Makayla Phillips: 15-Year-Old Receives Golden Buzzer For "Warrior" - America's Got Talent 2018


  1. Deryanur Kubatoglu

    Deryanur Kubatoglu2 horas atrás

    Somebody from germany who watch gntm. By heidi

  2. cœur de pierre

    cœur de pierre5 horas atrás


  3. Shina Thao

    Shina Thao12 horas atrás

    2:06 VOCALS ARE REAL!!!

  4. just francy

    just francyDia atrás

    beautiful, humble and talented oh jeez 😫😍

  5. Brooke Lord

    Brooke LordDia atrás

    She has a really nice voice, but why do good singers go to AGT instead of going to a singing competition, so that other talents get a chance. I’m not hating, she’s SUPER good and win a singing competition


    NASHAN14 LOWA2 dias atrás

    So beautiful😍😍😍

  7. Gracee Cummings

    Gracee Cummings2 dias atrás

    My friend legit takes music lessons with this girl. She’s one of the only people from my town whom have gone on America’s got talent

  8. Avanii Castillo

    Avanii Castillo2 dias atrás

    3:21 Tyra's face Oh my goodness. It looks like she's saying "really her"

  9. Lou Padilla

    Lou Padilla2 dias atrás

    Actually in the Philippines,it's just a normal voice for us. If u have that kind of singing,they will not consider you as a singer still hahahaha. Same with Zhavia's singing voice


    LEE CHUN ENG3 dias atrás

    Even better than Demi herself amazing..

  11. Fher Bieber

    Fher Bieber5 dias atrás

    "Demi Lovato left the group."

  12. Putri Abas

    Putri Abas6 dias atrás

    Yessssss So gooooooooooood It make me cry I’m inspired👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  13. Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous Anonymous7 dias atrás

    To be honest I didn't like it at all I'm surprised how she got golden buzzer anyway this show is currupted like all shows

  14. Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor7 dias atrás

    she hot

  15. GachaOlivia Oh yea yea

    GachaOlivia Oh yea yea7 dias atrás

    A golden buzzer is *An audience entertainment* *A contestants dream* *A janitors nightmare*

  16. mughato awomi

    mughato awomi8 dias atrás

    Watching over again Phillips

  17. Gabby Laro

    Gabby Laro8 dias atrás

    THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS!!!! I love this song soooo much

  18. Stay High

    Stay High8 dias atrás


  19. Cemona Olvera

    Cemona Olvera8 dias atrás


  20. Кощей Бессмертный

    Кощей Бессмертный10 dias atrás

    Daneliya Tuleshova - Warrior (Demi Lovato cover)

  21. KID MYTH

    KID MYTH10 dias atrás


  22. Valensia Ezra

    Valensia Ezra11 dias atrás

    Sounds like ariana grande anyway

  23. Ayu Bekti Indriani

    Ayu Bekti Indriani13 dias atrás

    Apik tenan suarane rek

  24. Victor Rupini

    Victor Rupini13 dias atrás

    Wow amazing voice

  25. Unicorn •

    Unicorn •14 dias atrás

    Nån svensk här?

  26. Unicorn •

    Unicorn •9 dias atrás

    Ja jag

  27. Gustavo Gil

    Gustavo Gil15 dias atrás

    She is incredible

  28. Live Alone

    Live Alone15 dias atrás

    she is like me...15 yrs old nd tall

  29. nusmok k.

    nusmok k.15 dias atrás

    OMG!! HER VOICE. 🇹🇭🇹🇭Thailand

  30. Yash Gagare

    Yash Gagare15 dias atrás lovely❤

  31. Zee Saleh

    Zee Saleh15 dias atrás

    For a second I thought she was Alyssa Alhadeff. 💔 but her voice is BEAUTIFUL. I’m so glad she won!

  32. amanda delgado

    amanda delgado15 dias atrás

    im still not over how good this is lol dont mind me

  33. Кощей Бессмертный

    Кощей Бессмертный11 dias atrás

    I agree. Danelia Tuleshova is the best with her cover

  34. Notorious KillStreak

    Notorious KillStreak15 dias atrás

    I’d smash

  35. Shenoia Cunha

    Shenoia Cunha15 dias atrás

    so, so goodd😍🤯

  36. Lemons :D MSP

    Lemons :D MSP15 dias atrás

    Wait so being good and knowing that your good is a bad thing ?

  37. Кощей Бессмертный

    Кощей Бессмертный11 dias atrás

    I agree. Danelia Tuleshova is the best with her cover

  38. Pat Black

    Pat Black15 dias atrás

    I'm in love with her... She is so beautiful and has such an amazing voice!

  39. Houda Houda

    Houda Houda16 dias atrás


  40. علي المريمي

    علي المريمي16 dias atrás

    Demi Lovato Voice With Ariana Grande Face 😁😁

  41. Afiqah Insyirah

    Afiqah Insyirah16 dias atrás

    she sing starts 0:35

  42. Hallyyy K

    Hallyyy K16 dias atrás

    Am i the only one who thought was her best performance from the other lives.

