LaMelo Ball Spire Fight Breaks Out after CRAZY DUNKS in Baltimore


  1. dudester man

    dudester man10 horas atrás

    loot at melo singing n shit💀 10:04

  2. Philip C

    Philip C11 horas atrás

    clickbait - no fight just a bunch of children pushing one another - lamelo isnt involved at all

  3. Jayden Merced

    Jayden Merced17 horas atrás

    Melo seems kinda lazy on D

  4. Kostas Th25

    Kostas Th2518 horas atrás

    Lamelo at the fight was like im out of here man😂

  5. Kyrie Trash Choking Lirving

    Kyrie Trash Choking Lirving22 horas atrás

    Bruh while they fightin lamelo hanging like he havin some goodtime and the background music while he is hangin so Perfect👌🏻

  6. Kyrie Trash Choking Lirving

    Kyrie Trash Choking Lirving23 horas atrás

    8:55 *”This Is America”*

  7. minto smith

    minto smithDia atrás

    LMAO the midget in the Tim's

  8. David Vega

    David VegaDia atrás

    Ofc the thiccc guy starts shit

  9. Rad PvP

    Rad PvPDia atrás

    Melo talking to his coach after he crossed the whole team was funny asf his coach was like wtf was that shit lol

  10. Jon Melendez

    Jon Melendez2 dias atrás

    *Fight breaks out?* There was only a half a punch thrown 😂 looks like they were scarred to throw hands. Pushing is the only thing I saw

  11. Tayy Bae

    Tayy Bae2 dias atrás

    Is lamelo ball gay?

  12. Josiah Aidoo

    Josiah Aidoo2 dias atrás


  13. Send Noj

    Send Noj3 dias atrás

    Lamelo is just watchin'

  14. Leonide Ogalat

    Leonide Ogalat3 dias atrás

    This kid is a business, give him some respect. He’s a money maker

  15. Queen London

    Queen London3 dias atrás

    People always like lamelo in the right corner trying to get the best view of the fight 9:15 🤣🤣🤣😂

  16. Paolo Labrador

    Paolo Labrador3 dias atrás

    Lamelo stepped out the way he legit out here just tryna hoop

  17. Glizzoxk Lzz

    Glizzoxk Lzz3 dias atrás

    Melo was trynna do sum freaky shit this game 🥶

  18. gthang jones

    gthang jones4 dias atrás

    5:43 only if he wouldn’t have lost the ball 😂😂😂he woulda ended his whole career

  19. Briphic Designs

    Briphic Designs4 dias atrás

    >after the fight >plays a song in the stadium *WE ARE FAMILY.*

  20. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards4 dias atrás

    Who won

  21. Scythe Girl

    Scythe Girl4 dias atrás

    Spire didn’t even start it

  22. Scythe Girl

    Scythe Girl4 dias atrás

    2:36 anyone see that double

  23. Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E1

    Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E14 dias atrás

    Number 1 for spring dale your. A big bitch

  24. H . X7

    H . X75 dias atrás

    The guy who started the fight looks old as hell

  25. Rio Ramirez

    Rio Ramirez5 dias atrás

    9:45 Melo is a crackhead😂😂

  26. hillbilly redneck

    hillbilly redneck6 dias atrás

    LaMelo keept throwing the ball waaaaay to hard at the back board lmao

  27. StaTic Sushi

    StaTic Sushi6 dias atrás

    Little kid with black hoodie tried to join in at 9:00

  28. The Narrow WAY

    The Narrow WAY6 dias atrás


  29. Alicia Arias

    Alicia Arias6 dias atrás

    Who’s the dumbass screaming “boo”?

  30. Brian F

    Brian F6 dias atrás

    Of Course Ball ain’t backin his team up during the fight

  31. Marx de los Santos

    Marx de los Santos6 dias atrás

    Black on black.. no protest

  32. Brennon Clark

    Brennon Clark7 dias atrás

    Dude runs away after hitting 3

  33. YhuAintComp

    YhuAintComp7 dias atrás

    Melo was like ion slap no one else

  34. Dusty Davis

    Dusty Davis7 dias atrás

    13:24 when your made like a toothpick

  35. Dusty Davis

    Dusty Davis7 dias atrás

    I don't get the hype around this kid he won't be shit in high school maybe he is tall he will realize in college it takes a lot more to be good

  36. Dusty Davis

    Dusty Davis7 dias atrás

    +MurderousJay no he's shown absolutely no progress in defense. I think it's funny how a lot of people think they do but have no clue. Yeah he's young he will go somewhere but as for when he hits college and plays TEAM BALL very different then what he's been

  37. MurderousJay

    MurderousJay7 dias atrás

    You just hating. The point is he still young and as time passes he will progress. As long as i keep it up and keep training he gonna be good. Its like yall dont wanna see a man succeed.

