Mega Pearl Fusion BREAKDOWN! Perfect Sync Fusion? (Steven Universe Future "Volleyball" Analysis)


  1. girl1213

    girl1213Dia atrás

    Pearl and Volleyball seem to have a similar relationship that Utena and Anphy did when it came to their "prince." Utena knows him as "Dios" while Anphy knowns him as "Akio." Part of their conflict was over him after all; Utena saw him change from ideal to nightmare and didn't know why it happened while Anphy didn't think he would change from that ideal figure ever. Now they're at the point where Revolutionary Girl Utena ended; free of their mental perceptions of their Diamond and can now move on together.

  2. Danoeshan Alvino

    Danoeshan Alvino3 dias atrás

    It's like a pearl. But BIGGER.

  3. Best Boi

    Best Boi6 dias atrás

    Mega pearl reminds me of that story when two ex girlfriends who get fucked over by a guy meet up to get revenge on their ex boyfriend and then later on hook up

  4. ItzJane Editz

    ItzJane Editz6 dias atrás

    i can just see the fanfictions of volleyball and pearl flooding in

  5. Lærke

    Lærke6 dias atrás

    I really liked this episode - The whole 'future' series is turning out wonderful so far. Steven Universe isn't a perfect show, it has plenty of flaws, BUT I do have mad respect for it. It teaches about emotional intelligence, (emotional growth, emotional issues etc.) and often in a way that's transparent and easy to understand - that takes serious talent. This episode pretty much exemplifies what I love about SU

  6. Hike Jumalon

    Hike Jumalon7 dias atrás

    I call her *big skinny pearl*

  7. RoyalMeera

    RoyalMeera9 dias atrás

    just imagine being Zach Callison while you and Deedee Mango Hall are recording voice lines. you're sitting there as Deedee is having a conversation with herself

  8. LydiaMinx

    LydiaMinx9 dias atrás

    French Revolution pearl

  9. corncob638 Gachaandotherstuff

    corncob638 Gachaandotherstuff9 dias atrás

    I wonder if the diamonds could fix p-pearls eye like they fixed all the corrupted gems

  10. Smoll Oni

    Smoll Oni10 dias atrás

    Her pose remind me to Venus!

  11. Smoll Oni

    Smoll Oni10 dias atrás

    Utena is youuuuu?

  12. Farnom Arjii

    Farnom Arjii10 dias atrás


  13. Shania Chua

    Shania Chua11 dias atrás

    I ship pink Pearl and Pearl

  14. King Oblivion

    King Oblivion11 dias atrás

    I call the fusion "Bob" and no one will stop me!

  15. WraythSkitzofrenik

    WraythSkitzofrenik11 dias atrás

    I call her Royal Pearl

  16. Ak Infinity diamond

    Ak Infinity diamond12 dias atrás

    Im not calling her mega pearl I prefer volleypearl

  17. Youtube demonizer

    Youtube demonizer12 dias atrás

    Admiral pearl

  18. Любовь Хахалева

    Любовь Хахалева12 dias atrás

    Nutcracker Pearl

  19. TheDepressingBanana

    TheDepressingBanana13 dias atrás

    basically, steven is becoming more and more like pink, so hes throwing tantrums. only question is what did pink do to pink pearl

  20. Yamask Rider SPL

    Yamask Rider SPL13 dias atrás

    Royal or Peach, or maybe Royal Peach Pearl

  21. LKplays

    LKplays13 dias atrás

    My Nickname for Mega Pearl is Princess because of the crown

  22. BtwImGiggity

    BtwImGiggity14 dias atrás

    I’m calling her Royal Pearl

  23. Nathen Phua

    Nathen Phua15 dias atrás

    "She has 2 more fusions than the other crystal gems" Steg and stevvonnie: :P

  24. skysky

    skysky15 dias atrás

    You put the cracked eye on the wrong side on pink pearls face in the video pic

  25. chocolaty chips

    chocolaty chips16 dias atrás

    the end of that episode where volleyball leans on pearl is jUST SO CUTE AND I WANT THEM TO BE THERE FOR EACHOTHER IN EITHER A FRIENDSHIP OR L O V E RELATIONSHIP

  26. Abigail Exists91

    Abigail Exists9116 dias atrás

    A potential name might be light pink pearl

  27. Quizzes13

    Quizzes1316 dias atrás

    I'll call her Pink Guts

  28. Sommer Hakanson

    Sommer Hakanson16 dias atrás

    Deedee: Ha! I've voice acted the most characters in Steven Universe! Charlyne: Tch, pathetic...

  29. Denise Boldea

    Denise Boldea16 dias atrás

    I would have thought that the fusion would have healed "Volleyball's" damaged eye since both Pearls not only now had the full picture of who Pink Diamond was, but were also able to make peace with that perception as well as each other.

