Kylie Kyshadow Palette | Tutorial + First Impressions


  1. Sienna’s Fabulous Life

    Sienna’s Fabulous LifeMês atrás

    when jaclyn had red hair😭😂

  2. No Reply

    No Reply3 meses atrás

    Nice to see the product actually applies well...but I think the bad comments are from ppl who Hates Kylie and disgusted by the whole Kardashian thing huh..but is just mkup good for you that you like it this video doesn't voodoo me into buying it or anyone else 🙄but I'm not a Kylie fan tho☺

  3. Hey Roni

    Hey Roni5 meses atrás

    “Alright guys I’m going to zoom you in” * zooms in * “ AH DONT BE SCARED “ omg I love.

  4. Kaitlyn Mariee

    Kaitlyn Mariee6 meses atrás

    I love you Jaclyn 💖💖

  5. Andrada

    Andrada6 meses atrás

    Back when she was really spontaneous and real..

  6. Grace Genereux

    Grace Genereux7 meses atrás

    you can literally see the shadows being applied and see them blending beautifully! Don't hate when literally you can see it applied and judge for yourself instead of saying that "tati reviewed it so it is bad" because everyone has different opinions and a different skintype!

  7. Rotem mati

    Rotem mati8 meses atrás

    you are so fake...i just cen't

  8. Christian Cabral

    Christian CabralAnos atrás

    You are such a dork.

  9. purnima Borman

    purnima BormanAnos atrás


  10. Sama Lass

    Sama LassAnos atrás

    Jesus Christ this is cringy.

  11. pikachulovable

    pikachulovableAnos atrás

    I used my friends bronze palette and it honestly wasnt as bad as a lot of people thought. Not as good as the burgandy , but good.

  12. meika k

    meika kAnos atrás

    i love the way she did her eyeshadow

  13. Taylor Fisk

    Taylor FiskAnos atrás

    I love u sooooo much!!!!!

  14. mitchiejkc

    mitchiejkcAnos atrás

    i tried watching this. but then she got annoying. issok tho, youre amazing jaclyn, just not the content i like

  15. Isabella 24Cochran

    Isabella 24CochranAnos atrás

    Love you jaclyn!!!

  16. Kristina MonaC

    Kristina MonaCAnos atrás

    U r SOOOO frikkkin funny!!!! Love it!!!!!

  17. Rocio Rodriguez

    Rocio RodriguezAnos atrás

    Love you Jacklyn I trust your advise . I've bought most of my makeup because of you . My makeup game is on point now thanks to you.

  18. Carly bilyew-conn

    Carly bilyew-connAnos atrás

    where is your shirt from omg

  19. mary smith

    mary smithAnos atrás

    gave me one pleass

  20. karen brower

    karen browerAnos atrás

    Obsidian is a black black stone pronounced ob Sid eean. I think the color names are reversed on the back. Citroen. Pronounced sit treen. Just thought I'd help out.

  21. Cindey Beverly

    Cindey BeverlyAnos atrás

    There is a kylie BRreporter video of kylie using your champagne pop!!! She says she is using it... So cool

  22. Laylah Hamilton

    Laylah HamiltonAnos atrás

    a really greta dupe for This is from sports girl

  23. Trisha Dickman

    Trisha DickmanAnos atrás

    Looks great!

  24. Natalie

    NatalieAnos atrás

    Her laughs and jokes make me so happy 😭😍💘

  25. Sunita Kaur

    Sunita KaurAnos atrás

    Jaclyn not sure why but just don't like your vids anymore. I think the money that is being made is obscene.

  26. Hannah Hendrickson

    Hannah HendricksonAnos atrás

    Hey girl, I'm not like you're biggest fan or anything, but I've watched a few of your videos and I LOVE YOU! You are so knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you so much for this channel! All my best girl, work it.

