Loser Sleeps In The Barn!


  1. Danny Duncan

    Danny Duncan6 meses atrás

    Tour starts in about a week! First 5 shows will be Vegas, Santa Cruz, Berkeley, Seattle and Portland! www.dannyduncan69.com for tickets!

  2. Tefladon

    Tefladon14 dias atrás

    Danny Duncan Aaron is such a baby dude

  3. Carson Miller

    Carson Miller15 dias atrás

    Danny Dunc

  4. Deez nuts Encorporated

    Deez nuts EncorporatedMês atrás

    Danny Duncan Portland near by dope

  5. Turtle king Is my name

    Turtle king Is my name2 meses atrás

    do you do tours in aus

  6. Archie White

    Archie WhiteHora atrás

    Is there a baby

  7. StupidityGaming

    StupidityGaming6 horas atrás

    The rice crispy at 1:35 looks like the state Ohio

  8. Connor Robinson

    Connor Robinson18 horas atrás

    me and the boys at 3am huddling around the counter eating nuggets

  9. TJ Newsome

    TJ NewsomeDia atrás

    Did anyone notice when Arron started eating the pizza the Rice Krispie looked like Ohio

  10. Carter Thomas

    Carter Thomas2 dias atrás

    I’ve had that rice crispy treat stuff and I was like it won’t taste too bad and i tried it it tasted good the first 2 bites and then it tasted like ass

  11. MK

    MK2 dias atrás

    Why are people so scared of rats lol

  12. Tropic Gang

    Tropic Gang2 dias atrás

    Danny your to smart for these idiots 😂

  13. MisPhit

    MisPhit3 dias atrás

    I miss dj Khaled in ya vids

  14. Christopher Little

    Christopher Little3 dias atrás

    Bro thats not even a bad punishment

  15. JarHead SS

    JarHead SS3 dias atrás

    The trick shots 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  16. Gabriel Lane

    Gabriel Lane4 dias atrás

    If you do another tour plz plz plz come to providence, ri

  17. Thomas Sheffield

    Thomas Sheffield7 dias atrás


  18. Matthew Chicken

    Matthew Chicken9 dias atrás

    You should make a shirt that says ghost riding the whip

  19. filip Larnholt

    filip Larnholt9 dias atrás

    5:57 I think its fine

  20. GeO Chaos

    GeO Chaos9 dias atrás

    "alright Tyson chill out" 😂

  21. Big DaddyMurch

    Big DaddyMurch9 dias atrás

    that girl at 12:57 is thick as fuck lmao

  22. Alex Campos

    Alex Campos12 dias atrás


  23. GrahamCrackerBoi

    GrahamCrackerBoi14 dias atrás

    Aron: Breathes Danny: *WHEEZE*

  24. Jaxton Hennen

    Jaxton Hennen9 dias atrás


  25. Brian Goes Viral

    Brian Goes Viral14 dias atrás

    Danny is in Siesta Key next to the Chinese restaurant when Aaron is eating the rice crispy treat. Twice, I walked were they walked: Disney, and Siesta Key. Love you Danny!❤😍😜✨😃💯

  26. Willdothatwork D

    Willdothatwork D15 dias atrás


  27. Chris Oldham

    Chris Oldham16 dias atrás

    Oh I see your little VIRGINITY ROCKS WORLD TOUR doesn't include Arkansas at all... Well, you are truly blessed because this is the place dreams come ta DIE hahaha Keep up the good work my friend

  28. Chris Oldham

    Chris Oldham16 dias atrás

    Ok, I'm 47 yrs old and I'm a total fat fock but I would be proud ta sleep in your barn all night long. I been homeless twice (4 months each on 2 separate occasions) and it made me tough. Just a suggestion with them dummies ya dealin with there(and God bless you for it), start spelling "stupid" with 2-Os. I promise you will get resilts. Lol

  29. Amy Estrada doo

    Amy Estrada doo16 dias atrás

    I am at the nail spa to ooh! 😅❤️

  30. Teddy Bear Awesome

    Teddy Bear Awesome19 dias atrás

    Yeah they’re fine just man up

  31. foxy dj

    foxy dj21 dia atrás

    you are my secend best youtuber. you are funny god jokes

  32. meme friend

    meme friend22 dias atrás

    ''Im a pussy mweeh shouldn't have made them sleep in the barn mweeh''

  33. Benjamin Pierce

    Benjamin Pierce24 dias atrás

    I’ve never seen someone so confident lose their masculinity so quickly over a rat.

