Lil Durk - Bougie feat. Meek Mill (Official Audio)


  1. Lil Durk

    Lil Durk6 meses atrás

    WHO READY 4 LS4TS2 ??

  2. Leem Rock

    Leem Rock4 dias atrás

    A yo i love you bra keep throwing them b,s up

  3. Leem Rock

    Leem Rock4 dias atrás

    A this is your favorite fan from Newark NJ leemrock and I got to say you go 🍌 on your songs that's crazy now that's real talk word on mother's

  4. Ah'leeirah Stewart

    Ah'leeirah Stewart5 dias atrás

    Me @lildurk can I get a feature for this 🎼🎼

  5. Brelle brelleSQUAD

    Brelle brelleSQUADMês atrás

    Drop this shitt

  6. YoungFly Queen

    YoungFly Queen2 meses atrás


  7. Ashley B

    Ashley B4 horas atrás

    Lil Durk is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Guiik

    Guiik8 dias atrás


  9. Isaiah Smith

    Isaiah Smith12 dias atrás

    Yes sir

  10. alberts1985

    alberts198514 dias atrás

    Roll up some goodie and stuff it in a dutch

  11. Danny A

    Danny A15 dias atrás

    Only Mfs from Chicago know what “riding CTA” means 😂😂

  12. Chris Tomlin

    Chris Tomlin3 dias atrás

    Never been there so you false my boy

  13. Chris Tomlin

    Chris Tomlin3 dias atrás

    Im not from there and I know its the bus

  14. elijah jones

    elijah jones16 dias atrás



    DJ YOUTUBE18 dias atrás

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  16. Annette Copeland

    Annette Copeland25 dias atrás

    Hay Durk awesome I'm about 9 years old love song how help

  17. Danni Smith

    Danni Smith29 dias atrás

    Nd Dey say I won’t make shii I ain’t make my GPA 📈🚫

  18. BigChin

    BigChinMês atrás

    My name is Spiro, and I like this song.

  19. IruBiinI

    IruBiinIMês atrás

    They really f*cked up the mixing on this one. Sounds so weird

  20. chrxsssth3kidd

    chrxsssth3kiddMês atrás

    Durk highkey sound like if Roddy Ricch and A Boogie had a son

  21. Shawon Marshman

    Shawon MarshmanMês atrás

    “When I’m gone off these drugs ion think about my ex”

  22. Chuck White

    Chuck WhiteMês atrás

    I dm j lowwwww

  23. big head music

    big head musicMês atrás

  24. Zavian Edwards

    Zavian EdwardsMês atrás

    Why is this so underrated?

  25. iBeChris IBC

    iBeChris IBCMês atrás

    Zavian Edwards fr

  26. Rex Obrien

    Rex ObrienMês atrás

    Yo durk my boi. I love bang bro’s, ok, time piece are all crazy songs. Another banger.

  27. Jalen Johnson

    Jalen JohnsonMês atrás

    Real Rap💯💯💯🔥🔥

  28. Benjahmin Wahome

    Benjahmin WahomeMês atrás

    Meek went hard on this shit

  29. Angelina Hines

    Angelina HinesMês atrás

    Trash raper

  30. Raad Almansooori

    Raad Almansooori2 meses atrás

    Music video

  31. Aman Beats

    Aman Beats2 meses atrás

    Meek mill took this song !!! Fkng killed this shitttt !!! ❤️ 🐐

  32. G Gambooo

    G Gambooo2 meses atrás

    They dropped this on my birthday😁

  33. Malek Maalli

    Malek Maalli2 meses atrás

    Gang gang chicago 🖕🖕🖕🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

  34. xman lit boy

    xman lit boy2 meses atrás

    Where's meek mill

  35. xman lit boy

    xman lit boy2 meses atrás

    @vMontana2x ohh

  36. vMontana2x

    vMontana2x2 meses atrás

    xman cool the beginning

  37. Ruthless Magi

    Ruthless Magi2 meses atrás

    Yo this shit to real right now so many lyrics I was finna quote but all of Lil durks part is true 😤🗣

