Lou Dobbs Justifies Running Over Innocent People


  1. The Young Turks

    The Young TurksMês atrás

    What do you think of Lou Dobbs' comments? Let us know in the comments below.

  2. c. j. macq

    c. j. macq23 dias atrás

    lou dobbs is a fascist shill. he completely and purposely misrepresented what really occurred. you say the actions of the anti-fascists should be condemned? for what? standing up to fascists? are you nutz? the anti-fascists are HEROS not villains. they're doing precisely what needs to be done to challenge the growing fascist threat that's taking over our country and our planet RIGHT NOW! if you AREN'T actively and proactively anti-fascists then YOU are part of the problem. apathy towards fascism is just as much a threat as fascism itself. and what's your solution to illegal immigration? doing nothing? cruelty isn't the answer but doing nothing isn't a solution either. our immigration laws MUST be enforced. but by the govt, not by outsourced, profiteering private corporations.

  3. schwebor

    schwebor23 dias atrás

    @MrGerardo are you stupid? Blind? Its a political right to protest. Its not ok to try and murder someone jet alone a hole groupe of people. How retarded does one has to be to not understand a simple thing: dont hurt other humans! Is this so hard to understand?

  4. schwebor

    schwebor23 dias atrás

    @Downunder Thunder and in a normal country you would end up in jail for murder or attempted murder. Why do right wing idiots always forget that there ar humans on the other side? And for you right wing trolls: thats a nazi technique! U dehumanzie the people you wana kill... makes it way easier...

  5. MrGerardo

    MrGerardo23 dias atrás

    @schwebor In a civilzed society, people don't prevent others from getting to work by blocking the entrance.

  6. Cary Miller

    Cary Miller23 dias atrás

    @MrGerardo Who are you referring to? Dobs? Is his wife Latina?

  7. Gary Larcher

    Gary LarcherDia atrás

    People panic and make poor choices, Lou Dobbs is old and confused, half the population are on some kind of meds in order to function everyday and I don't see it getting any better soon.

  8. lorenzo lohman

    lorenzo lohman12 dias atrás

    Once there was a time when news anchors only reported the news and kept their opinions private

  9. J S

    J S14 dias atrás

    Remember that when you see a fox news crew .... remember people when they try to run you over shoit them .

  10. CoolWarrior600 AVGCP AAF AFOCP

    CoolWarrior600 AVGCP AAF AFOCP19 dias atrás

    Y'all don't understand huh? They are blocking the truck, he needs to go through so he have to do it!

  11. MyAidan

    MyAidan20 dias atrás

    wow America is truly a dangerous violent place I will never visit again. As a white guy I'd feel safer in the middle east. Law Enforcement pepper spraying citizens is just ridiculous and America is deteriorating to a Stalin age executing Polish people. disgusting and shameful. Good reporting.

  12. Eric Fical

    Eric Fical21 dia atrás

    I don’t condone the behavior of the protesters being in the path of the truck or the guy running protesters over. They are both wrong. We have the right to protest peacefully. If you are blocking someone from getting somewhere in their vehicle then that’s not appropriate imo. The guy driving the truck could of called the police and had them removed from blocking him though. This is irrational/emotional behavior on both sides.

  13. Karo99637

    Karo9963722 dias atrás

    This beautiful women is my spirit animal❤

  14. Sherri Greeydelinarez

    Sherri Greeydelinarez22 dias atrás

    God help Us!!

  15. Sherri Greeydelinarez

    Sherri Greeydelinarez22 dias atrás

    He did Exactly what Trump said, Trump said if their in the way run over them!! He said it that's why that guy ran over then in I believe North Carolina!

  16. MrDahQ

    MrDahQ22 dias atrás

    Well surely he couldve handled it better open a window and ask if he could pass. On the other hand they shouldnt block a road. Attemped murder no... Vehicular assault maybe?

