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    Don't miss season 9 of Seek Discomfort. Out now for 72hrs!

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    How high did you jump from

  3. Wawaw Wuwuwu

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    I dare you to come to Yogyakarta, one of province in Indonesia. If you can do that I think that will be biggest thing in my life

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  5. Salah Alrifai

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    @Ammar i love u from the bottom of my heart Ur message touched my heart and i am that kind of person who is struggling in life and can't see the end the tunnel but thank u and to all yes theory Members i really freaking love u U r my hope in life ♥️

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    wanna breathe the freshest air on earth and feel like on another planet? GO TO TASMANIA

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    These videos are so cool but I know before I even watch it that I'm going to be jelous as fuck. I'd do anything to live the life you do. Besides my boring ass shit 6 days a week working. Maybe one day I will make it. I sure hope so

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    y'all literally helping heal this planet one amazing project at a time. simply awesome

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    Why does this channel make me cry so much

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    the way amar jumps makes me nervous

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    Merch plug at dinner smh

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    I'm all about seeking discomfort, and all, but that part with the breathing exercises looked like a cult.

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    I love you Amaar! ❤ you can genuinely feel his generosity and humility through this video. His friends are lucky to have him and so is he to have such wonderful humans around him 💕

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    Hey that possible to get it after 72 hours...come on.. that pink pullover is awesome on Thomas... I like it...

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    I like how they choose to only bleep a few of the swear words 😂

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    I just love their amazing original ideas. This is my favourite channel

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    Yes Theory is by far one of the best channels out there on BRreporter man.. IT'S JUST! ;-;

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    is this sahil shah in thumbnail 😂😂

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    Im going have friends one day

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    i fucking love Ammar

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    if i had 24 hours left too live id fly too china get off the plane and die

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    10:53 what’s her @?

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    Tears 😭 and 😭 So in love without even knowing any of you.

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    I’ve watched that old skydiving vid a few times 🤣🤣 they totally do need to update it!

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    Omg, I’m getting the money to do this I don’t known how. But I just am. I’ve had the same dream!!!!!! 😁👍❤️✨✨✨👏🏻

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    Doesn't ammar have a gf? Where is she?

  29. Destiny Gibson

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    This video truly touched me! It was so amazing to see so many people come together and realize what we should be doing, living in the moment and not be scared! It's so beautiful that he told his story and had so many people come together and show him so much love. I've never cried so hard from a video. It's truly amazing what you guys do and how by you doing these things helps people like me and many others know that their is a light at the end of the tunnel for mental health and depression!!

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    Heisenberg @ 0:29 ? 😂

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    you never know when your last 24 hours will be so always live life to the most!!!!!

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    It really is incredible the ability of you guys to make such awesome moments and share this to people all around, I enjoy so much the way how you guys approach things in soo many different ways and always showing it with love and looking forward to the next person around! I don’t think i will ever get the chance to meet you guys, but i wanted to say that you’re videos touch and only with a great mark of kindness which all of you pass on and show makes me someone different just by seeing that. Hope you guys will always be like this and always stay blessed! Love!

  33. Tweexi

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    Imagine having friends :(

  34. nate gaming

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    9:10 where we dropping

  35. Charlie Mock

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    Friends: Worried to jump out. Ammar: Hold my beer. *goes fucking backwards*

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    I’ve been skydiving here for my first time and it was such a cool experience!

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    i wish i had that many friends!

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    Who else thought it was a gta vid no one ok


    IM THAT GUYDia atrás

    This man Just Dives into the Fucking sky

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    10:54 blue

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    i love this channel so much

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    Wow I really have NO friends, huh

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    Those last words....just thank you

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    This channel is a gem.

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    Your videos really does cheer up even the most brokenhearted people!!! 😊 love it!!!

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    i wanna be one of their friends now xD

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    I really love you guys your videos are always an amazing mix of emotions. My name is George and I am active duty Army stationed in Southern California. Even before the Army I have watched your video and pushed myself to do crazy things and to step outside of my norm. But since being in the military a lot of hard times have push my way, my great uncle who I was very close with passed away while I was in training and I wasn’t able to go to the funeral. Know that because of your videos it helped me get through that dark time! One of my biggest hopes is to meet you guys and to take you to my home state of Maine and give you a real tour of true northeastern lives!! I don’t know if you guys will ever see this but I do know it will be up for ever!!!! Thank you all for sharing your love and compassion with others and making peoples dreams come true it will always be a joy of mine to watch you all grow stronger. Thank you!!

  49. Daniel White

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    A youtube channel cannot give you hope, then Yes Theory appeared. Beautiful video and message. Appreciate your content Yes Theory.

