Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Official Movie) ft. Billy Ray Cyrus


  1. Ciel Silva

    Ciel SilvaMinuto atrás


  2. Michael & Ravin Martinez Martinez

    Michael & Ravin Martinez Martinez2 minutos atrás

    This is gay gay gay

  3. Elano Elanio

    Elano Elanio4 minutos atrás

    bine por la song por que salia en un vidio RPT XDDD

  4. BEIBIT 97

    BEIBIT 974 minutos atrás

    Русские или Казахи есть?

  5. jingqh

    jingqh5 minutos atrás

    He has such a good-boy face

  6. Paulo D'Amaro

    Paulo D'Amaro5 minutos atrás

    Super normal aqui no Brasil, gente andando de cavalo na rua kkkkkk

  7. gucci belt on when im fucking my sister

    gucci belt on when im fucking my sister6 minutos atrás

    Dam this song is fucking gay like lil nas

  8. Matchi

    Matchi6 minutos atrás

    круто получилось!

  9. Abagail Frasher

    Abagail Frasher7 minutos atrás

    I wish I had a horse but anyway I love your songs

  10. Ender_Crystale 839

    Ender_Crystale 83912 minutos atrás


  11. Game Boy

    Game Boy13 minutos atrás

    Very beautifull Voices I like this 💪💖

  12. MoreFCUG

    MoreFCUG13 minutos atrás


  13. Luan de  oliveira  mathias Oliveira Mathias

    Luan de oliveira mathias Oliveira Mathias13 minutos atrás

    Cadê os brasileiros Old town road 🥳😎😎

  14. eduardo cavalcanti

    eduardo cavalcanti12 minutos atrás

    Aqui nois pivete

  15. Davi Vieira

    Davi Vieira18 minutos atrás

    Odiavam a música

  16. Airgamerz 507

    Airgamerz 50721 minuto atrás

    216 million views

  17. Ryan Manhani

    Ryan Manhani23 minutos atrás

    3:55 Brad Pitt ??

  18. facundo ayerbe

    facundo ayerbe25 minutos atrás

    la mejor canción bros soy de argentina

  19. eduardo cavalcanti

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  20. eduardo cavalcanti

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  21. eduardo cavalcanti

    eduardo cavalcanti10 minutos atrás

    Hijo de puta🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. eduardo cavalcanti

    eduardo cavalcanti11 minutos atrás


  23. Detodonando a Vida Curiosidades

    Detodonando a Vida Curiosidades27 minutos atrás

    O Diplo no clipe kkkk essa me surpreendeu

  24. BUG4DROID Zツ

    BUG4DROID Zツ28 minutos atrás

    The best music 2019. Estou viciado que música foda!!!


    AK_POP LE BOSS LYRICS FRANCE31 minuto atrás

    Amazing !!!!!

  26. amy gassama

    amy gassama33 minutos atrás

    at 1:35 is when it starts

  27. Jan Ayer

    Jan Ayer34 minutos atrás

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  28. Mr Скрудж

    Mr Скрудж35 minutos atrás

    You gay

  29. Desiree Choate

    Desiree Choate36 minutos atrás

    This video is perfect👌

  30. Smoker Gameplays

    Smoker Gameplays38 minutos atrás

    My big Dick

  31. jt stratton

    jt stratton39 minutos atrás

    This is garbage and a disgrace to the country music industry who ever gave this nigga a contract should be ashamed and billy Ray your a disgrace now you just killed your career

  32. Yorick

    Yorick39 minutos atrás

    You gay man ?

  33. Edriane Flores

    Edriane Flores38 minutos atrás

    Go Back To Oblivion

  34. migue_sofoke

    migue_sofoke40 minutos atrás


  35. Jones Ruvieri

    Jones Ruvieri41 minuto atrás

    I heard this with a cap and it turned into a cowboy hat


    SPIBNER41 minuto atrás


  37. Adilton Borges

    Adilton Borges42 minutos atrás


  38. Chris

    Chris43 minutos atrás

    Nas seems to have unlocked Pharrell’s anti-aging cream. He looks like he just finished high school


    СЛАЙМЫ ЭТО ИСКУССТВО43 minutos atrás

    Кто тут русский?

  40. Kermit de Kinker

    Kermit de Kinker44 minutos atrás

    you just wanted an excuse to dress up as a cowboy, didn't you?


    DAYWALKER50 minutos atrás

    Rico nasty cameo

  42. roger dodger

    roger dodger51 minuto atrás

    @YungGod was has been doing Country rap for YEARS, but everyone is crediting this guy for inventing it smh. And Yung God does it wayyy better, that makes it even worse.

  43. Cassio Alves

    Cassio Alves52 minutos atrás


  44. UA - PL

    UA - PL52 minutos atrás


  45. Stepa .-.

    Stepa .-.53 minutos atrás

    Ну что ебать, нахуя в рашке блокнули этот клип? Ну я же хацкер я всё ровно посмотрел...

  46. ThunderMcKing

    ThunderMcKing53 minutos atrás

    2:45 I swear I hear panini in the background

  47. FaZe MohameD

    FaZe MohameD54 minutos atrás

    Lil Nas X is Gay

  48. Саша Безгина

    Саша Безгина55 minutos atrás


  49. Ahmed Zaman

    Ahmed Zaman56 minutos atrás

    Take my hoes to the hotel room

  50. Sr Spikeツ

    Sr Spikeツ57 minutos atrás

    Kkkk 3:23 esse cara parece o nego do borel kkkk

  51. Анастасия Алексеева

    Анастасия Алексеева59 minutos atrás

    Is that the horse from horsin around?

  52. VoX

    VoXHora atrás

    This Is So Sick Like If You Agree

  53. Rimas Haji

    Rimas HajiHora atrás

    Whose here after watching rambo trailer?

  54. Bravvyy

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  55. GreenTea [ГРИНТИ]

    GreenTea [ГРИНТИ]Hora atrás

    This us a secret reclam of the porche

  56. Edmilson Ferreira

    Edmilson FerreiraHora atrás

    Alguém BR?