  17. c. j. macq

    c. j. macq23 dias atrás

    lou dobbs is a fascist shill. he completely and purposely misrepresented what really occurred. you say the actions of the anti-fascists should be condemned? for what? standing up to fascists? are you nutz? the anti-fascists are HEROS not villains. they're doing precisely what needs to be done to challenge the growing fascist threat that's taking over our country and our planet RIGHT NOW! if you AREN'T actively and proactively anti-fascists then YOU are part of the problem. apathy towards fascism is just as much a threat as fascism itself. and what's your solution to illegal immigration? doing nothing? cruelty isn't the answer but doing nothing isn't a solution either. our immigration laws MUST be enforced. but by the govt, not by outsourced, profiteering private corporations.

  18. Learning Makes Me Happy

    Learning Makes Me Happy23 dias atrás

    WELP, They want us to use our 2nd amendment rights so bad and I think we have found a time outside of our home to do so, in order to defend our 1st amendment right...

  19. Matthew Blum

    Matthew Blum23 dias atrás

    Maytha rocks

  20. J T

    J T23 dias atrás

    Lou Dobbs is still alive? Thought that fossil died years ago.

  21. Jose Conseco

    Jose Conseco24 dias atrás

    "Tried to run them over." That's not what happened though, is it. 😂

  22. Vapletrichs Gne

    Vapletrichs Gne25 dias atrás

    Lou is a boss.

  23. Bobby Dickenbags

    Bobby Dickenbags25 dias atrás

    All they were doing was protesting, and this fool drives up and wants to push them forcefully with a truck. So gnarly. And they didn’t react all crazy. This is why I don’t protest, cause I’d go ballistic and end up back in prison.

  24. Burning Flag

    Burning Flag25 dias atrás

    I'll admit got a lot of respect for Mr. Dobbs. But ah I can't get behind him on this one.

  25. Duncan Bleak

    Duncan Bleak25 dias atrás

    Evil is never satisfied.

  26. clifton moore

    clifton moore25 dias atrás

    A vehicle is only considered a deadly weapon when citizens is operating the vehicle. When Police use it to run people over, then it's not consider a deadly weapon. Because its OK for Police to run over people with a vehicle in America.

  27. Big violees

    Big violees25 dias atrás

    Dobbs bobs on trumps knob

  28. Ricardo Torres

    Ricardo Torres25 dias atrás

    If they didn't have a permit to block that road, they're illegally assembling to protest. He tried to scared them off by slamming on the breaks and honking. Get your entitled asses out of here

  29. BFT Neelix

    BFT Neelix26 dias atrás

    Oh they're on edge? aww, poor brown shirts.

  30. BFT Neelix

    BFT Neelix26 dias atrás

    And you know if those were Proud Boys or any other right wing group, they would have ripped that guy out of his truck and beat him senseless. But tell me again how the left wing is equally bad as the right wing.. delusional idiots.

  31. Robert Martyr

    Robert Martyr26 dias atrás

    *In Oregon, DO 38-Years in the GuLag; for NOTHING!!!!!*

  32. Dusty Plasma

    Dusty Plasma26 dias atrás

    lou jumps the shark

  33. Travis Bickle

    Travis Bickle26 dias atrás

    You people are stupid beyond stupid. And liars on top of that. People have eyes and can see that the truck didn't RUN OVER anybody. He ran up to them, stopped, then then jumped up and began beating on the truck, jumping on it, and obviously cursing him. Your 1st amendment rights don't give you the right to block government facilities, streets, freeways, businesses, and stop other people from work or travel to and from work or home. If it does, show the proof or stfu. And finally, if you don't want your kids or disabled people involved in something like this, don't put them out there. But you can't do that, can you? Nooo, you've got to show just exactly what asses you really are.

  34. Joe Blow

    Joe Blow26 dias atrás


  35. Lori A

    Lori A26 dias atrás

    Omg u people are nuts!

  36. samuel nelson

    samuel nelson26 dias atrás

    Pseudo-Christians, dead while they are living.

  37. samuel nelson

    samuel nelson26 dias atrás

    In California you are not allowed to run over people with your vehicle. If people are blocking your pathway, you are required by law to not proceed until the way is clear.

