna leave before this gets out of hand.

  18. Giovanni Ranga

    Giovanni Ranga11 meses atrás

    You are scared of butterflies? What the hell.

  19. arij drew bieber

    arij drew bieber11 meses atrás

    yah gerl

  20. Bel Hu

    Bel HuAnos atrás

    If people like this are the idols of today we all should just die

  21. Yanger Lkr

    Yanger LkrAnos atrás

    For real tho. Whats the background song? 😁

  22. makenzie yarber

    makenzie yarberAnos atrás

    what a brat

  23. Banana

    BananaAnos atrás

    She defffff got a BBL

  24. Nick Yad

    Nick YadAnos atrás


  25. Annie Miranda

    Annie MirandaAnos atrás

    Was she pregnant during this?

  26. Lucky Kitty

    Lucky KittyAnos atrás

    Annie Miranda Perez no

  27. Pink Heart

    Pink HeartAnos atrás

    What is in her hair?

  28. JaNae Freeman

    JaNae FreemanAnos atrás

    Vanity, that is the only thing that comes to mind.

  29. Sandhya kiran

    Sandhya kiranAnos atrás

    She looks complete plastic!!! No natural at all

  30. Adan Wakeem

    Adan WakeemAnos atrás

    What's the song at 0:17 - 0:45 called??!

  31. Dana Tiara C. HERNAEZ

    Dana Tiara C. HERNAEZAnos atrás

    I kinda wish she did the other one

  32. ariana grande

    ariana grandeAnos atrás

    0:38 😦😂

  33. kemaline

    kemalineAnos atrás

    My wife

  34. kemaline

    kemalineAnos atrás

    ım CRYIN she s my everything love her so so so so so so much ım really dying 😭😭😭💞 kylie love you soooo so so much bae,she s mine😭😭😭😭😭💞💞💞💞💞

  35. Danielle 1004

    Danielle 1004Anos atrás

    so spoiled. MJ once said Humbleness is the most important thing to remember. I miss you. MJ

  36. Charlotte Bannister-findlay

    Charlotte Bannister-findlayAnos atrás

    to be fair her butt isn't as bad as kims because she didn't try to go too much bigger and she kinda has the thigh to match

  37. gemma5632

    gemma5632Anos atrás

    She makes Paris Hilton look like Albert Einstein!

  38. Karla Blair

    Karla BlairAnos atrás

    Gorgeous dress!!! It looks great!

  39. Emilia Villarreal

    Emilia VillarrealAnos atrás

    Omg E! Network has 666K subs 0-0

  40. orazdow

    orazdowAnos atrás

    I'm attracted to that lady

  41. girls fun

    girls funAnos atrás

    i think the dress concept is beautiful but i hate the color tbh i don't like it on Kylie

  42. Blingaling48103

    Blingaling481033 meses atrás

    The strands that are dangling on each arm are nice. Could have been great if she hand done a gradient color instead of having them all one color. A gradient of the color of her dress. Do each arm with a gradient/ombre. Or have the right arm strands with a color gradient and the left arm as it was (matching the dress).

  43. vondonstrut218

    vondonstrut2187 meses atrás

    i think perhaps if it was worn on a brown skinned or darker skinned woman there would be more of a contrast bw the dress and the person and i think it would show the dress off better. i think a different color for this concept would look better on lighter skinned people. like it looks too much like just a nude dress lol on kylie.

  44. Maliha Intikhab

    Maliha IntikhabAnos atrás

    She has way too many body issues if she wants to "suffocate".

  45. Mehdi mazzouri

    Mehdi mazzouriAnos atrás

    0:39 Sounds like she s being fucked

  46. Michael Jackson & Queen forever

    Michael Jackson & Queen foreverAnos atrás

    Oh my God 😂😂😂😂


    DROGON GOTAnos atrás

    I honestly don't know why people hate her.....she so adorable and cute.....maybe people hate because her personality seems fake.idk

  48. Al Tarawneh

    Al TarawnehAnos atrás

    What's the song

  49. Lunar Rae

    Lunar RaeAnos atrás

    Agar. Pop nope

  50. Lunar Rae

    Lunar RaeAnos atrás

    i wanna know too

  51. Atara W.

    Atara W.Anos atrás

    Fake butt. She is not a Karsashian, she is a Jenner. Uch. Kylie, you don't even look your original self. She is a Kim wannabee

  52. mayra pina

    mayra pinaAnos atrás

    I gotta give it to her. She has an awesome body (real or fake).

