MacBook Pro 16 Unboxing - Time To Switch Back?


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy17 dias atrás

    The Strongest Folding Smartphone -

  2. Farah Rehman

    Farah Rehman9 dias atrás

    Sir please give me laptop

  3. Lucas Huynh

    Lucas Huynh10 dias atrás

    Can I have your old one

  4. Tony George

    Tony George11 dias atrás

    what's that reggae beat you got playing at the very end starting at around 9:50 all the way to the end of the video called?

  5. skogenburzum

    skogenburzum23 minutos atrás

    Saw this.......and just bought one!!

  6. Tal Zichlinsky

    Tal Zichlinsky6 horas atrás

    Is Willy Du sporting a joint bag over there?

  7. joy bridges

    joy bridges12 horas atrás

    Would you give me one of your MacBook, i really need laptop.. please

  8. Jacob Chaidez

    Jacob Chaidez13 horas atrás


  9. Elio Aliu

    Elio Aliu23 horas atrás

    The Apple build quality is second to none at least in laptop department

  10. Aishwarya Gupta

    Aishwarya GuptaDia atrás

    I am happy to take the oldest model you have 😂

  11. Lupita Benavidez

    Lupita Benavidez2 dias atrás

    Have you ever reviewed the ACER Swift models? Acer Swift 5?

  12. Romie Miller

    Romie Miller2 dias atrás

    I get double e strikes on my HP also.

  13. Romie Miller

    Romie Miller2 dias atrás

    Not switch back, but switch. I've not used Mac before, but I'm getting really fed up with Windows nonsense. I like my HP 17" but Microsoft and Windows are difficult to deal with, especially their temporary files that foul up connectivity.

  14. Tom Melchin

    Tom Melchin2 dias atrás

    @Romie Miller At least on your HP the cooler is attached to your CPU. Apples anti-consumer behaviour is unacceptable.

  15. Romie Miller

    Romie Miller2 dias atrás

    My main concerns are screen resolution, sharpness, and Adobe colorspace plus memory, hard drive space and big graphics card. It seems the 16" has all that.


    ALOK TRIPATHI2 dias atrás

    Which laptop do you all use personally

  17. Ashton Woolley

    Ashton Woolley2 dias atrás

    Hey, what is your verdic have you switched back or are you still loving the X1 Carbon?

  18. Sunny Alias

    Sunny Alias2 dias atrás

    Will, tell him to check out the cheap useless HP Stream or the Dell Inspiron P24T laptops

  19. gaminglife 26

    gaminglife 262 dias atrás

    Imma rob this man

  20. Akeal Lee

    Akeal Lee2 dias atrás

    Wait to see updated 13 inch MacBook Pro or get the current model?

  21. Rubén GoMo Radioboy

    Rubén GoMo Radioboy2 dias atrás

    Microsoft Surface all the way

  22. Mike TaiCee

    Mike TaiCee3 dias atrás

    If apple was really listening, dont you think they'd have brought back all the ports???

  23. Sid Chaihad

    Sid Chaihad3 dias atrás

    Could you please make a review of Lenovo P43s

  24. Quantum Information

    Quantum Information3 dias atrás

    In my video I make a big deal about screen size and Node_modules

  25. CB Joshua

    CB Joshua3 dias atrás

    viewing this video on a 2018 MacBook Pro...... I wouldn't hear the difference in audio :/

  26. Fizah Khan

    Fizah Khan3 dias atrás

    An Apple a year makes your money💰 disappear 😂

  27. Bassam Abulela

    Bassam Abulela3 dias atrás

    "a fingerprint scanner" what? it's Touch ID dude!

  28. J.C Random

    J.C Random3 dias atrás

    im here on my 2011 lol 15" . still rocking strong lol

  29. Mary Tanteo

    Mary Tanteo3 dias atrás

    I wonder what do you do with all of the laptops you have, you should give me one lol😊

  30. Fakhri Ismail

    Fakhri Ismail3 dias atrás

    Review asus rog mothership plizz

  31. Inside Me

    Inside Me4 dias atrás

    Give it to me i am in desperate needd

  32. Andrew Sseruyange

    Andrew Sseruyange4 dias atrás

    FINALLY! the boffins at apple listened to their customers.....crappy hardware will always kill the brand no matter what measure of software overhaul they perform.

  33. Haunted

    Haunted4 dias atrás

    They need to fix the keyboard before they upgrade anything else.

  34. John John

    John John4 dias atrás

    4500$ for shitty LCD (shitty aka Retina) display??? Fuck off Apple. Call me when its OMOLED maybe in 2025.


    RYXZVKI4 dias atrás

    Fuck Apple. Dishonest cvnts

  36. Grace

    Grace4 dias atrás

    I have watched numerous reviews on the Pro 16 on BRreporter but this is the only one I am leaving a comment for. This is the best review so far!!

  37. KingsmanXV

    KingsmanXV4 dias atrás

    "Hey, Willy Du, what do you think of this keyboard?" Willy Du - "Hm"


    BILLIE ROJAS4 dias atrás

    Sale it

  39. Meggs

    Meggs4 dias atrás

    im getting this for christmas

  40. veer Chaudhary

    veer Chaudhary4 dias atrás

    For the price you paid for your MacBook, a top spec render work station/ gaming rig could be built. 🤷

  41. Ck Dizon

    Ck DizonDia atrás

    veer Chaudhary You’re comparing something portable to something that you can’t take out of the house?

  42. Trickshot PHD

    Trickshot PHD5 dias atrás

    This is a laggy piece of metal

  43. Joseph Catrambone

    Joseph Catrambone5 dias atrás

    Developer here. Physical escape key is absolutely _essential_. Function keys are nice, but ESC is mandatory. Remapping ESC -> capslock is not a great alternative.

  44. AlexChannel

    AlexChannel5 dias atrás

    Apple rely don't know what to do anymore. They should start listening customer.


    DEAD SIKE5 dias atrás

    U prolly not gonna use all of those ,send me one😭😂😂


    DEAD SIKE5 dias atrás

    😭😭gift me one