Lil Mosey - Live This Wild [Official Music Video]


  1. Gage cummings

    Gage cummings2 minutos atrás

    You are so fire 🔥🔥

  2. The Teng Family

    The Teng FamilyHora atrás

    Lil mosey just looks hella clumsy lol there’s always that one kid

  3. asdfgh asdfgh

    asdfgh asdfgh2 horas atrás

    10 960 000

  4. Hades

    Hades3 horas atrás

    The fact is that pouya used the same boat in his video "void"

  5. getlikeboomer

    getlikeboomer13 horas atrás

    He got the "I'm a 100 billion dollar child I was born to live this wild" verse from mula gang

  6. foxy raichu

    foxy raichu17 horas atrás

    I showed this to my cat He didn’t understand it. He’s a cat.

  7. elimc126

    elimc12618 horas atrás

    Producer: How Much A- Him: Yes, So All Of It.

  8. PricelessSkill

    PricelessSkill19 horas atrás

    When he said: Immahunidbillondollarchalduh I felt that.

  9. Mob NOSE

    Mob NOSE21 hora atrás


  10. KILJ

    KILJ21 hora atrás

    imma honey binny dolla chow

  11. Azur Ark

    Azur Ark22 horas atrás

    Les français on est là ou pas

  12. Sarab Hayder

    Sarab Hayder23 horas atrás

    Is it just me or he likes girls

  13. Julio Villela

    Julio VillelaDia atrás

    He should collab with Lil Skies and Iann Dior 🦋

  14. Lorenzo Diaz M

    Lorenzo Diaz MDia atrás


  15. Kenzie Anderson

    Kenzie AndersonDia atrás


  16. Mr. Ivaki

    Mr. IvakiDia atrás

    Who else noticed that the shadow was the blimp from the albulm cover

  17. Jewel Castillo

    Jewel CastilloDia atrás

    He said he a hundred band kid

  18. KidJumbo

    KidJumbo2 dias atrás

    This sounds like a BRreporter type beat

  19. Beaztly

    Beaztly2 dias atrás

    Mosey: imma hundred billion dollar child Me: imma hun binna datta chow uh

  20. Bella faith

    Bella faith2 dias atrás

    Lil mosey is the best #besy

  21. William Mcarthur

    William Mcarthur2 dias atrás

    You are white mofo n word is not your word lil mosey and an a hundred billion dollar child lil mosey why you flexing

  22. Flips Are Life

    Flips Are Life2 dias atrás

    I swear I hear I'm a hunded bid chow haal

  23. ツNyght

    ツNyght2 dias atrás

    Didn’t know Patrick Mahomes could sing too💀

  24. Joe Swain

    Joe Swain3 dias atrás


  25. Joe Swain

    Joe Swain3 dias atrás


  26. Korrie Morrow

    Korrie Morrow3 dias atrás

    Me: ima one dollar child uh

  27. Matthew Brown

    Matthew Brown3 dias atrás

    Nice! First song out of four and I can understand him sadly the ones he mumbles I like better.... go back please

  28. Prisila Mendoza

    Prisila Mendoza3 dias atrás

    Love you lil mozy

  29. Mickaël Alexander Perrin

    Mickaël Alexander Perrin3 dias atrás

    So good bro


    BLT CHIKEN BURGER4 dias atrás

    It sounds like he saying am 100 million dolla chao


    CYN NIKKO4 dias atrás

    Ever listen to Mula gang?

  32. Deeznutz 69

    Deeznutz 694 dias atrás

    Once again I am asking for ur financial support

  33. Pamela Basurto

    Pamela Basurto4 dias atrás

    peep.... :(((

  34. ISellCamelPoop -Hit me up fo prices

    ISellCamelPoop -Hit me up fo prices4 dias atrás

    What’s weird to think about is that those girls are all prob dancing and twerking in that house with no music playing

  35. big dong 420 69

    big dong 420 694 dias atrás

    when you wake up like the man

  36. Rik de Boer

    Rik de Boer4 dias atrás

    What is de @ from the girl in red

  37. LilC Threw

    LilC Threw4 dias atrás

    Why you taking people flows you got that from the chosen ones


    BEAST BOY5 dias atrás

    Mula gang

  39. Bula lord

    Bula lord5 dias atrás

    Ive seen darker asian than him

  40. Joeshonda Wimbush

    Joeshonda Wimbush5 dias atrás

    Damn bro 💯 chill this go hard

  41. FaZe T0X1C

    FaZe T0X1C5 dias atrás

  42. BonelessTV

    BonelessTV5 dias atrás

    u suck

  43. gudmeans notbad

    gudmeans notbad5 dias atrás

    isekai harem anime's summed up in 2 seconds 0:06

  44. Myusernameisroblox

    Myusernameisroblox5 dias atrás

    bro thanks for inspiring me i lowkey wanna be a rapper now

  45. Prod. Cash Dash

    Prod. Cash Dash5 dias atrás

    Look up “100 million dollar child” by Mula gang then come back and compare 🤣😂😂

  46. Shadøw

    Shadøw5 dias atrás

    I didn't know this dude lies to get likes 😬

  47. Helena Maillet

    Helena Maillet6 dias atrás

    Trooop beau 😋🤤🥵😍❤️ m’y love

  48. Da King462

    Da King4626 dias atrás

    I ain’t hating, but 100 BFF came from Mula gang

  49. Da King462

    Da King4626 dias atrás


  50. David Jack

    David Jack6 dias atrás

    This guy isn’t even black and is visiting Africa

  51. Kimora Young

    Kimora Young16 horas atrás

    David Jack hes half black

  52. Orlando Feliciano

    Orlando Feliciano6 dias atrás

    Bro lil mosey u stole mula gang flow

  53. vicious

    vicious6 dias atrás

    Mosey 1 of the dopest melodic rappers he don't sound like nobody but himself

  54. bonni bonni

    bonni bonni6 dias atrás

    Lil mosey best rappeurs

  55. Toumase

    Toumase7 dias atrás

    Ima tell my Kids that this was Tarzan

  56. Jõntae

    Jõntae7 dias atrás

    He stole they song 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  57. MYSTIC

    MYSTIC7 dias atrás

    Lyrics ima hunnen dolla chow ohha awas bon da lib de wahhh oh lee goyaa nigga on the grouw ohhh

  58. Evheniy Kraykivskiy

    Evheniy Kraykivskiy7 dias atrás


  59. Mario Miller

    Mario Miller7 dias atrás

    He stole this song. Mula Gang made it first. He stole the whole chorus🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  60. Hiitz Vglockyy

    Hiitz Vglockyy6 dias atrás

    Mario Miller look on the description

  61. Demonta Green

    Demonta Green7 dias atrás

    damn he took mula gang shii 🤕

  62. Armonix Official

    Armonix Official7 dias atrás

    I'm 24 but I definitely fuck wit mosey this young cats music has a catchy vybe

  63. Oliver

    Oliver7 dias atrás

    All I heard was mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhmmmm