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    By the way, I've recently looked closer to my eye and realized I have crapey skin under my eyes, what can I do to minimize this and get rid of dark circles on the cheap side?

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    Thank you so much with your great explanation. I am just now experimenting with eye shadow and I am 56 years young. I have very sensitive eyes and usually I don't wear shadow, mascara, and never eyeliner. Normally I just do my eyebrows, wear boom color stick for cheeks and all blushing areas. I just bought cheap drug store matte eye shadow and mascara. I never wear foundation because my face is very sensitive as well; even bare minerals makes my face itch. Anyway, your tips, in this video, especially putting on the lower eyeliner first and heading upward makes so much sense and I will be practicing later so I can hopefully look fabulous for tomorrow night (Valentine's Day!)

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    Applying any eyeliner in the inner corners of deep set eyes it closes them and makes them look smaller,I look best if I wear any eyeliner,with it only on the outer upper lid or I used to wear a little under my eyelashes from the middle to the outer lower lashline.

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    My eyes used to look a whole size bigger when I was in my teens and 20's and 2 sizes bigger as a baby and a child,my stepmother said because as we get older your eyelids don't stay open as much,it's not in my imagination either you can really see how much bigger my eyes used to look in pictures compared to how they look now in person and in pictures.I'm so glad you said this too about what happens to our eyes as we age.My eyes were always somewhat deep set but they have become more so.

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    Awesome video! I have horrible hooded eyes, always have. I've been just doing whatever to make "not look so bad". I'm headed out to get colors that are better suited and brushes. Then coming back and going to start from scratch.

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    Thank you for this video, I have so much trouble putting shadow on because my eyes are hooded and wrinkled a bit.

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    Thank you so much!Just that tip alone start from bottom lashline helped me tremendousley to have control.My eyes just began to fold like that,also I just began using shadows to try and give me lift.This makes things so much easier.Now I just need a inexspensive eyeshadow palette that is great of course recommended.

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    Thank you so much for teaching this in such great detail. This is the best video demonstration I've seen to make my small hooded eyes look bigger. I can't wait to try it...after I get a pencil brush. 😊

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    I like what you did, but I also encourage you to view Wayne Goss's new video that pretty much does the opposite of what you have done here! I think both techniques are good. Here is the link to his video if you like:

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    I wish you could do my makeup. I have very small hooded eyes and also I am having a problem trying to decide the best brow shape for my face. I don't know what to do :(

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