Mark Zuckerberg’s Secret Meeting with Trump & Peloton Ad Blowback | The Daily Show


  1. sumper man

    sumper man3 dias atrás

    The reason she's thin in the first place is because she exercises. The husband wouldn't get it if he knew she'd be lazy and abandon it after a couple weeks.

  2. Nikahat Parveen

    Nikahat Parveen5 dias atrás

    The joke about Mark sounding less human every time he speaks. Lol 😂😂😂

  3. Frances Garcia

    Frances Garcia6 dias atrás

    The Zuck care about his privacy but gives a crap about the privacy of millions of Facebook subscribers. He is such a jackass.

  4. Victor Daniel Amaya

    Victor Daniel Amaya15 dias atrás

    Lol the chick from the ad is already skinny as heck so what’s the logic here 😂🤣😭

  5. JeevesReturns

    JeevesReturns18 dias atrás

    Worlds richest stammering toady.

  6. Art Alcoolique

    Art Alcoolique18 dias atrás

    He needs to work on his blinking, sneaky lizard.

  7. Y Not

    Y Not19 dias atrás

    🤳💥🎣😉🏛🇺🇸Facebook is Government owned and controlled fish companies of Umerica‼😳🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

  8. Yabba Dabba

    Yabba Dabba20 dias atrás

    It wasn't "secret" or we wouldn't be hearing about it from every media outlet. It was, however, private. That really irks the leftist loons. Well fuck them and fuck you you propaganda, lie-spewing hypocrite.

  9. iroulis

    iroulis20 dias atrás

    Zuckerberg and Chan: A younger, and richer, version of McConnell and Chao.

  10. jaz_47

    jaz_4720 dias atrás

    He looks and souns like a robot. As if he was manufactured in some underground lab, passed the Turing test and was released into the world to see how far he gets. xD Don't like or trust this dude one bit. He's a total sociopath.

  11. Cruxador

    Cruxador20 dias atrás

    But was it a face brick

  12. Richard Turner

    Richard Turner22 dias atrás

    Let's pull down all Social Media sites and comments whose ideas differ from our own. As advocates of free speech as long as it is exactly in lock step with our own thought processes and our perceived version of reality we can allow free speech. Free speech belongs to us the self anointed champions of truth as we define what free speech is and what our idea of true goodness and virtue is. Don't even allow the 50% of this country we disagree with to even have an opinion. That's why I support Antifa to keep speech on college campuses and public venues limited to what we who are truly virtuous approve of. We will use violence and intimidation to stop those who have a different opinion. That is what our founder's wanted when they defined free speech they did not actually mean FREE SPEECH we on the left do not like.

  13. Matt Huesmann

    Matt Huesmann22 dias atrás

    I think SJW's are ruining this country and getting offended by literally anything.


    THE TRUTH WILL SET U FREE22 dias atrás

    Trump 2020 all-day 🤫Shhh MAGA!! 😭😭😂

  15. Janna J

    Janna J24 dias atrás

    Noah I like u so much, I named my bird after u he’s funny like u

  16. Dan Brennan

    Dan Brennan26 dias atrás

    The accidental billionaire

  17. Sabrina Doctor

    Sabrina Doctor26 dias atrás

    Zuberberg is FAKE !

  18. Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming!

    Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming!27 dias atrás

    *Putin is one of the Owners of Facebook and Twitter.* Check out: *Putin's financial ties to Commerce Sec. Ross & **13:08** Putin's Facebook/Twitter Ownership! - Leak Exposes Ross Stake In Putin-Tied Company* - AND - *Reversing Denials, Facebook Admits Russia-Tied Election Ad Buy* 6:50 reported 9-6-17 - AND - *Paradise Papers' Link Mark Zuckerberg And Kremlin Investor* reported 11-6-17 - AND - *Expansionist Russia Promotes Division Everywhere Else* reported 9-27-17 This one is about how Facebook knowingly helped Russia silence the Ukrainian activists from being heard while their country was being invaded by Russia. - AND - *Russia-Linked Facebook Ads Targeted Variety Of States* reported 10-4-17 - AND - *Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross At Nexus Of Donald Trump Russian Deal* Commerce Sec Ross, Trump & Putin reported 2-27-17 - AND - *How Putin and Trump's relationship developed over the years* - AND - *Comparing Trump before and after Mueller probe* 7 TOP Trump Inner Circle in contact with Russians, see 12:00 reported 10-30-19 If anyone can find the 2nd half of the 1st news segment above I'd be grateful to get the link: Leak Exposes Ross Stake In Putin-Tied Company"