  43. Ananya Maheshwari

    Ananya Maheshwari17 dias atrás

    I can't stop getting goosebumps!! :'))

  44. GVG Everything

    GVG Everything17 dias atrás

    Why is Heidi's head weirdly shaped in this video

  45. Alexander Adam

    Alexander Adam17 dias atrás

    She deserves it..👏🏻👏🏻

  46. Endy

    Endy17 dias atrás

    Lol she goes to my school

  47. A Najjar

    A Najjar18 dias atrás

    Isn’t that Ariana Grande?

  48. maria Cutting

    maria Cutting18 dias atrás

    She should be on american idol

  49. Md saiful islam saiful islam

    Md saiful islam saiful islam18 dias atrás

    wow.. she is beautiful....

  50. Geeta Bahadur

    Geeta Bahadur18 dias atrás

    Omg she’s amazing 😘

  51. Olivia Hartlep

    Olivia Hartlep18 dias atrás


  52. ecabinetry LLC

    ecabinetry LLC19 dias atrás

    After watching so many of these I still sound like a dieing cat

  53. Stellah Kerubo Nyangaresi

    Stellah Kerubo Nyangaresi19 dias atrás


  54. Lysa Stefanovna

    Lysa Stefanovna19 dias atrás

    So Awesome , She sings better than demi Lovato😱

  55. Black Smoke Lyrics

    Black Smoke Lyrics19 dias atrás

    Makayla is so beautiful and have a nice voice

  56. Payton Levasseur

    Payton Levasseur19 dias atrás

    She’s so good

  57. Rahaf and Zain Tube

    Rahaf and Zain Tube20 dias atrás

    Simon's reaction makes me laugh sooo baaddd😂💔

  58. Jeremy Rosenblum

    Jeremy Rosenblum20 dias atrás


  59. MeAdrian

    MeAdrian20 dias atrás

    wow she’s amazing!!

  60. Xiang Lan Ni

    Xiang Lan Ni21 dia atrás

    She’s so pretty and can sing well

  61. Rizma Syarief

    Rizma Syarief21 dia atrás


  62. Sofie Grander

    Sofie Grander21 dia atrás

    Omg she is amazing I watched the video three times omg 😮 ❤️❤️❤️🙃🙃

  63. MyLifeAsNajma Fun

    MyLifeAsNajma Fun21 dia atrás

    What a sweat girl! Aaww

  64. Sam Maney

    Sam Maney21 dia atrás


  65. N zvxx

    N zvxx21 dia atrás

    2:08 her voice same with ariana

  66. Emra Mesfin

    Emra Mesfin21 dia atrás


  67. Maria Perez

    Maria Perez22 dias atrás


  68. Nune Mkrtchyan

    Nune Mkrtchyan22 dias atrás

    The best singer

  69. chocoloco463

    chocoloco46322 dias atrás

    she’s so good!!!

  70. Kacie Lee

    Kacie Lee22 dias atrás

    I feel like people that know they have “ok” voices like to go on AGT because they know it would be an easy way in to get that million dollar prize because they would be competing with all sorts of other acts. Singing and daredevil acts cannot be compared to each other because they’re so different. Just join a singing competition and make it a fair game. Or, either create categories like “as for the dance category this group gets the golden buzzer and for the magic category this group gets the golden buzzer.” Im actually so sick and tired of how only singers get the golden buzzer except for Tyra she should replace Heidi or she should become a judge instead haha because she can see “real” and unique talent. I thought this show was supposed to be an opportunity to show off your own “unique” talent. AGT is such a scam. There’s so many never before seen acts and they only golden buzz such common acts like singing which has already been like so popular and so common. Why can’t AGT golden buzz acts that are not common and not popular? I thought AGT was a more open-minded show? If y’all are only gonna favor singers then forget the name “American Got Talent” and just change it to “America’s Got Singers” instead m’kay? AGT isn’t even worthy of using “The Great Showman” soundtrack because AGT is just a another cliched hypocritical show. This is my opinion I am not going to respond to any comments that think otherwise. If you do not agree with my opinion, then just scroll along because you will just waste your time by trying to respond to me. Bye 👋

  71. Kacie Lee

    Kacie Lee22 dias atrás

    I’m sorry, but her voice sounded very typical. There was nothing unique about her tone was like any other singer that perform in generic talent shows. There was nothing unique about her voice it wasn’t “fantastic” it was just “good” as usual. At least Grace Vanderwaal actually performed her own song instead of karaoke-ing to other artist’s songs. Also, Grace has this unique tone when she sings but this girl just sounds so typical. I also have to admit, Heidi sometimes seems like a airhead on the show. There were so many unique and talented people that performed but she had to Golden Buzz a plain singer again smh. The golden buzzer seems like it was reserved for only “good looking” ok singers so they can get money out of em. Anyways, this is my opinion I’m not going to reply to anyone your just gonna waste your time so just keep scrolling if you don’t agree.

