Love Island USA: Alana Storms Off After Yamen Chooses Christen


  1. Angelica Romero

    Angelica Romero16 horas atrás

    “I would like too.” Obviously not enough if you’re keeping your distance

  2. Samantha Wong

    Samantha Wong21 hora atrás

    Where’s the Asians at in this whole show?! 😂

  3. Zani LovesAnime

    Zani LovesAnimeDia atrás

    Like Yaman and her was a good couple and I thought no they should had stayed together but am so sad for she is so supportive and caring like this made me really cry I hope she find someone better

  4. Lorina L

    Lorina L2 dias atrás

    Poor Alana

  5. Chill Tuesday

    Chill Tuesday4 dias atrás

    the only reason yam is on the island is bc alana picked him. with out her he wouldnt be there and im so happy he got out

  6. Chill Tuesday

    Chill Tuesday4 dias atrás

    hopefully alana finds a better person at home than yam 🍠 edit: i spelt a word wrong oops typo

  7. Faisal Saeed

    Faisal Saeed8 dias atrás

    I have never watched this show but I really feel sorry for Alana she is special I am sure about it.

  8. Landa Robinson

    Landa Robinson9 dias atrás

    Can anyone tell me what’s Alana instagram

  9. Sophia Alexander

    Sophia Alexander13 dias atrás

    I’m sorry but an American love island is just too weird to me it will never be as good as the original UK version 😂

  10. Ian Miles Chungus

    Ian Miles Chungus13 dias atrás

    Why you gotta do that to Alana 😢😭😭😭

  11. kt grohe

    kt grohe13 dias atrás

  12. Nayely Campoverde Yupa

    Nayely Campoverde Yupa13 dias atrás

    I’m so sad why Alana😭

  13. Meg K

    Meg K13 dias atrás

    Anyone know how to watch this in the UK?

  14. Sophia Ulysse

    Sophia Ulysse14 dias atrás

    Alana forget ramen whatever his name is marry me 🥰

  15. Patricia Roseสุริไยทัย

    Patricia Roseสุริไยทัย14 dias atrás

    Yamen is such a hypocritical piece of TRASH, Americans we need to vote him off, I don't even understand how the rest of the girls don't notice how much of a hoe he is, like are you that desperate, are you that thirsty.

  16. Iris Horsley

    Iris Horsley14 dias atrás

    I loved alana wtf

  17. Eliza Sings

    Eliza Sings14 dias atrás

    Why did she kiss him

  18. Sammy Be

    Sammy Be14 dias atrás


  19. Emma Narvaez

    Emma Narvaez14 dias atrás


  20. Sheri Townsend

    Sheri Townsend15 dias atrás

    I thought Alana was gorgeous and REAL. I also thought Yamen was honest with her. He tried, but the love connection was just not there. Despite that, Yamen is going to pay a price for that. Just wait and see.

  21. PredatorKingdom

    PredatorKingdom15 dias atrás

    Sheri Townsend You're delusional Yamen didn't do anything wrong here I mean you already admitted that his love connection was not there with Alana so he was doing her a favor by leaving her for Christen who he actually had a real connection with here. If you believe he would pay for it then he already did by losing Christen off the island but you guys who voted to get him and Christen off the island will pay for it too and you guys can't deny their love either.

  22. Malikah Brown-Henry

    Malikah Brown-Henry15 dias atrás

    Alana is annoying. Shes too immature for this show.

  23. Madison Konschak

    Madison Konschak15 dias atrás

    I am literally in tears:( we’re going to miss you Alana And Mallory😭💛

  24. Zeinab Alalawi

    Zeinab Alalawi15 dias atrás

    It will never beat the British version

  25. Spensy Kul

    Spensy Kul16 dias atrás

    I feel bad for Alana as well as for Mallory, the girls deserved a lot better than they got 💞💞 Amazing characters

  26. dragz3

    dragz316 dias atrás

    get yamen off this island NOW

  27. Sheilla migan migan

    Sheilla migan migan16 dias atrás

    Please bring Alana back 😭😪

  28. Gabie Dixon Vlogs

    Gabie Dixon Vlogs16 dias atrás

    I want kyra booted off if she haven’t came Alana and yamen will still be together

