Letting The Person In FRONT Of Us Decide What We Eat!


  1. Juan Anguiano

    Juan AnguianoDia atrás

    Is it just me or does Morgan’s mom sound exactly like Dory

  2. Daria Le Bleu

    Daria Le Bleu5 dias atrás

    you're so cute morgan love youuu

  3. pineapplezlicez

    pineapplezlicez7 dias atrás

    I’ve watched this before, and I assume I’ve commented.. but y’all so funny 😂💙

  4. Lauren Van De Vendel

    Lauren Van De Vendel9 dias atrás

    "Can you say it for me I'm socially awkward.." lol

  5. Tabitha Spence

    Tabitha Spence9 dias atrás

    "This looks like a girl that goes to church every Sunday" 😂😂😂 I died..

  6. Leo Productions

    Leo Productions9 dias atrás

    It’s the Adams family X3

  7. Mia

    Mia10 dias atrás

    Dope *>* a Bop

  8. Sara Carbonari

    Sara Carbonari11 dias atrás

    Mom you’re driving !!!

  9. Sara Carbonari

    Sara Carbonari11 dias atrás

    This might be the best video I’ve ever watched on you tube 🤣

  10. Jade Meredith

    Jade Meredith12 dias atrás

    Omg when Morgan sang into that spring roll, fuckin iconic and I do the same thing lol

  11. Timothy Serrano

    Timothy Serrano13 dias atrás

    Her mom aggressively saying the Baja blast was dope sent me!!

  12. Rachel Hartjes

    Rachel Hartjes13 dias atrás

    3:39 , the face of judgment 😅

  13. Allison Weaver

    Allison Weaver14 dias atrás

    Your mom sounds exactly like Ellen Degenerus

  14. Bianca Sanabria

    Bianca Sanabria14 dias atrás

    I can’t believe I missed out on this video, it’s so funny.

  15. Devvin Lee

    Devvin Lee19 dias atrás

    "I was hoping they ordered a family feast"

  16. Gill

    Gill22 dias atrás

    Morgan: "what is wrong with you?" Morgans mom : "You're my daughter."

  17. Kaylee Murnane

    Kaylee Murnane24 dias atrás

    The only people who like Panda Express are people who haven’t experienced New England Chinese food. Like “gold bowl or chopsticks or sing a pore or Asian imperial”. Other than that Morgan I love your videos! And please come out to Massachusetts and eat some real Chinese food! You won’t regret it

  18. Meryl Ann

    Meryl Ann25 dias atrás

    Matt from Starbucks sounds charming as heck😍 What did he look like??😂

  19. Marquez Marquez

    Marquez Marquez25 dias atrás

    How about teryaki boy healthy grill !

  20. Mandy Pink

    Mandy Pink26 dias atrás

    Mook-bong lol

  21. Boiled Eyelash

    Boiled Eyelash27 dias atrás

    I love how Her mom is literally Kris Jenner

  22. Tia Davis

    Tia Davis27 dias atrás

    You got coffee in the mirror, got egg on her wallet but she says let your stomach burst in the car... thatd be a way bigger mess...🤔

  23. Mackenzie J

    Mackenzie JMês atrás

    Morgan- “ on a weird piece of bread” Me- ‘screaming’ It’s TEXAS TOAST!

  24. Samantha Sabel

    Samantha SabelMês atrás

    This just made me want panda express

  25. Diya Bhakta

    Diya BhaktaMês atrás

    No One: No one Ever: Me: Panda Express has a drive thru!!

  26. GLad Catienza

    GLad CatienzaMês atrás

    💜💜💜😍love you morgan!

  27. Andria B

    Andria BMês atrás

    Morgan, we stan your mom. She needs to be in more of your videos

  28. Nicky Hayeck

    Nicky HayeckMês atrás

    It’s crazy how much Morgan’s mom sounds like dory

  29. justin roman

    justin romanMês atrás


  30. Brittany Perez

    Brittany PerezMês atrás

    I do not like panda panda panda panda

  31. Luckystarr Paul

    Luckystarr PaulMês atrás

    Tell your mom to start saying "tight" lol I don't know why but that seem like it would be funny to me

  32. Luckystarr Paul

    Luckystarr PaulMês atrás

    I never been to panda express I wonder if they got it in Canada that's where I am?

  33. asap.kates

    asap.katesMês atrás

    omg the stanley steamer owner lives right down my street haha and she sang the jingle DEADDDDD

  34. Mxt_ Sun

    Mxt_ SunMês atrás


  35. Genny Rose

    Genny RoseMês atrás

    I love this so funny!!!! 😂

  36. Kamron Eytcheson

    Kamron EytchesonMês atrás

    Lmfao yassss mom!!!!

  37. liz joy

    liz joyMês atrás

    seeing the food from panda made me get ptsd from working there, i’m not even kidding

  38. Life With Bella

    Life With BellaMês atrás

    *It’s dOpe* - Mom Adams 2019

  39. Kiku Aldan

    Kiku AldanMês atrás

    “I was hoping they ordered the family feast.” 😂

  40. Vanessa De La Cruz

    Vanessa De La CruzMês atrás

    I loveeeee your mom 😂😭😂