LEGENDARY PASTA & SANDWICHES! Food Tour of Florence Italy


  1. jer quake

    jer quake4 horas atrás

    I bet you gained some weight visiting Italy ;)

  2. Dario De Stasio

    Dario De Stasio10 horas atrás

    welcome everyone to the kingdom of the best food in the world.

  3. Nicole Feng

    Nicole Feng12 horas atrás

    One of my best memories in Florence is that stripe sandwich. I didn't have it in the market but from a small food stand run by a family near the leather good market. It was so delicious and an Italian dad was there with his teenage daughter, they even shared their red wine with me-So Italian :)

  4. Pei K

    Pei K18 horas atrás

    Some Americans throw up at eating at Oliver Garden lol

  5. Matt Nobrega

    Matt NobregaDia atrás

    Wicked nice

  6. Ro Ro

    Ro RoDia atrás

    How do we see your Israeli food tour???

  7. Diamandinae

    DiamandinaeDia atrás

    Antipasto, pasta and meat next? So, is the pizza still a hit?

  8. T M

    T MDia atrás

    Because they deep the bread in the broth that is why he likes it. My experience with Italian bread has been dry and hard. The pasta and pizza were awesome.

  9. Bethany Grimes

    Bethany Grimes3 dias atrás

    I guess I’ll need to open that can of chef bouyardy 😕

  10. WolfdenGaming /Mavadelo

    WolfdenGaming /Mavadelo4 dias atrás

    Lol, he managed to put in Poo Bear, awesome Mike ;)

  11. Damiano Nardi

    Damiano Nardi4 dias atrás

    After "eat pray love" the vision of Italian business Is changed..

  12. LisaFrank39

    LisaFrank395 dias atrás

    That's alot of carbs. I'm in love.

  13. Quoc Trinh

    Quoc Trinh8 dias atrás

    Hi mike I do not want to be rude Mike but what is the name of the music of 2:35

  14. Nick Crawford

    Nick Crawford9 dias atrás

    I wish I knew more about that celery dish, it's so green!

  15. TZE GOH

    TZE GOH9 dias atrás

    You went all the way to the other side of the world just to eat ????

  16. sartorian darkstorm

    sartorian darkstorm9 dias atrás

    im getting depressed here seeing mike travel and eating amazing food.... and all i can is sit here and watch because i wouldnt be able to afford this

  17. imaghostya

    imaghostya9 dias atrás

    That panini looked on point. 🍞

  18. Awkward Girl

    Awkward Girl9 dias atrás

    The pasta with meat sauce on it is called “ragù “ or how some of you guys may call it “bolognese sauce”

  19. Less Talk, More Delicious

    Less Talk, More Delicious14 dias atrás

    Cookie Monster say oh me oh my 😳🤤✨

  20. raven scott

    raven scott18 dias atrás


  21. SamoZaZabavu

    SamoZaZabavu19 dias atrás

    jeeeezzz.. started with watching one short video while i eat...here i am 3 hours later... still watching videos.... now hungry again... love this chanel :)

  22. Ashlee Loves

    Ashlee Loves19 dias atrás

    That sandwich though. Looked sooooo good!!! 😋😋😋😋

  23. Niki Edmonds

    Niki Edmonds21 dia atrás

    I toured Italy 3 years ago and it was some of the best food I'd ever had...even the rest stops had amazing fresh food!

  24. Jef Tsui

    Jef Tsui21 dia atrás

    You're basically a hobbit when it comes to food. Second lunch and all...

  25. Veronika

    Veronika22 dias atrás

    Walk around, look around and eat as much as I can. That sounds about right.

  26. Johnwash12

    Johnwash1223 dias atrás

    going on a two week Italy trip in a month!!!

  27. Dario De Stasio

    Dario De Stasio10 horas atrás

    Where are you going? Have fun here

  28. pennypals15

    pennypals1525 dias atrás

    That panini place seems awesome

  29. Nil Gill

    Nil Gill28 dias atrás

    Italian cuisine is in my opinion the best in the world. Just as good if not better than French cuisine, but so much more relaxed and easygoing.

  30. TheOriginalWarden

    TheOriginalWarden28 dias atrás

    Mike, I've been watching your videos for years and I just have to comment after watching your 2kg steak vid, and now this one. I think your table manners are getting worse! I was SO HAPPY when you stopped chewing with your mouth open but it appears that you have compensated by trying to shove as much food as possible in your mouth with ONE forkful! While I understand the shoving the food in until you can't close your mouth may be an Asian thing, but good grief, man, have some dignity! It's beginning to look like you've never used a knife and fork before!

  31. Julee Knowles-kimura

    Julee Knowles-kimuraMês atrás

    I'd give Mikey my salty meat and cheese 😂

  32. Kim Serrahn

    Kim SerrahnMês atrás

    So what's with Swiss music in Italy?

  33. Rico Martin

    Rico MartinMês atrás

    OMG Jackie Chan?