  38. Dusty Davis

    Dusty Davis7 dias atrás

    What's sad is none of these kids know how to play defense is it not taught by coaches anymore I could assemble scrubs and teach them defense better then what any of these guys played and they would beat any of these teams

  39. Christopher Sian

    Christopher Sian8 dias atrás

    Anybody else feel like it was the big boy with the sleeve that started the fight Update it was the big boy😭

  40. bro bro

    bro bro8 dias atrás

    Lamelo Ball will be another Lonzo Ball. Not good enough for NBA. Not hating but hes doing good only because he is against small players...

  41. flexCSGO

    flexCSGO8 dias atrás

    That 12 kid on spire is the real goat

  42. Ballinlike Z

    Ballinlike Z8 dias atrás


  43. Marcela Gallardo

    Marcela Gallardo9 dias atrás

    Wassup with lemelo carrying tho smh

  44. Too Powered

    Too Powered9 dias atrás

    10:04 melo out here singin too!

  45. Xx Mr.Grape xX

    Xx Mr.Grape xX10 dias atrás

    9:11 Melo was like wtfff y’all doin

  46. Landon Moyar

    Landon Moyar10 dias atrás

    11:14 sounds like you suck 24

  47. Eoin H

    Eoin H10 dias atrás

    I lost it when they played "We Are Family" after the fight...😂😂😂

  48. Big Chungus

    Big Chungus3 dias atrás

    Eoin H fr 😂😂

  49. Jordan B Peterson

    Jordan B Peterson11 dias atrás

    LaMelo is an absolute bitch.

  50. Juderz Gaming YT

    Juderz Gaming YT12 dias atrás

    Boul was looking to start a fight

  51. Jaelen Kerbo

    Jaelen Kerbo13 dias atrás

    Melo Hurt Melo reverse dunk Melo Hurt again😂

  52. Zombie Killer

    Zombie Killer13 dias atrás

    I hate when them niggas say overrated while they team losing like stfu

  53. Brent Donhauser

    Brent Donhauser14 dias atrás

    Love how everyone is so focused on Ball with Spire but he’s not even the best player on the team.

  54. N B

    N B15 dias atrás

    Melo is a really good floor general (PG) hope to see him do great in college ball

  55. Vhirtue Yt

    Vhirtue Yt15 dias atrás

    Big boi Casper dropped him at 9:05 😂

  56. xEmanueL

    xEmanueL15 dias atrás


  57. Anderson Luz

    Anderson Luz15 dias atrás

    Algum Br ?, Aqui!?

  58. DeShawn

    DeShawn16 dias atrás

    Why was Lamelo Ball's name even in the title? He wasn’t present when the fight started


    NUFFSANUFF MAGA16 dias atrás

    I must have missed the "big fight "

  60. Branden Eskridge

    Branden Eskridge16 dias atrás

    Why tf would they start the fight then get mad when dude retaliate they stupid af

  61. GD_TANG z

    GD_TANG z17 dias atrás

    Hard to play until cramping really well

  62. Bad Guy

    Bad Guy17 dias atrás

    cool guy

  63. Carson Masters

    Carson Masters17 dias atrás

    Bro melo swinging on the rim I died

  64. cadence carswell

    cadence carswell17 dias atrás

    He almost got knocked the fuck out

  65. Eddie Lobo

    Eddie Lobo18 dias atrás

    Melo fucking got hurt twice in one game

  66. Andrea Rosiles

    Andrea Rosiles18 dias atrás

    9:47 LMAO I lost it😂😂😂

  67. Ekan Akpan

    Ekan Akpan18 dias atrás

    Balls don’t ever get involved in fights

  68. Lil Navho

    Lil Navho18 dias atrás

    #16 was deadass ready to hit

  69. iXoNik Kevin

    iXoNik Kevin18 dias atrás

    Lmao every time he got hurt he jumped to the center of the court

  70. Jayvone Severin

    Jayvone Severin20 dias atrás

    Cop at 9:06 proceeds to walk to the rumble, than somebody pulls her back.....Possibly Ball in The family crew telling her to let it happen for show content?????? hmmmmmm lol

