Making My Own Starbucks Pinkity Drinkity


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    9:04 me

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    sayy hi brother fcker

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    Omg I hate living in Europe

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    Yes!!! #1 on trending!!

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    What the f is this and who the f are you

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    My friend bought ur pallet and kept in flexing it on her insta I was like SISTER STOP


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    James: Hey sisters add me on xbox Me: MoM WhErS Da NoOSe

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    Literally I have tried so many different ways to make it and they all are terrible compared to the real thing

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    This is the first video James Charles video I ever watched and I already hate him



    You are a G omg

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    the best excuse for being late ''James Charles has shut down the city''

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    This uh man??

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    but if its only $47 for all ingredients you can eat them for at least a week, when a starbucks order typically comes out to like $12-15 which would be $100+ for the week, youre cutting like half of the expenses

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    I’m from Ireland and we don’t have pinkity drinkitys 😭😭

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    Is this a male? What is the world coming to???

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    8:15 literally me

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    i- james i love you but i just can’t. i’m a bartsia and WHOEVER IS SCREAMING THAT ORDER IS RIGHT! PEOPLE ORDER LONG AS SHIT.

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    why not uk😤😭

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    James: “That slaps!” Me: *laughs in Bay Area..*

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    Hi sus

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    Iron man died and thanos

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    this should be a series cooking with james charles

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    us uk fans are waitingggg😂💓💓

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    when u kept saying fourths instead of quarters i got MAD lmao

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    Heyyy James 💗 please come do a UK tour me and my friends would love to meet uuu

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    It's called SHOOKETH DUH

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    he made a violet drink...

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    James I’m sorry love you sister but honestly the price of your tour is more than a list celebrity’s 99$ is a lot but $500 is wayyyyyy tooo much barely any sisters will be able to come

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    19:07 if your have not already make sure to click that big red describe button🤣🤣🤣

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    Why was this in my recommended just why ?

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    You gives blowys on ferris wheels

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    ,,knows. b

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    james charles my sister ordered your makeup pallet and it didn’t come.

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    Not gonna lie James. This is some weird makeup, but if you recommend it--

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    James: hi, welcome to starbucks how may i help you. Background: gives a big order James: i only make pink drinks

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    0:28 like literally ruining people’s jobs 😂

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    i wish you were coming to ireland

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    Plz notice me james ilysm

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    Funny story I went to a Starbucks in target and asked for a “pinkity drinkity” BAHAHAHA JAMES YOUR KILLING MERRR

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    Tries to make a pink drink. >> ends up being Purple. #1 Trending.

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    We love a sister in the kitchen 🥰❤️. Have to admit this video was to funny and great lol.

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    James I’m getting the James Charles paler fir my birthday and I’m excited

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    “It has to be in a tall cup cause I’m on a diet!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    It’s because you out passion tea and very berry hibiscus. The pink pink is STRAWBERRY 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

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    James, could you make pancake art? Since you are amazing at drawing (and cooking?😂)

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    The moment u realise his thumbnail is not purple drunk

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    James needs some Help from Carla in the tasty test kitchen. That boy has no idea how to measure flour. Or anything else.

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    “and i thought i was an expert on everything nut related. Hehe”

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    The tickets go on sale AND Endgame comes out on the same day? Literally the best thing I’ve heard all year.

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    James, I work at Starbucks. Hit me up if you want to know how to make a real pinkity drinkity

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    You’re so fun to watch!! ♥️❤️♥️

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    This whole video is an ad for Starcucks and Adidas

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    I thought that was Chris Kardashian

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    I’m sorry but you’re annoying. If you didn’t want to take all that time next time don’t be lazy and go to Starbucks.

  63. Erin Milton

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    as a partner at starbucks, this upsets me because it isn’t even right and i had someone come in and literally say “that’s not what it showed me on youtube” like fr you do you and i support you but it’s kinda upsetting

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    james ur the worst youtuber

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    He can do makeup, he can sing, and he is rich... But most importantly he can make a pinkity drinkity from scratch at home. We love a professional sister💓

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    James Charles yelling for 6 mins straight

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    You do the most for your fans and I love it! Hope you have an amazing sister summer and I’ll see you in atl!

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    You did not divide the cost for drinks that you can make with the remaining stuff. So 47 dollars for 10-15 drinks is actually so fucking cheap in my opinion

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    This the starbucks drink sister James made🍷 1 like to turn the pinkity drink pink

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    james charles struggling for 20 minutes straight

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    Drew: YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO CRACK EGGS IN NOT THE SAME BOWL😑 James: WhY???!! Drew: So ThE sHell DoESn't Fallin WhEn YoU CraCk It!!?? Also James: well I'm a pro! Secretly James: { TrY mE BiTcH!!! }

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    Wow this drink is trending !

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    Why do I find him so sexy 🌮🍆🍑💦👉🏼👌👉🏼👌

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    Putting that in the freezer after the oven would not burn a hole through the shelf. Lol I put my cake pans in the freezer when they come out of the oven all of the time

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    Me trying to impress my man 15:49

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    wtf plz kill me

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    “Perp perp burp? Is he rebooting?” I TURNED PURPLE


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    Are you sure it’s coconut milk and no coconut water?

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    Pinkity kinkity

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    omg sister tour *AAAAAAAAAAH* I am sister snatched like wowie oh wait it's only in America RIP

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    Hi sisters

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    I thought it was Marshmello kitchen

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    #1 Trending ? Why

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    Your coming to my city

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    Number one on trending!! Congrats sister! ❤️❤️❤️

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    Saludos a todos los psicólogos que ven este video

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    tf is a fourth


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    My heart is red Strawberries too Someone liked this video Wait,why is it blue

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    What’s his gender?

  95. Grazia Curcuru

    Grazia CurcuruHora atrás

    1) that’s not a pink drink, you made it with very berry hibiscus instead of strawberry açaí, but it is a Violet drink and it’s really great! 2) please only order light ice in iced teas and refreshers, if you order an iced latte with light ice, we only add more milk and it costs extra to add espresso, so you’ll get a really weak beverage

  96. Grazia Curcuru

    Grazia CurcuruHora atrás

    Oh and the freeze dried strawberries are the same things that go in Special K cereal so if you Stan those, you’ll like them dry

  97. Grazia Curcuru

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    Also we don’t use passion tea in the pink drink, it doesn’t mix with the coconut milk as well, which is why his has a cloudy gradient. And we use sweetened coconut milk, which tastes a lot better in case you accidentally add too much

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    This guy is incredibly annoying

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    He’s trending #1 in UK

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  101. Kim B - New 2019 FAM

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    James complaining about baking n making a drink for let's say 70% of the time and praising himself for the remaining 30% during the actual baking and making process lol. *Wondering if this is the first time he's actually cooked in this kitchen [in his apartment, he mentioned one time (think when Shane was there) that he's never used the kitchen] So make the pumpkin loaf every so many days to have your piece every morning and go get your pink drink and save yourself the money of the pumpkin loaf? You'd have to figure out the cost per slice with using all of the ingredients to see if it's worth it and how much you would save if anything to see if it's worth it. If it is worth it, then you get use out of your kitchen for at least that...and who knows it might lead to learning how to make other things and save yourself more money in the long run.

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    #1 on Trending!! We see you James

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    For those in the Uk who cannot get refreshers; strawberry caprisun , coconut milk, and dried strawberries you are welcome.