  38. Hypothermic Entertainment

    Hypothermic Entertainment2 meses atrás

    Let me shoot this video fam 🤘🏾

  39. Daniel Wiley

    Daniel Wiley2 meses atrás

    Meek bring the best out of niggas 🔥🔥🔥🔥classic verses on both lil durk wuddup

  40. Brittany McDonald

    Brittany McDonald2 meses atrás

    D U R K S N A P P E D 🤯

  41. CDSXCalibur

    CDSXCalibur2 meses atrás

    I really like this 6

  42. Carson Roop

    Carson Roop2 meses atrás

    meek i been listening to your music since i was 4 and i love evrey song you made especaly with rick ross make more music it makes alot of people happy

  43. Raad Almansoori

    Raad Almansoori3 meses atrás

    Music video

  44. Bionic C

    Bionic C3 meses atrás

    First thing on my mind is a check U don't want no fashion Nova U want some Gucci

  45. Nello G

    Nello G3 meses atrás

    Came along way from da trenches ridin CTA I felt dat oms I did too real talk 💯💯💯

  46. Nello G

    Nello G3 meses atrás

    Alley-op my bitch give her back bro n she better not come back wit her back broke 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. payton norman for life

    payton norman for life3 meses atrás

    The first part and the last OMG fire🔥

  48. The real AVENUE ELZ TV

    The real AVENUE ELZ TV3 meses atrás

    Avenue elz hard🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥who agree

  49. Rebecca Burton

    Rebecca Burton3 meses atrás


  50. YoungRangerJu

    YoungRangerJu4 meses atrás

    This song makes me think of the bitches in chicago

  51. SLIME P

    SLIME P4 meses atrás


  52. Darvis Vilchez

    Darvis Vilchez4 meses atrás

    This shit gay “Better not send my bitch back with her back broke??” WTF

  53. Alicia Manson

    Alicia Manson4 meses atrás


  54. M.L. Flagg

    M.L. Flagg4 meses atrás

    All of sudden Richard Mille watches are now popping, the power of hip hop

  55. Peyton Clark

    Peyton Clark4 meses atrás

    2020,yea doe

  56. Tkay DaSav

    Tkay DaSav4 meses atrás

    "And I heard he rat I'm spitting T.E Ay " 😴😴 am I the only one who caught that lol


    JUSES CHIRST4 meses atrás

    meek mill 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  58. Aitana Thomas-EL

    Aitana Thomas-EL4 meses atrás

    When I’m gone off these drugs I don’t think about my ex 😩

  59. Aitana Thomas-EL

    Aitana Thomas-EL4 meses atrás

    When I’m gone off these drugs I don’t think about my ex 😩

  60. Aitana Thomas-EL

    Aitana Thomas-EL4 meses atrás

    When I’m gone off these drugs I don’t think about my ex 😩

  61. DT B

    DT B2 meses atrás

    Thot lol

  62. Lil BooThang

    Lil BooThang4 meses atrás

    Durk is daddyyyy😍😍😍😏💋

  63. Rebecca Burton

    Rebecca Burton4 meses atrás


  64. ia ra

    ia ra4 meses atrás


  65. Elijah Wallis

    Elijah Wallis4 meses atrás

    Club Banger! Volume Up!

  66. Freddie Foxworth

    Freddie Foxworth4 meses atrás

    Meek always come with bangers!!!

  67. JAYROD ._

    JAYROD ._4 meses atrás

    I’m probably the only one who listens to meek verse only😂🐐

  68. JAYROD ._

    JAYROD ._4 meses atrás

    YBN Gøttï that’s my favorite rapper so it’s like special to me😂

  69. Hoodfavgotti

    Hoodfavgotti4 meses atrás

    JAYROD ._ not only u my guy i be repeating his verse every time😭🔥🔥

  70. Lzy-Jinx

    Lzy-Jinx4 meses atrás

    Chill lil durk you gonna burn me to death with all this fire🔥

  71. Fresh Ghost

    Fresh Ghost4 meses atrás

    From the choppa to the jet it look like GTA

  72. Jasmine E.

    Jasmine E.4 meses atrás

    Both kill’d this beat. Bars for Days.

  73. BG 216

    BG 2164 meses atrás

    Silly. Rappers dissin on the same song.durk don't fuck meek