  34. Vanessa Valentina

    Vanessa ValentinaMês atrás

    was that the first time you had melon and parma ham? its such a really famous and well known starter

  35. Vanessa Valentina

    Vanessa ValentinaMês atrás

    in how many hours do you eat all of this mikey? :D

  36. Navy Retired

    Navy RetiredMês atrás

    Thank you for sharing, we will be in florence next week

  37. Brenda Simmons

    Brenda SimmonsMês atrás

    Why don't you weigh 500 lbs?!?!, Lol 😄

  38. gawis 2016

    gawis 2016Mês atrás


  39. giuseppe emanuele

    giuseppe emanueleMês atrás

    Go in Sicily and try the food there

  40. kris

    krisMês atrás

    Another great video, tkx Mikey

  41. Small Caps

    Small CapsMês atrás

    My 2 favorite things. Pasta and Subs

  42. Jita'ame suluma

    Jita'ame sulumaMês atrás

    ;p, i do not have enough Chinese to eat a kilo of steak and then pasta , sorry i fail , i just had dinner 6 Mongolia dumplings and fruit and i am stuffed , to be fare they dumplings are quite big

  43. F.C.A. Hu

    F.C.A. HuMês atrás

    I’m a chinese boy born and raise in Florence and I’m super happy that u try our food especially lampredotto, favourite food ever

  44. Gaabinubat Rafinulifilit

    Gaabinubat RafinulifilitMês atrás

    Ho messo il mio pene nella torta al cioccolato. Ora il cane mi lecca le palle

  45. Boris Sheen

    Boris Sheen2 meses atrás

    I have got to try that pasta at 14:30. that looked. INCREDIBLE.

  46. Judy Logsdon

    Judy Logsdon2 meses atrás

    I love to watch the people in the background looking at Mikey eating. 🤣😂

  47. reaaliaa

    reaaliaa2 meses atrás

    i CANNOT wait to visit italy. the food looks amazing and i know it’ll definitely ruin italian food for me forever when i return to the states.

  48. Gogglie Sunshine

    Gogglie Sunshine2 meses atrás

    Why am I watching this while starving.... oh yeah im trying to taste it through the screen

  49. rialvey

    rialvey2 meses atrás

    Sorry... lol love all your videos.. but when I hear tripe.. I'm reminded of the stuff I used to persuade my dog to get in his crate for lol

  50. Azkâria ][

    Azkâria ][2 meses atrás

    That face he makes after a few bites, looks sad but in truth its the face of realisation this meal might come to an end but I don't want this delicious dish to ever end!!

  51. nina moom

    nina moom2 meses atrás

    That panini resto! I will definetly go there

  52. Shannon Harasta

    Shannon Harasta2 meses atrás

    Come to Nepal and do a momo tour!

  53. Deidre Cruickshank

    Deidre Cruickshank2 meses atrás

    Mike I've decided you are part hobbit, disguised as an Asian/American guy!

  54. John Okamoto

    John Okamoto2 meses atrás

    Shout out to Edwardo and Patty from Seattle! From Seattle😁

  55. Key IN

    Key IN2 meses atrás

    Is there an Italian snack video? 😂

  56. James Casteel

    James Casteel3 meses atrás

    did you break your good mic?

  57. Sōshi Miketsukami

    Sōshi Miketsukami3 meses atrás

    Never heard anyone say "second lunch" 🤔

  58. Catherine

    Catherine22 dias atrás

    Sōshi Miketsukami me neither. I have heard of second breakfast! 😄

  59. Cesare Nero

    Cesare Nero3 meses atrás

    When you use bread to clean the dish from sauce, then you're doing "scarpetta". And scarpetta it's what makes you an honorary italian citizen!

  60. Khalid Aziz

    Khalid Aziz3 meses atrás

    btw. Panino = singular, Panini = plural

  61. Khalid Aziz

    Khalid Aziz3 meses atrás

    in italy every sauce have it's own pasta type

  62. Sathya Forever

    Sathya Forever3 meses atrás

    Watching Mike taste delicious food and describe it makes me feel that I fulfilled my life's purpose, Awesome. Love Mike all-day everyday.

  63. Mr Byson

    Mr Byson4 meses atrás

    Can i have all the Tchirts for 1000 Rubel, you money thirsty Dicksucker !?!

  64. Guy

    Guy4 meses atrás

    Tripe sandwich too crazy for me

  65. NyCoLe

    NyCoLe4 meses atrás

    This is just everyday eating in Italy

  66. K.V.S GAMER

    K.V.S GAMER4 meses atrás

    Panini was the best i think

  67. lcc726

    lcc7264 meses atrás

    Florence I just remember the leather and gold jewelry. I dont remember the food looking that good when I was there!

  68. toxic mela

    toxic melaMês atrás

    so you was a TRUE tourist!

  69. Chelsea Divel

    Chelsea Divel4 meses atrás

    When the lady whispered that she’d put the 2 meats on for you, is just a really good example of how generous and nice other countries are.