  27. Aqsa

    AqsaAnos atrás

    Peace ^_^

  28. Angelica Ramos

    Angelica RamosAnos atrás

    O.M.G !!!she talk 1.987 Words for a minute ...speed🗣💨💨💨

  29. rebecca shiner

    rebecca shiner2 anos atrás

    loooove this pallet use it almost daily ...i use that 1st shimmer shade on inner corner and brow bone..but im always a bright inner corner girl!! love your look! fabulous as always!!!!💄

  30. Alisha Chavez

    Alisha Chavez2 anos atrás

    your trick with translucent powder carving out your eye shadow changed my eye shadow game completely , thanks girl 😘

  31. Sayonna Lopez

    Sayonna Lopez2 anos atrás

    Your dab! 🤣

  32. Lucero Espinoza

    Lucero Espinoza2 anos atrás

    such a sell out saying you do it for your fans in reality you do it for money

  33. Alexa Cara

    Alexa Cara2 anos atrás

    Love you Jaclyn!

  34. Kathleen Carson

    Kathleen Carson2 anos atrás

    I love JH!!!

  35. Mirah Le

    Mirah Le2 anos atrás

    Haters gonna hate. But Jaclyn's still the best.

  36. Tara Taylor

    Tara Taylor2 anos atrás

    i use to love her . but now not so sure. if she watches this video she can see its horrible you can tell she hates it . lies. all lies

  37. Rhyanne Davis

    Rhyanne Davis2 anos atrás

    Everyone saying shit like "Tati is more honest", but it's like... did you even watch her damn video? SHE LIKES IT. SHE EVEN SAID SHE WOULD CONTINUE TO USE IT. And Jaclyn has complaints too ;) She's ALSO a professional makeup artist. She has been doing makeup for so many years, so she probably knows how to work a hard-to-blend shadow.

  38. Nicola Bayley

    Nicola Bayley2 anos atrás

    Hi all, I've done a tutorial on the burgundy palette and would love it if anyone could have a look 😊

  39. Kristen Lundstrom

    Kristen Lundstrom2 anos atrás

    Great first impressions video! And I love your quirky personality (meant in the nicest way). You are one of my all-time YT favorites!!!

  40. Natalie Allison

    Natalie Allison2 anos atrás

    Everyone has different opinions 😂 omg it's okay people 😂😂😂

  41. Ran Rae

    Ran Rae2 anos atrás


  42. Blue Blue

    Blue Blue2 anos atrás

    i honestly have no idea why everyone is hating on jaclyn for liking the palette? i thought the shadows looked beautiful

  43. Jen Boelke

    Jen Boelke2 anos atrás

    Try the burgundy palette!!!!

  44. Trinityhaleyy

    Trinityhaleyy2 anos atrás

    Sit-treen and ub-city-in

  45. Blessed one

    Blessed one2 anos atrás

    I don't care for any you tubers review, make your own decision. I love Jaclyn for her love of doing makeup. Stop the hate.

  46. Jory H

    Jory H2 anos atrás

    Lame review .. bye Felicia lol 🤦🏻‍♀️👋🏼

  47. Hailey Holcomb

    Hailey Holcomb2 anos atrás

    Who else actually had common sense and know that when she said obsidian, that she was reading the wrong one because obsidian is a black colorn

  48. laury Rodriguez

    laury Rodriguez2 anos atrás

    I have the 35o... im good

  49. Isa

    Isa2 anos atrás

    You're the best, girl!!! 💕

  50. Andria Pizzi

    Andria Pizzi2 anos atrás

    I don't understand why put powder on in the middle of doing the shadow.. is it to hide fall out? Or did you forget

  51. mouhamad chanell

    mouhamad chanell2 anos atrás

    how much is it?

  52. Jacquelyn910

    Jacquelyn9102 anos atrás

    Please do a tutorial on the burgundy palette?? Please and thank you and I love you!!! 😘 Can't wait for your morphe collab!! Get it gurrrrrl!! P.s. Bomb ass heels in your photo shoot for morphe!! 👠

  53. Jacquelyn910

    Jacquelyn9102 anos atrás

    Please do a tutorial on the burgundy palette?? Please and thank you and I love you!!! 😘 Can't wait for your morphe collab!! Get it gurrrrrl!! P.s. Bomb ass heels in your photo shoot for morphe!! 👠

  54. Ashley Prokic

    Ashley Prokic2 anos atrás

    I finally bought the Bronze pallet and two lip kits and received the lip card instead of the 3D card that usually comes with the eye products. I'm super bummed since I already have two of the lip cards 😖 I really wanted the 3D card.

