Loser Sleeps In The Barn!


  1. Danny Duncan

    Danny Duncan27 dias atrás

    Tour starts in about a week! First 5 shows will be Vegas, Santa Cruz, Berkeley, Seattle and Portland! www.dannyduncan69.com for tickets!

  2. Frommy63YT

    Frommy63YT6 dias atrás

    Will there be a show in Columbus Ohio?

  3. Livk High

    Livk High16 dias atrás

    Should of dropped 10,000 for them

  4. Aidan Ahans

    Aidan Ahans20 dias atrás

    Yo someone tel me the episode where dalton says. And back to my sand-which

  5. Qwoah

    Qwoah23 dias atrás

    I would've slept out there... but if a goat headbutted me while laying down... I would straight drop-kick a mother fucker.

  6. Tommy Dappert

    Tommy DappertDia atrás

    Damn those trick shots tho😂

  7. Reece U

    Reece UDia atrás

    "bro thats not a quarter, it not even an eighth" lmao stay in school kids

  8. Nick Babler

    Nick BablerDia atrás


  9. Lucas Yost

    Lucas YostDia atrás

    This vid made me laugh soooo hard!!😂🤣😂

  10. Chad Graham

    Chad Graham2 dias atrás

    1:30 the rice krispy treat is the shape of ohio

  11. Rylan Souther

    Rylan Souther2 dias atrás

    At 7:15 you can see him hit mute

  12. Henry L.

    Henry L.3 dias atrás

    8 year olds watching the trick shots: HOW DID HE MAKE EVERY SHOT !

  13. Tricky Blade

    Tricky Blade3 dias atrás

    Lmao is the homo DJ Khaled in the video

  14. nxust

    nxust3 dias atrás

    4:53 i think its fine

  15. Jae Bush

    Jae Bush3 dias atrás

    That's alot of rice krispie.

  16. John Palermo

    John Palermo4 dias atrás

    Love the at home FLA episodes. Hate the LALAland stuff. He doesn't belong out with those bizzaro Hollywood types.

  17. Alan Cervantes

    Alan Cervantes4 dias atrás

    3:18 Danny feeds the crew chicken nuggets 😂

  18. Bake Smokes

    Bake Smokes4 dias atrás

    when i watch your videos i feel like i’m just watching a while movie about your life

  19. LivingLikeJay

    LivingLikeJay5 dias atrás

    After the 3rd time watching all of those basketball shots I just realized what he did 😂

  20. Kool II

    Kool II5 dias atrás

    I like how y’all met “DJ khaled” Because he needed a lighter YO THERES LEGIT 18 COMMENTS ON HEAR THAT SAYS THE SAME EXACT THING.

  21. Sosa

    Sosa5 dias atrás

    mmm I think it’s fine

  22. Gas Gang

    Gas Gang6 dias atrás

    Ok so basically I met danny Duncan today at his show and stage surfed and I posted it on my instagram @wilson.naumann and can you comment YOU WERE ON HIS STORY and stuff like that so my friends think I’m famous?


    KELLYKATTT6 dias atrás

    Just made a video with danny in Santa cruz on my channel ❤

  24. Pokémon and slo mo fun

    Pokémon and slo mo fun7 dias atrás

    You do it Danny

  25. STEELERS4hunnit

    STEELERS4hunnit7 dias atrás

    We not gon talk about Aaron screaming at 4:08

  26. Collin

    Collin7 dias atrás

    2:15 is that nav

  27. boats n stuff

    boats n stuff8 dias atrás

    Aaron and Trevor are funny asf i love your vids danny keep it up

  28. Lior Schwartz

    Lior Schwartz8 dias atrás

    Gotta get Steve will do it for this one

  29. Woodworking Inherited

    Woodworking Inherited8 dias atrás

    What kind of scooter is he driving

  30. CluSStor

    CluSStor9 dias atrás

    danny: dannyduncan69.com youtube:69k likes

  31. SbS Alfie.

    SbS Alfie.9 dias atrás

    There so scared

  32. Sam Koopmann

    Sam Koopmann9 dias atrás

    7:15 I’ve never laughed harder in my life

  33. Daryl Johnson

    Daryl Johnson9 dias atrás

    I like how you and dj Khalid are friends now


    GIN FUZEY9 dias atrás


  35. Linh Taylor

    Linh Taylor9 dias atrás

    This video has 69k likes 💀

  36. Mysterio

    Mysterio9 dias atrás

    uhhh im a pussy, you shouldnt have made them sleep out there! 😭😩

  37. XTrader 07

    XTrader 0710 dias atrás

    2:07 looks like Ohio

  38. Sam Glick

    Sam Glick10 dias atrás

    Don’t fear failure for it will lead you to greatness

  39. Sam Glick

    Sam Glick10 dias atrás

    If Danny Duncan ever died, I would want know it was because him riding the bird

  40. Tim Kristensen

    Tim Kristensen11 dias atrás

    Dont like its at 69 lol

  41. GCVP

    GCVP11 dias atrás

    Trick shot part has me dead

  42. Ultimate_ Areo

    Ultimate_ Areo11 dias atrás

    2:00 the rice crispy treat looks like Ohio 👀👀

  43. GeoCar9

    GeoCar911 dias atrás

    Khaled got new teeth tho nobody just gonna take that in

  44. Echox

    Echox11 dias atrás

    I love the barn

  45. Koi Syncc

    Koi Syncc11 dias atrás

    the likes are at 69k lets go 😂

  46. Ryan Kelly

    Ryan Kelly11 dias atrás


  47. AresWar8299

    AresWar829911 dias atrás

    Dude the lady at the end went sicko mode :O

  48. Adrian Lugo

    Adrian Lugo11 dias atrás


  49. SleepleZz Pow3r

    SleepleZz Pow3r11 dias atrás

    Bro it’s first person consent if they are out in public then they can film you


    VIRAL VIDEOS UK12 dias atrás

    i love danny so much never fails to make me laugh

  51. Skylor Saucedo

    Skylor Saucedo12 dias atrás

    69k likes lmao

  52. Ashy 420

    Ashy 42012 dias atrás

    if u gace me like 100 nuggets to eat or that rice crispy thing or like something else if u gave me something i bet u if u flew me to where u lived and i can beat what ever the challenge is u have to give me some merch and a flight home and if i lose then i have to buy the dany duncan mystrey box for a great value for over 129.99 and only for at a price at 69.69

  53. Ben Goodrich

    Ben Goodrich12 dias atrás

    Yo! The likes are 69k 😂😂

  54. Rudolph Diaz

    Rudolph Diaz12 dias atrás

    I would of ate thay whole thing

  55. b l f g

    b l f g12 dias atrás


  56. BT Fox

    BT Fox12 dias atrás

    Dude why is Aaron so dumb 😂

  57. Gabriel Henderson

    Gabriel Henderson13 dias atrás

    I want to try that

  58. Austin Chambers

    Austin Chambers13 dias atrás

    69k likes and 696 dislikes Nice.

  59. alan thunder

    alan thunder13 dias atrás

    aaron is austitic AF and you still make fun of him!

  60. FunnyAyeHoles

    FunnyAyeHoles13 dias atrás

    They kept the dj Khaled guy lol

  61. John Martinez

    John Martinez13 dias atrás

    danny how did you get so lucky as to find a real life tweetle dee and tweetle dumb

  62. John Martinez

    John Martinez13 dias atrás

    what kind of dog would aaron be if he was

  63. Diamond Dimer

    Diamond Dimer13 dias atrás


  64. The Noob

    The Noob13 dias atrás

    What if you sleeped there