  72. Hanna Heun

    Hanna Heun23 dias atrás

    She is so amazing 💖

  73. Queen Malaya

    Queen Malaya23 dias atrás

    0:51 if u put the captions on 🌯 burrito 🌯 burrito 🌯

  74. Gareth Kalenge

    Gareth Kalenge23 dias atrás

    She's good

  75. S4R4HxPE4CHx4PHM4U

    S4R4HxPE4CHx4PHM4U23 dias atrás


  76. Onyedika Chukwuma

    Onyedika Chukwuma23 dias atrás

    Why is she so beautiful?

  77. marnie

    marnie23 dias atrás

    simon watching her with potential dollar signs in his eyes

  78. MaUd LOL

    MaUd LOL24 dias atrás

    I love it💗

  79. carolina ferreira

    carolina ferreira24 dias atrás

    I love when she said “blame” 2:06

  80. aye dom

    aye dom24 dias atrás

    I don’t know why but she reminds me of Hannah Baker

  81. Cindy Heartfillia

    Cindy Heartfillia24 dias atrás

    Denis from voice of kids albania sings that song better and his performance is unbelievable

  82. Dina A

    Dina A24 dias atrás

    This still doesn’t beat the audition of imani warrior on the voice kids of holland

  83. Straydabkids 9

    Straydabkids 924 dias atrás

    This is a story that I have never told I gotta get this off my chest to let it go I need to take back the light inside you stole You're a criminal And you steal like you're a pro All the pain and the truth I wear like a battle wound So ashamed, so confused I was broken and bruised Now I'm a warrior Now I've got thicker skin I'm a warrior I'm stronger than I've ever been And my armor, is made of steel, you can't get in I'm a warrior And you can never hurt me again Out of the ashes, I'm burning like a fire You can save your apologies, you're nothing but a liar I've got shame, I've got scars That I will never show I'm a survivor In more ways than you know 'Cause all the pain and the truth I wear like a battle wound So ashamed, so confused I'm not broken or bruised 'Cause now I'm a warrior Now I've got thicker skin I'm a warrior I'm stronger than I've ever been And my armor, is made of steel, you can't get in I'm a warrior And you can never hurt me There's a part of me I can't get back A little girl grew up too fast All it took was once, I'll never be the same Now I'm taking back my life today Nothing left that you can say 'Cause you were never gonna take the blame anyway Now I'm a warrior I've got thicker skin I'm a warrior I'm stronger than I've ever been And my armor, is made of steel, you can't get in I'm a warrior And you can never hurt me again No oh yeah yeah You can never hurt me again

  84. Sophia Lee

    Sophia Lee24 dias atrás

    Simon is like the hell

  85. Kidus Sebil

    Kidus Sebil24 dias atrás

    “CriiiIIIiiminalllll” was clean 0:58

  86. aaron johnson

    aaron johnson24 dias atrás

    It’s seems like sunshine is surrounding her

  87. Kevin Zhang

    Kevin Zhang25 dias atrás

    idgaf lol i just think shes hot

  88. Sarah Ross

    Sarah Ross25 dias atrás

    Chills every time

  89. rbspider

    rbspider25 dias atrás

    Seven thousand four hundred and fifty people need their hearing checked

  90. Aline Abreu

    Aline Abreu26 dias atrás

    não sei acabei de chegar da escola mais tutdo bem eu estudei ingles!

  91. Roony R.

    Roony R.26 dias atrás

    Wow I don't know what these 'at least it's not a sob story' comments are....take a good listen, she's absolutely phenomenal!

  92. Nicholas Marges

    Nicholas Marges26 dias atrás

    Another wasted golden buzzer by hieti

  93. Sam

    Sam26 dias atrás


  94. Education World

    Education World26 dias atrás

    I might be there if my mom lets me. if I do get on there wish me luck.(I will be singing this song if I get on there)

  95. Education World

    Education World26 dias atrás

    I wish I sung like that life is weird....

  96. eyyitsfate

    eyyitsfate27 dias atrás

    i’ve honestly watched this more than 10 times

  97. J- Hope

    J- Hope27 dias atrás

    I hope she is in America got talent Champion!!

  98. Santhosh Kumar

    Santhosh Kumar28 dias atrás

    What is the song name ???

  99. Ella M

    Ella M28 dias atrás

    Boring. They picked four singers as their golden buzzers? YAWN. This was immediately preceded by that Japanese dance group that was amazing and different, they should have gotten then buzzer. Every year its the same boring singer snoozefest

  100. Roger khongsai

    Roger khongsai28 dias atrás

    i have listen each day ,,getting me emotional ..what a singer...keep going my dear.

  101. Kaeli Lynn

    Kaeli LynnMês atrás


  102. Dar Io

    Dar IoMês atrás

    2:06 i'm in heaven

  103. Lanuwapang Jmr0

    Lanuwapang Jmr0Mês atrás

    Wow 😮