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    Thank you for the tips. I am wondering if you don't advise using eyeliner in the lower waterline at all for mature eyes. I am 50 and have always lined my eyes that way, but I'm noticing you seem to only use shadow on the lower line of the lashes. Is it a bad idea to use eyeliner in the waterline?

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    +Elle Leary Artistry I see. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. 😊

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    Hey love! really there is no rule but lining eyes this way in a dark color has a tendency in general to make them look smaller. xo

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    I have my application on point, however my small eyes, not deep set at all, hooded on the inner, and folds on the outer. A hereditary mess, Unfortunately. I've not had any injections, fillers/Botox nor surgeries and am not planning to do so, Although will be left with what the good Lord gave me, which I'm happy with regardless. It's bothersome, but at least I do know how to create the best of what I've got. Camouflaging my way through life. Nice tutorials on your behalf. A natural beauty!

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    this is part of my 101 series it is for beginners

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    Donna McPeake NO- DONT be afraid of shimmer- I am over 55 I wear shimmer a lot I will have a in-depth tutorial up later today for aging hooded downturn eyes and you’re going to see how exactly I work with shimmer on the inner part of my eye and just how it brightens everything up I do not like dark color on the inner corner and I don’t like dark color on the outer corner so I really do I don’t shape spotlight I keep everything lifted up and wind out because I have a slightly downturned hooded eyes- I show on all my videos on how to keep he inner corner bright and how it opens the eyes so much so that I have noticed a lot of these older ladies that do videos have been doing the same thing after seeing my vids so don’t be afraid of shimmer just because were older or we have hooded eyes doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the fun and glimmer and sparkle of shimmer!

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    I stumbled across this video and have to say it is, by far, one of the best I have seen with such descriptive detail. I have somewhat hooded eyes and its hard to shape the crease, so I really appreciate this. Thank you so much.

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    Aha moment! Thoroughly explained. To the point. Thank you for not having distracting music in the background. Now that I’m older I can’t do my makeup like I used to. Thank you sooo much!

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    Thanks for the great tips on how to put the shadows on my eyes!!! I’m finding it easier to get the illusion of an upturn. You mentioned that you were interested in a brush tutorial video. That would be fantastic, if you could compare brushes from Sigma vs Mac vs Morfe. I’ve seen a lot of channels using interchangeable brushes and it’s kind of overwhelming!!! Keep up the great work!!!

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    you got it!! but just to note sigma and Mac are very similar, morphie is just ok quality but great price

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    Elle this is so helpful!! Thank you! Have you heard of face yoga? Ive been following tgem on youtube and it's amazing! They give you face exercises to help with uneven eye sizes as well as jowls, which have helped me tremendously!! You might really enjoy it!

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    yes I actually have it on my list to look into and do a video on!!

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    Thank you so much with your great explanation. I am just now experimenting with eye shadow and I am 56 years young. I have very sensitive eyes and usually I don't wear shadow, mascara, and never eyeliner. Normally I just do my eyebrows, wear boom color stick for cheeks and all blushing areas. I just bought cheap drug store matte eye shadow and mascara. I never wear foundation because my face is very sensitive as well; even bare minerals makes my face itch. Anyway, your tips, in this video, especially putting on the lower eyeliner first and heading upward makes so much sense and I will be practicing later so I can hopefully look fabulous for tomorrow night (Valentine's Day!)

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    Applying any eyeliner in the inner corners of deep set eyes it closes them and makes them look smaller,I look best if I wear any eyeliner,with it only on the outer upper lid or I used to wear a little under my eyelashes from the middle to the outer lower lashline.

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    My eyes used to look a whole size bigger when I was in my teens and 20's and 2 sizes bigger as a baby and a child,my stepmother said because as we get older your eyelids don't stay open as much,it's not in my imagination either you can really see how much bigger my eyes used to look in pictures compared to how they look now in person and in pictures.I'm so glad you said this too about what happens to our eyes as we age.My eyes were always somewhat deep set but they have become more so.

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