Mauro Icardi - Goal Show 2018/19 - Best Goals for Inter


  1. S.P.Q.R !

    S.P.Q.R !5 horas atrás


  2. Shintaro 92

    Shintaro 9211 horas atrás

    Fortissimo, coglioni noi a venderlo per prendere quel morto di Lukaku... Siamo alle comiche

  3. IG BIG

    IG BIG2 dias atrás

    What Argentina needed in Copa America

  4. TOTAL Football TV

    TOTAL Football TV2 dias atrás

    Welcome to Juventus 😎

  5. August

    August2 dias atrás

    welcome to Chelsea Next Season


    CARMINE DI VUOLO2 dias atrás

    Alcuni interisti Hanno il coraggio di dire che è una pippa che ridicoli senza di lui l'Inter in Champions League non ci sarebbero mai andati

  7. Ciro Alvino

    Ciro Alvino5 dias atrás

    i hope juve gets icardi they deserve a man like him-who stole his friends wife,abbandoned his team-mates during season.not even the national team wants him.what kind of message would they be giving there fans?

  8. Ak 47

    Ak 475 dias atrás

    I will take Icardi over Lukaku

  9. Vino Vo

    Vino Vo6 dias atrás

    What? Nothing special.... I'd prefer Mandzukic

  10. SmithsnMoz

    SmithsnMoz6 dias atrás

    I sincerely hope he goes to REAL MADRID, I cant stand that club.

  11. SmithsnMoz

    SmithsnMoz6 dias atrás

    This guy and his wife are CANCER!! Hes definitely a GOOD player, but he comes with a lot of baggage!

  12. Priando Refat

    Priando Refat6 dias atrás

    cun I Download this viedo??


    BENSANTOS6 dias atrás


  14. Fahmi Fajriansyah

    Fahmi Fajriansyah7 dias atrás

    4:43 what magic is that

  15. Riccardo Usai

    Riccardo Usai7 dias atrás

    I dislike sono tutti di Donato Inglese

  16. Shaunna Martin

    Shaunna Martin8 dias atrás

    I hate this MOTHER FUCKER ,after what he did to his friend

  17. Colin

    Colin8 dias atrás

    Fk talk of assensio, this guy looks like he has everything, much preffer to see liverpool go all in on iccardi.

  18. Phúc Cao Xuân Hồng

    Phúc Cao Xuân Hồng9 dias atrás

    Welcome to Liverpool

  19. Leonardo Soares

    Leonardo Soares9 dias atrás

    Fura olho...

  20. Alex Leafy

    Alex Leafy9 dias atrás

    Get the fuck out of my team! He can go to Juventus for all I care, this piece of shit

  21. Xchadi98

    Xchadi9810 dias atrás

    Ma è scarso, chi lo vuole alla juve , higuain fa lo stesso lavoro e non ci serve, quindi pure lui non serve ... Allora Perché comprare uno così che è anche un problema di ingaggio e di spogliatoio, NO ICARDI

  22. Joni 99

    Joni 998 dias atrás

    Si icardi Juventus

  23. Niizuma Eiji

    Niizuma Eiji11 dias atrás

    Non tutti i napoletani sono delinquenti ma tutti i delinquenti sono napoletani

  24. Abi Zu

    Abi Zu13 dias atrás

    I saw pes 2019 gameplay

  25. Split Shadow

    Split Shadow14 dias atrás

    We don’t have to worry about him anymore

  26. Lucy Hidayat

    Lucy Hidayat16 dias atrás

    If juve seriously wants to sign him...what will they do w dybala, kean, costa, berna...higuain n mandzu are most definitely leaving. Having 6 forwards are a tad too much...max 5

  27. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo15 dias atrás

    Mandzukic will leave They already want to sell Higuain so no doubt he will go Kean possibly loaned out Dybala will go if they really want to sign Icardi Bernadeschi will be fine

  28. Lucy Hidayat

    Lucy Hidayat16 dias atrás

    Bad saga aside, he seems to be a naturally clear cool-headed stricker. I m sad for dybala, i think allegri dulled some of his players' growth w his system, but dybala doesnt seem to have the cool-headedness of icardi. What a triangle argentinian mess if juve really thinks of signing icardi, sell higuain n dybala🤔

  29. Angelo di Terlizzi

    Angelo di Terlizzi18 dias atrás

    Sento sempre sta cazzata di Icardi che non lavora per la squadra, non partecipa alla manovra, non gioca per la squadra, ma che cazzo significa? Un centravanti deve segnare, non deve difendere, non deve andare a prendere la palla, non deve andare a comperare i gelati per tutti, deve ricevere l'ultimo passaggio e segnare, e a 26 anni lo ha fatto più di 120 volte... A tutti gli idioti della curva, il ragazzo fino ad ora ha tirato la carretta in una squadra mediocre, auguro che vada alla Juve, vedrete come gioca Icardi, idioti...

  30. chelakkulam ramshad

    chelakkulam ramshad21 dia atrás

    Icardi pleas come to (M.united) an yor best taime

  31. Cường Bùi

    Cường Bùi21 dia atrás

    Icard's plays look like Higuian.

