Last Fantasmic 2016 Performance - Disneyland


  1. Marcelis Antoine Ware, I

    Marcelis Antoine Ware, IMês atrás

    January 10, 2016 was the FINAL performance of the original Fantasmic at Disneyland. Making way for the reopening of the new Fantasmic 2.0, fitted by Star Wars Land on July 15, 2017.

  2. Geoff Roach

    Geoff Roach3 meses atrás

    I love Fantasmic, and although the new one has some things that are better, a lot of the new stuff added in just don't work. The thing that made this rendition so good was how well it all flowed together, where the music didn't seem off, the segways fit amazingly well, and the overall magic always felt right. With the new one, there are scenes that just feel off and some of the dialogue just feel out of place. Another problem is that some of the music doesn't work with the new show.

  3. Ray Izard

    Ray Izard3 meses atrás

    Why do people now think that screaming "WOOOO!" at the top of their lungs is anything other than completely obnoxious? Seriously, look at footage from 10 years ago or more and you don't hear it. Now it seems to be everyone's goal to drown out every performance with the most obnoxious sounds they can figure out how to make.

  4. Ayden Bennington

    Ayden Bennington4 meses atrás


  5. zephyr_ 725

    zephyr_ 7256 meses atrás

    I don't think I'll ever forgive them for changing Peter Pan to PotC........

  6. PRUE !

    PRUE !7 meses atrás

    I wish I was there for its last performance...I know it’s super childish but, this show was close to my heart changing the original arrangement and taking away the characters they did is lik if they did Main Street electrical parade without Pete’s Dragon...the magic isn’t there for me anymore when I watch fantasmic :/

  7. Darreyl Henderson

    Darreyl Henderson7 meses atrás

    Still bitter they cut out both Snow White AND the Evil Queen in the new version

  8. David Hernandez

    David Hernandez8 meses atrás

    This is the dope version of fantasmic not like that new pop version.

  9. Ariel_Grey29

    Ariel_Grey2911 meses atrás

    I don’t even bother watching a Fantasmic anymore. I’m not adverse to change but I don’t find the new version of Fantasmic as magical. I don’t care for the change in vocals and segment changes. I miss this version so much!

  10. Matt Mark

    Matt MarkAnos atrás


  11. Alejandro Teuffer

    Alejandro TeufferAnos atrás

    This original Fantasmic storyline and audio must comeback ! I love the 2.0 new effects and technical improvements ive seen 2.0 at least 10 times this past year and everytime i still miss the Evil Queen, Peter Pan, Pinocchio and Snow White ! I really think Pirates Of The Caribbean is out of place in this show!

  12. TheAquatic LapisLazuli

    TheAquatic LapisLazuliAnos atrás


  13. Kelly Ruddy

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  14. Kelly Ruddy

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  15. bicjii

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  16. Kim Smith

    Kim SmithAnos atrás

    I forgot how much I loved the original. You also don't realize how much the old one and the new differ.

  17. James Lozada

    James LozadaAnos atrás

    i'm happy for mickey's famous pyro shoot on fantasmics 1.0, and 2.0

  18. ohanaphotographers

    ohanaphotographersAnos atrás

    I miss this one. The new Fantasmic doesn't flow like this one does. :'(

  19. Tony C

    Tony CAnos atrás

    I worked this last event!!!!

  20. Christian Ryan

    Christian RyanAnos atrás

    well now its back in disney lasnd it had gotten back from 2017 july 15 disney lands birthday

  21. cattycorner

    cattycorner2 anos atrás

    so scary!

  22. HotRod

    HotRod2 anos atrás

    8:39 Oh no, mickey!!! HILARIOUS😂😂😂😆😹😹

  23. Disneyland 505

    Disneyland 5052 anos atrás

    Stop moving the camera 🤢

  24. Songs Mirth

    Songs Mirth2 anos atrás

    I don't get headaches but after watching two of these I have a big one. Wow. Must be the flashing lites? huh. Good night and thanks anyway Dap. :) Songsmrith

  25. David Hernandez

    David Hernandez2 anos atrás

    Just watched the new version and then came back to watch the original here... time and time again this game me absolute goosebumps... the new show does not touch the heart...

  26. ZGirl Gaming

    ZGirl Gaming2 anos atrás

    I went and saw it live. IT WAS SO FRICKING AWESOME!!! I will scream if I can't see it again next summer 😥

  27. mohicanspap

    mohicanspap2 anos atrás

    Had too watch this to cleanse my eyes from Fantasmic 2.0

  28. MegaSoulHero

    MegaSoulHeroAnos atrás

    What didn’t you like about it (without comparing it to this one)?

  29. Mario Hiccup Witwicky

    Mario Hiccup Witwicky2 anos atrás

    Always dream, always imagine.

  30. DisneyDude

    DisneyDude2 anos atrás

    RIP classic Fantasmic =(...I for one will miss you terribly!!...