  30. Lion Lance

    Lion Lance17 dias atrás

    They never showed her left eye at the end of the episode, so maybe she did heal? We don’t know

  31. PotatoBird Gaming

    PotatoBird Gaming17 dias atrás

    *no it's MOTHER OF PEARL*

  32. Turtle Cos

    Turtle Cos17 dias atrás

    I immediately thought "Rose Pearl" and "Noble Pearl"

  33. maliciousIntent

    maliciousIntent17 dias atrás

    I called her Princess Pearl. Because if the diamonds were the rulers they would be called queens, and both pearls were kind of "born from" Pink Diamond and her actions. And since she technically has a tiara instead of a full crown, like a princess would.

  34. That One Ardi

    That One Ardi17 dias atrás

    I see the Pearls’ stories as having a kind of fairy tale vibe, and Mega Pearl represents them becoming the “Prince” of the story.

  35. Twizzers WaZItToYAh

    Twizzers WaZItToYAh16 dias atrás

    @That One Ardi They're their own Prince

  36. B U T T E R B E E

    B U T T E R B E E17 dias atrás

    I’m calling them transformer u can’t stop me

  37. KingTurta 161494

    KingTurta 16149417 dias atrás

    Volleypearl or Pearlball thats what i the fusion

  38. CChorselovr N

    CChorselovr N18 dias atrás

    Of course I want to see Mega Pearl again!!!

  39. Spaghetti_Is_regretti

    Spaghetti_Is_regretti18 dias atrás

    Not only that she's perfect, it's legal before Era 3

  40. Swirlytub and knuckles

    Swirlytub and knuckles18 dias atrás

    I call the fusion volleypearl

  41. AlphaXXI

    AlphaXXI18 dias atrás

    I think something you missed in this video is how Mega Pearl's ribbon isn't Volleball's wand, but either a fusion between the wand and Pearl's Spear, or an upgraded version of the spear influenced by Pink Pearl's abilities (like we saw later with Bluebird).

  42. Ricardo the wolf

    Ricardo the wolf19 dias atrás

    I called her super gay pearl

  43. Nadarius Battle

    Nadarius Battle19 dias atrás

    I call the fusion Queen Pearl

  44. Larry The Hairy Cherry

    Larry The Hairy Cherry19 dias atrás

    Big Bird Mom

  45. Stᴉtchᴉe

    Stᴉtchᴉe19 dias atrás

    my question is what happeneds when two gems fuse with the same gem placement

  46. MattoBuddy

    MattoBuddy19 dias atrás

    I'm pretty sure that Mega Pearls weapon is a fusion of the ribbon wand and spear because in the fusion it has a new point on it at the end. So it's like a spear with a ribbon coming off it?

  47. LAZ

    LAZ20 dias atrás

    How about "Volley - Pearl"

  48. the gaming cobra

    the gaming cobra20 dias atrás

    I ship Pearl and vb

  49. Santiago Guillen

    Santiago Guillen20 dias atrás

    I just call her pearl-pearl

  50. Flower Crown Gaming

    Flower Crown Gaming20 dias atrás

    Rainbow Pearl

  51. xX WolfPup Xx

    xX WolfPup Xx20 dias atrás

    I believe her official name is "perfect pearl"

  52. M.A. R

    M.A. R21 dia atrás

    5:38 The spear is in the ribbon. It’s... it’s right there.

  53. Amy Rose

    Amy Rose21 dia atrás

    Revolutionary Pearl Utena

  54. Angel Kingsley

    Angel Kingsley21 dia atrás

    This was the third Steven Universe episode. Behind only the Question and the answer.

  55. Terri Blowers

    Terri Blowers21 dia atrás

    Pearl Ball. I'm calling her Pearl Ball

  56. Brody Russell

    Brody Russell21 dia atrás

    I call it P Pearlio

  57. Trenty22

    Trenty2221 dia atrás

    I’m calling her ear try and stop me

  58. Lizeth Sanchez

    Lizeth Sanchez21 dia atrás

    I really wish everyone fuses

  59. Sheniqua Mason

    Sheniqua Mason22 dias atrás

    After I learnt her damage was brought on psychologically sums it up for me just from how pink pearl acted. you NEVER make excuses and accept violence towards you from anyone else. They may not be able to totally get over PD but they can cope and they have each other. They are like 'garnet pearl'

  60. Ronnie

    Ronnie22 dias atrás

    She is so freakin' pretty and elegant! I hope we will see more of her in future :)

  61. ItzPsychoAngel gacha studios

    ItzPsychoAngel gacha studios22 dias atrás

    Am calling mega pearl "fancy pearl"