  29. Anaya Sosa

    Anaya Sosa16 dias atrás

    Just Starting making short videos. Feel free to stop by💚

  30. elmo ukulele girl

    elmo ukulele girl17 dias atrás

    alana is literally so gorgeous too

  31. Shana Castillo

    Shana Castillo17 dias atrás

    I was crying my eyes wit😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  32. Nat comrie

    Nat comrie17 dias atrás

    What I want to know is what does he mean that she fits his life better right now ! Alana you are too nice boo moving his loss

  33. Joan Arc

    Joan Arc17 dias atrás

    I have to say this but Alana lost her dignity. Why do you pursue someone who is not interested in you? Literally that should be an instant turn off. Shes just made herself look desperate.

  34. Jhem Baruela

    Jhem Baruela17 dias atrás

    Alana is more beautiful than christen

  35. Tricia Salamanca

    Tricia Salamanca17 dias atrás

    Ok the fact that she had to go get yamen was ridiculous and then Kristen had to act like a total brat I’m annoyed with Kristen

  36. nenehurt2596 evan

    nenehurt2596 evan17 dias atrás

    kyra got game so far she got men sweating that she may take their girl.

  37. Sabrina

    Sabrina17 dias atrás

    the fact no one went to alana wtf

  38. Elise K

    Elise K17 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who thinks these texts are cruel...? The way they say it... idk but I remember I almost burst into tears with Winston. And by every right, she *should* storm away!

  39. The Schmidt Anderson

    The Schmidt Anderson18 dias atrás

    yeah let’s all hate on someone for not being attracted to someone that you wanted them to be attracted to

  40. Black Black

    Black Black18 dias atrás

    Black men on these shows are 🗑🗑

  41. Niveah S

    Niveah S18 dias atrás

    Bro f Yamen all he had to do was tell her from the start Alana is beautiful and will find someone 100x better

  42. Cecelili

    Cecelili18 dias atrás

    Christen looks weird. She looks like Bianca from the Prince Family.

  43. aestella

    aestella18 dias atrás

    yamen is kind of a bad choice maker in this sutuation, and i could see yamen caring so much, feeling so bad. you could see in his eyes that he genuinly felt bad, like really, really bad. but also yamen, tf you kiss christen(idk how to spell her name) on the night that Alana leaves. honestly, kind of an a**hole move yamen.

  44. Bella Pham

    Bella Pham18 dias atrás

    Alana deserves so much more and the dirty look Christen gave her at the end when she hugged yamen got me pissed off. No offense but he’s a player🤦🏻‍♀️

  45. Alexis Wesby

    Alexis Wesby18 dias atrás

    Im going to say alana to beautiful and gorgeous to be dumped

  46. Shayna Zangeneh

    Shayna Zangeneh18 dias atrás

    Can’t they get each other’s phone numbers?

  47. chewysearjulie

    chewysearjulie19 dias atrás

    This is sad tf

  48. Jasmine Ali

    Jasmine Ali19 dias atrás

    Black girls need to stop being loyal to black men . They will always date out. Do the same !

  49. Vicky Langford

    Vicky Langford17 dias atrás

    Jasmine Ali thanks sis I definitely will

  50. Jasmine Ali

    Jasmine Ali17 dias atrás

    @Vicky Langford I'm not even African American ( black Canadian) and I even notice how black men seem to run towards every type of women but their own. Quite sad but black woman are far more successful and educated than their men and should date outside.

  51. Vicky Langford

    Vicky Langford17 dias atrás

    Jasmine Ali exactly amen to that i was done with black men after my experiences I’ve glow up and ready for a good man

  52. Otis Whitton

    Otis Whitton19 dias atrás

    I love it, Americans are learning the greatness that is Love Island. Reality tv at it's best, classic moments are being made and will continue

  53. Skerion

    Skerion19 dias atrás

    Somebody has to go home not everyone is gonna be happy that is not how it works.Yamen had to make a choice and he did he liked that girl better so why would he not go for her?