  55. Mahal Na Mahal

    Mahal Na Mahal2 anos atrás

    Girl, I love your energy but DAMN you talk fast!

  56. Alexis Pernal

    Alexis Pernal2 anos atrás

    Wait does anyone know where her shirt is from??

  57. Reina hosein

    Reina hosein2 anos atrás

    the shadows are basic, you can get those shadows anywhere, I rather save my money and by a morphe palette, more bang for your buck.

  58. Bettina D.

    Bettina D.2 anos atrás

    BS review. Who would watch this? Curiosity brought me here. I'll pass, 1 minute was all I could take.

  59. Olivia Grace

    Olivia Grace2 anos atrás

    i am so jealous of the shape/size of her eyelids!!! So random but i know we have all thought of how amazing her eyelids look!! So perfect for eyeshadow!!! XD Love you Jaclyn!!!

  60. Fardus Jama

    Fardus Jama2 anos atrás

    Awesome!thanks now I have a new makeup look ❤️ I subscribed and liked🙃

  61. Emma Hermes

    Emma Hermes2 anos atrás

    her pallets has the most basic shadows... half my pallets half those colors.

  62. Crystal Dee

    Crystal Dee2 anos atrás

    U have the Beautiful Eyes. With and Without Makeup. Just Subscribed. Stay Honest n Gorgeous

  63. Ashland Hemken

    Ashland Hemken2 anos atrás

    Slay girl slay

  64. Robert&Amanda Condren

    Robert&Amanda Condren2 anos atrás

    Loved this video... But I'm wondering about the red bruises on the insides of her lip?

  65. Winter Price

    Winter Price2 anos atrás

    Robert&Amanda Condren lip injections

  66. Rachelle Bakic

    Rachelle Bakic2 anos atrás

    Hmm, I came here after watching Kathleen Light's ride or die tag video and I've heard of Jaclyn Hill from the BECCA products, and I've gotta say this video... was awful. Just applying layer over layer over layer of shadow, not creating any specific shapes or anything just slapping it on. And to try and apply a light shimmer/satin shade on top of 3 layers of dark brown shadow!? How is that ever gonna work. I don't think this was a good representation of this product. I own this palette and would say it's an equal favourite with my too Faced sweet Peach palette. The matte shades blend sooo beautifully and are so pigmented, the shimmer shades look like a shimmer in the pan but have more of a satin finish on the eye, they could be better tbh. But I definitely think it's a great palette and this does not do it justice.

  67. Mae Layug

    Mae Layug2 anos atrás

    You are so cool! Love all your videos!

  68. N N

    N N2 anos atrás

    i love her dramatic ness hahahhahahha omg i love her so much xx

  69. Anabel Hadad

    Anabel Hadad2 anos atrás

    Hey everyone I hope you're having a wonderful day! Just thought I would put a little positivity in this god awful comment section full of really negative people that would rather get upset over an eyeshadow palette instead of real tragedies in the world. Happy 2016 ❤️

  70. vane jaramillo

    vane jaramillo2 anos atrás

    I love how she says "she made this and she made that" like she actually did something else than having a name

  71. Stephanie Novoa

    Stephanie Novoa2 anos atrás

    I'm a new fan, and I love your tutorials! It's so hard because I'm trying to catch up on all your videos 😍

  72. Sarrah Sharafali

    Sarrah Sharafali2 anos atrás

    Can I get free makeup??

  73. Tiffany Villarreal

    Tiffany Villarreal2 anos atrás

    Where did you get that wallpaper?!? Luv your videos, huge fan!!! 😋

  74. poochie caca

    poochie caca2 anos atrás

    Love this look on you! Very natural and pretty!

