LeBron is distracting Kawhi, which will backfire for the Lakers - Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby


  1. Richard Davis

    Richard Davis9 dias atrás

    Umm , Jalen yes they won it without him

  2. Mr. Suhaib

    Mr. Suhaib14 dias atrás

    Nobody: Espn: "We need Lebron to make sense of all this, where's Bron?!!"

  3. Odyzzey G

    Odyzzey G17 dias atrás

    Bias b1tches

  4. LGND Jinx _

    LGND Jinx _18 dias atrás

    Bois he’s still trying to get a guest appearance for Space Jam 2 chill

  5. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman18 dias atrás

    #49 on trending street

  6. David Colman

    David Colman18 dias atrás

    Is it true you have to be gay to play? Do they now consider basketball a sport?

  7. Don Atello

    Don Atello18 dias atrás

    It's disrespect LeBron should know better. Kd n kawahi to Toronto

  8. Sinatik

    Sinatik19 dias atrás

    I love watching ESPN videos, but statements like LeBron is distracting Kawhi so he won't go play with him... They just come up with anything just to discuss anything


    MICHAEL H ROYAL FILMS19 dias atrás

    Ok this video was great, but your done with sports, its time for a good hood movie out of LA....Check out the new hood movie 7th And Westlake @brreporter.com/v/video-pCaWfE1FCW4.html


    MR. MCKETHAN19 dias atrás

    Lebron@Dwayne are going to be coaching their sons to greatness now...

  11. Donna Dunbar

    Donna Dunbar19 dias atrás

    Lebron is pathetic🤦🤦🤦🤦 dicksucking and chasing star players to join him smh

  12. Ricky Singh

    Ricky Singh19 dias atrás

    If he plays like this while distracted, keep doing so. Maybe they can beat the Warriors then.

  13. Batman

    Batman19 dias atrás

    LeBron: Kawhi: ESPN: *YoUrE TrYiNG To rEcruiT mE wHiLe iM iN tHe pLaYoFfs yOuRE DiStrAcTinG mE*

  14. Andrew

    Andrew19 dias atrás

    Players have been recruiting each other since the beginning of time. Wow. I stopped watching at 9 seconds . Tf Jalen talking about?

  15. Emil Sosnin

    Emil Sosnin19 dias atrás

    #HeNotLeaving fuck off Lakers

  16. Omru Dawood

    Omru Dawood19 dias atrás

    Bruh why would kawhi join a lakers team that dodnt make the playoffs as a 2nd option when he can stay as a 1st option in a final contending team

  17. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman19 dias atrás

    #32 on trending street

  18. Anthony Garriett

    Anthony Garriett19 dias atrás

    Lmao kd have never led them to shit yall need to stop it

  19. Anthony Garriett

    Anthony Garriett19 dias atrás

    Is this really a topic smh

  20. Broke

    Broke19 dias atrás

    White dude looks like a douche bag

  21. coLLapZe DANGLER

    coLLapZe DANGLER19 dias atrás

    I hope butler don't go to the lakers

  22. Tehron jackson

    Tehron jackson19 dias atrás


  23. Kabe Perry

    Kabe Perry19 dias atrás

    No actual evidence of this dude recruiting

  24. King6d9

    King6d919 dias atrás

    These shows are so boring anymore, they just come up with random theories.... Unsubbed...

  25. VOID Cobie

    VOID Cobie19 dias atrás


  26. Dead Pool

    Dead Pool19 dias atrás

    50 different shows on ESPN but theyre all parrots repeating the SAME thing every day. When did this become the Lakers channel? Whats the point of having all those different shows when everyone is repeating the same shit?

  27. Markus King

    Markus King19 dias atrás

    How is he distracting him, and we don’t know even know what he said to him 😂

  28. Mr. R

    Mr. R19 dias atrás

    Jalen rose is so dumb chris webber will never love U

  29. Gerry Stevens

    Gerry Stevens19 dias atrás

    Gaybron Flames is a Boule booty-bustin' Freemason hack. He needs to go get a rub down from Drake. Drake is going to be torn. The Raptors will defeat the GS and stay in Canada. Haters.

  30. Mark Jamson

    Mark Jamson19 dias atrás

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    Mark Jamson19 dias atrás

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  32. MoonMan

    MoonMan19 dias atrás

    Espn just makes shit up to include lebron. Lechoke didnt even make the playoffs but these clowns at espn MUST talk about him at the finals. #Retarded

  33. TheJaybrone

    TheJaybrone19 dias atrás

    Isn't it tampering for Lebron to be in contact with people still playing under contract for another team?

  34. pocketmon gogo

    pocketmon gogo19 dias atrás

    African sport

  35. Caryl Reyes

    Caryl Reyes20 dias atrás

    LeBron is destroying the NBA

  36. medschool2626

    medschool262620 dias atrás

    “Sports” show? Call Andy Cohen and get this on Bravo. I think we need the cast of Below Deck to weigh in here

  37. E G

    E G20 dias atrás

    Noone wants to play with Lebron because Everyone wants a name for themselves and no matter what any player does to win with Lebron, its only gonna benefit Lebron James like it did Michael Jordan. Jordan Coundnt win Alone , without pippen, kerr , kucoch , Or Rodman, and til this day, Michael Jordan is a god that owns a team, and the rest are probably broke and Forgotten.

