Lee on Leaving the Podcast to Pursue Comedy | Joey Diaz


  1. Steve tang0

    Steve tang017 horas atrás

    Just two nice guys

  2. Mack Ryan

    Mack Ryan4 dias atrás

    Just being forreal Lee is not funny enough to do stand up

  3. Luis Gabriel Negron

    Luis Gabriel Negron5 dias atrás

    i love that santurce shirt that joey diaz has

  4. Knowledge Variable

    Knowledge Variable6 dias atrás


  5. Keabon Hall

    Keabon Hall8 dias atrás

    This is the single best thing Joey has ever said on any podcast. The Church is all about that you gotta let people go when they want something better for themselves

  6. Marco Mahalo

    Marco Mahalo8 dias atrás

    I listen to Joey Diaz every day to feel sane

  7. Brandon Wilson

    Brandon Wilson10 dias atrás

    1:31 this is my life dream to wake up one morning and say that to myself

  8. Dasbig McGee

    Dasbig McGee10 dias atrás

    I could see my self dying there but there was a problem. I have a problem too nah... I'm out.

  9. Just Daniel

    Just Daniel10 dias atrás

    Lee's laugh at the end 😂 freaking hilarious!

  10. alexm matsu

    alexm matsu11 dias atrás

    You go pee and you say I’m going for this!

  11. Brad Lee

    Brad Lee11 dias atrás

    Joey Diaz The Great Loot Liftin' Knowledge Layer. Look out Joey, you awoke this comic laughing tree Lee

  12. Joe Vines

    Joe Vines11 dias atrás

    This is sad new, but the thumbnail is wonderful.

  13. Adam Lewis

    Adam Lewis11 dias atrás

    joeys mouth is always open when listening to ppl speak lol

  14. hipsonsogbo

    hipsonsogbo9 dias atrás

    Exactly how it feels on shrooms

  15. Howzer The man

    Howzer The man11 dias atrás

    Ill miss Lee on the podcast especially when joey gets him fucked up.

  16. AZN SWAG

    AZN SWAG15 dias atrás

    worst mistake this guy can do is leave joey diaz .. stay.. and keep getting high and have fun

  17. Tom Niedziela

    Tom Niedziela15 dias atrás

    Lol Lee can barely speak. He’s no Joey Diaz but good luck to him.

  18. nitro express

    nitro express16 dias atrás

    Joey's face says "I want you to have success but you ain't going nowhere cocksucka!"

  19. Nibster Brown

    Nibster Brown21 dia atrás

    Hope he does ok. He always seems so timid.

  20. James Pearce

    James Pearce22 dias atrás

    Well that went well

  21. Dick Manitoba

    Dick Manitoba29 dias atrás

    How much does Joey pay lee to be his schlubby sidekick?

  22. Old chunk of coal.

    Old chunk of coal.21 dia atrás

    A tremendous amount.

  23. El Tigre

    El TigreMês atrás

    This is the perfect example of Lee needing to find his own voice. Joey means well but Lee wanted to interject so many times but couldn't.

  24. Matt D

    Matt DMês atrás

    he sure does look funny

  25. Khan Bro TV

    Khan Bro TVMês atrás

    Lee has grown on me tremendously, can’t imagine a better duo than this.

  26. juan s moreno

    juan s morenoMês atrás

    Joey, that shirt bro

  27. Daniel O

    Daniel OMês atrás

    Lee sounds like a young boy having to tell his parents he's been expelled from school for selling anal nitrate.

  28. Dutch Masta

    Dutch MastaMês atrás

    having alot on your plate has never been a problem -- pushing *350lbs* ?

  29. Dutch Masta

    Dutch MastaMês atrás

    do not go to nyc, anyplace else

  30. Alex Vibe

    Alex VibeMês atrás

    💯 joey 💯

  31. CyberLA

    CyberLAMês atrás

    "I sold Coke while I delivered chinese food" 😂😂😂😂😂

  32. caleb jaymes

    caleb jaymesMês atrás

    11:50 wth, did he just say hes 31. No way thought he was 45 with a 13 yr old voice.

  33. Michael Ranellone

    Michael RanelloneMês atrás

    Will be missed

  34. Old chunk of coal.

    Old chunk of coal.21 dia atrás

    Maybe it'll be better, like when Rogan replaced Redban with Young Jamie. An insane douchebag replaced by a simple cookie cutter who never talks was a solid upgrade.

  35. Raven__310

    Raven__310Mês atrás

    Good luck lee. Joey if you need a sidekick I would love to help on the podcast I’m going to miss lee laugh

  36. T- 800

    T- 800Mês atrás

    Speak the words of wisdom prophet joey



    If your happy now why ruin a good thing and leave it? What a dumbass. Seems like a no brainer to me. Lee ain't even that funny

  38. Old chunk of coal.

    Old chunk of coal.21 dia atrás

    Don't call someone a dumbass with that grammar. Anyway, God forbid the guy have dreams of something more...

  39. wag wisc

    wag wiscMês atrás

    ive been binge watching videos for a month and havent seen this.... what is happening!!! i dont want him to leave

  40. Anthony

    AnthonyMês atrás

    lee certainly isn't a comic.

