Mac Miller - Circles ALBUM REVIEW


  1. Shahariar Shahed

    Shahariar ShahedDia atrás

    Why is it included in pop reviews?

  2. Glen Mch

    Glen Mch3 dias atrás

    You looking limp my man you need to go out and get some fresh air and speak with your chest.

  3. jose a

    jose a4 dias atrás

    OMG ITS LOGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hero in the making

    Hero in the making6 dias atrás

    Mac Miller Is soy boy music

  5. David

    David7 dias atrás

    Still not forgetting the fact you gave Swimming a fucking 3 you piece of shit

  6. tmnm1994

    tmnm19947 dias atrás

    You’re such a snob. Acting like your taste is superior. That you didn’t like swimming says enough of your taste in music, it’s shit.

  7. tmnm1994

    tmnm19947 dias atrás


  8. moti

    moti7 dias atrás

    he did...

  9. TSYMI

    TSYMI8 dias atrás

    Why is this not on ur loved list?

  10. Bradley Armstrong

    Bradley Armstrong9 dias atrás

    On second thought, I'm lowering my score to a 7/10, because Mac's voice started grating on me after half a dozen listens. I still like everything else about it, though.

  11. Boss Lax316

    Boss Lax31610 dias atrás

    Album wasn't good

  12. Robology

    Robology10 dias atrás

    Hi melon 🍉

  13. The Illustrator SA

    The Illustrator SA11 dias atrás

    man, you're full of shit you didn't appreciate his songs

  14. Nathan Solomon

    Nathan Solomon12 dias atrás

    The Ariana Grande vocals on I Can See are utterly heartbreaking, rest easy Malcolm James McCormick you will be missed.

  15. Mrbigweeknee

    Mrbigweeknee12 dias atrás


  16. Alec Lund

    Alec Lund12 dias atrás

    The songs i've had on replay ever since the album came out: Circles, Complicated, Blue World, Good News, Everybody, Hand Me Downs and surf. Overall really enjoyed the whole album. R.I.P

  17. Nathan Carter

    Nathan Carter13 dias atrás

    Oh wow, finally giving Mac a fair score!

  18. Kenneth Davis

    Kenneth Davis17 dias atrás

    I don't even know why you're rating this album after the disrespect you showed to faces and swimming. If you actually opened those cauliflowers on the side of your head and maybe listened to the projects more than once. You would see how lyrical Mac was. Fucking fool

  19. Kenneth Davis

    Kenneth Davis14 dias atrás

    @Ol' Whippersnapper and you were never anyone, get use to it

  20. Ol' Whippersnapper

    Ol' Whippersnapper14 dias atrás

    He was never lyrical

  21. David Allsopp

    David Allsopp18 dias atrás

    great review

  22. wilky

    wilky18 dias atrás

    Faces re review!!

  23. Matt Nash

    Matt Nash19 dias atrás

    I’m genuinely trying to understand this review. I honestly believe swimming and circles are very nearly on par. Even though others might disagree, I still can’t see Swimming being a 3 and Circles being nearly THREE times better?

  24. Toro Totoro

    Toro Totoro13 dias atrás

    im betting Mac's death had to do with the scores

  25. nintendodungeon

    nintendodungeon20 dias atrás

    “I can see” is my favorite track :/

  26. Q Patriot

    Q Patriot21 dia atrás

    Now go back and re-do Swimming you bandwagon soyboy-tano

  27. Johnny Mitnick

    Johnny Mitnick21 dia atrás

    jabroni review, why cant u review for what it is without just comparing to other pieces of work. anyone who views art like this i feel bad for

  28. bc_77

    bc_7722 dias atrás

    This album is beautiful. It’s a great ending to an amazing story. Rip Mac. The first hip hop song I ever listened to was Koolaid and frozen pizza.. thank you bro.

  29. Ryan Santos

    Ryan Santos22 dias atrás


  30. Kyle Tanner

    Kyle Tanner22 dias atrás

    Big Bright Eyes fan, and I heard a lot of similar themes in Mac's music, as I seen in Conor's Music, at least with this album. Just felt like that was validated when you drew comparisons to M. Ward and Elliott Smith.

  31. Faolen Smith

    Faolen Smith22 dias atrás

    i appreciate your review but did you really expect mac to make a song about camping in the woods having a bonding experience with his uncle?