  53. Desean Ross Jr

    Desean Ross JrAnos atrás

    Kylie Jenner she wear beautiful Dress

  54. Beth Sands

    Beth SandsAnos atrás

    "DO you think we should suffocate?" WTF?!

  55. love you

    love youAnos atrás

    i REALLY LOVE her body shape or curves what so ever. but i want to achieve it naturally😂 (if possible)

  56. Lucky Kitty

    Lucky KittyAnos atrás

    It is not possible. Kylie got fat removed from her ribs and waist then got it injected in her hips and butt.

  57. Kelly Lynch

    Kelly LynchAnos atrás

    its very very possible> soon i will have my youtube up and running and i will post workout videos of how to achieve her body naturally.

  58. Fa Cn

    Fa CnAnos atrás

    Im so jealous

  59. LaTavia Washington

    LaTavia WashingtonAnos atrás

    She looked perfectly fine before all the plastic surgery, I don't comprehend why she felt the need to change.......

  60. Prim (Pimsiri) T

    Prim (Pimsiri) T3 meses atrás

    LaTavia Washington everyone has different opinions, so for her she felt the need to do so and it probably made her feel more comfortable, but for you she didn’t need it.

  61. allabout style

    allabout styleAnos atrás

    she's so fake

  62. Charlie Gray

    Charlie GrayAnos atrás

    Her body is to die for!!! She's gorgeous.

  63. Baby Blue

    Baby BlueAnos atrás

    Horrible !

  64. Tram Pham

    Tram PhamAnos atrás

    •Tæ Bæ • dang why so negative? Let the girl live

  65. •Tæ Bæ •

    •Tæ Bæ •Anos atrás

    Too bad it's fake.

  66. Amanda begg

    Amanda beggAnos atrás

    People spend so much time being offended.

  67. Vaga Souls

    Vaga SoulsAnos atrás

    Help my husband and I spread our message around the world

  68. Jocelin Godinez

    Jocelin GodinezAnos atrás

    her body fake af

  69. Leigh-Anne Aveiro

    Leigh-Anne AveiroAnos atrás

    Is she super tall or does she just keep short company? Because even at the start when she was just wearing sneakers she towered over everyone.

  70. vondonstrut218

    vondonstrut2187 meses atrás

    shes like 5'6 lol. so i think if everyone there is 5'1/5'2 she'll tower over them.

  71. Daniel Sharman

    Daniel SharmanAnos atrás

    Her but isn't really that big it's her hips

  72. Samael Martell

    Samael MartellAnos atrás

    she snorts coc

  73. ausha

    aushaAnos atrás

    no one even cared about the theme...except for maybe riri

  74. Tauan Gomes

    Tauan GomesAnos atrás


  75. Tasnia Chowdhury

    Tasnia ChowdhuryAnos atrás

    So instead of seeing it in the mirror first, she makes her assistant take a picture and then see it?

  76. LilyOfLife

    LilyOfLife24 dias atrás

    because seeing in the mirror is different to how it looks on camera

  77. Little Flower

    Little FlowerAnos atrás

    Tasnia Chowdhury I am pretty sure it's to compare the two dresses after she takes them off.

  78. silk

    silkAnos atrás

    Tasnia Chowdhury i think she wanted to see how the dress photographs it wasn't a big demand lol

  79. Jenis Thiebs

    Jenis ThiebsAnos atrás

    She seems overreacted and obsessed with her look that she gonna be in Met Gala and she wore blonde hair wig in real.I think it failed.