  50. Chloe Myra

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    When Ammar jumped off the plane, I felt that.

  51. Dead Skull

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    Actually, the happiness in the people face made me smile throughout the video

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    I cried throughout the whole video

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    If I was having my last 24 hours of my life I will pray the whole day

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    This is truly the warmest and most heartfelt video I’ve ever come across in this platform

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    Wow. I love y'all. So much.

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    You guys have inspired me to take the first step to my dreams. I've started a go fund me to raise money so i can see some of the world. Thank you so much for the inspiration, i never thought i would actually do something like this.

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    you guys made me cry

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    Sometimes it’s so fucking hard. I always feel like I’m drowning, I’ve got a great life and I know it but I’m never content. Just getting out of the house is fucking hard sometimes.

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    what if today was your last day? me: goes to the liquor store and drowns myself

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    The part he tells his mom that he gonna send she going to mecca make my tear drop.. I wish i can take my mom n family there 😢

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    Looks like Im going to die alone lol

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    this genuinely made me so happy.

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    Ammar is The second most loved Egyptian after Mo Salah ❤️

  64. Resna BTS

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    Did I miss something is Ammar like a process skydiver now 😂 he didn’t even need a professional with him tf

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    I remember when this show was called Viva La Bam.

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    I really want to Live His live

  67. Can I get 5000 subs with no videos?

    Can I get 5000 subs with no videos?3 dias atrás

    These guys got the best life only some people could dream of having I hope that their children and their great grandchildren after that will still be best of friends.

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    Your ex girlfriend must have been pretty scared when you said jump.

  69. Can I get 5000 subs with no videos?

    Can I get 5000 subs with no videos?3 dias atrás

    If I had 24hrs to live... Hand me a gun ill make 30 seconds left to live.

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    Wait, LAST? 24 hours?

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    When you realize Egyptians are Africans.

  72. spiddyman007

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    Ah. The skydiver takes them skydiving

  73. splaxxez splaxxez4 dias atrás

    13:30 I‘m not crying you‘re crying

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    damn and i don’t even have one real friend

  75. JDM-JOCK

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    Would love to be a part of this I recently started watching your videos and spontaneously booked a trip to Spain which is my first trip abroad ever even though I’m going on my own I want to thank you guys for inspiration and I wish you all the safest journeys in everything you do ❤️

  76. Ashley Green

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    I LOVE THIS GUYS. have given me so much inspiration and hope

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    Fr I was like let’s just see a few min then now I’m at the end of the video thinking about my life

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    You the best

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    He's gay?

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    Yes Theory really makes me want to make the most of my life

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    Thank you guys so much for this video. I found myself crying at the end because of how beautiful everything about this video is.

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    I wish i was apart of a group of friends :) Makes me happy seeing others happy. Im a 21 year old dude, still no friends, no connection with girls, but im optimistic! This channel gives me hope and purpose to continue my life.

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    I wish I had someone like these guys to connect with. It's hard to feel alone.

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    Y’all didn’t have to make us cry this hard 😭

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    who even dislikes anymore

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    Good Stuff !

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    Why 1.9k dislikes? What could you possible dislike about this?

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    This might be my favorite video of yes theory so far!! B7ebaak ammar!!!

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    10:52 the woman in blue

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    1:57 got me bawling

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    bro i came here for fun but ended up crying a river tf

  93. Maqbool Alam

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    Why have I missed this? This is one of the most beautiful video I've ever witnessed on BRreporter. I feel so connected with Ammar. Especially the last part of the video touched me. Keep on the good work Yes Theory. Saying Yes to life after this.

  94. James Duuh

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    on my b-day, i blew out the candles on the cake, but they lit up again... it was fucking wild!!! jumping out of a plane is alright i guess...

  95. DJ Willum

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    Imagine thinking you’re a good friend of Ammar’s then not getting invited to this

  96. Be Happy

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    What happened to him and his father?

  97. Martin

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    Nice video, but why the f**k you're eating in plastic plates!? Not very environmentally friendly!

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    I wish I had $40,000 to blow to do this for myself.

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    Just saying why do yes theory only have 3million they create the most interesting, exiting, unique, chilling and best content on BRreporter! Seek discomfort ❤️

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    1.56 What is that on Thomas hand?

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    7:40 such a bad ass

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    Am I the only one that thought Ammar was Omar

  103. Lee-Anne Moller

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    Happy belated birthday Ammar. And lots of love from South Africa.

  104. Dane Hunt

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    You guys are such an inspiration to the BRreporter community and you should really adress the coral read problem

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    It pays to not be a hermit