  32. Don J

    Don J22 dias atrás

    That’s just one person hating on macs album check the billboards he’s killing it

  33. K-swizzle 670

    K-swizzle 67022 dias atrás

    slatthony slattano

  34. Evan Flick

    Evan Flick22 dias atrás

    Review loving- if I am only my thoughts

  35. Evz

    Evz23 dias atrás

    I think Circles is a beautiful and honestly perfect companion to Swimming. Mac Miller meant a lot to me, I grew up with him and his music, he might even be my favorite artist of all time. He’s impacted me the most and his music has been the soundtrack to my life in a way. I’m just grateful and feel lucky to be able to hear new music from Mac again. This record is incredible and I give so much thanks to Mac’s family and Jon Brion for the care they gave this. It honored his legacy perfectly and was refreshing to see in an industry who exploits artists in death constantly. Sonically this album felt like a Prince or Elton John record and really showcases the evolution of Mac’s sound, growth as an artist and development as a musician. He was just scratching the surface musically of what he was gonna become and reaching an artistic space, many aren’t capable of in this genre. So many songs hit deep on this one and are painful to hear, from the lyrics to the ultimate narrative of the album. It’s almost like Mac knew, but the peace within this gorgeous sonic art piece of music and the self awareness was incredible to listen to. RIP to Mac 92 Till Infinity Forever, thanks for giving him and this project the respect it deserved. Just wish his other projects and him in general would’ve got that respect while he was still here. Much love man.

  36. Flopfist

    Flopfist24 dias atrás

    Said perfectly Anthony

  37. Zachariah Dirazonian

    Zachariah Dirazonian24 dias atrás

    @theneedledrop this is the biggest comment of your life. Enjoy

  38. EndZiiel

    EndZiiel24 dias atrás

    the album is pretty dead

  39. Void Sauce

    Void Sauce25 dias atrás

    I think Fantano finally "gets" Mac.

  40. AJ Gyampoh

    AJ Gyampoh26 dias atrás

    WOAH FR????

  41. Josh Lavigne

    Josh Lavigne26 dias atrás

    Has it ever crossed your mind that he may have called this Circles because he saw your review of Macadelic, where you describe him as 'going around in circles'?

  42. T C

    T C26 dias atrás

    I gladly agree that the aspect of Mac Miller's voice in the foreground was a great idea and makes the LP intimate. But it simply can't be compared to Swimming. Swimming is coherent, full of details / ornaments, yes, also groovy, diverse, surprising.. It sounds full and is resonant, it surrounds, embeds you. A lot of Circles is (well, conveniently) repetetive, sometimes the leftover elements are primitively thrown together and complemented only artificially. As far as one could know, he was quite perfectionist and I'm not able to imagine that he wouldn't have changed so so much about this record still - lyrics, PERCUSSION ELEMENTS, voice layers.. Complicated and I Can See are strictly bad songs to me, lost pieces not well tied together, not flattering his voice.. I've grown to like Hands, Woods (except those drums..) and Hand Me Downs and liked Good News from the beginning. Everyone is an awesome cover. But that's it. I am relieved you acknowledged his singing more in this review even if it's ironic, because on swimming it was much more elaborated. Seems to me you should listen to it again and recognize the completeness of it. My humble, but certain opinion. Maybe it's the respect towards Mac Miller and that he didn't have any final says, not even about all the songs being chosen for this album. Maybe I'm just still very sad!

  43. Andrew Galloway

    Andrew Galloway26 dias atrás

    I've been on this planet for thirty-something shit years and Swimming is fast becoming one of my most listened to albums.

  44. kartinchamp

    kartinchamp27 dias atrás

    Complicated was by far my favorite off Circles. I'm surprised so many claim to dislike swimming though. It seemed to have more variation yet still unified as an album. Circles just seems sad and I feel like it lacks the finishing touches Mac would have been able to put on it had he still been here. That's the catch-22 of post-humous releases. You've got other people's hands on your work and you can't do anything about it.

  45. T Marzoni

    T Marzoni27 dias atrás

    You had a girl wish you knocked her up, so I could meet your son and talk you up.

  46. Ross Howard-Hildige

    Ross Howard-Hildige27 dias atrás

    anthony you didn't have to say Circles was a Miller li- nah, this is too much. That unrecorded final third of the trilogy will always be one of the great what-could-of-been albums in history. It's in the Dream Library of could have been now. What a suitably sick album to finish on. Bittersweet, but so sweet

  47. Exalt

    Exalt27 dias atrás

    Thank you for not making those overused joke comments, I agree with what you said too. Jon Brion did an amazing job for the final album of Mac's career, couldn't have ended it off any better.

  48. Iris Juhasz

    Iris Juhasz27 dias atrás

    I think my favorites off of the album were Blue World and Good News. Blue World's production is gorgeous and Good News lyricism is almost haunting.

  49. Alex Pollard

    Alex Pollard27 dias atrás

    Huge Mac fan.. this album is not good

  50. Exalt

    Exalt27 dias atrás

    Why do you feel the need to include that you're a Mac fan or not? Of course you can be a fan of Mac and like or dislike the music he makes. I respect your opinion but there's no need to add that in my guy.