  80. NEECY B.

    NEECY B.Anos atrás

    How did I get here...UGH

  81. Mrs. Cardenas

    Mrs. CardenasAnos atrás

    "Versace on the floor"🎵🎶🎼

  82. Mrs. Cardenas

    Mrs. CardenasAnos atrás

    Al Tarawneh No, I quoted Bruno Mars song lol

  83. The monkey experience

    The monkey experienceAnos atrás

    All these people hired to tell her lies about how beautiful she's looking

  84. Brittney Ortega

    Brittney OrtegaAnos atrás

    I loved the other dress! It was so comme de garçon

  85. Ricardo Rivera

    Ricardo RiveraAnos atrás

    Is the going to come on Hulu?

  86. Sheri Berry

    Sheri BerryAnos atrás

    I LOVE ME SOME KYLIE! But to be honest I thought that the show would be a lot more personal than what we have already seen on social media through her accounts. Nevertheless, I still support and watch the show! Maybe next season she will show us a little bit more.

  87. samira mira

    samira miraAnos atrás

    I just hate her drama

  88. Smoke Bitch

    Smoke BitchAnos atrás

    The door is over there...... the home button

  89. Hannie Daily

    Hannie DailyAnos atrás

    samira mira if you hate her then why are you here

  90. Lil' Cutie Babe

    Lil' Cutie BabeAnos atrás

    samira mira Not to be rude but....then why are you here?

  91. jeremie osbourne

    jeremie osbourneAnos atrás

    she looked horrible with that blonde wig she looked better with black hair

  92. Potato

    PotatoAnos atrás

    جمييييل الفستان

  93. T.B.Corina

    T.B.CorinaAnos atrás

    I really Love that Dress

  94. Jill

    JillAnos atrás

    I don't care if her figure fake or not, you can't deny the fact her body is HOT🔥

  95. Mayz z

    Mayz z6 meses atrás

    True, but the real praise goes to the surgeon

  96. Sophia Tsina

    Sophia Tsina10 meses atrás

    Marilou k OMG FINALLY someone else that is Greek 😂

  97. Jill

    JillAnos atrás

    Blacks, Latina's or anyone with that type of hourglass figure, never feel ashamed about your bodies! They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You are very lucky to naturally have them since everyone wants them ! :) ❤️

  98. Marilou k

    Marilou kAnos atrás

    CeCe Goddess Blacks and latinas are PERFECTION!!! Even though i'm not black or latina, i am Greek i have that type of body. I'm 20 and everyone still making fun of me, sometimes i feel ashamed.

  99. Shyayy Cripsta

    Shyayy CripstaAnos atrás


  100. Jackee

    JackeeAnos atrás

    so boring. she starting to get that diaper butt like kim.

  101. Henni

    Henni7 meses atrás

    Why can’t I just report people for being rude?? Oh wait...

  102. Melissa Ribeiro

    Melissa Ribeiro8 meses atrás

    Åsa Persson look at Kim’s butt and that will be the definition

  103. The lonely soul

    The lonely soulAnos atrás

    Jackee lol can't stop laughing

  104. Kira Lovely

    Kira LovelyAnos atrás

    Lmfao diaper butt 😂😂😂

  105. Åsa Persson

    Åsa PerssonAnos atrás

    whats a diaper butt

  106. Hey it's Chlo

    Hey it's ChloAnos atrás

    If u don't have e on your to there is an app called hayu which allows u to watch it, there is a small fee each month but you can watch any show that is on e with it😊

  107. TheBoringLifeOfRayane

    TheBoringLifeOfRayaneAnos atrás

    Why do you people have to make a video for every move that happens on Life of Kylie?! Like I LOVE Kylie so much but you don't need to spam this channel with everything!

  108. Jasmin Hae

    Jasmin HaeAnos atrás

    I wanna have her life

  109. Indhira Valdes

    Indhira ValdesAnos atrás

    Anna Belle why???

  110. Oh My Dior

    Oh My DiorAnos atrás

    That's so Sad

  111. txcolnago

    txcolnagoAnos atrás

    The challenge is not the dress.The challenge is if you can put that cell phone down for 5min

  112. C.C

    C.C6 dias atrás

    She runs a company through her phone

  113. Rookie AKAN

    Rookie AKAN9 meses atrás

    Fr. The girl can't survive without looking at her phone.

