LEGENDARY PASTA & SANDWICHES! Food Tour of Florence Italy


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    this motherfucker right here

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    My only WISH & hoping you see my comment MIKEY!! So Ericsurf6 said he would love to do a collab with you someday, I'm hoping so soon. NZ FAN 29.11.2018

  3. Sarah Farron

    Sarah Farron14 dias atrás

    “I’m not allowed to have two meats”? Lol the Italian server whispering “I will do it” iconic 😂

  4. FlareZero

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    Italy, the best in the world for the food, case closed. 👍👍🔝🔝

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    Man i fell in love with that panini place !!!!

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    DO MORE EUROPE!!!@!!

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    9:35 lol

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    Ti sei dimenticato della lasagna 😍

  9. bobby blues

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    If you ban Mikey from saying every bite is flavourful and aromatic there's nothing to say...from India to Japan no matter were he eats it's always flavourful and aromatic....has he ever given a bad review?

  10. Yello- Music

    Yello- MusicMês atrás

    I went to Central Market and the food was some of the best I have ever had. Great choice!

  11. Maria Rib

    Maria RibMês atrás

    "If this fork full of noodles isn't giving you the feels, I'm not sure we can be friends" Oh yeah...

  12. Kelley Gabriel

    Kelley GabrielMês atrás

    I can make better pasta come to Australia n try my pasta

  13. The Veteran

    The VeteranMês atrás

    8:38 that's a really tall woman lol Awesome content. I'm able to travel the world with you and eat the best of dishes. Thanks for sharing. Keep the vids coming. Greetings from South Africa.

  14. Benjamin Farias

    Benjamin FariasMês atrás

    Europe has the best cheese. I cant specify a country, but I lived there for two years and cheese was amazing.

  15. Benjamin Farias

    Benjamin FariasMês atrás

    Italian pasta was awesome. Italian pizza was disappointing.

  16. Benjamin Farias

    Benjamin FariasMês atrás

    Lmao when I went to Italy for two weeks I always got sandwiches.

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    Now I want to go to Italy

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    u have a camera man bro?

  19. Fried Egg

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    I'm missing out only eating subway sandwiches.

  20. slux83

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    The sponge job with bread and the pasta sauce is called scarpetta (small shoe literally) ! Nicely done!

  21. KingDennisJensen

    KingDennisJensenMês atrás

    Italians are amazing! One of my best friends is Italian and his parents make the best food.

  22. kenia villalva

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    I love tripe but it needs to be crispy

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    Outstanding video recording! Here at Y&S FOOD! we like to come across this sort of contents. We create Travel & Food shows as well, around the the world, so we are habitually searching inspirations and good ideas. Thank You.

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    That panini lady was so nice 😍

  25. lunaangelj

    lunaangelj2 meses atrás

    @strictly dumpling at the last restaurant you ate at in the video... were you able to complete the meal in 90 minutes as you said you needed to do in order to be seated there?

  26. Mike D

    Mike D2 meses atrás

    Even if I had this video on mute, I would be drooling at what I was looking at. The prices also were so freaking cheap, makes me mad when we pay twice as much here in the US for something not even half as good (looking or tasting)

  27. Jake Knight

    Jake Knight2 meses atrás

    Take me on your next food adventure

  28. David Snyder

    David Snyder2 meses atrás

    Do they have a tripe and beef sandwich? Like where they go half-half?

  29. anthony cheesman

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    Olive garden is good I don't care what anyone says lol

  30. Alessia Ayoub

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    Please come back to Ontario and do foods around Hamilton! We have so many different variety’s, hot pot, pirogies, Arabic food, sushi, etc... I’d love to see you come to my city and explore the melting pot of foods

  31. Renee Williams

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    Sweet and salty always works!

  32. The Comedy Bros

    The Comedy Bros2 meses atrás

    How are you gonna be in Florence and not get blown away?

  33. Mike C

    Mike C2 meses atrás

    is there anything more to do in italy besides eating food walking through there thats all you see this restaurant that restaurant reminds me of the usa to where people will just continue eating non stop because of there misery and depression

  34. Inge Wenzel

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    yep...Italy..everything looks good there fresh pasta!!!..panini...the men 😏😂

  35. Alex Kuhn

    Alex Kuhn2 meses atrás

    I found out about ham and mellon from One Piece

  36. Hannah Smith

    Hannah Smith2 meses atrás

    Hi Mike! This past spring semester in college I studied abroad in Perugia, Italy for 6 months (it’s right between Rome and Florence) and I couldn’t recommend a place more to go for food! I had been to Florence and Rome many times when I was abroad and the food is obviously amazing in those two places but the food in Perugia I think is even more amazing! It’s even more affordable as well. If you ever go back to Italy, which I highly recommend, you should go to smaller cities as well! The food, the views, and the people are truly amazing and it really gives you a feel of the true Italian lifestyle. The region of Umbria has amazing little towns and cities and I would recommend them to anyone if you want to see more of Italy!