  75. Tori Sayler

    Tori Sayler2 anos atrás

    What powder did she use under her eyes??

  76. Delana Johnson

    Delana Johnson2 anos atrás

    "Like I need to go back to school!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  77. Teresa the groomer

    Teresa the groomer2 anos atrás

    I don't know if someone had already mentioned this in the comments but all the colors in that palette are named after natural stones. Most people don't know how to pronounce those names. I admit I did face palm when you kept mispronouncing citrine.

  78. Ahlam Al Marzzoqi

    Ahlam Al Marzzoqi2 anos atrás

    Love your look

  79. anastasiah guerra

    anastasiah guerra2 anos atrás

    I love your videos but you kinda of talk too much.

  80. Iris Wong

    Iris Wong2 anos atrás

    No offence but I cannot tell the difference of the colors on you lid, they are all chocolate brown!

  81. Ruby C

    Ruby C2 anos atrás

    Is she high on something? Overacting is little too excessive... I was actually watching How to remove bee stinger and idk how I reached here..

  82. Jenna Ashley

    Jenna Ashley2 anos atrás

    does she get injections? I see needle marks on her lip

  83. Kirsten Brittian

    Kirsten Brittian2 anos atrás


  84. Maria Sanchez

    Maria Sanchez2 anos atrás

    yall are so salty. Calm down its a palette lol.

  85. Stephanie Lamb

    Stephanie Lamb2 anos atrás

    This video was hilarious Jaclyn, loved it 😘

  86. Cassidy Louwerens

    Cassidy Louwerens2 anos atrás

    I love her, but go watch Tati's review.

  87. Sekar Arum Pramesti

    Sekar Arum Pramesti2 anos atrás


  88. Maya Montri

    Maya Montri2 anos atrás

    great Tutorial!! Love it :-)

  89. Abigail Moss

    Abigail Moss2 anos atrás

    This look is so pretty Jaclyn, I'd love it if you saw my first impressions on the kyshadow palette!💛

  90. Mrs. Snyder

    Mrs. Snyder2 anos atrás

    Your Make-Up LINE is better!!!it's an Ok palette......

  91. DeeFaaabulous

    DeeFaaabulous2 anos atrás

    The fuck? lol what's with all the hate comments. I literally scroll down to see what people think of the product but I just see bunch of hatehatehate

  92. Sydney Lee

    Sydney Lee2 anos atrás

    Everybody stop hating on Kylie's palette on this vid you complaining here isn't gonna do shit to change anything. Complaining in general isn't gonna change it so just stop.

  93. Donna Laney

    Donna Laney2 anos atrás


  94. chełmno

    chełmno2 anos atrás

    kylies makeup is dollar store quality...

  95. Colombia Sara

    Colombia Sara2 anos atrás

    i don't know from what i have seen dollar store make up has upped it's game

  96. Sweet VW

    Sweet VW2 anos atrás

    what is her snapchat????

  97. Rosalie

    Rosalie2 anos atrás

    You are giving the colors the wrong name the black one is called obsidian

  98. Sarah Turnbull

    Sarah Turnbull2 anos atrás

    love this!😍❤ please do the burgundy palette!! xx

  99. Dominic C

    Dominic C2 anos atrás

    where can I get the plate

  100. Beth G

    Beth G2 anos atrás

    I love how she immediately knows what colour to compare it to it's so cute


    ALLANNA WALTERS2 anos atrás

    ive heard so much hype about you and your makeup, and you came across my recommendations, and i have to say..i am obsessed i love when youtubers are goofy and are themselves while doing what they love instead of being super serious :) loooove itttt

  102. Tanisha

    Tanisha2 anos atrás

    The comments on this video are so childish. At the end of the day, calm down. It's just makeup. I don't care to buy from this brand because nothing from their line speaks to me and I don't care for the hype but that doesn't mean the products are automatically crap and people aren't allowed to like them! Even though I don't care about the palette I love watching this video to see how genuinely excited Jaclyn is to be filming and also she has a lot of good information that has helped me with my eyeshadow game.