  70. benzman500sl

    benzman500sl4 meses atrás

    You truly are a human garbage disposal. You can eat just about ANYTHING!!!

  71. genxer711

    genxer7114 meses atrás

    Italians and Spaniards don’t cook with butter. The English and the French do

  72. genxer711

    genxer7114 meses atrás

    14:26 In the US there is a similar dish called hamburger helper 😂😆🤣. Shameful

  73. Bin Dao

    Bin Dao4 meses atrás


  74. Minna Piña

    Minna Piña4 meses atrás

    Sandwiches look soooooo good

  75. Dylan Stakely

    Dylan Stakely5 meses atrás

    That beef pasta 😍

  76. QuirkyQuillify

    QuirkyQuillify5 meses atrás

    I went to exactly the same places Mike did! I absolutely agree with him. The Tripe >>>>>>Beef Sandwich. Go to Mario's, get the ribolitta, you won't regret it! Great choices, great food, lots of love!!!

  77. Tomsawyerspit

    Tomsawyerspit5 meses atrás

    I thought a panini was hot pressed ?

  78. Emily Gilbey

    Emily Gilbey5 meses atrás

    The boar sandwich truck I went too in Penne was awesome!

  79. Suhad J

    Suhad J5 meses atrás

    Love this video.

  80. sleepybrownbear

    sleepybrownbear5 meses atrás

    My mouth is watering. All that stuff looks super delicious.

  81. Armando van Haaren

    Armando van Haaren5 meses atrás

    Is that 4.50 $a piece or for both

  82. Carlo Castellani

    Carlo Castellani6 meses atrás

    from the minute 9 the girl who talk says a lot of bullshits, i'm from Montepulciano and i lived in Florence 5 years, there is no "cacio bono", it is just the dialectal form to say "good cheese", the cheese that the girl makes to taste is not seasoned pecorino, and also Montalcino is not in Chianti, but exactly at the other end of the province of Siena, in Valdorcia. I'm sorry that tourists must be welcomed by such ignorant people

  83. Jenni Rayflo

    Jenni Rayflo6 meses atrás

    this motherfucker right here

  84. Tania Souf

    Tania Souf6 meses atrás

    My only WISH & hoping you see my comment MIKEY!! So Ericsurf6 said he would love to do a collab with you someday, I'm hoping so soon. NZ FAN 29.11.2018

  85. Sarah Farron

    Sarah Farron6 meses atrás

    “I’m not allowed to have two meats”? Lol the Italian server whispering “I will do it” iconic 😂

  86. FlareZero

    FlareZero6 meses atrás

    Italy, the best in the world for the food, case closed. 👍👍🔝🔝

  87. viniv20

    viniv206 meses atrás

    Man i fell in love with that panini place !!!!

  88. Mitty

    Mitty6 meses atrás

    DO MORE EUROPE!!!@!!

  89. vinayak saraswat

    vinayak saraswat6 meses atrás

    9:35 lol

  90. Paolo 19

    Paolo 197 meses atrás

    Ti sei dimenticato della lasagna 😍

  91. bobby blues

    bobby blues7 meses atrás

    If you ban Mikey from saying every bite is flavourful and aromatic there's nothing to say...from India to Japan no matter were he eats it's always flavourful and aromatic....has he ever given a bad review?

  92. Triple Z Music

    Triple Z Music7 meses atrás

    I went to Central Market and the food was some of the best I have ever had. Great choice!

  93. Maria Rib

    Maria Rib7 meses atrás

    "If this fork full of noodles isn't giving you the feels, I'm not sure we can be friends" Oh yeah...

  94. Kelley Gabriel

    Kelley Gabriel7 meses atrás

    I can make better pasta come to Australia n try my pasta

  95. Veteran Reviews and Vlogs

    Veteran Reviews and Vlogs7 meses atrás

    8:38 that's a really tall woman lol Awesome content. I'm able to travel the world with you and eat the best of dishes. Thanks for sharing. Keep the vids coming. Greetings from South Africa.

  96. Benjamin Farias

    Benjamin Farias7 meses atrás

    Europe has the best cheese. I cant specify a country, but I lived there for two years and cheese was amazing.

  97. Benjamin Farias

    Benjamin Farias7 meses atrás

    Italian pasta was awesome. Italian pizza was disappointing.

  98. Benjamin Farias

    Benjamin Farias7 meses atrás

    Lmao when I went to Italy for two weeks I always got sandwiches.

  99. Rt 1754321

    Rt 17543217 meses atrás

    Now I want to go to Italy

  100. Reb Gamers

    Reb Gamers7 meses atrás

    u have a camera man bro?

  101. Fried Egg

    Fried Egg8 meses atrás

    I'm missing out only eating subway sandwiches.

  102. slux83

    slux838 meses atrás

    The sponge job with bread and the pasta sauce is called scarpetta (small shoe literally) ! Nicely done!

  103. KingDennisJensen

    KingDennisJensen8 meses atrás

    Italians are amazing! One of my best friends is Italian and his parents make the best food.