  38. Josie Fox

    Josie Fox27 dias atrás

    Boycott the New York Times. They are either with the resistance or they are with the fascists. At least we all know now

  39. Coffee & Makeup With Sam

    Coffee & Makeup With Sam27 dias atrás

    Lou Dobbs is an asshole and so it that dude who tried to run over the protesters

  40. Pancho Villa

    Pancho Villa27 dias atrás

    corrupt government Banana Republic of United States of America that's the shit hole we live in now thanks to Republicans and Trump

  41. Sez B

    Sez B27 dias atrás

    So much wrong with this. For everyone saying "it's attempted murder!" etc - listen up. The legal facts: -- Blocking roads without a permit is illegal. The Supreme Court continues to reaffirm that there is no First Ammendment right to protest in this manner. -- Blocking crosswalks is illegal too - as pedestrians only have right of way on crosswalks if they are using them in good faith (I.e temporarily and for the purpose of CROSSING the road). -- Maliciously impeding the free movement of innocent people across public land is a crime and can also be considered an "initial escalation to violence". If you were to block a person's path one on on, it is not legally out of the question for them to assault you in order to move you. -- The driver initially tried to 'scare' the protestors into moving by charging forward and sounding the horn. This shows to a jury that his primary intention was simply to pass, and that he did not _intend_ to harm them. In other words, he is not a terrorist seeking specifically to pursue and run people over. -- The above ^ is important - because it prevents the protestors from claiming they then attacked his car "in self defense". The protestors were breaking the law by blocking the road; their most immediate and responsible self defense measure should be to *vacate the road* . The driver showed he was not seeking to cause harm so the protestors cannot claim they would have been safe once they reached the sidewalk. -- Once the protestors surrounded the car and began attacking it; the driver had a legitimate fear for his life. The protestors were attempting to smash windows, climb on board, pull door handles etc. From his perspective, they are a violent mob seeking to remove him from his vehicle and beat him (possibly to death!). In this moment he is justified in using whatever force is necessary to escape the immediate threat. This includes *running the protestors over* in a single forward charge to safety. -- The facts above are why these types of cases so rarely see the driver even being charged with anything major, let alone convinced. The drivers *may* commit a minor assault when they initially "nudge" the protestors in the road (but not necessarily... if this nudge was reasonable and proportionate!)... But the moment the protestors attack the car... they essentially sign their own death warrants. -- The protestors in these situations are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They cannot stand their ground for fear of being ran over and they cannot attack the car because this legally entitles the driver to run them over. I'd have sympathy for them if it wasn't for the fact that BLOCKING. ROADS. IS. ILLEGAL. and inherently *not* a "peaceful" protest.

  42. Jason Waltman

    Jason Waltman27 dias atrás

    When this Trump era BS comes to an end. I wanna see all these pieces of 💩 prosecuted and rotting in jail for actual crimes.

  43. Solita Furude

    Solita Furude27 dias atrás

    and people want a conversation with these creatures? there is no discourse with such monsters. you cannot reason with people who can twist their minds to this degree

  44. Cameron F

    Cameron F27 dias atrás

    Lou Dobbs is a piece of shit. But when a democrat is in office I hope we remember what we went through and not treat our enemies the same way. We are better than them regardless if they deserve it.

  45. Jorge Flores

    Jorge Flores27 dias atrás

    Terrorist, call him for what he did: terrorized.

  46. V Denton

    V Denton27 dias atrás

    Prison guards are sadists sex sadists BDSM freaks snuff sex freaks sickest people walking the planet I know this from experience as a jailer.

  47. Matthew Rice

    Matthew Rice27 dias atrás

    how do you know the driver is a right winger? assholes.

  48. Brian Jones

    Brian Jones27 dias atrás

    Watching depraved old men like Dobbs justify this behaviour makes me sympathise with Antifa for wanting to crack right-wingers’ skulls.

  49. Ci Wa

    Ci Wa27 dias atrás

    Lou Dobbs really has changed since he left CNN. I used to appreciate his different perspective although it was clear he was off center.

