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    We designed a poster on this topic as well. You can find it here: standard.tv/collections/in-a-nutshell/products/in-a-nutshell-loneliness-poster

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    Mr Derpinati that seems like a waste of you opportunity

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    Hello i from indonesia.. i will glad to translate all of your video .. please tell me the way

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    Guy Winch book is a must read for ANYONE. (Also, watch his videos on BRreporter). The premise is that even though we know how to treat physical wounds, we don't know how to treat emotional traumas so they can heal (whatever the cause is : loneliness, rejection, loss, failure, etc). Everybody should be aware of how to properly behave to go past those, because basically we suck at doing it... And the reason I recommend this book to anyone is because if maybe you are not the one struggling with any of these situations right now, chances are that one day you will be, and more importantly : a lot of people around you have to deal with them. Knowing how to help them will mean the world to them! Seriously. - A fellow lonely individual.

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    Welcome, to the filthy frank show If you're feeling suicidal you've come to the right place

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    like every video, this was exactly what i needed to know.

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    Yall need some Jesus in your life

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    I like being by myself, when I’m around groups of people it just makes me feel more lonely. I’m pretty quiet and don’t like communicating much so I’m always that person that’s just there while everyone else is chatting. Probably the worst loneliness is seeing the people you thought you could trust slowly start talking to you less and less until they eventually grow bored with you and leave you behind like some old toy they no longer play with...

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    I think sex is one of the main culprits of why i truly hate and look down upon people in this world. People sacrafice what was deemed natural and sacred to their livelihood and wind up degrading themselves sexually and act like its natural/normal makes me not want to be part of no ones cycle.

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    Can autistic people feel loneliness? My friend have social blindness and she very quickly gets tired of communication but i doubt that she will eventually turn into a recluse with mental disorders

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    The worst thing at being lonely is that you can't make duo or squad in Fornite

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    So what they're saying is that lonely smokers have a really short life expectancy...


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    How the fuck am I supposed to spread awareness if I can’t share this screen recording shit on insta

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    I- So u telling me I got like 2.5 seconds left to live bc I been lonely my whole damn life?

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    I was lonely in 1st grade

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    This trending on number 1 tells a lot about the world we live in. Even thought loneliness is all about being alone the viewcount says we aren't alone at all.

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    Love being alone, hate feeling lonely.

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    try to understand humans.. even if they say something awkward.. try to correct them and try not to mock them.. you may enjoy it.. but they feel awful and isolate themselves from everyone.. so don't think that you are thug just because you mocked someone infront of your friends and gf or bf.

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    I watched this video and suddenly it hit me.. Im lonely and have been for along time now. My good looks won’t help me as I’m stuck in defence mode 😞

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    i haven't experience it since i am only 14 never felt loneliness in my life but sure sometimes i'm alone but i kept myself distracted and i am very much socially active thou i would not want that to ever happen to me :(

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    *Insert Fabricated Emotional Story About Myself Here*

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    I just moved away last year from my home to go to college in SF I haven’t made a single friend despite joining clubs, talking to people, going to bars, etc. I feel like I’m now accustomed to it and that this is now normal and how life is supposed to be. I have thought about jumping off the golden gate several times.

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    A Great Video. This video will help me to find my goals and how to Deal with loneliness

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    We live in a society

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    That we don't belong in

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    Since when you got so wholesome? I miss the old nihilistic days of kurzgesagt

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    I show to people that i am happy and smiling a lot but deep inside of me, i feel alone and lonely.

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    I found that I have shut a lot of people out throughout my life.. a lot of times its because they hurt me or simply because we drifted apart. I would end a friendship thinking that I would meet people who are better. I think the most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. There will be times where your friends and family hurt you or times where you don’t connect. This doesn’t mean they’re automatically toxic or you have to remove them from you life. It just means you have to recognize the people who are worth the bad times and who you want to keep in your life forever

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    Do people have different level of need/social fulfillment? Because i am mostly alone, but never feel "lonely". Most social interaction i have is from co workers, they are mostly unpersonal. I have some friends, but rarely actually talk to them and we meet lile only once a year from nowadays since i graduated and got a job. Mostly my social outlet comes from interent, anonynous forums like reddit at the like. Yet i don't know if i ever experience loneliness. I am mostly fine with myself, in my free time i either read books or play videogames and i feel fine because they give me the joy i need after tired doing my work. The closest thing i feel to loneliness is that i have an opinion or views that i want to express, and see what other people think about it (like this comment) however it doesnt need to be said and discussed face to face. I feel social satisfaction, even if internet stranger read my rant and give their thoughts about it by commenting, or posting in an internet forum etc.

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    I've grown up lonely and a shutout. I find it hard to socialize and struggle to start and keep a conversation. In person, I find it hard to trust people, as i don't know them or their intentions. It's a lot harder to communicate than everybody says. I get told to just break free and express who I am by my family, but I can't, even when I try.

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    My friends make a reunion yesterday without inviting me... and today they posted it on social media and i just can smile look at them...☹

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    if you're feeling lonely , just adopt a dog.

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    I think it is interesting how the human brain can cause it's self so many problems, know exactly why it is experiencing these problems, know exactly how to remedy these problems, yet be completely incapable of solving them.

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    " unshared happiness is not happiness"

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    “Although I am a typical loner in my daily life, my awareness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice has prevented me from feelings of isolation.”-Albert Einstein

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    Anyone here a loner?

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    i've been lonely for so long, that i don't feel the pain anymore. being a sociopath is an immunity to this pain

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