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    Don't miss season 9 of Seek Discomfort. Out now for 72hrs!

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    @YesTheory Mat is the IronMan, Amar bungee-jumped in GC. Tom, you are next. I challenge you to dive in a cage surrounded by a Great White Shark! Do you dare accept the challenge? It is my biggest fear EVER, and I'm sure U are up to the task.

  3. dempo 1603

    dempo 16033 meses atrás

    How high did you jump from

  4. Wawaw Wuwuwu

    Wawaw Wuwuwu3 meses atrás

    I dare you to come to Yogyakarta, one of province in Indonesia. If you can do that I think that will be biggest thing in my life

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    i’m so glad i came across this channel

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    How is this, that these guys only have like 4 million subs, and some BRreporterrs who dont have that much of an impact on people themselves and their own live's have ten's of thousands of subs... Makes no sense to me, but that is actually a problem these days. We seek only comfort and what's easier for us to do, without leaving the comfort zone. I absolutely love you guys, you give so much inspiration to me just by living your dreams. I'm a dreamer, and I hope I'll find myself in a situation similar like yours. Great job you're doing! Keep up with the positivity!! Greetings from Croatia! #yestheoryarethebest

  8. Fabrizio Anavitarte

    Fabrizio AnavitarteDia atrás

    this is the greatest expression of humanity I've ever witnessed, im crying of joy and admiration for you guys.

  9. Daniel Klassen

    Daniel KlassenDia atrás

    No, I am not crying. My eyes are sweating.

  10. Anurag sharan

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    Omar... and yes theory team amazingly greatest content creators ever... love yes from The UK

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    you guys saved me from ending it all I truely love you guys for who u guys are (P.S come to Perth)

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    bro that breathing session i would have fallen asleep

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    I am Egyptian and here is proof انا اسمي يوسف

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    you guys are so fucking amazing!!!!!!!!

  15. 5K without an Video Challenge

    5K without an Video Challenge3 dias atrás

    Are u accepting the challenge? If u want u can leave a sub. Thanks 😉

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    That was really nice what you did for your mom she was so excited! really fun Vid all around!

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    Wauw wauw wauw... beautiful

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    Money can buy you happiness

  19. Chris Jimenez

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    Needed this video. I lost my mother in March and have been struggling on and off with depression and my mental health. Seeing all of the love and support in this video definitely have me hope that things will get better. keep it up yes theory!!! i appreciate you guys immensely!

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    Can someone tell me the name of the song at 6:32

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  23. sako sy

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    عمار انت شخص مؤثر والله ومحبوب جدا من اصحابك الله يوفقك ويكون معك اخوك من سوريا

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    Ammar has to be the most likable person in the world

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    Thank you

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    Ammar, I love you. That's all. One dude to another.

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    This is so pure🥺

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    Thanks to you I’m running out of data, and tears!

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    I wish I had friends like this.

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    Wow, I found you a day ago and I just can't stop watching your videos. I can't. Probably the best channel I've ever came across ever. Just wow.

  31. Tony Valentic

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    Imagine being one of those who disliked this video, they must really be on some astral level of sadness in life..

  32. Yalda Yazarlou

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    The phone call between Ammar and his mum broke me 😩 Ammar you are AMAZINGGG i love you so much

  33. Kaiser Magsi

    Kaiser Magsi14 dias atrás

    Ammar is a beast😂😂

  34. Sumana Liew

    Sumana Liew15 dias atrás

    okay i know this video was posted a while back, but I keep watching it and kept wondering. These videos are made under the conditions where one is financially and physically capable of stimulating their last 24hours of their life. I always wondered what would it be like for a homeless or a disabled person to live their last 24hours. It would be a great video idea if you guys were able to stimulate this condition. And I hope this will be noticed;-;

  35. raghavendra prasad

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    @10:01 , Thomas hand, who went to india recently .......

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    Amazing ❤️❤️❤️✌️

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    A seek discomfort jacket from you guys on the 2nd of October would make my birthday extra super mega special. But I doubt it can be ship all the way to the Philippines.

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    Ammmaaaaarrrr!!!! The cutie!

  39. Bijan Izadi

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    Im overwhelmed with sadness, this was a beautiful video, but i feel so much sadness in myself right now... hopefully I’ll change this though

  40. summer breeze

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    Amar is so cool and seems like the kind of person I like to be around

  41. Lamine Cisse

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    even my wants to go to the Meca and i promise that ill do everything on my power to make her dream true

  42. Gé -

    Gé -19 dias atrás

    6:23 The remaining 40% is when she banged somebody 😉😂

  43. BlahBlah Blah

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    9:16 that's so sick wooooowwwww

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    Make your mom dream come true :) it's so cool man

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    Fucking onions man, they're everywhere!

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    Great message. Fantastic video

  48. Michael Breuer

    Michael Breuer23 dias atrás

    guys you are amazing. love your videos and the way you create your lifestyle. you are kind of rolemodels for showing how you overcome your fears and get out of your comfort zone. you are really inspiring. keep it up. cheers from berlin, micha

  49. Carlos D

    Carlos D25 dias atrás

    Damn all your videos guys are alot of motivation for me! Saludos y Bendiciones dede Puerto Rico!!!

  50. Sadhbh Collins

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    It makes me so happy that Ammar has such a big group of people that absolutely adore him, if anyone deserves to have that, by god this man does.

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    So much happiness in this video❤

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    i watch the entire video crying man, amazing video

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    I fucking cried like a pig watching this video. This reminded me of my lovely friends. I love you Yes theory♥️♥️


    MTNB PRODUCTION29 dias atrás

    I sit to study and then BRreporter recommends me this.

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    This video made me cry. Keep doing what you're doing!

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    Best video ever.

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    What a video!

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    Wow gifting your mom with Hajj, what a beautiful thing to do! MashAllah.

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    I know I am 3 months late but Belated Happy Birthday Ammar.. Thanks for making me cry (With Happiness) after watching this video.

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    What's the chances of you guys visiting me?

  61. JGW CLAN

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    I love every single one of your videos! All of your are awesome!

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    I feel cool understanding what ammar is saying in arabic without subtitles XD

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    u are really lucky ammar, i have zero friends

  64. Toni Tedious

    Toni TediousMês atrás

    Danke thank you, you inspire me and the way of thinking about life you can do everything!