1. Nugget Sweat

    Nugget Sweat3 dias atrás

    Omg dom I love dom only veterans of grain remember this but sadly no Taurtis

  2. Aden Nguyen

    Aden Nguyen3 dias atrás

    OMG I missed this soooo much!!!!

  3. Davian Tanner

    Davian Tanner4 dias atrás

    Obviously jelly is cosplaying as battousai the manslayer, got that reverse blade sword lol. Ps whoever gets this is an og

  4. ParadoxEzzi

    ParadoxEzzi6 dias atrás


  5. Delphin luu

    Delphin luu6 dias atrás

    He should’ve made pearl attack jellie as a cyborg

  6. MinyZombie

    MinyZombie9 dias atrás

    I haven’t seen Dom or Rowan is soooooo long

  7. What A Great Question!

    What A Great Question!9 dias atrás

    No u should have done Maui is shooting jelly and then jelly would have been being attacked by a robot!

  8. TwilightHUNTER6

    TwilightHUNTER610 dias atrás

    I saw you gtws at the Minecraft exhibit in Seattle :)

  9. DasRandomMan

    DasRandomMan11 dias atrás

    Benji has entered the chat

  10. Luna-The Queen Of Cookies-

    Luna-The Queen Of Cookies-11 dias atrás

    Grians Laugh Though XDD

  11. Mark Keenan

    Mark Keenan11 dias atrás

    Maui sock Merch, Maui sock merch.

  12. Meggle Peggle

    Meggle Peggle11 dias atrás

    i want to get maui socks

  13. Razer Blade

    Razer Blade15 dias atrás

    dom row is a god

  14. Corrupted Code

    Corrupted Code15 dias atrás

    "We put turtles in Easter eggs for realism" -judges

  15. Ash-Greninja2536

    Ash-Greninja253615 dias atrás

    You need to add back the wall of punishments

  16. Playlists of the Best Games

    Playlists of the Best Games16 dias atrás

    Maybe Grian could fly over to Scar and then have that war. That way Scar doesn't have to suffer in a plane again.

  17. George Stavropoulos

    George Stavropoulos16 dias atrás

    Round one jelly looks like mufasa with a light saber

  18. Edi guy

    Edi guy16 dias atrás

    you build very cool

  19. Spark_Zero

    Spark_Zero17 dias atrás

    thos judges are the real winners

  20. Noah Sundseth

    Noah Sundseth17 dias atrás

    grian cat battle now

  21. Trevor

    Trevor17 dias atrás


  22. ishaaq najib

    ishaaq najib17 dias atrás

    Were is NPC grian?

  23. Austin Brooks

    Austin Brooks17 dias atrás

    What happened to turtaus??

  24. Doki

    Doki17 dias atrás

    i get the charizard joke because gamefreak totally doesn't give too much attention to it

  25. F for Respect

    F for Respect18 dias atrás

    That's totally animal abuse

  26. Funtime Freddy17239

    Funtime Freddy1723918 dias atrás

    How does rowan make the fox follow him

  27. Bradford Wesner

    Bradford Wesner18 dias atrás

    You should play this more

  28. Aleesha Gilbert

    Aleesha Gilbert18 dias atrás

    Grian. You forgot jellys tail!

  29. Furry The Fox UwU

    Furry The Fox UwU19 dias atrás

    A Katana is a Traditional Japanese sword that ninjas use

  30. Pikachu Studios

    Pikachu Studios19 dias atrás

    I just love what the judges say in chat

  31. Duckplayz213

    Duckplayz21319 dias atrás

    what is grains other channel

  32. Duckplayz213

    Duckplayz21319 dias atrás


  33. Joey McBulge

    Joey McBulge19 dias atrás

    You should bring back NPC Grian for a video

  34. Pokemon ShinyHunting

    Pokemon ShinyHunting19 dias atrás


  35. space man

    space man20 dias atrás

    who heard the iphone

  36. Noman 12

    Noman 1220 dias atrás

    11:32 anyone notice both of there things are already set up

  37. Nick Gaming Yt

    Nick Gaming Yt20 dias atrás

    Scar does homework LOL Like if y like

  38. Dj TRM TheRestoneMinecart

    Dj TRM TheRestoneMinecart20 dias atrás

    Hey grian you should do a build swap with ethoslab (etho)

  39. Logan Rabe

    Logan Rabe21 dia atrás

    3:51 Critics: *Am I a joke to you?*

  40. Ziderz Elco

    Ziderz Elco21 dia atrás

    Grian you should make merch Like if u agree

  41. Jätski pelaa

    Jätski pelaa21 dia atrás

    i would buy maui sock merch

  42. Rishi Nixon

    Rishi Nixon22 dias atrás

    Can I just say that Jellie as a Jedi was a work of art.

  43. Abram King

    Abram King22 dias atrás

    How do i join Hermitcraft?

  44. Ni Goreng

    Ni Goreng23 dias atrás

    Scar: thats so sad, i got tears in my eyes Also Scar: i think they need to install more eggs

  45. LITCAT S.C

    LITCAT S.C23 dias atrás

    Jedi jeli looks like a cat with a lot of hair

  46. Aleah Perrill

    Aleah Perrill23 dias atrás


  47. Carter Grossgold

    Carter Grossgold23 dias atrás

    YES, plz sell maui socks

  48. Zhemchuzhnikovite

    Zhemchuzhnikovite23 dias atrás

    You guys should do a world edit build swap

  49. Alex Dixon

    Alex Dixon23 dias atrás

    I haz sok plz

  50. Alex Dixon

    Alex Dixon23 dias atrás

    More built swap plez Fans agree?

  51. Ariel Talbert

    Ariel Talbert23 dias atrás

    green means there very good with the force

  52. Quonit37

    Quonit3723 dias atrás

    oh my god, i missed this too much

  53. Navi -

    Navi -23 dias atrás

    I am unsubscribing from scar. How dare he not know my favorite Pokémon

  54. DVersatilitY Gaming

    DVersatilitY Gaming24 dias atrás

    I want to kill scar for calling charizard CHAR LI ZAAAAAARRRD!!!!!

  55. zat1245

    zat124524 dias atrás

    I was really waiting for that “sike” when I heard, “What’s a katana?” and “Who’s Charizard?”

  56. The_Alt

    The_Alt24 dias atrás

    Who else thought this was an old vid

  57. •Little Miss Infinity•

    •Little Miss Infinity•24 dias atrás

    Rowan: "He finally let us out of the basement," Hold up-

  58. GalaxyGirl

    GalaxyGirl24 dias atrás

    Do more of this I love them please

  59. Jodi Wood

    Jodi Wood24 dias atrás

    What’s the second channel

  60. Sheev Palpatine

    Sheev Palpatine24 dias atrás

    Nobody: Absolutely no one: Scar: *LoL ChArLeSaRd*

  61. Rose Rider

    Rose Rider24 dias atrás