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    I wish there were a love button instead of like. I have been struggling with eye makeup application. Psoriatic Arthritis and sun damage hasn’t been kind to my skin and I have been all over the place and spent a ridiculous amount of money on makeup products and tools (brushes and sponges) FINALLY. This video appeared. I had everything I needed all along. I just didn’t have the knowledge or technique. This video has been forever saved and I will continue to refer back, step by step until it becomes second nature. THANK YOU. The time you spent to make this video is not going unappreciated.

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    Every single eye shadow pallet has these beautiful shimmers that I just adore. I don't wear browns alot, I'll be damned if I can find one video for hooded eyes that use shimmers and other colors besides brown. I do love your techniques tho and I will sure use that technique. Is matte and brown shades the only shades to do with hooded eyes??!!!!

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    no you can do them with any color! it is all about technique xo

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    What are you using to wipe off your brushes before going in with a diff color? I love this tutorial. Thank you!!!

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    The start at the under eye tip is great. I would like to see you start with one eye made up and the other bare, instead of adding your technique to an eye that is already made up.


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    Wonderful, thank you. I love your earrings!

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    AWESOME explanation of every step...just found you get credit if we purchase some of the products you use? I love the brushes especially...

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    Hi, I'm new to learning about eye makeup. Many people mentioned transition shade. What is a transition shade and what does it mean?

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    Use a soft brush instead of your fingers to blend the highlighter, etc. The skin around the eye is the thinnest skin we have. It's super easy to cause damage to tissues that, over time, contribute to wrinkles. If you must use your fingers, use your ring finger, it's the weakest one, and always move from outside toward the inside (from side of face toward nose). That helps avoid those micro-damaging movements

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    I absolutely love the way you explain how to use each product each time each step. I'm so glad I found your videos! I've been doing my makeup wrong and these videos explain why. I wore makeup years ago and I'm out of practice but not to different then the way you teach for the ageing eyes. Thank you so much Elle!

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