Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What We Eat!


  1. Julia Bernardini

    Julia BernardiniHora atrás

    Okay low key though I’m super picky 😑

  2. Quient Of Love

    Quient Of Love19 horas atrás

    Jeff always bussy 😆😆

  3. Amethyst Quartz

    Amethyst QuartzDia atrás

    jeffree is literally me at any restaurant. I order only meat and cheese on my burger.

  4. hey.kiddoskies yeet

    hey.kiddoskies yeetDia atrás

    Can you came to VA next

  5. ALlapapspsps Spspsp s xsp

    ALlapapspsps Spspsp s xsp2 dias atrás

    The trend is from derek gerard

  6. muffin gang ayye

    muffin gang ayye2 dias atrás

    *This whole video made me so uncomfortable*

  7. Fortnite 4fun

    Fortnite 4fun2 dias atrás


  8. Juju boi Savage

    Juju boi Savage2 dias atrás

    Gay bitch

  9. Communist Fries

    Communist Fries2 dias atrás

    This whole trend was made by derek gerard hes so underrated

  10. Racheal Alvarez

    Racheal Alvarez2 dias atrás

    Jeffree got a big butt 22:33

  11. Alga MV

    Alga MV2 dias atrás

    18:33 does anyone where I can get his playstation sweater/shirt??? Looks awesome!😍

  12. Hfilm Reviews

    Hfilm Reviews3 dias atrás

    Kid: what’s up jeffree Jeffree: whots op... Lol

  13. Braulio Vasquez

    Braulio Vasquez4 dias atrás



    XOXOXXXOOO4 dias atrás

    I think Jeffree is so so real and genuine to his fans. So accommodating to people who want pics. I love him.

  15. NOVA Glow

    NOVA Glow4 dias atrás

    Love how Jeffree’s getting noticed everywhere but the other guy is pretty much invisible.😂🤣

  16. numerablewhom

    numerablewhom4 dias atrás

    Friends don't let friends eat frostys with a straw.

  17. Guilbert Azevedo

    Guilbert Azevedo5 dias atrás

    mitchel is so handsome i love it

  18. Mohamed 41

    Mohamed 415 dias atrás

    I hate her ew really the least BRreporter I love

  19. Mohamed 41

    Mohamed 415 dias atrás

    I am discusting

  20. Andy MacCracken

    Andy MacCracken5 dias atrás

    This video is iconic

  21. B0ii Skoutt

    B0ii Skoutt5 dias atrás

    Why don’t you have eyebrows

  22. Khadija Mahnoor

    Khadija Mahnoor5 dias atrás

    I just started loving her 😍♥️😘

  23. Jose Perez

    Jose Perez5 dias atrás

    Video starts 9:27

  24. Isra El Arja

    Isra El Arja5 dias atrás

    Ok so, I know who started the challenge please anyone write down who you think started it? Hint: their name starts with a y

  25. Victoria R perez

    Victoria R perez6 dias atrás

    That's the in and out by my house !

  26. Taylor Webster

    Taylor Webster6 dias atrás

    a cup of water hahahah

  27. Meg Kelly

    Meg Kelly6 dias atrás

    *Mitchell drinking his frosty* Jeffree: it’s very thicc you have to suck hard

  28. Kaity Mcgarigle

    Kaity Mcgarigle6 dias atrás


  29. Mary Schenk

    Mary Schenk6 dias atrás

    I’ve watched everything on you’re channel like 6 times+ and my boyfriend just knows your voice now

  30. Milkyway FoxQueen

    Milkyway FoxQueen6 dias atrás

    Jeffree I get u too well I only eat the meat and cheese on a burger 👌🏻 Honestly the BEST PART of a burger MEAT & CHEESE

  31. Ava’s tea Water

    Ava’s tea Water7 dias atrás

    Me looking at Jeffrey’s shirt and likeing it then noticed it was gucci

  32. Analiz Estremera

    Analiz Estremera7 dias atrás

    16:45 I bet you I win

  33. Abbie Carr

    Abbie Carr7 dias atrás

    NEWCASTLE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. farhan ali

    farhan ali7 dias atrás

    I 💜 u Jeffriestar

  35. Umm Hoi o.o

    Umm Hoi o.o8 dias atrás

    Deadass Jeffery I need some liquid eyeliner from u thats blacker than my fucking soul

  36. Ummm Okayyyig

    Ummm Okayyyig8 dias atrás

    Jefree: *hides and waits in a pink Tesla in the Wendy’s parking lot*

  37. Rotten Girl

    Rotten Girl8 dias atrás

    Whataburger and Chick-fil-a omg, if you want to get fat from fast food come to Texas

  38. SilentSyrup

    SilentSyrup8 dias atrás

    Wait is he a man?

  39. kimberlynloveschickennuggets M

    kimberlynloveschickennuggets M10 dias atrás

    0:46 to1:00 relatable

  40. Brendan B

    Brendan B10 dias atrás

    The most gay thing ive ever seen

  41. Koro Sciascia

    Koro Sciascia10 dias atrás

    When Mitchell says he doesn't like butter 🤣🤣🤣

  42. Mufin io

    Mufin io10 dias atrás

    What’s wrong with his voice the I’m guys

  43. 陆小可

    陆小可11 dias atrás

    But you really got so many food wasted!

  44. Bryab Paaap

    Bryab Paaap11 dias atrás

    Yea I am the same as you

  45. Cody Jay

    Cody Jay11 dias atrás

    People eat some boring food!!! Hahaa

  46. _MR MASK _

    _MR MASK _11 dias atrás

    I’m SO PICKY I NEED EVERYTHING PLAIN!!! I’m picky about My Mac’an’cheese

  47. gamer girl

    gamer girl11 dias atrás

    R u a girl or boy?!

  48. monserrat tobias

    monserrat tobias11 dias atrás

    Omg jeffre is like me i dont like nun in my chesseburger😂

  49. teveon parker

    teveon parker11 dias atrás

    Never seen this person looks gay

  50. teveon parker

    teveon parker11 dias atrás

    These people

  51. Tony Minaj

    Tony Minaj11 dias atrás

    Are we gonna the ignore the fact those kids walked in and said “hey drag queen” humble 20:49