  19. do nothin

    do nothin27 dias atrás


  20. Rob Dim

    Rob Dim28 dias atrás

    Sukerbooger is a Russian oligarch on his knees sucking trumps STD

  21. cheri cle

    cheri cleMês atrás

    Item #1 - How is anything that Zuck does "secret" - seriously? What's next - a report on how long it takes him to go to the men's room and who did he talk to while he was there and was he lying to you about washing his hands? When did Mark become a psychoanalyst? Next thing you know he'll be doing body language videos on You Tube. I'd watch that. Item #2 - I am amazed at how many people get upset over ad content. Why are you still watching them? Have you not yet figured out that ads are prime potty-grab-a-snack time? Good grief!!! OR - you can just watch on You Tube (sans ads) while typing snarky comments.

  22. Woz Mac

    Woz MacMês atrás

    Public companies are supposed to be transparent to the public. Yet, they keep everything hidden. What if its just an exercise machine.

  23. John Doe

    John DoeMês atrás


  24. Mouse

    MouseMês atrás

    It’s not just an ad. Ad is big money and thought through decision makings through the company. And the founder and administratives likes and approval. Which shows the organization’s taste and value or just the founder. That’s group allowed decision that nobody said ah excuse me, maybe this is dodge or the angle can be misleading since people are just done and sick of it and want new fresh ideas.

  25. R McElhaney

    R McElhaneyMês atrás

    Mark Zuckerberg likes to spy on people, like communists do. Donald Trump likes Zuckerberg. Could it be that Trump, in reality, is a communist? Trump was a Democrat at one time, and Trump loves power. I won't be surprised if Zuckerberg and Trump are conspiring to turn the USA into a communism government.

  26. The Jason

    The JasonMês atrás

    Secret meeting scares you???? Now they won't ban your political opponents so you hate him now. He spent all of the Obama administration and half of the Bush administration censoring conservative adds.. Now you are upset???? Haha .

  27. N T

    N TMês atrás

    Zuck hasn't been able to answer a question honestly since 2005. Same year his usefulness to our society ended.

  28. Pam S

    Pam SMês atrás

    People seem to not get the issue with the Peleton commercial. It’s not the act of gifting her an exercise machine that was problematic- it was the uncomfortable undertone of the whole thing. What made the Peleton ad super creepy was a) the girl didn’t seem genuinely happy. She gave me the vibe of one of those girls who tries to convince herself that what her bf wants is what she wants too in order to avoid looking at the reality of her relationship. I’ve seen this enough (especially as it relates to weight loss) to recognize it instantly and tho I’m 100% sure that’s not what was intended here that’s just the vibe it gave. B) Them sitting down together to watch her “progress” at the end? Wtf was that about? They should’ve made clear what goal she was working towards, if it was simply to stay fit and healthy I’m not sure what the point of watching her “progress” was? That just gave me super creepy vibes. I think had they eliminated the part of them watching her at the end and the actress had just seemed genuinely happy and excited throughout it would’ve been fine.

  29. Roxy

    RoxyMês atrás

    I love exercising so honestly I would be a happy wife

  30. Horse Ass

    Horse AssMês atrás


  31. atheist28403

    atheist28403Mês atrás

    So, let me get this straight: The second segment was all about the negative responses Peloton has been getting for their advertisement depicting a fit wife receiving exercise equipment from her husband. Instead of agreeing with the people criticizing the ads, Noah explains that people are overreacting, being too sensitive, and essentially looking for things to get offended by. Question: Who does he think is posting all of those negative comments? Newsflash, Noah...they're all virtue-signaling liberal snowflakes (i.e. your audience and viewing demographic)!!!

  32. Coding Commanders

    Coding CommandersMês atrás

    I don't like Mark Zuckerberg.

  33. David Weatherington

    David WeatheringtonMês atrás

    Funny nobody calls outrage to all the vloggers that do the exact same thing this commercials showed. The outrage just shows the people that are unhappy with themselves more than the ad

  34. McDiamond

    McDiamondMês atrás

    Somebody needs to piss on trevor noah's front door big daddy style.