  32. Zavon Skeete

    Zavon Skeete2 dias atrás

    Higuain is dumb af

  33. Lucy Hidayat

    Lucy Hidayat16 dias atrás

    Icardi is mentally stronger than higuain...

  34. Degenerate

    Degenerate22 dias atrás

    Solksjaer watch this closely. 1-1 exchange Icardi.

  35. SID Khan

    SID Khan22 dias atrás

    I so want him for Man Utd, I can see Ryan Giggs in him 😂😂😂. Both love their friends Wife.

  36. Ryan Yeah

    Ryan Yeah23 dias atrás

    Inter willing to offer icardi + ningolan for lukaku.

  37. The Favourite Worst nightmare

    The Favourite Worst nightmare25 dias atrás

    The best

  38. unruly 4lyfe

    unruly 4lyfe25 dias atrás

    Anyone is better than lukaku

  39. willie stokes

    willie stokes25 dias atrás

    If United does get him I think Luke Shaw will have the most assists for United even more assists than our midfielders because he will be able to play the ball beautifully to icardi hope we get them that's all we have at the moment is Hope

  40. Tom

    Tom25 dias atrás

    Meh, he's a traditional 9, a target man, like Lukaku but with a slightly better touch and with a fair bit less strength and holding ability. I don't see the point, if the rumours are true and he's a potential swap target. United have three 9's and no 10's. If anyone has learned anything from the post Fergie years, it should be that we need to go back to a more even goal distribution, with our attacking force and you can't do that with a target man. We'll see come pre-season but I think if we're looking at returning to a SAF style in 19/20 Angel Gomes is going to need to be in the first team or Sanchez/Pogba (whoever stays) is going to have to play that role.

  41. Aron shrestha

    Aron shrestha25 dias atrás

    Icardi plus 50m 🤪

  42. Davide F.

    Davide F.25 dias atrás

    E poi mi tocca leggere che secondo i fantastici giornali vale 40 milioni Ne vale 80 solo per i casini di quest’anno,segna in tutti gli scontri diretti perché in area di rigore è tra le prime quattro-cinque prime punte in circolazione

  43. Gabriele Tegoletti

    Gabriele Tegoletti23 dias atrás

    il suo valore è di 80 milioni, se non fosse per la moglie sarebbe 120

  44. Thunder Thighs

    Thunder Thighs25 dias atrás

    Icardi best steals highlights of all time: When he stole his mate’s wife.

  45. Naufal Tri Najmudin

    Naufal Tri Najmudin26 dias atrás

    he isn't that tall, but his heading is incredible

  46. Giacomo Lavalle

    Giacomo Lavalle26 dias atrás

    Quest anno ha fatto schifo , con solo 11 gol . Solo l anno scorso ha fatto benissimo. Infatti da valere 120 ml é andato a valere 70 ml. Poi con i casini che ha fatto , non vedo l ora che se ne vada

  47. Damien Cheng Yi Kiun

    Damien Cheng Yi Kiun26 dias atrás

    Hope he comes man utd

  48. LionelMessiTu

    LionelMessiTu26 dias atrás

    Pleas United Swap Icardi for that Clown and give Inter more money please

  49. sang trinh

    sang trinh27 dias atrás

    New Michael Owen

  50. vaibhav798

    vaibhav79827 dias atrás

    United should swap him with Lukaku...... would be good for both parties.....

  51. jjH0Nji

    jjH0Nji27 dias atrás

    Would love him at man utd. Don't care about his attitude and His off field antics. United have always had these players and more often than not they have worked. Best, cantona, keane, rooney for example. A united team wouldn't be united if we didn't have these types of players. Lukaku was never a united CF, icardi has everything to succeed at united. There a BIG difference in class and what you need to be at Man utd.

  52. SmithsnMoz

    SmithsnMoz6 dias atrás

    Be careful what you ask for...😊😄😂

  53. Lil Goku

    Lil Goku12 dias atrás

    stop overrating Man United they're just an historical team among the others

  54. Sandip .Bhattacharya

    Sandip .Bhattacharya23 dias atrás

    Absolutely what I was thinking !!

  55. Apita Gol

    Apita Gol28 dias atrás

    Não sei pq as pessoas odeiam ele

  56. Tha truth

    Tha truth28 dias atrás

    Take messi useless ass out of argentina and add icardi

  57. Limo Pedro

    Limo Pedro29 dias atrás

    Icardi to man utd please

  58. chezan1973

    chezan197329 dias atrás


  59. Vk Deen

    Vk Deen29 dias atrás

    I'd take icardi over lukaku.... icardi is a sniper, lukaku is an iron club... both can kill but 1 is fine crafted precision instrument and the other is a bludgeon brute force crude machine

  60. SmithsnMoz

    SmithsnMoz6 dias atrás

    United didnt have to worry about Lukakus wife prowling around... lol

  61. sojournmd

    sojournmd9 dias atrás

    Brilliant comparison

  62. Vk Deen

    Vk Deen20 dias atrás

    @Cường Bùi was a great player but has no relevance to today's game.

  63. Cường Bùi

    Cường Bùi21 dia atrás

    Batistuta is the best strike ;)

  64. LionelMessiTu

    LionelMessiTu26 dias atrás

    the other is a clown