Most Satisfying Pressing SLIME Videos #21 (Relaxing ASMR)


  1. Ulku Aygun

    Ulku Aygun18 horas atrás


  2. Eda Mahan

    Eda MahanDia atrás

    beautiful beautiful

  3. Adyniz Drone

    Adyniz DroneDia atrás


  4. mustafa köksal

    mustafa köksal2 dias atrás

    3. 40

  5. Anka Leydi

    Anka Leydi3 dias atrás


  6. Anka Leydi

    Anka Leydi3 dias atrás

    No... no no

  7. CacaDanishGreat

    CacaDanishGreat3 dias atrás

    Which slime is legendary?

  8. Princia Itoula

    Princia Itoula3 dias atrás

    I love slime so much but I only have it about for like 2 weeks so but I love slime

  9. oliv6330 oliv6330

    oliv6330 oliv63303 dias atrás

    sooooooo satsifying!

  10. teoman yildirim

    teoman yildirim3 dias atrás

    Bensemedim ama öbürküler güzel yapıyo bende vidiyo çekçem yaa

  11. teoman yildirim

    teoman yildirim3 dias atrás

    Slime vide osu sevenler ben de seviyorum desinn

  12. Yeet Child

    Yeet Child3 dias atrás

    Some of these people just don’t know how to use slime... Edit: AND NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO FINGER POKE Edit 2: oh and the title says “MoSt SaTiSfYiNg” Edit 3: *Barf is the only thing I can say now*

  13. SophieCatPlayz : P

    SophieCatPlayz : P4 dias atrás

    Why are these stupid people putting the tennis rackets back in the slime?

  14. Trang Nguyễn

    Trang Nguyễn4 dias atrás

    No ................................................................ .

  15. annyja 69

    annyja 694 dias atrás

    #twitterisback 0OooOoO0OOoO




  17. Layne Swan

    Layne Swan6 dias atrás

    aaaahhhhh my dream 😥🐥

  18. Hugo Gonzalez

    Hugo Gonzalez6 dias atrás


  19. It'sMehCookie

    It'sMehCookie6 dias atrás

    Press F to pay respects for all the emoji faces destroyed

  20. Angela games

    Angela games6 dias atrás


  21. Senya Senya

    Senya Senya7 dias atrás


  22. Short Spinel

    Short Spinel7 dias atrás

    Ryoma did not like that.

  23. Shereka Scott

    Shereka Scott7 dias atrás

    Sime you have 💔😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤗

  24. Malak iiTnz

    Malak iiTnz8 dias atrás

    0:45 Wtf no

  25. Jacky Cheung

    Jacky Cheung8 dias atrás


  26. Fatima Vidal

    Fatima Vidal8 dias atrás

    Quantas raquete você tem

  27. Zizah Thul

    Zizah Thul9 dias atrás

    Cara membuat slim nya bagaimana 😇😇😇

  28. valdirene Santana

    valdirene Santana10 dias atrás

    muito satisfatório

  29. William Celis

    William Celis11 dias atrás

    3,,35 nationwide Michelle cómo está este no puedes no puedes llamar Messenger Lite Facebook Lite está en

  30. William Celis

    William Celis11 dias atrás


  31. TC Squad

    TC Squad11 dias atrás

    anybody else here in 2020

  32. Kay4Life Bingy

    Kay4Life Bingy11 dias atrás


  33. Gabriele Melo

    Gabriele Melo12 dias atrás

    Olha o seu vídeo é muito legal é demais eu gostei muito da sua slime Se for menina ou menino Oi eu tchau tá tchau tchau tá tchau tá tchau eu gostei muito do seu canal tchau

  34. Doris Bonilla

    Doris Bonilla13 dias atrás

    Hola buenas esa es la mejor videos

  35. Lucy Santamaria

    Lucy Santamaria13 dias atrás


  36. Salvador Perez

    Salvador Perez13 dias atrás

    99% de los comentarios : inglés 1% de los comentarios : español

  37. Kay4Life Bingy

    Kay4Life Bingy11 dias atrás

    Salvador Perez it’s because we speak English. Not espanol

  38. Tae-Young Kim

    Tae-Young Kim14 dias atrás

    0:45 imagine how long it took them to take out the slime and NNNNNNOOOOOO😱😱😱

  39. Xx_ItzPandaGirl_xX Yeah

    Xx_ItzPandaGirl_xX Yeah12 dias atrás

    1:17 when I see my crush 1:31 when my crush says he likes another girl

  40. Vsbsb Bsbsbs

    Vsbsb Bsbsbs15 dias atrás


  41. Jack UwU

    Jack UwU16 dias atrás


  42. Saffron Butler

    Saffron Butler17 dias atrás


  43. Saffron Butler

    Saffron Butler17 dias atrás


  44. Jessie O'Donoghue

    Jessie O'Donoghue17 dias atrás

    I'm going anxiety by thinking how do you clean your racket

  45. Alyna Lumabo

    Alyna Lumabo18 dias atrás

    How can you remove the slime in their

  46. Bella-rose Veigel

    Bella-rose Veigel19 dias atrás

    Poor emoji😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  47. Doris Bonilla

    Doris Bonilla19 dias atrás

    Hola buenas me encanta sus videos

  48. Lala Alves

    Lala Alves19 dias atrás


  49. Sara Babuca

    Sara Babuca19 dias atrás

    The one with an emojis please do not do what you just did ok...ok

  50. Vernicolas Vera

    Vernicolas Vera20 dias atrás

    Why did she play with the slime with the bat thing

  51. LIL PAUL

    LIL PAUL20 dias atrás


  52. Cesar leonel Vazquez ramirez

    Cesar leonel Vazquez ramirez20 dias atrás

    El del emoji no funciono tanto

  53. Pearl Amoah

    Pearl Amoah20 dias atrás

    How do you become a mermaid

  54. Gacha_ Samara

    Gacha_ Samara20 dias atrás

    Does this seem annoying to anyone?

  55. Ronald Santana

    Ronald Santana21 dia atrás

    Caraca porra que slime boa

  56. Celinitha Rivas vazquez

    Celinitha Rivas vazquez22 dias atrás


  57. Celinitha Rivas vazquez

    Celinitha Rivas vazquez22 dias atrás


  58. Semanur Alpar

    Semanur Alpar22 dias atrás


  59. Дарья Радько

    Дарья Радько22 dias atrás


  60. Annisa Salsabila

    Annisa Salsabila22 dias atrás

    Keren ba lomnya

  61. alwaleed AlDossary

    alwaleed AlDossary23 dias atrás

    Anyone is watching 2020 👇🏻

  62. alwaleed AlDossary

    alwaleed AlDossary17 dias atrás

    I am disliking you ugh.

  63. TheFurious Munch

    TheFurious Munch17 dias atrás


  64. Nina Wicks

    Nina Wicks20 dias atrás

    Like begger you only care about likes

  65. Dominique Greaves

    Dominique Greaves23 dias atrás

    That sounds so cool good amazing and satisfying