  54. Larry Smith

    Larry Smith19 dias atrás

    I feel it for Alanna😭😭😭😭

  55. LaNyja Carter

    LaNyja Carter19 dias atrás

    im not crying you are

  56. Melanie Brooks

    Melanie Brooks19 dias atrás

    Yamen played her like a fiddle

  57. lexi lovessyouu

    lexi lovessyouu19 dias atrás

    Yamen just let go of an incredible young woman. His loss.

  58. S J

    S J20 dias atrás

    Why did she lick his face 😝

  59. Afiya Ahmed

    Afiya Ahmed20 dias atrás

    she kissed him and went 😂😭

  60. Lilom

    Lilom20 dias atrás

    Alana seems insecure..

  61. Lilom

    Lilom20 dias atrás

    Whats wrong with Cora's eye??

  62. Brooke Riley

    Brooke Riley20 dias atrás

    Why did this actually make me cry

  63. saltqueen_ aurora

    saltqueen_ aurora21 dia atrás

    Alana was my favorite girl, she was amazing. She deserves so much better. Seeing her leave made me cry

  64. Khadija Muhamoud

    Khadija Muhamoud21 dia atrás

    Love island uk is ending on Monday where can watch this

  65. Drake of Thrones

    Drake of Thrones21 dia atrás

    This is like when Danny chose Arabella over Yewande on U.K. Love Island

  66. Joonies Trash Bin

    Joonies Trash Bin21 dia atrás

    yamen stabbed her in the back and the world knows it.

  67. Vogue Vibes

    Vogue Vibes21 dia atrás

    She actually kissed him on the lips😂

  68. Vogue Vibes

    Vogue Vibes21 dia atrás

    Why don't Black girls ever get who they like?

  69. Renee Moore

    Renee Moore21 dia atrás

    OH move on. Kristen is way more mature abd womanly than Alana. She acted like a 15 yr old in this clip

  70. Lutty Lut

    Lutty Lut21 dia atrás

    Hope he gets voted off soon guys so dead no reaction at all dnt understand how his still around the show

  71. Hookemhorns48

    Hookemhorns4821 dia atrás

    He gone

  72. michelle c

    michelle c21 dia atrás

    Christen ruined the relationship too

  73. Duhitsedits

    Duhitsedits21 dia atrás

    Alexandra is so wholesome

  74. Gacha Jianni

    Gacha Jianni21 dia atrás

    It’s ok sis yamen looks like a Black big am I’m happy to see you at the house ps me Jason and carter have Been sleeping in your Bed 😐 sorry

  75. Mario Attieh

    Mario Attieh21 dia atrás

    When she kissed him before she leaves he realizes that he made a big mistake

  76. Tion Clark

    Tion Clark21 dia atrás

    Yo, I'm a Scorpio so I don't cry for other people in front of my friends but I did this episode. He did her dirty knowing she was going to be hurt if he didn't pick her. He should have told her the truth and how he felt even if she was going to be hurt. Cause at the end of the day he's going to regret it PERIODTTTT👿

  77. damaged waffles

    damaged waffles21 dia atrás

    love island u better fucking brinh alana back or im THROWING HANDS

  78. Masha Martha

    Masha Martha21 dia atrás

    Ohh yes I'm talkin about u yamen..

  79. Masha Martha

    Masha Martha21 dia atrás

    I've no words for u😡😡😡😡

  80. xx xx

    xx xx22 dias atrás

    just like yewande😢

  81. Ash Na

    Ash Na22 dias atrás

    Hopefully they bring Alana back!

  82. Megs Garcia

    Megs Garcia22 dias atrás

    This show is just ridiculous

  83. Autumn Miller

    Autumn Miller22 dias atrás

    yamen need to leave da island...alana didn't deserve that yamen is a trader ge just wanted her because she was keeping him safe...after that kiss i bet yamen was like what did i just do🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

  84. Addy

    Addy22 dias atrás

    Wow yamen really our there kissing the other girl when Alana was getting kicked out and crying that’s really really messed up.