Mark Ronson - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (Official Video) ft. Miley Cyrus


  1. Song Translation

    Song Translation9 horas atrás

    A dona do pedaço alguém??

  2. 20cher09

    20cher0911 horas atrás

    There is Nothing they can get now, maybe the Rats in this town can pay, since you displaced the underground colonies by building all those new houses. Everybody is complaining about Rats on their Property when there was no problem before.

  3. LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté

    LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté12 horas atrás

    Nothing breaks like a Heart, and nothing gets done til she shows us her crack....atta girl!

  4. LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté

    LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté12 horas atrás

    Both hand on the wheel MIley , baby both...hands ...ON THE WHEEE...*KER4ASSSHHHH*

  5. Roxanna Ruiz

    Roxanna Ruiz14 horas atrás

    This song is so amazing!❤️

  6. analisse juliana

    analisse juliana15 horas atrás

    Eterna Hana Montana linda

  7. Kandice Yearling

    Kandice Yearling15 horas atrás

    💙💖💙💖💙 Miley Cyrus I love you 💙💖💙💖💙

  8. Kandice Yearling

    Kandice Yearling15 horas atrás

    💛💝💛💝💛 Miley Cyrus you are very beautiful 💛💝💛💝💛

  9. Her Şey Hakkında Hiçbir Şey

    Her Şey Hakkında Hiçbir Şey16 horas atrás

    Nothing breaks like a heart







  12. CløverPlayz

    CløverPlayz16 horas atrás

    I wanna hear this in my futuristic car..☺️

  13. Lainara-marie Bambershmay

    Lainara-marie Bambershmay17 horas atrás

    Why are they chasing her ?

  14. Unicorn Lover

    Unicorn Lover17 horas atrás

    Miley Cyrus is sooooo in appropriate

  15. rebel .25

    rebel .2519 horas atrás

    I love you, I want you, serious relationship Prague.

  16. Stelios Vlassopoulos

    Stelios Vlassopoulos20 horas atrás

    This is like the best MB S-class advertisement.

  17. Thalita Cabral

    Thalita Cabral20 horas atrás

    love love love love love love .......Miley

  18. Lya Ferreira

    Lya Ferreira21 hora atrás

    A dona do pedaço ❤❤

  19. Kika Es

    Kika Es23 horas atrás

    why am i just discovering this jem

  20. Maryke Wiese

    Maryke WieseDia atrás

    She reminds me of Madonna here.

  21. Jose marco Orozco

    Jose marco OrozcoDia atrás

    Eregresado como 10 veses ese momento se los juro tiene un trasero demasiado xexy mmmm

  22. Jose marco Orozco

    Jose marco OrozcoDia atrás

    La verdad cuando se paso al asiento de atras jamas pense en ver ese ermoso trasero me puso vien cachondo es demasiado xexy como kisiera montarla vien duro asta q ya no pueda mas es una chulada en pocas palabras muy ermosa mmmm me encanto muchisimo

  23. Teresa Sibole

    Teresa SiboleDia atrás

    stumbled on this song after hearing about her marriage ending...felt sorry for her. But after watching this, I don't feel too bad for her anymore.

  24. Natália F.

    Natália F.Dia atrás

    It sounds like a 70s country meet dance music kind of song, like ABBA

  25. Davi Mendes

    Davi MendesDia atrás


  26. Danna Salas

    Danna SalasDia atrás

    Será para Liam 😢?