  34. Aaron Hernandez

    Aaron Hernandez24 dias atrás

    15:02 that was probably the most unsure "another one" ever😂

  35. SKScummins 4life

    SKScummins 4life25 dias atrás

    When Danny was putting the pizza in his face the rice crispy looks like the shape of Ohio 1:28

  36. Jr santi

    Jr santi18 dias atrás

    Fuck ohio

  37. Gybran Rosario

    Gybran Rosario26 dias atrás

    8:51 my guy went corny or horny😂😂

  38. Michelin man

    Michelin man27 dias atrás

    dude If u take the time out of your day to watch a video in its entirety just to dislike ur a f*kin p*ssy

  39. Big boi Tommy

    Big boi Tommy28 dias atrás

    Hey Siri are football to turn into a basketball 😂

  40. Lil Gunga

    Lil Gunga29 dias atrás

    I watch your vids what is ur fortnite name?can I play with u?

  41. Tyce Liccardi

    Tyce LiccardiMês atrás

    During the trick shots every shot he replayed a kid saying what’s going on

  42. Boqueefeus

    BoqueefeusMês atrás

    Clippers in 4

  43. Doubl3KillPro44

    Doubl3KillPro44Mês atrás

    Killer enters horror movie every character: 4:08

  44. Connor Emery

    Connor EmeryMês atrás

    At 2:01 the rice krispie kind of looks like the outline of Ohio

  45. 78Centre

    78CentreMês atrás

    Anyone who says the trick shots are fake needs to stfu 😤😡😡

  46. Thomas Forth

    Thomas ForthMês atrás

    You can also shake the world if you’re 450 lbs and you jump

  47. Ned Hayes

    Ned HayesMês atrás

    I love how when he plays the clip of him making the shot it says “ shut up” every time

  48. Roberto Luis Santos Correa

    Roberto Luis Santos CorreaMês atrás

    RIP son 🎩 kid

  49. LizardBag OD

    LizardBag ODMês atrás

    7:10 idk why i laughed so hard

  50. maddie macleish

    maddie macleishMês atrás

    dannansnn Duncan 9s the best

  51. Tristan Doyle

    Tristan DoyleMês atrás

    Danny's a legend

  52. B.E.E.C

    B.E.E.CMês atrás

    “I thought I can eAt tHat riCe CriSpY tReAt”.🤡🤣

  53. beastmode adam

    beastmode adamMês atrás

    Where do you get those scooters

  54. Dakota Owens

    Dakota OwensMês atrás

    The worst thing that could happen is the goats headbutting you in the head

  55. Doucet Chantal

    Doucet ChantalMês atrás


  56. Slade Doll

    Slade DollMês atrás

    15:30 he getting a boner

  57. Swordonator2048

    Swordonator2048Mês atrás

    Should have made them sleep in the barn after

  58. Wesley Grizzle

    Wesley GrizzleMês atrás

    I would have taken a BB gun in there bunch of rats would have a bad day

  59. Raul Padilla

    Raul PadillaMês atrás

    4:50 can we just appreciate how true this is

  60. Bandit Duck

    Bandit DuckMês atrás

    I’m really happy to see Fake J Khalid made a stay in the group. P.s. atleast he didn’t violate his mom

  61. Brent Bloom

    Brent BloomMês atrás

    This kid is 27 playing with 15 yr old kids

  62. Chloe Lambert

    Chloe LambertMês atrás

    😂 now imma cop his Starbucks order 😂

  63. Benjamin grubbe

    Benjamin grubbeMês atrás

    Don't eat apples there filled with toxins starts drinking Gatorade.

  64. chilly cheeze

    chilly cheezeMês atrás

    I ate 50 when i was a kid😂😂😂👌

  65. Potato Gameplay

    Potato GameplayMês atrás

    No one : Danny’s arm looking like a question mark : I think it’s fine

  66. Weeble Umbarger

    Weeble UmbargerMês atrás

    I weezed at 7:16

  67. Weeble Umbarger

    Weeble UmbargerMês atrás

    Sorry 7:15