  38. Stephanie Doyle

    Stephanie Doyle20 dias atrás

    Leave Lebron alone he needs guys who r going to help him lebron is the GOAT

  39. Narwi 3X

    Narwi 3X20 dias atrás

    media forget why gsw want kd to beat lebron in the finals not in the regular season...and now no lebron in the finals its ok kd will sit in the beach...hehehe

  40. Jacobo

    Jacobo20 dias atrás

    Lebron is just living life

  41. R P

    R P20 dias atrás

    KD will stay in GS . Talk all the bull..you want KD stays in GS . Same will Kyle Thompson , Iguodala , Livinsgton , Looney , they all will be GS next year ... jalen ... you are the one doing lot talkin’ ....they are playing , winning CHAMPIONSHIPS , GSW , they know how to be team Jalen just talks bout individuals and money ...STUPID

  42. Jeffery Nyarko

    Jeffery Nyarko20 dias atrás

    They make nothing of nothing. They talk like they present during the call. You are guys, stop gossiping and throwing tantrums.

  43. The Truth

    The Truth20 dias atrás

    Bs 2 of those guys will end up with the Los angeles Lakers. Let's not forget Kawhi is a die hard Los angeles Lakers fan as a young man a Los angeles native 😉

  44. JAMES Brown

    JAMES Brown20 dias atrás

    Bumb ass Lebron ain't distracting shit We'll have to be a fool to go play with that bumb.

  45. Have_At_IT

    Have_At_IT20 dias atrás

    LeBron is Trouble but Jeanie evidently is to stupid to notice. Jerry would not have tolerated his nonsense.

  46. Kane From Milton

    Kane From Milton20 dias atrás

    Warriors don't need KD or that idiot Cousins. Trade em both after they lose to Raps in Final.

  47. Kane From Milton

    Kane From Milton20 dias atrás

    They play the same position - why would Kawhi join LeBron? LeBron is an idiot for trying to recruit top tier stars to play under him.

  48. Thousand Nations 1 Soul

    Thousand Nations 1 Soul20 dias atrás

    Nobody wants to play with coach bron bron

  49. Reality Bites

    Reality Bites20 dias atrás

    Kawhi be like "son, its kawhi time, go join barkley"

  50. Lou Siffer

    Lou Siffer20 dias atrás

    "Clapped back." That dude is a grown ass man talking to a legend and said that.

  51. PiGGy

    PiGGy20 dias atrás

    Recruit Klay!!!

  52. Kawhi Chan

    Kawhi Chan20 dias atrás

    Kawhi resigns with Raptors. Media, Kawhi will join the Lakers in 2025.

  53. riconearand far

    riconearand far20 dias atrás

    Is Philly not considered a huge market??

  54. F Lopez

    F Lopez20 dias atrás

    He just beat Giannis in 6 ..he must be really distracted lol

  55. Andre Silvestri

    Andre Silvestri20 dias atrás

    Ad and kyrie to lakers with lebron that would be best for basketball and for me to watch and im a rockets fan

  56. George Harry

    George Harry20 dias atrás

    Lakers will be lucky to get pg13 but idk if they’ll get any superstars. I don’t think they needem tbh, they could get good supporting players and make a run

  57. B B

    B B20 dias atrás

    It’s so pathetic how LeBron is begging half of the league to come give him more help. Sad.

  58. Richie B Kewl

    Richie B Kewl20 dias atrás

    Too old to be talking like kids .

  59. Lane Gallegos

    Lane Gallegos20 dias atrás

    jalen still bitter bout that 81, straight laker hater! fk him

  60. Bret Hauser

    Bret Hauser20 dias atrás

    Tampering that’s why the nba is 🗑

  61. George Cisneros

    George Cisneros20 dias atrás

    Jimmy Butler is a third option he is not a top player or second player on a team overrated

  62. SVTsupercharged Hi

    SVTsupercharged Hi20 dias atrás

    Kawhi isn't leaving Toronto after they've made it to the finals.


    SUGAH RAY ROBINSON JR20 dias atrás

    Go Clippers 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  64. Glitter

    Glitter20 dias atrás


  65. Jay Allison

    Jay Allison20 dias atrás


  66. SuperBullies1

    SuperBullies120 dias atrás

    LeBron is desperate. He know this is his last gasp. The question is...is Kyrie that stupid!

  67. Germain Ngaba

    Germain Ngaba20 dias atrás

    Jalen rose speaking some bullshit!! Like how is that a distraction!

  68. Valorie Thompson

    Valorie Thompson20 dias atrás

    Jalen is jealous of LeBron, and he hates Lakers. He will always say things negative about both.

  69. christemple66

    christemple6620 dias atrás

    Leonard is staying in Toronto! Other way around! Leonard can recruit James to come to Toronto!!

