Messed up RIDDLES to Test Survival Skills


  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolf5 meses atrás

    hiiii friendsss which did u get wrong??

  2. Helen Ede

    Helen Ede28 dias atrás

    SSSniperWolf ALL OF THEM💗😂😂😂💋💋💋🥺😂😂

  3. Fakia Goodman

    Fakia Goodman2 meses atrás

    SSSniperWolf 14

  4. Getbusyliving 313

    Getbusyliving 3132 meses atrás


  5. AxelMation

    AxelMation2 meses atrás

    @Natalie Tienda Im Sorry SSSsniper wolf but alligators will live in 3 years without eat8ng!?!

  6. Niamh Ohara

    Niamh Ohara2 meses atrás

    Like everyone

  7. sarah aggarwal

    sarah aggarwal4 horas atrás

    Your neck thing I don’t know how to spell it I’m not good at spelling

  8. SkylarH 25084

    SkylarH 250846 horas atrás

    The whole to your alligator no eating For two years thing that’s absolute bullshit

  9. Jenna Linz

    Jenna Linz6 horas atrás


  10. Liz D

    Liz D8 horas atrás

    My neck hurts right now

  11. Tyrihana Williams

    Tyrihana Williams8 horas atrás


  12. King Rolle

    King Rolle8 horas atrás

    Hi sssniperwolf

  13. Felicia Morin

    Felicia MorinDia atrás

    Your mess hair

  14. And la rhone

    And la rhoneDia atrás

    Holy crap i got the werewolf's one right.. NANI!?!!

  15. Quinn & Sophia Bokitch

    Quinn & Sophia BokitchDia atrás

    YourGlasses are missing?

  16. Berry Ii pøtatø 0v0 Morales

    Berry Ii pøtatø 0v0 MoralesDia atrás

    ur missing bianca

  17. karim al mozayen

    karim al mozayenDia atrás

    i know what's missing on you it's your black hair clip necklace with a design on it ! 😁 hope it's right 😉 and also i love your videos and i watch them all so that's how i managed to know what's missing + i just bought your merch ! i'm subscribed and turned on notifications so i won't miss any of your amazing videos because they inspire me and i hope you get to 100 M subscribers 🤞

  18. Jason Thomas

    Jason ThomasDia atrás

    The water fills the room not the cage

  19. Aralynn Lopez-Norton

    Aralynn Lopez-Norton2 dias atrás

    I know her riddle it's her glasses!!!!☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  20. SuperGirl

    SuperGirl2 dias atrás

    A crocodile can live three years without food is extreme cases, at least that's what Google said

  21. Iris Thompson

    Iris Thompson3 dias atrás


  22. Malachi

    Malachi3 dias atrás

    Ur glasses are missing

  23. Alyssa Gray

    Alyssa Gray3 dias atrás

    Glasses 👓

  24. Alyssa Dunivan

    Alyssa Dunivan3 dias atrás

    i love when u do riddles!

  25. Jef lowry

    Jef lowry3 dias atrás

    u are missing your glasses

  26. madlen doors

    madlen doors4 dias atrás


  27. Danielle Banks

    Danielle Banks4 dias atrás


  28. Cara Schwind

    Cara Schwind4 dias atrás

    Your watching bright side

  29. Deb Childs

    Deb Childs4 dias atrás

    Your glasses are missing

  30. Zoe Evelyn

    Zoe Evelyn4 dias atrás

    Sssniperwolf crocodiles can survive for 2 years even if they didn't eat

  31. Ultimate Gamer

    Ultimate Gamer6 dias atrás

    You took your choker off

  32. Marie Burton

    Marie Burton6 dias atrás


  33. Adanna Nnadi

    Adanna Nnadi6 dias atrás

    you glasses missing

  34. Klara C

    Klara C6 dias atrás


  35. Courtney Jones

    Courtney Jones6 dias atrás

    You are missing you glasses

  36. Zoe Evelyn

    Zoe Evelyn6 dias atrás

    Also your glasses are missing

  37. Zoe Evelyn

    Zoe Evelyn6 dias atrás

    Your choker is missing

  38. Gabrielle

    Gabrielle7 dias atrás


  39. AR - 04SP - Meadowvale Village PS (1557)

    AR - 04SP - Meadowvale Village PS (1557)7 dias atrás

    your missing glasses

  40. Legend Pierce

    Legend Pierce7 dias atrás

    Yo glasses

  41. Corey Lacey

    Corey Lacey7 dias atrás

    Your missing your glasses

  42. MSquad xx

    MSquad xx7 dias atrás


  43. Micah Morales

    Micah Morales7 dias atrás

    You are missing your glasses

  44. Sims Stuff

    Sims Stuff8 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who was frustrated when she didn’t understand the bean one??????

  45. jamie Jackson

    jamie Jackson8 dias atrás

    Your glasses is the thing that's missing on you

  46. Xochyl Hernandez

    Xochyl Hernandez8 dias atrás

    I failed the room filled with water

  47. Warren Forbes

    Warren Forbes9 dias atrás

    Her neck thing

  48. Emily Meek

    Emily Meek9 dias atrás

    I dint get any right

  49. Emily Meek

    Emily Meek9 dias atrás


  50. Ana Castro

    Ana Castro9 dias atrás

    Yes I did

  51. Gucci Girl

    Gucci Girl9 dias atrás

    It was supposed to be the Alligators because I saw someone do this before... you had to distract them with the burger! DOI!

  52. Jacqueline Unverzagt

    Jacqueline Unverzagt9 dias atrás

    Were is my faforet French youtuber

  53. BellaPlayz Roblox

    BellaPlayz Roblox9 dias atrás

    Ur missing ur glasses ;D

  54. 1k subs without vids meme

    1k subs without vids meme9 dias atrás


  55. Jeremy on the block

    Jeremy on the block10 dias atrás

    I'm confus

  56. Jeremy on the block

    Jeremy on the block10 dias atrás

    I can't believe you got that Crocodile youl really Wrong

  57. Joy Belza

    Joy Belza10 dias atrás

    game name pls

  58. Brando Lainez

    Brando Lainez10 dias atrás

    Your glasses

  59. Nia Reese

    Nia Reese10 dias atrás

    Yor glasis aor of o hay😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😂😂😂😂

  60. Sienna Lei

    Sienna Lei11 dias atrás

    Your glasses or missing

  61. Charnisha Davis

    Charnisha Davis11 dias atrás

    I am shocked cuz if the cage filled up with water the water can just fall right out cuz there's holes in the cage the lightning you can survive cuz it's made from metal the Lions won't get you if you just stand really really still

  62. Araceli Ferra

    Araceli Ferra11 dias atrás

    Only the 1f

  63. Araceli Ferra

    Araceli Ferra11 dias atrás


  64. David Pamparau

    David Pamparau11 dias atrás


  65. Jada Smith

    Jada Smith11 dias atrás


  66. Nadine Gamer 77

    Nadine Gamer 7712 dias atrás

    This is a stupid but all of them is idiots idiots every where