  114. Jessica Shearman

    Jessica ShearmanAnos atrás

    She looks stunning but honestly wouldn't last a week living a lower class life.

  115. Lightning Strike 2000

    Lightning Strike 20008 dias atrás

    Yall salty

  116. Juste Shehra

    Juste ShehraAnos atrás

    Follow me on Instagrame please

  117. CTKiwi101

    CTKiwi101Anos atrás

    I think the dress looks better with black hair ...

  118. Blabla

    Blabla2 meses atrás

    She wear match with kendall Black outfit

  119. Phoenix Berens

    Phoenix Berens8 meses atrás

    Donatella Versace told her to go blonde for this look tho

  120. sarah phinees

    sarah phineesAnos atrás

    Yeah and the blonde hair she had looked crusty. The black hair or a nice blonde wig wouldve been lit

  121. Wendy A.

    Wendy A.Anos atrás

    so we're basically supposed to watch the rich life of Kylie 🙄

  122. fatima darbar

    fatima darbar7 dias atrás

    Wendy A. Don’t watch it then🙄

  123. y2kimchi

    y2kimchi2 meses atrás

    "Supposed" to? Lmfao u clicked on this willingly?

  124. Leslie Melendez

    Leslie Melendez7 meses atrás

    Well it called life of Kylie you are not gonna see her being poor😂

  125. my life as carly

    my life as carly9 meses atrás

    Wendy A. You don't HAVE to watch it you know

  126. Zna Sve

    Zna Sve9 meses atrás

    King Aesthetic and she is rich

  127. Hadley

    HadleyAnos atrás

    dumbest show ever.

  128. Hannie Daily

    Hannie DailyAnos atrás

    Hadleigh if you hate it then why you here

  129. Ivy Mom18

    Ivy Mom18Anos atrás

    jeremie osbourne thank you!!!!! Lmaoo

  130. jeremie osbourne

    jeremie osbourneAnos atrás

    yet you're here lol

  131. lyn.

    lyn.Anos atrás

    "Do you think we should suffocate?" This girl has some serious problems.

  132. 0608 jmlee

    0608 jmlee3 meses atrás

    it's a joke

  133. Alyssa Beth

    Alyssa Beth11 meses atrás

    She meant to get it fitted to the point where it's like that,there going to a met gala. She wanted to make sure it looked good,it's not that deep

  134. chełmno

    chełmnoAnos atrás

    Ledé• Lapri “icon” 😭😭😭😭😭😭💀

  135. Faith Saved

    Faith SavedAnos atrás

    sweethearto'brien people love to hate this girl. She’s an icon wtf do you expect? She has to look her best

  136. Smoke Bitch

    Smoke BitchAnos atrás

    Donovan H. Haha lmaoooo

  137. MarkoK

    MarkoKAnos atrás


  138. Timaiya Rajah

    Timaiya RajahAnos atrás

    she looks absolutely beautiful💖💖 love it

  139. ola

    olaAnos atrás

    Emmm no.

  140. TAM Channel

    TAM ChannelAnos atrás

    I honestly don't like that dress that is uncomfortable af

  141. TAM Channel

    TAM ChannelAnos atrás

    It's a fact lol even a kid can tell how uncomfortable that dress looks

  142. Jill

    JillAnos atrás

    Tahmina Sharif Why you speaking like you were previously in line to have tried the dress on looool

  143. meanmeme

    meanmemeAnos atrás

    Tahmina Sharif lol same hey btw i made a videi where Kylie *ACTUALLY* sings for 1 minute straight!! It's hilarious😂😂

  144. Jackie C

    Jackie CAnos atrás

    Tahmina Sharif how do you know???🙄🙄🙄

  145. arianne batsinda

    arianne batsindaAnos atrás

    Slay girl ❤️❤️

  146. pearl

    pearlAnos atrás

    first like 💜

  147. e.bmakeupxx

    e.bmakeupxxAnos atrás

    My Queen !!♡

  148. pearl

    pearlAnos atrás

    early squad 💖