Maroon 5 - Memories


  1. Abdul Kay

    Abdul Kay20 horas atrás

    Right now becomes Memories in the future😢😢

  2. rohit varma

    rohit varma20 horas atrás

    What memories does *BALDUR* have?

  3. Camelia Ciaciru

    Camelia Ciaciru20 horas atrás

    How the fuck u can give dislike to this song?!?!

  4. Ebad

    Ebad20 horas atrás

    Is all you being normal to know that it is pachelbel's canon D music or i am wrong to hear all.

  5. Vijay Kathir

    Vijay Kathir20 horas atrás

    Iam 21 and I never had enyone to remember, that makes me more sad. I wish I had someone to remember.

  6. Beatriz Batista

    Beatriz Batista20 horas atrás


  7. InDryS4nG

    InDryS4nG20 horas atrás

    Canon in d...

  8. 20 horas atrás

    Was für ein hübscher Mann

  9. Anna Imlaufova

    Anna Imlaufova20 horas atrás

    Best song ever

  10. Anna Imlaufova

    Anna Imlaufova20 horas atrás

    This song make me sad but little bit happy

  11. KADOTA

    KADOTA20 horas atrás

    Hello guys, i just wanna share a story here. This song is my life, every time i hear or play this song i remember my brave comrades. Our bonds the days we enjoy drinking enjoying the time we got, their smile and also the sad part of our life each of us, we share our story to each other. and they became only memories to me. the last time i saw them is in the battle field and im the only one alive. Im sorry if my grammar is not good.

  12. C_PH 0

    C_PH 020 horas atrás

    Duo duooo duoo

  13. Lay ou Venh

    Lay ou Venh20 horas atrás

    Best song for 2019 from 🇰🇭

  14. Abiram Raveendran

    Abiram Raveendran20 horas atrás



    ARVIANTO20 horas atrás

    same like canon rock

  16. Prasetya Wibowo

    Prasetya Wibowo20 horas atrás

    it's 31 millions views and 52 thousands comments when i write this, but no one said Adam Levine in this video is look like Lionel Messi in heavy metal skin?

  17. Gavin Himsara

    Gavin Himsara20 horas atrás

    Wow amazing .. Many subtitles❤

  18. Xavier Dillon

    Xavier Dillon20 horas atrás

    Yes sir

  19. Mickael Lucher

    Mickael Lucher20 horas atrás

    J'ai écouté et j'ai adoré merci

  20. Craig Sutherland

    Craig Sutherland20 horas atrás

    Same chord progression as pachelbel’s Canon in D but just melody added on top

  21. Doris Steinmaurer

    Doris Steinmaurer20 horas atrás


  22. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown20 horas atrás


  23. Pian Law

    Pian Law20 horas atrás


  24. Siti Alifah

    Siti Alifah20 horas atrás


  25. An Khang Hồ

    An Khang Hồ20 horas atrás

    10% Maroon 5 90% Pachelbel

  26. İrem Türk

    İrem Türk20 horas atrás


  27. Mr. Apple

    Mr. Apple20 horas atrás


  28. Apri Nal

    Apri Nal20 horas atrás


  29. Night_Energy82

    Night_Energy8220 horas atrás

    Wow they changed so fast.

  30. Gian Ver Cabale

    Gian Ver Cabale20 horas atrás

    Reminiscing Soap in CoD coz of your hairstyle Adam. MEMORIES

  31. Hovhannes Vardanyan

    Hovhannes Vardanyan20 horas atrás


  32. Nucleo Heaven

    Nucleo Heaven20 horas atrás

    I am from the future to tell u that it will cross 1B views on 14 July 2020 !! 👇 plz make this blue if u think the same !! 👇👇

  33. siti aishah

    siti aishah20 horas atrás

    Dun know y but it feel like in pain..

  34. Lap Shop

    Lap Shop20 horas atrás

    2:00 Everybody look to their left Everybody look to their right Can you feel that We're paying with love tonight?


    KIM THANH TRAN21 hora atrás


  36. Daniel Jonathan

    Daniel Jonathan21 hora atrás

    Am I the only one who sees him like kratos from the god of war game?

  37. Asni Butarbutar

    Asni Butarbutar21 hora atrás


  38. HaMi Nguyen

    HaMi Nguyen21 hora atrás

    Luv Maroon 5, luv song from Vietnam

  39. Supriyam Ingnam

    Supriyam Ingnam21 hora atrás

    this sounds so nostalgic, even though it was released a week ago

  40. ahmad fajry

    ahmad fajry21 hora atrás

    Simple perfect

  41. Go Hard or Go Home

    Go Hard or Go Home21 hora atrás

    What kind of genre is this? Is there any song that have the same kind of genre? It's so soothing & calming myself.

  42. Joshua Enopeña

    Joshua Enopeña21 hora atrás


  43. Sheena James

    Sheena James21 hora atrás

    3:01 The moment when memories struck ur throat before lyrics...

  44. T. B.

    T. B.21 hora atrás

    Thanks for this.. I lost my Mom this time 2 years ago....A great song and touching..cheers!

  45. Savian Carvalho

    Savian Carvalho21 hora atrás

    Maroon 5 😍 best song this song bring my memories back 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘 I remember those days 😌😌

  46. Crazyxxc Bn

    Crazyxxc Bn21 hora atrás

    You look like KRATOS from GOD OF WAR

  47. sashank ps

    sashank ps21 hora atrás

    Canon in D, Pachelbel

  48. 김수원

    김수원21 hora atrás

    어디서 ㅈㄴ 들어본것 같다

  49. The future

    The future21 hora atrás

    Toast to the ones here today.

  50. Hyakura ta

    Hyakura ta21 hora atrás


  51. Bean Proud

    Bean Proud21 hora atrás

    Just remember when my mom pass away on december 2017. When everyone celebrated christmas.

  52. Ujjwol Chaulagain

    Ujjwol Chaulagain21 hora atrás

    Plz dont spread cancer in comment section by asking for likes or imforming us about when are u fkin watching this which nobody cares about.

  53. Oh shit! its Him!

    Oh shit! its Him!21 hora atrás


  54. Clarissa Ch

    Clarissa Ch21 hora atrás

    So sad :(

  55. Decson Roberto Silalahi

    Decson Roberto Silalahi21 hora atrás

    ilove this song

  56. Sooryaa Khiran

    Sooryaa Khiran21 hora atrás

    I always loves the way how they keep the video soo simple and lovable. Good song with painful lyrics

  57. rose rose

    rose rose21 hora atrás

    Me and him share the same birthday

  58. Islândia Megda

    Islândia Megda21 hora atrás


  59. Cody Blackb3ard

    Cody Blackb3ard21 hora atrás

    Maroon 5 are : - Jesse Carmichael - Sam Farrar - James Valentine - Matt Flynn - Ryan Dusick - PJ Morton - Mickey Madden - .... if you forgot it, its not just Adam Levine ;-)

  60. Dimas Aditya

    Dimas Aditya21 hora atrás

    Dragon force....

  61. rofiq fajar muhammad

    rofiq fajar muhammad21 hora atrás

    are you baldur or Father Joseph seeds ?