  71. James Brownlow

    James Brownlow20 dias atrás

    The lad in the blue number 1 Jersey has some serious talent 👌

  72. Ballingbilly Stanfield III

    Ballingbilly Stanfield III20 dias atrás

    That was me runing upstairs lol

  73. Thristy_sloth69

    Thristy_sloth6920 dias atrás

    9:20 what does that little tater tot in the bottom right with the black hoodie think he gonna do😂😂 all tuff when people holding you back

  74. Johny Mercado

    Johny Mercado21 dia atrás

    Why does lamelo always hurt when he makes a highlight?

  75. Bernard Bautista

    Bernard Bautista21 dia atrás

    *Best camera man running the show right now.*

  76. kunon

    kunon21 dia atrás

    Anyone else die of laughter at 6:18

  77. Romello Santiago

    Romello Santiago21 dia atrás

    We are family

  78. John France

    John France21 dia atrás

    Fat lad white number 1 throwing a tantrum

  79. Monkey D Luffy

    Monkey D Luffy23 dias atrás

    Look at the kid at 9:04 🤣🤣

  80. Dustin Chao

    Dustin Chao24 dias atrás

    16 said fuck yo team pushed everyone for no reason😹😹

  81. ShotyHottie YT

    ShotyHottie YT25 dias atrás

    Why do n the fight did the kid in the blue run

  82. Landon Keizer

    Landon Keizer26 dias atrás

    Isiah kinda look like Bronnies center

  83. Angelo VLOGS

    Angelo VLOGS26 dias atrás

    9:12 melo not trying to get involve😂

  84. ZimZey

    ZimZey26 dias atrás

    I saw tht to jhit just say in the back come on now

  85. Ball Alert

    Ball Alert27 dias atrás

    Subscride for more ballers mix

  86. Will Min

    Will Min29 dias atrás

    That passing sequence from 3:36-3:40 was crazy.



    Lmao they stay hot at spire

  88. Ethan Cornelia

    Ethan CorneliaMês atrás

    9:20 lamelo just walking by the bench chillin

  89. Heather Bohac

    Heather BohacMês atrás


  90. Heather Bohac

    Heather BohacMês atrás


  91. Heather Bohac

    Heather BohacMês atrás

    Lamely like Lonzo that one fight

  92. Tre-shure Rhodes

    Tre-shure RhodesMês atrás

    LaMelo’s whole team went crazy this game🔥

  93. Neil Balbin

    Neil BalbinMês atrás

    apay na enyaja6o

  94. Neil Balbin

    Neil BalbinMês atrás

    apay gago ka

  95. David Stephens

    David StephensMês atrás

    12:47 Lamelo made all them fools look crazy. Too bad he ruined it with that toss after. But did he real hurt his ankle or foot

  96. David Stephens

    David StephensMês atrás

    Number 1 on the team was just getting cheap shots in

  97. Kenny Nance

    Kenny NanceMês atrás

    That shit was crazy

  98. tunae

    tunaeMês atrás

    6:12 best steps in the world

  99. J Oso Flawless

    J Oso FlawlessMês atrás

    Melo out here built like his mama. Lmao. Lookin like a Raw ass old Lady

  100. Jesus Valtierra

    Jesus ValtierraMês atrás

    And lamelo straight looking on point..!

  101. Jesus Valtierra

    Jesus ValtierraMês atrás

    Who is number 0 ? And what is his grade.? And is he ranked ?

  102. CookedFriedBeanHead

    CookedFriedBeanHeadMês atrás

    #16 A g for taking on three mfs

  103. 1rralphh1

    1rralphh1Mês atrás

    Last couple of minutes of this game was like the last day of school where everybody is just fucking around

  104. Noah Henson

    Noah HensonMês atrás

    Who was that little kid tryna fight @ 8:57