  70. lanceresultay014

    lanceresultay01420 dias atrás

    Bron’s the real 🐍 we all know it.

  71. Keith Mcgriff

    Keith Mcgriff20 dias atrás

    Y'all all crazy to believe Magic stepped down. It's a smoke screen. He will still recruit for the Lakers. Just now he won't be fined anymore. He'll be able to IG, Snapchat without tampering.

  72. Batzluminatti Roc

    Batzluminatti Roc20 dias atrás

    Much love for the Nipsey backdrop on Jalen AMI 💙

  73. justin case

    justin case20 dias atrás

    Sports casters follow a script.

  74. Further On In The News TV

    Further On In The News TV20 dias atrás

    I give it to the Raptors great job. Give it to them. Nevertheless, Raptors are no match for Warriors, just like Blazers wasn't. I would like to see a great match up though. I think will but might be even whitewash like Blazers. I think nuggets was a way better team to beat the warriors or bring them to the edge. Khawie alone cant do it.

  75. boom tarat

    boom tarat20 dias atrás

    The fucks lebron gotta do with contolling the narrative? Its you media guys the one controlling. Lebron is out of the playoff scene and they still talking bout him, bruh wtf

  76. The Tick

    The Tick20 dias atrás

    Jason Kidd is very loved by NBA players. You guys are over looking his power of attraction. Just saying

  77. The Tick

    The Tick20 dias atrás

    Yeah very narcissistic of Lebron. But that's why Lebron and Magic once liked each other. Two narcissistic personalities. And one already crashed and burned. Lebron is next. :) Cheers

  78. B B

    B B20 dias atrás

    The Tick can’t wait!

  79. Virus Xtal

    Virus Xtal20 dias atrás

    Lakers has taken the title of “biggest laugh stock in NBA” from the Knicks since LeWhore moved to Hollywood. Such a bitch.

  80. B B

    B B20 dias atrás

    Virus Xtal LeBitch

  81. LeHenryCotton

    LeHenryCotton20 dias atrás

    If one of you guys could check out my NBA Finals Hype Vid and drop a like on it it'd mean the world to me

  82. MR YAYOR

    MR YAYOR20 dias atrás

    There is no facts to any of this, but they talk like there is 😂

  83. apolo kabali

    apolo kabali20 dias atrás

    What is espn working with fbi or donald trump to tap into James 'phone ?. Why are they so obsessed with the lakers with or without free agents lakers will get back to the top. It is disrespecting to the ypung men one of the deepest draft to tell them they cant play ball.

  84. chris

    chris20 dias atrás

    execpt about magic and LeBron. Because actually Magic couldn't play his own position.

  85. Paolo Obina

    Paolo Obina20 dias atrás

    Jalen knows so much yet he allowed Kobe to drop the 2nd best individual offensive performance of all time.

  86. chris

    chris20 dias atrás

    Jalen Rose a 100% right. Can't argue with he saying

  87. brucesterz

    brucesterz20 dias atrás

    Jalen rose needs to get dunked on again and shut the fuck up

  88. Snowden 777

    Snowden 77720 dias atrás

    Nobody wants to play with bron

  89. B B

    B B20 dias atrás

    Snowden 777 I know right. Sad. Serves him right.

  90. Jesus Esparza

    Jesus Esparza20 dias atrás

    Breaking news: kobe comes out of retirement to drop 85 points on jalen

  91. Dagga25 SSJ

    Dagga25 SSJ20 dias atrás

    Let’s not forget he just said Kyrie is in a *good situation*

  92. John Moorer

    John Moorer20 dias atrás

    Kwahi doesn't need lebron at all.. why would Kwahi leave a team that he's leading.. to go be a sidekick of lebron?

  93. layli bug

    layli bug20 dias atrás

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  94. Charles Thomas

    Charles Thomas20 dias atrás

    No he aint players that are great play to win they want championships if Kawie i aint leaving Toronto if they can get a championship.

  95. Sinbad

    Sinbad20 dias atrás

    this is why kawhi doesnt have social media so no distractions


    ROBERT ROSALES20 dias atrás

    ESPN loves too bash players like lebron

  97. Ronny Bueller

    Ronny Bueller20 dias atrás

    It’s over for the lakers and especially lebron

  98. Michael Rivera

    Michael Rivera20 dias atrás

    way too many imagination lol

  99. TheTweakshot

    TheTweakshot20 dias atrás

    Anyone else hear sixzors and thought ready player one. Illuminati confirmed

  100. Lucky Larry

    Lucky Larry20 dias atrás

    When your on the trending page with less views and uninteresting information

  101. LUD WIG

    LUD WIG20 dias atrás

    A butterfly clapped its wings in India ------> Kawhi is moving to LA !

  102. M Andrade

    M Andrade20 dias atrás

    Jalen still mad Kobe dropped 81 on his ass.

  103. marvin lesure

    marvin lesure20 dias atrás

    kawhi is a superstar in his own right why would he join LeBron and help him win when he can win by hisself on his own team