  50. Darnell Peek

    Darnell Peek27 dias atrás

    Maybe Lou Dobbs his mother and daddy needs to be run over

  51. Lollie da lush

    Lollie da lush27 dias atrás

    I'm sure there's still those who think there's "good people" on both sides!!

  52. RoNīN GaīJīN

    RoNīN GaīJīN27 dias atrás

    They were preventing a man from going to work. They should've moved. That being said you can't just run people over.

  53. tailwheel65

    tailwheel6527 dias atrás

    The driver is a asshole for sure, but to be fair, I don't think he actually tried to run them over.

  54. Jack Bauer

    Jack Bauer27 dias atrás

    Imagine if that a Christian crowd and the driver was Muslim.

  55. Graham Nickerson

    Graham Nickerson28 dias atrás

    If you have to debate weather running over people to park your car is legal or not, you've already lost your way. America, you have lost your way, and I suspect this state of reality hasn't always been. Now it just get's captured on video.

  56. Sez B

    Sez B27 dias atrás

    Oh ok... I'll just sit here like a bitch and be dominated. I'll allow others to illegally impede my right to free movement. I'll allow them to drag me from my car and beat me because I essentially scared them with my horn while they were illegally blocking a crosswalk. 😂

  57. Al Stefanini

    Al Stefanini28 dias atrás

    If he wanted to run them over he would have, bye the way, why arent you two wearing your helmets?

  58. Tango Bango

    Tango Bango28 dias atrás

    Old FOX FARTS Dobbs & Varney need to be put in a home. They’re Idiots just like Trump.


    PINK WOLF28 dias atrás

    It's not just lou Dobbs encouraging and enabling this crime, its our judicial system too. I agree, if this were anyone else in ANY other situation, they wpuld have been arrested on the spot and charged with a multitude of charges. This shows a biased and blatantly perverted justice system and police department. For anyone else there would have been NO "we are currently investegating" there would be no questions of responsibility. Regardless of a public protest or not, even if lets say a group of kids being simple ass holes were sitting in the middle of the street, if ANYONE saw them, stopped, then made a concious decision to drive into that group of kids, they would have been arrested. As far as a protest is concerned it should even be MORE of a reason to legally charge him on the spot, since our constitutional right to protest automatically Trumps our PRIVILEGE (not right), to operate a vehicle. If he nor anyone else doesn't have the ability to operate a vehicle and allows his anger to over power him, and consciously makes a decision to turn that vehicle into a weapon, not only should he be charged on tje apot and arrested, but also once formally convicted via a jury trial, he should also lose his license over this as part of his punishment. I'm pretty sure the video speaks for itself as to his guilt at least enough to be charged and arrested, I'd love to know what more that local police department feels it needs to "investigate" any further to merit an arrest and charges?! Furthermore what about the person who's leg was broken in this? They alone deserve him to be arrested so they can suit his insurance or him for punitive and other damages and losses. If he isn't criminally charged and arrested it will make it next to impossible for them to bring a law suit, its why everytime there is an "accident" police should always be called. This is so disgusting.

  60. m m

    m m28 dias atrás


  61. omz3694

    omz369428 dias atrás

    If I ever see Lou Dobbs on the street, I'll run over him.

  62. Lockey Xiong

    Lockey Xiong28 dias atrás

    We should over throw the government and kill all the right wing yeah sound good

  63. Sonny Tuft

    Sonny Tuft28 dias atrás

    Maybe I’d have some sympathy if the protestors were the ones under constant attack and death threats.

  64. MrGerardo

    MrGerardo28 dias atrás

    You stupid bitch, they were blocking him from getting to his job. No, they weren't going to move and they climbed his vehicle.

  65. Colt Henderson

    Colt Henderson28 dias atrás

    The guy should not have tried running them over but they shouldn't have blocked the driveway or street.

  66. Computer User

    Computer User28 dias atrás

    Dont worry, tomorrow I am going to run over protestors and tell the police when I get arrested that Lou Dobbs told me its ok to run over them.