Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Official Video) ft. Billy Ray Cyrus


  1. M L

    M L59 segundos atrás

    Lil NAS x you are the best person in the world

  2. bà quỳnh vê lốc

    bà quỳnh vê lốc39 minutos atrás

    Very nice

  3. Юлиян Панчев

    Юлиян ПанчевHora atrás

    Много е яка тая песен .На който му харесва тази песен да вдигне палец

  4. Victor Salazar

    Victor SalazarHora atrás

    I like or video

  5. janek lipski

    janek lipskiHora atrás


  6. Tanay Ishan

    Tanay IshanHora atrás

    Congratulations.... Soon-to-be 7 Grammy winner.

  7. Valentina Contreras

    Valentina ContrerasHora atrás

    Adicta a esta música 🥰

  8. Mustafa Karakurt

    Mustafa KarakurtHora atrás

    Slm ben türk 🇹🇷

  9. Николай Хвощинский

    Николай ХвощинскийHora atrás


  10. Dark Agar

    Dark AgarHora atrás


  11. Brenden Sallis

    Brenden Sallis2 horas atrás

    Hey just stop lying I know that you did a song way before old town road and I know that from listening to your old song and it sounds exactly like old down road so just stop trying to be the most popular new singer so just telling you just stop hiding your old identity ok because one day you’re going to get exposed by someone that’s going to go viral then your not going to be famous any more ok

  12. Silly lil' Bung

    Silly lil' Bung2 horas atrás

    1.5 speed 👌

  13. Lepidoptera

    Lepidoptera3 horas atrás

    T 'as 40 ans vieux pélo

  14. Karina Castillo

    Karina Castillo3 horas atrás

    lil nas x looks cute

  15. Romilson Paiva fc

    Romilson Paiva fc3 horas atrás

    🇧🇷Quem tá ouvindo essa 🎵 em dezembro de 2019 deixa um like

  16. ywJulio Moreno

    ywJulio Moreno3 horas atrás

    Im gonna take my banana to the old town road

  17. omansuedness* castillo

    omansuedness* castillo3 horas atrás

    I like this music

  18. tomas

    tomas3 horas atrás

    brad pitt? oh god

  19. Dariel Zabala

    Dariel Zabala3 horas atrás


  20. CaRz 164

    CaRz 1644 horas atrás

    99 % of people wont read this but Have a fantastic day 1 % :)

  21. Athena Bautista

    Athena Bautista4 horas atrás

    I really like this song!!!😊🤗 😁😍😘😗😙😚💜❤💟💛💚

  22. sandra londoño chaparro

    sandra londoño chaparro4 horas atrás

    Esta canción es muy buen like si la escuchas casi todo el tiempo

  23. Reptil Si

    Reptil Si4 horas atrás


  24. Peggy Cason

    Peggy Cason4 horas atrás

    Billy Ray tho😍😍😘😘

  25. SM• RY4N

    SM• RY4N4 horas atrás


  26. oppo uthong

    oppo uthong4 horas atrás


  27. mati lol

    mati lol4 horas atrás

    Muy buena

  28. Jayna Kaylee

    Jayna Kaylee4 horas atrás

    Fun fact this is the world's most popular song worldwide Who knew that these artist combined could make such a good song? 💛💙💜💚❤

  29. Colby Kuns

    Colby Kuns4 horas atrás

    Who would have thought that one song could change your life do u know his story

  30. Welson Diniz

    Welson Diniz5 horas atrás

    Canta de mais #Brasil

  31. Lil Paz Unoffical

    Lil Paz Unoffical5 horas atrás

    1.25 sounds from hell

  32. Elvis Cardoso

    Elvis Cardoso5 horas atrás

    Por ser gay até que canta bem

  33. Daniel Vasquez

    Daniel Vasquez5 horas atrás

    like si hablas español y no entienes nada te la canico :´v

  34. firstjohn firstjohn

    firstjohn firstjohn5 horas atrás

    We are frnd now

  35. Sky cook

    Sky cook5 horas atrás


  36. omg really

    omg really5 horas atrás

    This good song

  37. Tetiana Schumaker

    Tetiana Schumaker5 horas atrás

    The best! again and again)) На повторе

  38. Adryan Martins

    Adryan Martins5 horas atrás


  39. Tanika Leroy

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  40. Tanika Leroy

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  41. Tanika Leroy

    Tanika Leroy5 horas atrás

    TANIKA 100

  42. Tanika Leroy

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  43. Tanika Leroy

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  44. isabel arrais

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