  51. RegularRy

    RegularRy27 dias atrás

    re-review swimming, u know u fucked up on that one

  52. B3T0

    B3T028 dias atrás

    Ok calvo

  53. ZwienerZ

    ZwienerZ28 dias atrás

    That’s On Me reminded me of an Elliot Smith song.

  54. Hemal Kantawala

    Hemal Kantawala28 dias atrás

    Please review alessia cara the pains of glowing 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  55. Childishwolfgang

    Childishwolfgang28 dias atrás

    I’ll never understand why you rated swimming so poorly.

  56. Amalga

    Amalga13 dias atrás

    @Kenneth Davis To be fair he changed his mind significantly on Faces, he gave it a 6 initially when he reviewed it initially but since then it made his top 200 albums of the decade list and he's stated he swore he gave it a 7 at least, it was his favorite Mac project prior to this one

  57. Kenneth Davis

    Kenneth Davis14 dias atrás

    Same with faces. This guy's fucked in the head

  58. Yetanotherpixelartist

    Yetanotherpixelartist20 dias atrás

    @John G or he just didn't like it, that sounds more reasonable

  59. restlessmad1

    restlessmad121 dia atrás

    I know! Swimming to me was his best album... and I’ve listened to Mac since K.I.D.S.

  60. Friendly Guy

    Friendly Guy22 dias atrás

    John G orrrr he just has different opinions and different tastes in music.

  61. Huntor9

    Huntor928 dias atrás

    How does he like this album and hate Swimming... it makes zero sense...

  62. Luke Torrini

    Luke Torrini2 dias atrás

    @ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED How is swimming horrible?

  63. Andreas Löfstedt

    Andreas Löfstedt8 dias atrás

    @trashmid gottem. Good work sir

  64. trashmid

    trashmid13 dias atrás

    @ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED sWiMiMinG iS aWfUl. small dick energy bro



    Cause they’re 2 different albums, Swimming is awful, Circles is pretty good

  66. FekkinGoober

    FekkinGoober21 dia atrás

    Well Mac is dead now... so you know...

  67. Luke Davidson

    Luke Davidson28 dias atrás

    Hand me downs is fucking fire

  68. yaboi stephen

    yaboi stephen28 dias atrás

    Bro, I can see is literally the best song

  69. Mike dizzle

    Mike dizzle28 dias atrás

    Wow so interesting to watch him over-analyze and mistakenly categorize shit and then applaud the most simplistic thing he ever put out I wish people who are music critics actually had to have some Talent so we could rely on The credibility

  70. Mike dizzle

    Mike dizzle17 dias atrás

    @Exalt point taken

  71. Exalt

    Exalt27 dias atrás

    The major flaw of what you're saying is that you need to be educated on music to be able to understand and criticize music. Even if that were to be true, he does know shit about music theory, you're just judging off of what he said about the album to assume he doesn't have talent which apparently equals credibility. Keep in mind that this is his own opinion, whether you like it or not, this is the way he views the album. Your meaning of "over-analyzing" can mean surface level aspects that fantano acknowledges. All I'm saying, anybody can be criticized no matter who you are or what you know.

  72. Navid Khan

    Navid Khan28 dias atrás

    No one likes the things that come out of your mouth. . . . . Or the place your mouth is on.

  73. Shauna Sourdiff

    Shauna Sourdiff29 dias atrás

    Honestly fuck anyone’s “review” on macs music. He is one of the greatest of all time. Have your opinion but a whole ass BRreporter video review of the album is a waste of time. Why can’t people have their opinions without broadcasting them. Listen to the album, analyze it, be inspired and stfu.

  74. Bob Jim Bob Jim

    Bob Jim Bob Jim28 dias atrás

    He gave him a great review wdym

  75. not a sim

    not a sim29 dias atrás


  76. Saturn

    Saturn29 dias atrás

    what was that big word he said before album he said it like it was a genre or something i couldn’t tell what he said

  77. Saturn

    Saturn10 dias atrás

    Ya that was exactly what I was talking about, I’ve yet to hear that word before this video lol, thanks

  78. yeah

    yeah10 dias atrás

    Do you mean posthumous? That's not a genre, that means concieved/occuring after death

  79. H2O

    H2O29 dias atrás

    I've watched a lot of music reviews from you over the times but I just had to leave a comment for this one thank you for this.

  80. Nikki Lee

    Nikki Lee29 dias atrás

    When are you doing Manic? All of the critics seem to love it, so I was hoping maybe you would give it a review.

  81. Danno Lemu

    Danno Lemu29 dias atrás

    whats the name of the album on vinyl in the top right?

  82. bruh moment

    bruh moment29 dias atrás

    George Clanton - Slide