Learn Hindi - Hindi in Three Minutes - Self Introduction


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    this is rough

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    Namaste meraa naam Antonella hai, aap se milkar khushi hui.

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    ...Where's the pretty Indian clothing Prerana?

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    I hope I can learn Hindi in a year. really need it for my job

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    I never had this kind of acceleration of learning Hindi until I saw this beautiful girl teaching Hindi with her beautiful smile and voice... Thanks a lot... Awesome..


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    Nice boring video


    BULLETIN PHANTOM3 meses atrás

    Nice boring video

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    For hindi learners you should know that it is not the official language of India. And it has 35 consonants and 11 vowels and some extra sounds. And the script used is devanagri (देवनागरी)

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    Who are are native hindi speakers but still watch this video?? PS~ That's me!!

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    Baap ko mat sikha 😂😂

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    Hi I love your smil SO cute


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    my name is Shimizu Yousuke , I'm very beginner of Hindi. how to write my name in Hindi ?

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    @YOUSUKE SHIMIZU this is your name in hindi - योऊसुके शिमीज़ु

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    @Biswajit Baruah yes I am

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    are you japanese

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    Mera naam DevaDharshini hai . Aap se mil kar achaa lagaa🥳


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    Thanks for sharing this

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    Brazilian girl trying to learn hindi. I love India 💕

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    thanks you !!

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    I was learning from an app to learn Hindi but it was all completely different to what you said I don’t know who is right please help.


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    one of the most difficult for me to learn!!!

  26. best and funny vido

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    Manaste , mera naam siva hai, App se milker kishi hui

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    NamasTe meraa naam india hai. Aap se milkar khushi hui.

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    Ok mall

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    Effective your classes are. Sukriya

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    Hey..Don't you know the spelling of your own name? It is always written as Prerna. Its always namaste and not namasTe 1:08. I am an australian and the other members of my family are indian. I have never studied hindi in school yet I know better than you.

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    Studying computer science, saw a hindi tutorial, so i just understood the visual, wich was enough but that language sounds interesting so i searched for some more information. Good job by the way :)

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    thank u mam

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    There is a difference between literary Hindi and Spoken Hindi sometimes. Eg: Aapse milkar Khushi hui. (Spoken) Aapse milkar prasannata praapt hui. (Literary) Both mean the same thing but the second one has more Sanskrit influence.

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    Plz stop bloody fucking intro u r self

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    How to learn

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    I already know how to speak hindi

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    Namasthe Mera nam chaitanya Aap se milkar kushi hui

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    Hi, I'm new here ;) 5616411

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    आपका बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद। हिंदी सीखना अच्छा लगता है। मैं कोरियाई हूं। कृपया मेरी मदद करें।

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    Do not waste your time for Hindi. Go to Japanese & Arabic. The most important language all time.✔

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    thank you


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    I am indian(Hindi)

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    Khushi is urdu word stupid, and so is shukriya.

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    Did you know that Hindi can also be called Bengal/Bengali ?


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    Jamie Scott Yes I know both languages

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    Indian language is better than English u know

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    I know hindi im indian and i do not know why im watching this vdo....YT recommendation is awful

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    Actually this is the most difficult language that I try to learn hahaha

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    What's the difference beetween mera and meri ?

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    I like your explanation Thanks very much I would like you to teach me more Indian language because I am in India I am excited to know everything about India

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    anyone else learning Hindi so you can cuss out the assholes at hotels and gas station front desks?

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    Anyone else who's a native speaker but is still seeing this video 😂😂

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    Jesus, it's too difficult for me to remember even the greeting, let alone the whole language .

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    anyone noticing how beautiful this girl is? 😍 hahaha

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    Does this lady have anymore tutorials or a website ? Can anyone let me know please. She is a very good teacher.

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    When India takes over the world I will be ready. I’m tired of the BS going on in America.