  37. That cold sweat after Sh*t butthole deflation

    That cold sweat after Sh*t butthole deflation2 meses atrás

    Just reading that title I cant imagine the amount of carbs in these meals lmao

  38. That cold sweat after Sh*t butthole deflation

    That cold sweat after Sh*t butthole deflation2 meses atrás

    nvm thought it said pasta sandwiches

  39. Joann Drennon

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    Hey Mike you are making me hungry and now I want a sandwich. So you know I am going out for lunch and I am going to get me a corn beef sandwich. Love your videos💞💞💞

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    I swear man. This guys a genius when it comes to combining food

  41. drazman9

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    If you love tribe, you really should come to Hungary, or Eastern-Europe in general :) we have some funky food for your taste buds LOL

  42. Rebecca Rac - Ferguson

    Rebecca Rac - Ferguson2 meses atrás

    I lived in Florence for a year and would often eat at nerbone or Mario when shopping for produce at the central markets warms my heart to see those places again

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    mike is a virgin

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    Why does he loon skinnier here? or is it just me.?

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    I stopped watching mark weins new video just to watch this because i am late.

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    Anyone noticed he’s like the only guy wearing a t shirt?

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    Does this guy realize how damn dry those sandwiches look when he bites into them?? Dude, I can never eat with you. I hate dry food and I hate bread

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    Viva l’Italia! Italians do it better

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    Did you seriously go to Italy and not get a risotto?

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    if mike shakes his head when he likes the food, does that mean he nods when he hates it.

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    7:51 the camera strap LUL

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    He makes me drool 🤤

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    that moment at 5:04 where he's looking for Trattoria Mario and its literally behind him, haha.

  55. I C

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    If it is anything like Spanish celery dishes, there is potato in it.

  56. I C

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    I dare to say Spanish ham is even better! It is so flavorful, it is almost sweet.

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    Just in time Mikey! I'm headed to Florence this weekend 😍

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    come to turkey

  59. Orion6699

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    NEVER go to the tourist restaurants in italy. Some of them are so bad they literally use frozen food. Do your research and make reservations. Its worth it!

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    It's Italian food, of course it's amazing.

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    I like how you talk to us with your mind

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    What's the name of the pasta and meat sauce dish from the last restaurant? Would like to find a recipe

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    Oh, thought it said pasta sandwitches. No combo moves in here.

  64. siphumelele mathaba

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    You should come to South Africa for authentic tripe that is not bleached just cleaned and cooked to perfection.

  65. FediBi1

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    Hey Mikey nice food tour but you missed THE panini spot, the Antico Vinaio, if you ever came back to Florence make sure to try it!

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    I plan to travel to other countries in the future(when i get enough money)and thanks to your videos my list has gotten longer and longer 😮😁

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    wow!!! I got so hungry watching this^^ I need to go there

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    I love tripe! I want to try that sandwich so bad!

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    That pork chop and creamed celery looked like a great pairing!

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    OMG, I just overdose on that Steak!! That's enough for three meals. I love your reactions Mikey when you tasted samples Italian cheese ☺️😀

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    Drooling and my stomach is going crazy!

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    Just like a relationship: Meaty, cheesy, refreshing, and just good. Lol pounds of love

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    I feel like he takes apart his food and then puts it back together

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    I'm going out to eat tomorrow

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    Love all your videos. Can you do a video on all your equipment you use to do your videos? Camera, Mike, Software etc....

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    When I was in Florence I started every day with Tripe sandwich at a stand. So good!

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    Dear GOD that sandwich looks good. Nice choice.

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    The number of zoom-ins with your surprised look of delight when something tastes so good. hahahah

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    Love the food close-ups!!

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    Absolute unit, in awe at the size of this lad

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    italy is literally food heaven

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    That sandwich lookin nasty as hell

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    Interesting melon with cured meat!

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    Ms. Keyser says she doesn’t know Kavanaugh and there was no party she remembers? Do you think it’s possible that Ford took the book Judge wrote and inserted herself into a story that’s a combination of stuff in the book+additional fictional events? since no one invited ford or send her home?

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    mike are U gonna do A video on wagashi?

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    This guy reminds me of young jackie chan. Love the food thoughh

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    Shout out to whoever edited this video, great work

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    Mike, I thought you were going to sell your Hot Oil at your store? If so, which store?

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    The prosciutto and melon looked like amazing little appetizers that was my favorite


    HOWARD CHANG2 meses atrás

    So expensive

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    Hey it’s me at 0:57 when I was in Italy!

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