  41. Old chunk of coal.

    Old chunk of coal.21 dia atrás

    You're dumb.

  42. QuickMaff

    QuickMaffMês atrás

    I love Lee but Jesus hearing him trying to explain something is fucking torture

  43. Cameron

    CameronMês atrás

    Bro I love Lee, but he isn't cut out for stand up. Hopefully I'm proven wrong.

  44. Odin Meacham

    Odin MeachamMês atrás

    Joey is doing Lee a solid by suggesting he get the fuck out of the cesspool that is the L.A. comedy scene. He knows that if he stays, he'll be the same trash that they are.

  45. joe smith

    joe smithMês atrás

    Get to the god damn point lee

  46. Oprah Of Beats

    Oprah Of BeatsMês atrás

    Lee aint going aaaannnyyyyywerrrreeeee

  47. Johnathon Summerlin

    Johnathon SummerlinMês atrás

  48. R. M

    R. MMês atrás

    I honestly don't see Lee becoming a successful comic. What life experiences does he have to draw on?

  49. Devon Javier

    Devon JavierMês atrás

    Lee is 31 and looks older than Joey jtfo

  50. XXXtentacion

    XXXtentacion2 meses atrás

    i do not know why you would ever leave the comfort of a podcast to do stand up ........ i mean , you're not 20 anymore lee .......this is just foolish , you're where you are because , that is where you're supposed to be lee syatt ...be happy here man , we love you guys the way it is , we wouldn't wanna see you on the road lee ...fuck all that man , vlog for us then lee ...how about that , go on a new fitness program vlog style and do mushrooms , fuck all this on the road comedy , making 4 bucks , washing balls ....what is this ...fucking mortadella here

  51. Old chunk of coal.

    Old chunk of coal.21 dia atrás

    Mindset of a coward...

  52. Michael Felix

    Michael Felix2 meses atrás

    Not gonna lie seeing the flying jew leave one day will be sad hope nothing for the best for lee

  53. pedromedina93

    pedromedina932 meses atrás

    I hope he makes it .

  54. 《 Wicked 》

    《 Wicked 》2 meses atrás

    Leeeee! You better not leave Muhfcka! We need you man your Joy and Laughter for Us ALL

  55. Charlie Cho

    Charlie Cho2 meses atrás

    So much respect for joey! Respect! I know its hard to let one of ur best guys go! But a class act from joe! Joe even tho he might die from diabetes! I know he gonna die smiling! So much respect on both joey and lee! Lee always give joe love everyday for giving u this speech!love ya joe!!!

  56. The Intellectual Rabbit

    The Intellectual Rabbit2 meses atrás

    Probably one of the most real and inspiring things someone ever said. Thanks Joey and Lee, you guys rock.

  57. Harley Ortega

    Harley Ortega2 meses atrás

    this guy lee sucks at speaking.. he sounds like hes fucking drowning.

  58. sobonedeep

    sobonedeep2 meses atrás

    Lee always sounds like he’s turning his homework in a day late

  59. kyle matchinis

    kyle matchinis22 dias atrás

    I swear....ive said this before about his voice, but he seriously sounds like hes ALWAYS on the brink of tears.

  60. Dutch Masta

    Dutch MastaMês atrás

    @Matthew Downing winey east coast jew

  61. johnny walker

    johnny walkerMês atrás

    Too much mumble rap

  62. Matthew Downing

    Matthew DowningMês atrás

    Like a beaten dog

  63. kennediens

    kennediens2 meses atrás

    Brendan Shaub proves Joey wrong. Joey is old school and beautiful, but being popular and famous will open doors that being unknown and funny never will.

  64. Smiley Dave

    Smiley Dave2 meses atrás

    Take it for what its worth. Your not funny listening to you on here is hard enough.

  65. Christian Zaccone

    Christian Zaccone2 meses atrás

    That's it sometimes you just have to wipe the dust off your boots and move on!

  66. J. M.

    J. M.2 meses atrás

    Lmao...."I delivered Chinese food, I sold coke while I delivered Chinese food...." 😂😂😂😂😂

  67. J. M.

    J. M.2 meses atrás

    Bro...take all Joey's advice, man the fuck up and take the biggest chance of your life. Just jump bro. You got connections out the ass now that your with Joey and on such a great fuckin podcast. Your funny, play the innocent comic who gets their ass kicked by tough women and shit. Do a bit about a girl beating your ass in the supermarket parking lot or some shit lol

  68. LebanonDon

    LebanonDon2 meses atrás

    Hey man I’ll come on ur podcast Joey and I. Can promise we will be a great duo

  69. Peter Fanizzi

    Peter Fanizzi2 meses atrás

    Did he ever get to tell Joey he’s leaving? I couldn’t take anymore of Joey’s “let me tell ya” stories, I had to bounce. Usually I love his funny stories but after 12 mins of silent Joey I had to bounce

  70. Stu West

    Stu West2 meses atrás

    Lee, you are in the best city with a very good job for being a comic. Leaving will only reduce your options and networking abilities.