  31. AJ17

    AJ172 anos atrás

    Mickey was so much more animated/enthusiastic in this version. In the new one he seems bored/going through the motions. I prefer the big, fast gestures in this version over the almost lazy-like ones in 2.0.

  32. Pocketflutter

    PocketflutterAnos atrás

    exactly!! In the original Mickey already knows how to control the magic of his imagination while in 2.0 he figuring out the new found magic he has and plays around with it.

  33. MegaSoulHero

    MegaSoulHeroAnos atrás

    The reason they changed the movements is to show that Mickey is figuring out what he can do in his imagination.

  34. HotRod

    HotRod2 anos atrás

    8:40 OH NO MICKEY😂😂😂

  35. Jacob Hays

    Jacob Hays2 anos atrás

    Rest In Peace to this beautiful fantasmic ;( I guess now Disney world's is my new favorite one now, ever since they ruined it today ;(

  36. The Nickster26

    The Nickster262 anos atrás

    Who's here watching this after seeing the new fantasmic

  37. Mario Hiccup Witwicky

    Mario Hiccup Witwicky2 anos atrás

    I was excited for the new additions when Fantasmic return until I realized they might "replace" some of the segments.

  38. khfan4life365

    khfan4life3652 anos atrás

    Coming back in July! My body is ready!

  39. SHU HEI

    SHU HEI2 anos atrás


  40. MUNDOM316

    MUNDOM3162 anos atrás

    the best way to end a day at Disneyland, then rushing over to splash mountain real quick hoping to get on before it closes

  41. The Pikachu Brothers

    The Pikachu Brothers2 anos atrás

    Disney uses existing animations from their movies in their live show, no one bats an eye. Michael Bay uses existing shots from his other Transformers movies in the newer films, everyone loses their mind!

  42. LunaDogJones

    LunaDogJones2 anos atrás

    Did they change it for the last night?

  43. BroadwayPizano

    BroadwayPizano2 anos atrás

    I never knew there was a difference between the Disneyland and the WDW Fantasmics. I love them both!! I hope yours doesn't get changed (badly) because of Star Wars land!

  44. Danny

    Danny2 anos atrás

    BroadwayPizano Nope its going to be way better!

  45. Bridgette Diaz

    Bridgette Diaz2 anos atrás

    I can wait to go to Disneyland on April 29 🙌🙌🙌✌️

  46. DADGUM Boi

    DADGUM Boi2 anos atrás

    Nooooooooooo Please for the love of god tell me this is coming back!!!! I'm going to Disney this year and wanted to see this show so badly!

  47. ThatRandomGuy

    ThatRandomGuy2 anos atrás

    Lunar Eclipse it's temporary don't worry, people say it's coming in this summer

  48. Donna Brown

    Donna Brown2 anos atrás

    took my 3 grandchildren there back in 2013 as a surprise trip...they enjoyed this as well as much as I did daughter and soninlaw came too....was fun for all of us...and this was the best of the best ....especially the princesses dancing on the float....this is sad no more performance we were planning on returning ....hope this comes back soon

  49. Jo Cox

    Jo Cox3 anos atrás

    Why did this close?

  50. Adrian Reviews

    Adrian Reviews3 anos atrás

    Jo Cox its temporary b/c of Star Wars land and they are rerouting the rivers of America and will return this summer

  51. Vabuchoochoo

    Vabuchoochoo3 anos atrás

    2017 is going to be bomb af. Electrical Parade, Dreams Come True, and FANTASMIC. Thank you Disney for 2017 (even though it's only the end of February). ;v;

  52. Ellie Ward

    Ellie Ward3 anos atrás

    I've never seen the Disneyland Fantasmic but part of WDW's Fantasmics charm is that it focuses around older films like Pocahontas. These shows wouldn't be as magical if Frozen/Star Wars took over

  53. Jacobe Solorio

    Jacobe Solorio2 anos atrás

    AKDog48 If they upgrade their version they realllllllly need to get rid of all the other villains, every scene with them drags on and on and on forever. Just stick with the badass women we've got and Chernabog

  54. AJ17

    AJ172 anos atrás

    I actually hate the Pocahontas segment in WDW's version. It drags on too long. I wish they'd get rid of that part. And upgrade the dragon to one like Disneyland's.

  55. BryantCabrera

    BryantCabrera3 anos atrás

    I was here (if you hear a Xena call, that's me lol)! =D the performers, technicians, crew, and audience were all amazing!

  56. jimmy martinez

    jimmy martinez3 anos atrás


  57. Cassandra Beltran

    Cassandra Beltran3 anos atrás

    I love Mickey so much😪

  58. Alicia Landis

    Alicia Landis3 anos atrás

    Nobody out beats Disney when it comes to awesome shows with fireworks. Nobody!

  59. BubbaCheezit

    BubbaCheezit3 anos atrás

    As long as Star Wars Land will fit in Disneyland. Fantasmic will reopen from January 2016 to Summer 2017.

