LAST TO LEAVE SQUARE WINS iPHONE Challenge - Hacker PZ9 vs CWC vs Daniel for 24 Hours in Backyard


  1. Chad Wild Clay

    Chad Wild ClayMês atrás

    We need to WIN Vy's iPhone back! Who do you think can stay in the Square the longest?

  2. Erin Holland

    Erin Holland8 dias atrás


  3. Mia the champ Gilmour

    Mia the champ Gilmour8 dias atrás

    Chad Wild Clay vy is with pz you might know that please like this and chad can I have a shoutout

  4. Quanasia Webb

    Quanasia Webb16 dias atrás

    Chad Wild Clay Hi Amarew

  5. Quanasia Webb

    Quanasia Webb16 dias atrás

    Chad Wild Can I get 1 million scribersAmarew can I get 100 can I have a scribers

  6. Mysha Asif

    Mysha Asif21 dia atrás

    Chad Wild Clay lover

  7. Christine Hiser

    Christine Hiser8 horas atrás


  8. Sese Chen

    Sese Chen9 horas atrás

    Chad there is someone in the safe house I so it

  9. Nick Adrien Estrella

    Nick Adrien Estrella10 horas atrás


  10. Yvonne Tooley

    Yvonne Tooley10 horas atrás

    Chad you should joined Daniel's square so then you guys had a big square

  11. Leighann Lanzrath

    Leighann Lanzrath13 horas atrás

    Hi Chad I'm new

  12. Frances  Rojas

    Frances Rojas13 horas atrás


  13. Tayden Guinn

    Tayden Guinn14 horas atrás


  14. Jeanette Howland

    Jeanette Howland15 horas atrás

    Stove is pz9

  15. crazy kids

    crazy kids15 horas atrás

    Por pz9

  16. Samantha Smith

    Samantha Smith15 horas atrás


  17. Gamer Girl 2.o shelbie guess gamer

    Gamer Girl 2.o shelbie guess gamer15 horas atrás

    Shout out to pz9 (not)

  18. Savannah Channel Cool and weird

    Savannah Channel Cool and weird15 horas atrás

    Hangre means you’re hungry and you’re angry

  19. Tara Jackson

    Tara Jackson15 horas atrás

    Pz9 has the secret spy ninja backpack! I am not joking write now he wants to be a spy ninja. But why is he fight them? I mean like come on pz9

  20. Lisa Sandoval

    Lisa Sandoval16 horas atrás

    i love you pz9

  21. Leslie Orozco

    Leslie Orozco16 horas atrás

    I saw a person on back of you in the house

  22. Josefina Silva

    Josefina Silva16 horas atrás

    I do not no

  23. masood jatt

    masood jatt18 horas atrás

    Up load more videos I am Spy ninja

  24. melissa reyes

    melissa reyes18 horas atrás

    CARLOS jr REYES me

  25. Lance Dixon

    Lance Dixon18 horas atrás

    R the e the same way for the past two years the most important part about e the reason why the company didn’t want the money back or the other day Got vswfuwwqwwnbhqsgdqfgns nwreshssfdqaq&aS stcewwsb(e + dyeddte

  26. Cathy Shepard

    Cathy Shepard18 horas atrás

    im notifed

  27. Rainbow 444

    Rainbow 44421 hora atrás


  28. Timothy Gallagher

    Timothy GallagherDia atrás


  29. Allisa Redelinghuys

    Allisa RedelinghuysDia atrás


  30. Lauren Fairfield

    Lauren FairfieldDia atrás

    9:33 when you step on a lego

  31. Rosalie Ann Anonuevo

    Rosalie Ann AnonuevoDia atrás


  32. Rosalie Ann Anonuevo

    Rosalie Ann AnonuevoDia atrás

    No chad

  33. Rosalie Ann Anonuevo

    Rosalie Ann AnonuevoDia atrás

    Go chad

  34. Rosalie Ann Anonuevo

    Rosalie Ann AnonuevoDia atrás

    Go daniel

  35. Rosalie Ann Anonuevo

    Rosalie Ann AnonuevoDia atrás

    Go chad and daiel

  36. Troy Pell

    Troy PellDia atrás

    I sode a unod persin

  37. Quach Phuong

    Quach PhuongDia atrás

    Pz9 sounds like baby’s

  38. Quach Phuong

    Quach PhuongDia atrás

    DAX already give to Vy iPhone

  39. Lucien Tran

    Lucien TranDia atrás

    I love you guys Daniel and Vy and Chad I subscribed your channel I also do the kick bump everyday when I wake up

  40. Tina Nambong

    Tina NambongDia atrás

    Pz9 has a not a lot of videos you should not subscribe to him because he has not a lot of videose

  41. Tina Nambong

    Tina NambongDia atrás

    I saw regina in the back round in 3am

  42. solihin jamil

    solihin jamilDia atrás


  43. Mary Ellen Stalter

    Mary Ellen StalterDia atrás

    I Love you chad and by

  44. Varshan Krishna

    Varshan KrishnaDia atrás

    No don't leave

  45. Michel Ruiz

    Michel RuizDia atrás

    Pz9 is a meanie greenie

  46. Juan Davila

    Juan DavilaDia atrás

    Regina tho in the background

  47. Juan Davila

    Juan DavilaDia atrás

    Regina tho in the background like if you saw her

  48. Vayvay White

    Vayvay WhiteDia atrás

    I want to be apart of the spy ninjas

  49. Jake Kokernot

    Jake KokernotDia atrás

    say y'all are gonna have a party

  50. Kamilly Castro

    Kamilly CastroDia atrás


  51. shasa padron

    shasa padronDia atrás


  52. Makenna’s Daily Life

    Makenna’s Daily LifeDia atrás

    Pz 9 sounds like Dax the fed ex dude

  53. Chuck Childers

    Chuck ChildersDia atrás

    pz9 Is poo💩

  54. Kathy Kautz

    Kathy KautzDia atrás

    Year-old sorry gr8 8cd 59z3=uk wEek _=Г}¬?&

  55. Shasta Bell

    Shasta BellDia atrás

    Hey Chad I love your channel

  56. Kaylee Bridges

    Kaylee BridgesDia atrás

    The only reason I would sub to pz9 and Project zorgo is just to get info for u guys cuz yall the best ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  57. Amy Flynn

    Amy FlynnDia atrás

    Pz 9 is my favorite person

  58. Jeandelis Serrano

    Jeandelis SerranoDia atrás

    Im not a fun pz9 ok

  59. Jazmin Williams

    Jazmin WilliamsDia atrás

    pz9 is dumb and project zorgo too if you like the spy ninjas make this blue 👇👇👇

  60. Jaylene Villafane

    Jaylene VillafaneDia atrás

    Pz9 is dum and spy ninja s rule😫🙎🏿‍♂️🙇🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♂️

  61. maanjugraj

    maanjugrajDia atrás

    Spy ninjas are awasome

  62. maanjugraj

    maanjugrajDia atrás

    Chad is the best

  63. Tammi Gazaway

    Tammi GazawayDia atrás

    Can u make your new spy ninja bookbag less expensive please I hope u will i really want one

  64. Mystery toy Lab

    Mystery toy LabDia atrás

    Pz9 is the worst fighter

  65. poncho gaming

    poncho gamingDia atrás

    No pz9 is lying and projects zorgo always watching

  66. ikam Singh

    ikam SinghDia atrás

    Sorry but pz9 win

  67. Hattie hm HM

    Hattie hm HMDia atrás

    Why when pz9 kicks his waters daniel said huuuuuuuuuûuuuuu