  27. franco tito vincenti

    franco tito vincentiDia atrás

    Better than DON´T CALL ME ANGEL

  28. Ramzan Karmali

    Ramzan KarmaliDia atrás

    If you minus the part where her bums were out its a brilliant song




  30. Jmnz Mel

    Jmnz MelDia atrás

    My fucking wife 😍🤤💕

  31. Pamela Lima

    Pamela LimaDia atrás

    O timbre dela é tão lindo

  32. Raimond Cozma

    Raimond CozmaDia atrás

    1:10 That ass

  33. Marcos Silva

    Marcos SilvaDia atrás

    Vim aqui pelo romance de chiclete é vivi

  34. unicorniafofa fofo

    unicorniafofa fofoDia atrás

    my love music 😍😘😘

  35. Jrosa Mchura

    Jrosa MchuraDia atrás

    El video no me gustó pero la musica me encanta👍

  36. Black Mans

    Black Mans2 dias atrás

    🖤🖤You can subscribe to my channel 🖤🖤

  37. ツKisar

    ツKisar2 dias atrás

    Привет,Россия !))

  38. Hannah Loh

    Hannah Loh2 dias atrás

    Miley cyrus and lady gaga collab would be amazing tho

  39. Luiz H

    Luiz H2 dias atrás

    Hino da vivi Guedes

  40. punk suyu

    punk suyu2 dias atrás

    Don't work with the director

  41. punk suyu

    punk suyu2 dias atrás

    haha blink 182 u know all th small thin smll lik thin sprit nirvana karma poli prsnt. on kis lipa. hav a goo tms

  42. punk suyu

    punk suyu2 dias atrás

    Seeing yourself in an American movie, there's a black man there.Man with rifle in helicopter.Trying to protect looking from above.I was distracted for a moment.I asked myself.Sex pistols Group Why love.sublime santeria. Walking in my shoes Depeche Mode.Smash Mouth Walking on the sun.fastball the way and The offspring Pretty fly.We're still young.Don't hang on small things



    i really love miley cyrus😭💕

  44. Merveille van Eck

    Merveille van Eck2 dias atrás

    im really not a fan of pop music....but this is really a masterpiece. this song is pure expression. and thats what talented musicians are capable of.

  45. Lucas Santos

    Lucas Santos21 hora atrás


  46. Peaches Period

    Peaches Period2 dias atrás

    Miley for president

  47. سریرا رسولی

    سریرا رسولی2 dias atrás

    Things fall apart but nothing breaks like a heart. This is reallatable........

  48. Giovanni Rodrigues

    Giovanni Rodrigues2 dias atrás

    Eu escuto essa música e já espero uma cena da Vivi

  49. Paloma Villanueva

    Paloma Villanueva2 dias atrás

    😓no entiendo porque este video tiene tan pocos views si es precioso🥰🥰🥰🎼🎼. y la voz de miley es tan perfecta 🥰🥰🥰

  50. Augustine Otekhile

    Augustine Otekhile2 dias atrás

    I hate you I love you like a love you

  51. Thatiana Fernanda

    Thatiana Fernanda2 dias atrás

    Tem br aki ???

  52. Klaudia

    Klaudia2 dias atrás

    Nothing breaks like a heart... sad but true...

  53. sung kang

    sung kang2 dias atrás

    1:10 😌😌😌😌🤥🤥🤥🤥🤤🤤🤤

  54. sung kang

    sung kang2 dias atrás

    1.09 🤗😜😝😜

  55. Diego Martins

    Diego Martins3 dias atrás

    Essa música é maravilhosaaaaa, vim pela novela A Dona do Pedaço

  56. Maristela Donda

    Maristela Donda13 horas atrás

    Tabm mmmmmm

  57. Jingles Khan Audio Productions

    Jingles Khan Audio Productions3 dias atrás

    That's my favourite song right after Jolene by Dolly Parton. ❤️

  58. alex silva

    alex silva3 dias atrás

    1:08 KARALHO KK

  59. Sk Chatterjee

    Sk Chatterjee3 dias atrás

    Love the duo miley and liam

  60. Vitor Nordestino

    Vitor Nordestino3 dias atrás

    Vim pela "A dona do pedaço"🙄

  61. JuanMa

    JuanMa3 dias atrás

    No gravity , that necklace , those earrings 3:42 XD

  62. Gin Zen

    Gin Zen3 dias atrás

    Miley is so pretty 💓