  60. Michael Schofield

    Michael Schofield3 anos atrás

    Did the actors not put more energy into this for us?

  61. Level Up Lounge

    Level Up Lounge3 anos atrás

    da fuck!?! what you mean last?

  62. Adrian Reviews

    Adrian Reviews2 anos atrás

    Manny Scott you sound lammmeee and the name for star wars land is called star wars galaxy's edge

  63. Level Up Lounge

    Level Up Lounge3 anos atrás

    @***** Star Wars land sounds lllllllaaaaammmmmeeee

  64. Level Up Lounge

    Level Up Lounge3 anos atrás

    They really went haywire with the whole star wars thing did they

  65. Level Up Lounge

    Level Up Lounge3 anos atrás

    @Miguel Gamalinda gosh I really hope they don't go with star wars land

  66. Michael Doughty

    Michael Doughty3 anos atrás

    The official name has not yet been released, so everyone's been calling it Star Wars Land.

  67. beware bewear

    beware bewear3 anos atrás

    i love fantasmic and i hope that they dont add any pirates of the Caribbean, star wars, marvel, or any modern Disney movies on it when it comes back, its just perfect the way it is and if they try modernizing it i feel like if it will ruin the feels of what fantasmic is suppose to be about.

  68. bebe

    bebe7 meses atrás

    the pirates part of this comment did not age well

  69. BubbaCheezit

    BubbaCheezitAnos atrás

    Riley Buechler yeah I like the new one of Fantasmic when they add Pirates of the Caribbean, Aladdin, the lion king, and even tangled as well. In fact I’m gonna go see it in Fall 2020 when I graduate from college

  70. Revin Devin

    Revin Devin2 anos atrás

    raw kissez they did which sucks

  71. TC MACK

    TC MACK2 anos atrás

    The Pikachu Brothers LOL. But in seriousness, I have seen both of those movies, and I'm not that old.

  72. BB-8's Channel

    BB-8's Channel2 anos atrás

    raw vubs well pirates happened

  73. Kali Alexis

    Kali Alexis3 anos atrás

    They should put Ursula and the two eel animatronics back

  74. Vabuchoochoo

    Vabuchoochoo3 anos atrás

    Dark artist 2427 yes! I definitely hope they are using the time they have to fix things like that and polish up on everything.

  75. Selene Becerril

    Selene Becerril3 anos atrás

    noo why?

  76. Dragon Eye

    Dragon Eye3 anos atrás

    is the Florida show still open

  77. MegaSoulHero

    MegaSoulHero3 anos atrás


  78. Alex

    Alex3 anos atrás

    It's a shame that this is likely the last performance of Fantasmic, before Disney alters it for its return.

  79. AJ17

    AJ172 anos atrás

    Thankfully no Frozen, but as you probably are aware, Pirates replaced Peter Pan and they worked in a little Finding Nemo into the underwater montage (mostly the stingray migration from Finding Dory, which actually looks really nice).

  80. Vabuchoochoo

    Vabuchoochoo3 anos atrás

    @Alex Burk​ - ToT had copyright issues, along with other things such as a Marvel Land that they wanted to expand into. (Least justified change imo) - Submarine Voyage was outdated as hell. Faded, confusing, broken down. They needed to change it in order to bring people in. - Jack Sparrow is a minor addition to something that was already changing to incorporate some aspects from the movies. To have MAJOR CHANGES to something as *fragile and crucial* as something as FANTASMIC would be detrimental to *all* fans. If Disney is smart, only improvements of broken down aspects of this show.

  81. Alex

    Alex3 anos atrás

    Today's Disney is a Disney that's willing to transform the ToT into GotG, turn the Submarine Voyage into Finding Nemo, and put Jack Sparrow into Pirates of the Carribean. I don't think there's really a limit to what they will do, and I'm sure the opportunity to shoehorn a few billion dollar franchises (PotC, Frozen) into a popular show at Disneyland as well as show off some more of their new projection mapping technology was too good to pass up.

  82. Vabuchoochoo

    Vabuchoochoo3 anos atrás

    @Alex Burk I have high doubts they will have the nerve alter anything on such a fragile show.

  83. Alex

    Alex3 anos atrás

    Vabuchoochoo I wish, but every Disney fan site is reporting that major changes are coming. is that ideal, not at all. but it seems like that's what's gonna happen.

  84. LaurenNature

    LaurenNature3 anos atrás

    No chance of Dopey falling on Goofy

  85. MegaSoulHero

    MegaSoulHero3 anos atrás

    I heard a rumor that when they bring this show back, changes will be made. Including replacing Peter Pan with Pirates of the Caribbean.

  86. Jermaine Bennett

    Jermaine Bennett3 anos atrás

    they better keep the show the same

  87. LaurenNature

    LaurenNature3 anos atrás

    I heard that same rumor! Personally to me it would ruin the feeling of having every character an animated movie one, except for Pirates. I love Pirates, but just not in this show.