  35. Titoub

    TitoubMês atrás

    first of all.... everyone needs to exerciser, I officially took and past bio 111. This mean I should know, That all humans on earth need to build ATP and live life fully. I hate the bike in the house that don't recharge my phone so until then. I don't need it.

  36. d2to2tn b2ta2ti2tl2te2ty

    d2to2tn b2ta2ti2tl2te2tyMês atrás


  37. Chris Thier

    Chris ThierMês atrás

    "is there anything you can tell us about the meeting?" ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH

  38. Marieda Parellio

    Marieda ParellioMês atrás

    I seem to remember Trevor was very fond of bricks back home. He used to pretend they were cars 😁

  39. FlamingAtheist

    FlamingAtheistMês atrás

    Lol no one really thought that the woman in this fake 3 minute commercial narrative actually wanted or asked for a work out bike for christmas? But i suppose everyone would rather be outraged than think about how excersize can actually produce healthy chemicals for your body, even if you are not losing weight, simply doing excersize and having a stable routine is good and she seemed constantly happy to use the damn thing. You know what you can also get? Muscles from this machine! You can improve your cardio! What if she is a marathon runner and this is an easier alternative most days than going to the gym or going for a run? They have a daughter so it might just be easier to work out at home than go somewhere to work out. Not everything is an outrage and not everything is an insult against people. Use your imagination and explore different fucking narratives once in a while.

  40. Kimmy D

    Kimmy DMês atrás

    Trevor: "Or if you're like me, you exercise for revenge." Me: Awhh Someone Hurt Trevor in the past Trevor: "I'll hit that Brick that killed my Uncle!" Ohh? *SomeThing...

  41. Ricky Scott

    Ricky ScottMês atrás


  42. kateofthecity

    kateofthecityMês atrás

    Nothing says oversensitive like going to social media to rage about an issue where you had to squint to see it.

  43. Luizfigobr

    LuizfigobrMês atrás

    Youre jealous

  44. Ahmed Shousha

    Ahmed ShoushaMês atrás

    Should have had a lesbian couple for the peloton ad and maybe people wouldn’t get offended.

  45. zymphad

    zymphadMês atrás

    Entertaining to see a CEO who is as bad as lying as Zuckerberg.

  46. Evan AB

    Evan ABMês atrás

    Zuckerberg, sadly he recently found out he was never a real boy!

  47. Bryce Conn

    Bryce ConnMês atrás

    Go back to South Africa you unfunny communist.

  48. J G

    J GMês atrás

    Tag, TAG, or tagging could refer to: ...

  49. Racytae

    RacytaeMês atrás


  50. mithilesh reddy

    mithilesh reddyMês atrás

    This is the adult version of trolling the geek in your class.

  51. Veryde _

    Veryde _Mês atrás

    let's be real: I love jogging and cardio training, but I live in a city where I can't easily ride a bike and I can't run bc of arthritis in my knees. If my partner gifted me such a thing, it'd be just a wonderful gift. I can see why this ad gets hate, but this isn't a universally bad idea.

  52. steve MITCHELL

    steve MITCHELLMês atrás

    Face book is bad for People.

  53. Ryan Stewart

    Ryan StewartMês atrás

    Trevor Noah just mixed up privacy with censorship just saying

  54. KING ICE J23

    KING ICE J23Mês atrás

    Mark Zuckerberg lied his ass off who stutters that much and talking about let the politicians know what they talking about bulshit oh it's private mark is one of them they got some dirt on him. I am telling this right now he's a racist I can see it in the eyes

  55. R Kruzel

    R KruzelMês atrás

    Ok so Shonen Trevor is my new favorite Trevor!! Train hard young man. That brick's days are numbered

  56. bruce sweatman III

    bruce sweatman IIIMês atrás


  57. Maryam Dadar

    Maryam DadarMês atrás

    It’s settled, then. Zuckerberg is a fascist.

  58. kevin wh

    kevin whMês atrás

    Zuckerberg is total gutterslime. And, you can't believe a word that comes out of that hole.

  59. Amanda Sheppard

    Amanda SheppardMês atrás

    His impersonation of Zuck was hilarious😅 1:33 His arms lmao

  60. Wendi Watson

    Wendi WatsonMês atrás

    I don't see what's wrong with a husband caring about his wife's health in the ad.. believe it or not everybody should/needs to exercise . Not just people who think they are overweight.. I'm shocked by the criticism to the ad.. 🙊🤷‍♀️